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  1. For the bolded, do you mean "prime" or "peak"? Because 5 of the last 7 Vezina winners have been 27 or under. For the truly elite guys, it seems like they enter their prime around age 24 or 25, and I think Gibby has been in his prime for a few seasons now too. Gibby has a sweet contract considering his talent level, but my big concern with him is that he won't be able to sustain it for the life of his contract if the team goes full rebuild. He already looks worn out and mentally defeated at times to me. If this team goes full tank and starts selling off good players for picks and prospects, it's only going to get worse for him over the remainder of this season and the next 2-3 seasons, because that's what a full rebuild is going to look like... 2-3 seasons (minimum) of really awful Ducks hockey. If this goes full rebuild, I'd have no problem with him being moved too. He'd bring back a king's ransom in futures that the team could build around.
  2. That’s quite a spin on Garrioch’s original story. What’s the source on this?
  3. For sure the defense would be damaged this season. The defense was terrible when Manson was out and probably would be terrible again if he were to be traded. However, there are quite a few RHDs on the UFA market this summer. Maybe GMBM wanders into the UFA market and targets a guy like Hamonic, or even a Vatanen or Jultz to run the PP. Personally, I'd love to see Sami come back (bringing Finns back for a second run is awesome!). Lindholm-Vatanen, Fowler-Gudbranson would be a solid top-4 IMO.
  4. Getz isn't going anywhere. The only guys I see moving are MDZ, Shore, Miller, and maybe Grantzlaf (though I'd really like to see him re-signed). I think that no GMs are going to want to pay the price at the trade deadline that GMBM will want for one of the vets that are signed long-term. If a vet with term left on his contract gets moved, it will most likely be at the draft. IMO, the one interesting player we have to use as trade bait at the TDL is Miller. He didn't want to move last season at the TDL, but this is for sure his last NHL season and I would bet that he'd be willing to give it a go one last time with a contender. I think the return for Miller would be something like a 2nd round pick, but I also wonder if he could be used as part of a package to get a good young player back. Like Kapanen from Toronto. The Leafs are desperate for a second goaltender (Hutchinson has been an unmitigated disaster with his .885 save % and 3.83 GAA) and could really use a Ryan Miller to take some pressure off Anderson, who has also been slumping a bit lately (likely due to being overworked early in the season). Maybe we could get Kapanen for something like Miller + Sprong + our 2nd rounder in this coming draft.
  5. That's an interesting idea, but I doubt GMBM would give up anything of significance to rent him. Galchenyuk also has enough skill and scoring ability that I would think a team with playoff aspirations and cap space would be interested in acquiring him and would be willing to give up more than we would for the rental. Colorado for example.
  6. According to Capfriendly, Gibson does not have a no trade or no move clause in his contract, so he wouldn’t have to “accept” anything if our GM wanted to move him. That said, I don’t think he should be moved as long as he wants to be here. But if doesn’t really want to be here due to the re-tool, by all means trade him. He would definitely bring back a significant piece or pieces.
  7. TBF, it looks like he's absolutely nailed the Gudbranson trade. But yeah, a Palmierian highway robbery would be awesome and would really accelerate the re-tool/re-build. btw, I just saw the Elliott Friedman mentioned in one of his December "31 Thoughts" that Anaheim has been one of the teams that has inquired in the past about Bennett. Good call on that one. Let's see if anything comes of it.
  8. They've got Seth Jones and David Savard as their top-2 RHD, so I don't think there's a place for Manson in their lineup. Rico would make some sense for them if they want to bring in a center with term. However, if we want Anderson or Wennberg, I think that kind of a trade would make the most sense in the early summer when we can send picks and prospects back their way rather than a roster player.
  9. Torts has been extremely critical of his center play. I think it was last week that he said something to the media about his team having only one center (Dubois), which was obviously a shot at all of the other centermen they have there. Given his comments, if they stay in the playoff picture I would assume they'd be looking for center depth. I'm sure they would also love some more defensive depth too considering how often Ryan Murray gets hurt. Edit: Columbus also needs to recoup some of the draft picks they gave away when they went all-in last season, and they don't have many to use as trade bait to acquire players this season
  10. Interesting ideas here. Good stuff. A few questions though... Gustafsson and Gostisbehere would definitely bring some much-needed offense, but they're also left-shot guys that play the left side & left point on the PP (as far as I have seen). Are you thinking that the Ducks could plug them in on the 3rd pair, or would this be a step towards moving on from one of Fowler or Lindholm? Because the Fowler as a RD experiment was a total bust, and we haven't really seen Lindholm tried on the right side very much to know if that's an option. Bennett definitely intrigues me too. He plays a very aggressive game and is fearless about going into the dirty areas (something this team needs more of), and I'm also of the opinion that he has more untapped potential that would really benefit from a change of scenery. He's also primarily a LW though, and if we keep all of Comtois, Jones, and Ritchie then Bennett becomes kind of redundant as a middle-6 LW. Did you have in mind moving one or more of those kids? A Ritchie for Bennett swap would be good with me. Two gritty guys that have under-performed their draft positions and could probably use a change of scenery. Josh Anderson is also a very interesting name, but I'd be surprised if Columbus trades him after his big season in 2018-19 unless they're getting something really good in return, which would seem a bit risky given his current injury situation. When it comes to Columbus, I'm also currently on the Wennberg train. I think he'd be available for cheap and I still think he has a higher ceiling that would benefit from being away from Torts' system.
