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  1. It’s being reported on hockey Twitter that one of the Sens players has tested positive and that “several” others are thought to be infected. Also the belief is that LA Staples Center is the source of the Sens’ infection. Sens played there right after their game at the Ponda Center, and the Ducks were supposed to play their next game at Staples, but for the season being suspended. Hopefully that means a huge bullet was dodged there. Possible the Hockey Gods are evening things up from the Mumpisota infestation from a few years back?
  2. I think that's an easier sell for the NBA since (a) there is a pretty clear delineation between the 8th and 9th seeds in both conferences, and (b) nobody really cares who the 5-8 seeds are anyway since they basically have zero chance of getting past the second round, let alone winning the championship. It'd be a tougher sell for hockey, since the standings are so much more bunched up and there is also such a history of low seeds making SC Finals runs. It also seems like Bettman really wants the season to continue, and I wouldn't put it past him to re-start it as soon as he can. Maybe they don't get the full 82 in, but if they can re-start by mid-April I think 74-75 games would be doable. That would at least give all the bubble teams a last chance to play their way in or out of the tournament. And if they can start the playoffs by May 1st, I think they could still wrap the season up before the entry draft.
  3. And just think of how burned out the teams who make the playoffs would be if they only got a month off before the next season started!
  4. I miss watching Ducks hockey in June. It's be about 13 years...
  5. You never know what players the other teams are looking at drafting ahead of their projected slot (Moritz Seider!?!), but I saw Sportsnet had their February rankings as Lafreniere, Byfield, Stutzle, Drysdale, Rossi, Perfetti, Holtz, Raymond, Lundell, and Mercer, in that order. It looks pretty likely that the Ducks will end up somewhere between 4th - 7th in the draft lottery odds, with 4th/5th most likely because all of the tiebreakers fall in their favor. I will be shocked if they draft higher than 7th. I also have a good feeling this is our year for a ping pong ball to get us in the top-3.
  6. Exactly this. Murray is staring at a 3D chess game right now with all the assets this team has, the expansion draft around the corner, and apparently little to no pressure from ownership to succeed any time soon. It’s fun to speculate about what would make this team better in the short and long term, but no one really has any idea what’s going on inside GMBM’s mind except for GMBM.
  7. Rico is playing so well, he gets top line RW and 2nd line C duties! Heh, I'm not sure the Ducks can get away with double-shifting him over the full 82. I think someone here mentioned that Heinan played some center in Boston. Can anyone confirm that? If true, maybe Heinan slots into that 3C role next season between Comtois and Terry and GMBM finds a true scorer to play top line RW, either via trade or UFA. Heinan and Terry played together in college, so maybe there's some pre-existing chemistry there? (crosses fingers). Either way, what to do with Steel and Lundestrom? Steel is still only 22 (just turned in February), but he just has not impressed so far at either end of the ice. I'm still pulling for him, but so far I don't think he's shown any particular tools in his toolbox that would lead us to believe his ceiling will be higher than a 30-35 point 3C in the NHL. Hope I'm wrong though. I also haven't seen Lundestrom play much this season in San Diego, but he also doesn't seem to be having a great year down there, so he'll likely need to make a big improvement to snatch the 3C role next season. That said, Getzlaf turns 35 in May, Rico turns 31 midway through the 2020-21 season, and I think it's pretty unlikely Zegras will be ready for a top-6 role any time soon. Our center depth over the next few seasons looks a bit sketchy to me, so I'd still like to see GMBM use some of our assets to bring in a young center with a higher ceiling than Steel/Lundestrom to help with the re-tool. For the upcoming draft, it would make sense to me if GMBM is targeting either Alexander Holtz or Lucas Raymond (both right-shot Swedish wingers), assuming we don't draw into the top-2 lottery spots.
  8. Last night had a lot of luck, but what we're seeing is the result of having forward line combos that make sense and work. If you want to go back to the tank, break up that 67-14-33 line again and put two rookies who can't finish back on Getzlaf's line. That's pretty much how Eakins bumbled his way through the majority of the season. If they keep this same forward lineup through the end of the season, we're just going to see more and more... [gulp]... goals from our forwards. btw, love me some Elite #1C, but that 4th line hasn't missed a beat since the trade deadline. If the Ducks bring back Deslauriers-Backes-Rowney next season as their grind line, that's going to be just fine with me. That's a solid group of veterans that can help the younger players mature and grow into real NHLers while still contributing on the score sheet.
  9. Just listened to the Kes and Juice podcast. The exact quotes were: His German song about losing notwithstanding, they sure didn't make it sound like Holzer is a guy who drags down a locker room.
  10. Hopefully this means that he's overall happy with the D and that his focus is really on improving the offense and PP. Any thoughts on what he meant with respect to the Niedermayer/Pronger comment? Pronger was a trade, not a UFA signing, and it cost us Lupul (former #7 overall), Smid (former #9 OA), two 1st rounders (2007, 2008) and a 2nd rounder (2008). Was he hinting that he might deal a whole bunch of assets for an elite player to accelerate the rebuild?
  11. Why say the "I foresaw it" thing though? Doesn't this kind of infantilize his head coach? "It's ok, Eakins. You have no significant positive NHL experience and I knew you'd make those mistakes. I foresaw it. [pats him on head]"
  12. I thought maybe Shore too, but the original article said this: That made it sound like Ritchie exudes some negativity that affects the guys around him.
  13. First bold, what the heck does this mean? Should we be calling him Darth Sidious from now on? Second bold, are you willing to talk about specific players by name, or is that not appropriate for this venue? I have my suspicions about which player your example is referring to, but I'm just curious if you could provide more insight here over all about what you saw from specific players during drills.
  14. Would have to assume he’s talking about Ritchie here, right? Is this an admission that NR is a bad locker room guy? Also, was there any talk about the expansion draft? Would assume/hope that the ED will be in the back of GMBM ‘s mind this summer as he crafts the roster for next season.
  15. Not sure if you have been reading the whole thread but this one is talking about the future potential, not this season. I hope he gets 30 this season. He’s been one of the few bright spots this year. But he turned 30 years old last month and I don’t see him hitting 30G again over the next several seasons (or ever) unless he’s moved into a pure scorer’s role rather than a 2nd line center role. He’s only got one 30G season on his resume (so far), so if GMBM is banking on him being that 30G+ guy that this team needs, we fans should keep our expectations for this team low for a bit longer than we’ll want to.
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