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  1. If Linholm becomes an all star people will say the 6th pick was justified and I think he will be a multiple time all-star, but I also think Kerdiles is going to be 20-25 goal scorer and a 50-60 point player and people will look back and say 29 other teams had a shot at him, what a steal!
  2. I know that was part of the reason he wants to be a Duck.
  3. To me the 6th pick won't be a steal, for one he is the 6th pick, two I believe in Lindholm already.
  4. I said it a few times I think he is a better skating Bobby Ryan, and may end up being the steal of the draft. On another note, he replied to a tweet of mine today, saying that me asking for a retweet wasn't as good as a reply and he thanked me for my kind words. Main point being he is really busy and probably has millions of requests on twitter, but he still takes the time to thank fans for kind words. He really wants to be a Duck, and seems like a nice kid we are lucky to have him!
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