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  1. Don't forget that the Seattle expansion fee is $650 million, which will be split evenly among all existing 31 teams. That works out to roughly $21 million of extra cash coming the Ducks way. With that kind of a windfall coming, the Ducks should absolutely be either weaponizing cap space (esp Kesler's LTIR space) to add picks, making a run at a pending UFA/RFA, or squeezing a cap-strapped team for a good young player they can no longer afford. My personal preference is the latter two, because being out of the playoffs sucks.
  2. I don’t know what kind of budget the Samuelis have given GMBM to work with, but check out the difference between salary expenditure and the cap number for next season. $12M difference. Wow.
  3. Today's NHL Statement on COVID-19 testing: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-statement-on-coronavirus-testing-results/c-317644904 Game on.
  4. Terry now locked up for three years. Terms still not reported as of this post, but I'm guessing/hoping it will be something close to the Ritchie contract - i.e. ~$1.5M AAV with salary increasing progressively over the life of the contract.
  5. The Capfriendly twitter feed has a thread tracking the players who have opted out. So far its Hamonic (CAL), Kampfer (BOS), Green (EDM), Alzner (MTL), Baertschi (VAN), Polak (DAL), Trotman (PIT), and Goldobin (VAN) that are listed on their feed. Some of those guys wouldn't have played anyway. Max Domi (who has diabetes) is an interesting one. I think he should sit, especially since Montreal has zero chance of winning anyway.
  6. Amen, Moose. Looks like about a half dozen more players have now followed Hamonic out the door. Probably a few more coming tomorrow. I also can’t help but wonder if some of the coaches will opt out. It’s one thing to be a 20-something elite athlete at his physical peak, but there’s a handful of coaches that look like walking-talking pre-existing conditions. Like Trotz, Bowness, Julien... several of these coaches are over 60 and I’d have to imagine that high blood pressure is a given for this profession too. I’m actually more concerned for the coaches than I am the players. In fact, I’m suddenly loving that my guy Bruce Boudreau got fired earlier this season.
  7. Hamonic first one to opt out of the tournament. I think the deadline is Monday for players to make that decision. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone else follows him out the door between now and then. Certainly possible that others want to Opt out, but just didn’t want to be the first guy to walk out.
  8. I’ll eat my shoe if Boston wins the Cup. With Chara now 42 and Bergeron 35, their last best chance was last season. There’s also a good chance they’ll draw the Leafs in their first series, which would mean all 7 games in Canada against their arch rival which has already played a “warm-up” series. That pick will be low to mid 20s.
  9. That would be an entertaining offer... for Buffalo fans. No offense, but that's an insane over payment for the #8 overall if you're a Ducks fan. A 1st + Rakell is the kind of offer that should get you in the top-3, not #8. Rakell by himself should get you to #8.
  10. No idea how this would play out in reality since it would require so many moving parts, but Bergevin and GMBM are close friends who have done "favors" for each other in the past. Maybe they'd be willing to go big on a blockbuster deal at some point. In fact, wasn't Montreal the supposed landing pad for Fowler a few seasons ago when he was rumored to be on the cusp of being traded at the 2016 draft? Montreal still seems like a natural trade partner for the Ducks too IMO, what with all of their young center depth and their obvious holes at LHD. I wonder if GMBM would agree to eat Alzner's contract and send them a Guhle or Mahura plus Boston's 1st in exchange for one of their young Cs (Kotkaniemi may be in need of a change in scenery). I would be completely stoked on that.
  11. For sure. Bunch of young, wealthy athletes in the prime years of their lives - it's reasonable to assume that there are more than a handful that haven't been sheltering in place since March. We'll see what happens when they have to quarantine as a condition of their employment. btw, nieder, do all people entering Canada still have to quarantine for 14 days per the public health order? If so, I wonder how that will impact the players going to the hub cities from out of country. Are they all going to have to sit in their hotel rooms for 14 days before they can start skating again?
  12. True, but daily numbers don't mean as much. As you can see from this chart, there's an obvious trend of the reported numbers going down on the weekend and back up mid-week. Not surprising that the numbers are low at the end of a 3-day holiday weekend. The ones who are collecting and reporting the data are at the beach. Of course, when Saturday, Sunday and Mondays numbers are all reported at once on Tuesday, the media will lose their minds, but what else is new....
  13. I heard from a co-worker that Kaiser has a reimbursement procedure for testing performed by outside providers. I don't know if that applies to the rapid tests or just the standard tests that Kaiser performs at its facilities, but maybe check their website. As far as Canada v. U.S. goes for COVID-19, I know it's not a contest, but it will be interesting to see which approach to the pandemic ends up looking the best in hindsight down the road. Here, there is no national policy so states are pretty much making up their own rules as they go along. Some states are obviously having better results than others, but there are also no complete data sets anywhere because the virus has not run its course yet, and so it's obviously too early to be spiking the football, whether it's country v. country or state v. state, especially if there is no vaccine coming any time soon and we eventually have to rely on this "herd immunity" concept to resume normal lives. For example, here in California they are reporting that we've conducted around 4.8 million tests and have had around 276,000 positive tests so far (2nd in the union according to worldometers.com), with a mortality rate of about 161 per 1 million population (6,373 total). Looking at the reported numbers for Canada (which has a slightly smaller population than California spread over a MUCH larger area), they've have conducted around 2.95 million tests and have had fewer than 106,000 positives, with a mortality rate of about 230 per 1 million population (8,687 total). So is Canada "doing it better" than California? I guess it depends on which metric you look at. They're definitely trending better at this moment in time, but we may not know the entire picture for a while either.
  14. I watched the Scouch for Holtz and I didn't find it as scathing as you did. The dude basically criticized him for his low danger shot selection, some of his defensive shortcomings, and his Corsi numbers (which seems kinda dumb to criticize a 17-18 y/o kid playing pro hockey for the first time) but he still said he was the best shooter in the entire draft and that he has the ability to pump in goals from anywhere on the PP. And he also went on to say his elite shot isn't even the best part of his game. The guy said the best part of his game is that he's "a really mobile, aggressive winger whose willing to chase down offensive players.. and forechecks aggressively." GMBM has many times over the years said that he's convinced they can teach a guy how to play defense, so if Holtz has some flaws there I'm ok with it. They'll work on it with him. And heck, it's not like Teemu and Pears ever played defense. As far as his shot selection goes, I would expect him to shoot from high danger areas more and more as he gets to play with better passers in the NHL. That seems like an easy one to improve on just by playing with better players. IMO, this team's #1 need is a scoring winger with an elite shot who can hit the back of the net on the PP. Even better if we can get one who forechecks like his hair is on fire. I'm all in on Holtz the same way I was all in on Zegras last year. Hope he's our guy.
  15. Honestly, I just don't see it with Perfetti. I watched part of that video with the sound off just to focus on the "highlights" rather than the commentator's glowing praise, and Perfetti doesn't really even look like a top-10 talent to me compared to what I've seen of some of the other top guys. His skating, both effort and ability, don't look good at all. He looks like he's constantly just floating around the ice, with no real effort to accelerate. I don't think that's going to work at the NHL level against elite talent. If you're going to float around the ice like a Getzlaf, you'd better be 6'3", 225lbs with a massive reach and world-class hands, not a 5'10" perimeter player who appears to be somewhat of a defensive liability. Count me out on Perfetti. Especially if GMBM is truly trying to transition this team to a faster, more up tempo game.
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