  11. I disagree. I think there are trades out there that could make this team competitive almost immediately if GMBM had the stones to go for them. I'll even give you two names - Alex Wennberg and Kasperi Kapanen. Wennberg has struggled mightily under Torts the past two seasons, but he's a former 46 assists guy and, despite currently being in Torts' doghouse (not unlike another young Swede who shall not be named was recently), he still showed his flashes of great play at the World Championships last summer after a dreadful regular season. He clearly hates playing under the iron fist of Torts, and I get the impression that Columbus would like to get out from under his contract, so I think he could be had for a reasonable price. Something like Jones/Ritchie + a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2020 could do it. For Kapanen (who I think has 30-goal potential if he ever gets top-6 minutes with a decent center), Toronto clearly needs to shed some salary from the forwards so that they can improve their defense next season, and there are a lot of rumors that Kapanen is likely the one to go. Kapanen is a pure sniper and would look great on Getzlaf's wing until Zegras is ready for the NHL. I bet he could also be had for one or two of our good prospects and a high pick. Something like Terry + 1st in 2021. If you add those two guys, the Ducks are suddenly icing a line-up next season of Henrique-Getzlaf-Kapanen, Rakell-Wennberg-Silfverberg, Comtois-Steel-Kase, [Jones/Ritchie]-Grantzlaf-Rowney and a D-unit of Fowler-Gudbranson, Lindholm-Manson, and [3rd pair]. Add Gibby in net, and that's a team that can compete next season IMO if they buy into the system. And looking ahead, we'd have Zegras and probably a top-5 pick from 2020 to integrate into the team longer term (in addition to guys like Lundestrom and Tracey), so the future would stay bright as Getzlaf, Rico and Silfvy continue to age and regress into more support roles. And that's just two names. I'm sure there are a lot more players out there who are available and who could make a significant impact on the team in the immediate future. For every Lias Andersen or Zach Bogosian who makes his trade request public, there are ten others whose trade requests are still being handled privately between the GMs and agents. There are players out there who are available. Good players. And if GMBM wants to keep his job, he should be doing everything he can to add them so that this remains a re-tool rather than sinking into a long, long, loooong-term rebuild.
  12. I agree with your position on this 100%. I'll even take it a step further - I'd rather see every current prospect (except Zegras) and every upcoming draft pick (except our 2020 1st rounder) be made available on the trade market to upgrade this team with current NHL-ready players so that we can accelerate this re-tool and take advantage of the prime years of Lindholm, Gibson, Fowler, Rakell and even Silfverberg. If GMBM strips this thing down any further just to add more picks and non-NHL-ready prospects, the Ducks are not going to be competitive for at least the next 3-4 years (if what he acquires even pans out) and he's going to waste the prime years of some pretty good players.
  13. Unclear. I tried to educate myself on the NHL contract insurance process a while back and I remember reading some articles that indicated insurance will only cover a certain number of contracts each year (I think the number is 3). If true, I would assume that 10 & 15 took up two of those spots, and it's less likely that a Despres would. Also, I have read that insurance only covers up to 80% of the contract. Again, I don't know for sure how this works, but that's what I read when researching this previously.
  14. Despres technically played only 1 game under his new contract that started in 2016-17. He was ultimately paid $7.9M on that contract. For one game. 16:08 of TOI. Very sad situation, but still. One game, $7.9M. Ouch.
  15. A non-exhaustive list of players they have continued to pay despite the player not being on the active roster: Perry, Despres, Fistric, Maroon, Kesler, Eaves, Souray, Stoner. The first three are buyouts, Maroon was a retained salary transaction, and the last four are LTIRs. Arguably you can't do anything about the LTIRs, although the issue with a few of those are with why GMBM signed those contracts in the first place.
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