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  1. I think the offer was probably something like Rakell + Steel + 1st, which was enough to put us in the final 3 with the Jets and Habs. Then the Jets sweetened with Roslovic and the Ducks outplayed Colorado last night, which made Jarmo concerned that the 1st might not be a lottery pick if we got Dubois this early in the season.
  2. Well, it was fun while it lasted.... Can’t help but wonder if Columbus might flip Laine. He’s a pending RFA and is going to want $10M/year, and he also doesn’t really strike me as a Torts type of player. Too early to start speculating on what we could send to Columbus for Laine?
  3. I’m reading that Laine would require Columbus to add a sweetener.
  4. Lebrun tweeted an hour ago that he thinks it’s the Ducks, Winnipeg, and Montreal. Teams no longer in the mix have been told they’re out.
  5. The Kings were on the playoff bubble when they traded for Carter and eventually qualified as an 8th seed before they rolled to that first Cup in 2012. Sometimes you need a big move to bring everything together.
  6. Offering Jones + Steel + 1st. Jarmo probably wants Perreault instead of Jones, or maybe another pick like a 2022 2nd.
  7. Dubois was a lottery pick. Columbus drew the #3 ping pong ball to get him. If the Ducks could acquire him, their core would consist of Dubois (#3), Drysdale (#6), Lindholm (#6), Zegras (#9), and Fowler (#12). How is this much different than what the Kings won multiple Cups with?
  8. Well that sucks! Hey, I wonder if that’s why he’s playing so poorly. Maybe Bob asked him to waive the NTC?
  9. The bolded 100%. If the Ducks entered next season with Dubois-Getzlaf as their 1C-2C combo with Steel or Zegras centering a 3rd scoring line, I honestly think they'd be able to challenge for the top seed in the division. They're still going to have an elite goaltender, a very solid top-4 defense, and about $10M in extra cap space to add a decent RW. Dubois-Zegras down the middle long term would also be amazing. I don't think it happens, but I'll dream about it anyway...
  10. Dubois is a core/star player. Unless there's another McDavid in this coming draft, there should be no hesitancy in moving our 2021 1st for Dubois. Even if we have to overpay with extras. Henrique + Perreault + 1st = count me in.
  11. Stolarz already cleared waivers back on January 9th. He had to clear to be sent to the taxi squad. No additional waivers are needed to go from the taxi squad to AHL.
  12. Dubois is apparently on the ice for their optional skate this morning, so maybe the message has gotten through? There's also a short clip circulating on twitter of Dubois' last shift right before the benching, and yeah I'd have benched him too. I'm sure Dubois was embarrassed when he saw it himself. That shift alone probably decreased his trade value.
  13. As a follow up to my post above, Dubois was benched tonight for almost 45 minutes of game time and Tortorella’s statement to the media afterwards was “I’m not going to have a discussion with you guys about it.” I hope Eakins was paying attention.
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