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  1. Sure, but those teams sucked for multiple years. Is that what you’re hoping for from this team? Strip down the whole roster and rebuild from scratch? None of those teams had just one off year like we are.
  2. Ok, first, Nathan Horton was a nice player, but he wasn't exactly a "franchise" type player that the tankers seem to think we are giving up by playing our way out of a top-2 spot. He was also the 3rd overall pick in that infamous 2003 draft, meaning that as much as he turned out to be a solid contributor, drafting him 3rd overall is actually a slight miss in hindsight. If you re-draft that 2003 class, Horton probably falls in the 15-20 range from that draft. Second, neither Horton or Wheeler were drafted by Boston. Horton was drafted by the Panthers and acquired by the Bruins for Wideman, a 1st (15th overall) and a 3rd. And Wheeler was signed by Boston after he Jultzed the Coyotes. If your position is that we should be acquiring top young talent by using assets we already have (i.e. trading current older players + draft picks for younger high-end talent), I'm totally on board. I would LOVE it if the Ducks were acquiring guys like Williams Karlsson and Kyle Palmieri in exchange for over-the-hill vets and scraps instead of the other way around. But that's not really what you've been saying, so I don't think you can point to Horton and Wheeler (or Seguin) to make the case for tanking. That Boston team was built the same way GMBM is likely going to try to build this one - i.e. with good drafting in all rounds and (hopefully) some shrewd trades. I'm confident GMBM can do the former, but we'll see about the latter.
  3. Seguin was an 18-year-old rookie who scored 22 points the year the Bruins won the Cup. Drafting him (after NOT tanking, they got that pick from the Kessel trade) did not provide some major foundation for their Cup run.
  4. The Bruins and Redwings would disagree with the bold. Also, you’re basically just looking at 3 (now 4 after Ovi) teams to make this point (while ignoring Boston and Detroit and a half dozen SC finalists over the past decade who didn’t tank before making the Finals) and the Pens, Hawks, Kings, and Caps were all catastrophically bad for multiple seasons and were built basically from scratch before turning into dynasties. But that’s also the same model that Edmonton, Buffalo and Florida have followed and it hasn’t worked at all for them, has it? Regardless, the Ducks are too talented from top to bottom and the only way the Ducks could follow that model would be to have a fire sale and trade Getzlaf, Gibson, Perry, Fowler, Lindholm, and Rakell to basically start over. But that’s not really what the tankers want, is it? As far as being a lock for a top-5 pick, Carlyle fooled people into thinking this is a bad team. It’s not. It’s actually a pretty good team that just got wrecked by injuries, a horrible system, and a coach that sucked the life and fun out of hockey for his players. If Carlyle had been fired a month earlier, we’d all be here posting about our chances as the #7 seed in the first round against Calgary.
  5. For Eaves sake, I am hoping this is just a ploy to avoid a buy out. Either way, this is not good news at all.
  6. On a related note, Perry sat out the optional morning skate due to a purple nurple.
  7. No faith in Troy Terry, eh Gorb? 😉
  8. ^^ Bryan Murray drafted 10 & 15. Burke sucked at drafting.
  9. Correct! March 2, 2019 v. today: Before: Ducks were 11 points back of the Sabres and even on games (65). Now: Ducks are 2 points back and the Sabres have two games in hand. Before: Ducks were 7 points back of the Rangers and the Ducks had one game in hand. Now: Ducks are even in points and the Rags have two games in hand. Before: Ducks were 6 points back of Edmonton and Vancouver and even on games. Now: The Nucks are 1 point ahead with two games in hand. The Oilers are 2 points ahead with two games in hand. We play both teams next week. Before: Ducks were 1 point back of New Jersey (66) and had one game in hand. Now: Ducks are 6 points ahead and the Devils have one game in hand. With the games in hand I don't know if we'll finish above all of those teams in the final standings, but we are definitely moving in a different direction than they all are. I think we'll jump at least one or two of Buffalo, New York, Edmonton or Vancouver, and no one below us has a prayer of getting more points than the Ducks.
  10. Agreed. I think it’s interesting to note though that the Ducks lost all five games Getzlaf recently missed, and that this team under Bob Murray and with a healthy Getzlaf is 9-4, and could/should be at least 10-3-1 or 11-2 but for the late collapses against Chicago and St Louis. So this is still a very good team when Getzlaf is healthy and engaged (which is also why tanking for a top-3 pick was always a pipe dream as long as Baldy was in the lineup). Getzlaf is still the straw that stirs the drink and the next coach needs to be able to reach him first and foremost. Maybe GMBM should let Getzlaf pick the next coach...
  11. No chance he retires and forfeits the money. More likely he’ll tape all of these messages to the walls of his home gym and use them as motivation to prove everyone wrong next season. That’s just who Kes is.
  12. There are a couple of teams entering full quit mode. For example, Buffalo is 2-10-2 in their last 14 games and haven’t even scored in their last three games. I expect us to pass them and maybe 1 or 2 others. The Ducks are playing decent hockey and seem to be enjoying themselves more now than they have all season. Not so for a few others.
  13. Keeping Shore makes zero sense to me. On LW he’s already behind Rakell, Jones and Ritchie, and we might even see one of Kase or Sprong moved to the left side if everyone stays and all are healthy. Plus, the only reason to keep him as a Center option is if you’re convinced Steel is not an NHL player. Nothing against Shore, but for $2.3M we would need him to be more than he is.
  14. Does that include an Eaves buy-out? I also think they should move Shore’s $2.3M cap hit and let Comtois try to make the roster.
  15. The bolded isn’t true. Take a look at Capfriendly.
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