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  1. Totally agree..my buddy from Boston said Oduya is the rumor today..won't solve it bit a step in right direction
  2. Hags last year 82 games - 17 + 18 = 35 Etem - 45 games - 5 + 5 = 10 Palms 57 games - 14 = 15 = 29 So Etem and Palms had 2 more goals and 2 more assist in 20 more games Thinking this could work if Hags finds some Linemates that work..
  3. Wagner hits like a train and often..he will certainly pick up some of the physical play we may have lost
  4. I just keep thinking If Etem progresses the Rangers will have 2 extremely large, fast, skilled wings in himself and Kreider. I also think Hags can be a great help to our dismal PP...I also feel like we already had a Hags type player and let him walk in Mr. MP
  5. Yeah will suck if Karlsson blossoms, which he probably will at some point I have also heard the deal is not finalized...Maybe something else coming our way?..Wishfull thinking probably
  6. Would be nice if they could work out a 1 year "prove to us it wasn't a fluke contact"...then at least we will know what we really have. Not gonna happen though.
  7. Playing with Thompson will do that to you.
  8. I agree...how many D men did we play this year?...Cant have enough IMHO
  9. Good hustle Niemi...hopefully he can keep it up for this season. And then follow it with 18 more like it.
  10. Bonino as well...think he played in some italian league and had 2 pts a game or something...confidence goes a long ways. Could be coincidence but both guys really took steps forward after dominating those lesser leagues.
  11. I dont get it...he plays top 6 minutes on a one of the top teams in the league and is producing while all these other supposed "Goal scorers" cant hit the back of the net. And lets remember he was playing great before going down in the playoffs so if you count that time he has been putting it together for quite a few games. It's also nice to have Jackman TAKING all the punches this year so Mattie can stay on the ice...
  12. That would be a first from our beloved Niemi...
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