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  1. This is just a salary dump. Aberg is on a 1-way contract that pays $650K whether he’s in the NHL or AHL. Kloos is on a 2-way contract that pays him only $70K in San Diego. I think Bob is ready to reinfuse the roster with Gulls (Terry and Jones already up) so the “fill-ins” like Aberg will be auctioned off at dirt cheap prices or sent down to San Diego. My guess is that the only reason Gibbons is not on waivers today is because of Silf’s injury. But he’ll likely be gone too once Silf or Pears comes back. GMBM is already in evaluation mode for next season and Aberg was never intended to be a long term addition. His timely scoring just gave us the illusion that he was. Good luck to Aberg in Minnesota! Especially on Thursday
  2. I think this is spot-on, but at what point does that agreement take a back seat to the dismal results on the ice? It's not even just the 12 straight losses. It's as much about HOW they've lost. The Ducks have actually blown leads in 8 of the 12 losses, including three games where they had leads of 2+ goals. RC's main selling point was that he was supposed to be great at match-ups and in-game adjustments, and he's also supposed to have a knack for protecting leads and winning games 1-0 or 2-1. So he's basically failed at all of the things that supposedly make him a good coach during this pitiful losing streak.
  3. Paul MacLean would be a solid interim head coach for this team.
  4. Great info! Thanks Fisix! The first bolded seems to suggest that Cogs was probably chosen for the interview during the game, possibly just because he scored. Ritchie gave the interview after the Pittsburgh game after scoring the opening goal in that game. Just browsing the Fox Sports video list, I also see Fowler interviewed post-game after his first game back and Getzlaf interviewed post-game after the 2-1 OT loss to Tampa (he played pretty well that night) but other than those four guys I don't see a player interview - again, I'm talking the interviews in front of the team banner on FSW, not locker room interviews - posted since the streak started. All the rest of the post-game videos on the Fox Sports website are Carlyle interviews. So at least for the Fox Sports broadcast post-game interviews, I don't see much of a rotation going on. Question on the second bolded - RC obviously knew the trade was in the works ahead of time. Would he not have had some say in who goes out for an interview after loss #11? Especially since he is also supposed to make himself available for an interview after each game? I also don't think he gave one after the Winnipeg game (after calling that reporter a "jerk" following loss #10 to Pittsburgh), so arguably Cogs was taking the coach's place in the post-game interview slot.
  5. I should also correct myself. It was the interview with Jill, not Frenchy. I think Frenchy gets more interviews in the locker room with guys standing in front of their lockers, but usually when Jill has a guy post-game in front of the Ducks banner, it has a more "official team spokesman" aspect to it. That's what bugs me about this interview knowing what we know now: https://www.foxsports.com/west/video/1425155139852
  6. Well that's an amazing coincidence then. Frenchy somehow always ends up talking to the guy who had a solid night on the score sheet and never the guy who was a -3 or was embarrassed for the game-losing goal.
  7. If she stays in SoCal, he now has a 100% chance of being on the road. Also, if he stayed with the Ducks, he would have played 13 of the final 19 games this season in SoCal, with a day trip to Arizona mixed in.
  8. I don't think this is true. In don't believe that Frenchy gets to pick who he will interview. The team makes players available for interviews, whether its during intermission or after games. And the players are contractually obligated to do interviews when instructed by the team. Player-media relations are highly controlled by the organization. Nill also said this about the trade: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2019/01/14/stars-acquire-lw-andrew-cogliano-ducks-devin-shore-gm-jim-nill-say-deal#/questions I also haven't seen it reported anywhere that Nill was looking at any other Duck besides Cogs. They needed a veteran who plays hard and can be a leader on and off the ice to try to repair their broken locker room. Cogs was the only one of those we had available to trade. So in my mind this trade was imminent on Sunday night and I think my original comment was fair - the team made Cogs available for the interview even though they knew the trade was imminent. That seems weird to me. They could have just as easily sent Rowney out to speak with Frenchy after his 3-point night. Why send Cogs to face the questions after their 11th straight loss, knowing that he is about to be traded?
  9. Anyone else find it interesting that Cogliano thanked the Samuelis (by name), his teammates, and us fans, but not the coaches or front office? In his interview this morning with Dallas media about how he found out about the trade, he also didn't refer to GMBM by name: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2019/01/15/forward-andrew-cogliano-joins-stars-after-trade-anaheim-think-could-used-change-honest I also think it's weird that the team sent Cogs out to do the post-game interview with Frenchy after the last game, knowing already that a trade was imminent (or may have already been done). Why would they do that? It also seems like a brutal time for a trade since Cogliano's wife is due to give birth in about a month. Given that this trade was a 1-for-1 lateral move that didn't bring back a player with a different skill set or fill an urgent need on the team, and that GMBM doesn't think this team is going to go anywhere in the playoffs anyway, the timing of the trade seems especially harsh. Almost vindictive even. Can't help but wonder if there's some bad blood there between Cogs and GMBM for some reason.
  10. Ah, thanks! still, #17 is an interesting choice.
  11. Interesting that Cogs will be wearing #17 in Dallas since I don't think the Stars currently have somebody wearing #7. Homage to his buddy in Anaheim?
  12. I swear I've seen this post somewhere before.... ah, yes. There it is!
  13. Aside from Gibson and maybe Kase, whose play hasn't been in decline this year? Its not right to blame Cogs' lack of points on age when the whole team has been struggling to score.
  14. This "aging" thing is making me laugh. Cogliano is 31 and may be the best conditioned athlete in the entire league. I'll bet anyone here that Cogliano plays more NHL games than Shore does from here on out. Probably score more goals than him too.
  15. Agreed. People are looking at Shore's overall numbers and thinking he's more productive, but its just not true. He's got 0G/1A in his last 15 games and hasn't scored a goal in his last 23 games. Does anyone expect that to improve in RC's scheme? Especially if he slides right into Cogliano's role on the Kesler "shut-down" line? Shore is younger and cheaper. He's not better. He simply benefited from s stupidly high shooting percentage early in the season. Also, lol to those talking about Cogliano's hands going because of his age. First, his hands were never that good. Second, he's 31, not 41. He's two years younger than Getzlaf. Hands don't go at 31. Lastly, I'm not happy with this trade but I'm reluctant to get out the pitchforks on this one. Unless/until I hear that Cogs was disappointed and wanted to stay with the Ducks, a part of me will wonder if he may be happy with this move and may have even asked for it. Cogs was very vocal about how much he liked playing for BB, and I never got the impression he was all that keen on RC's collapsing style of play that didn't allow him to be as aggressive on the forecheck. And if we're looking at a re-tool/re-build, it's conceivable he may have wanted to go somewhere that has higher aspirations than our current front office does. You also have to wonder if the organization's reaction to his suspension was also discouraging and made him feel like the Ducks ownership and brass didn't really have his back. That's all speculation, but the point is that a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes that we fans don't hear about, and its certainly possible that this is one of those situations where more is at play than we will ever know about.