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  1. I think the team could definitely face attendance issues and financial woes due to a lower revenue stream. They're rebuilding with youth, so they may not need to fork over big contracts for the next 4-5 years, but I think it could definitely catch up with them in the long run in terms of attracting UFAs or re-signing their own RFAs. The timing of the rebuild is also a bit unfortunate. The Ducks already get bumped from radio for Angels pre-season games in the spring when they're in the home stretch fighting for the playoffs, and with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George coming to the Clippers, you have to wonder if they'll be bounced from Fox Sports TV broadcasts this coming season as well. As a San Diegan, I'm already worried that Fox Sports San Diego will be choosing to show the Clippers over the Ducks since both of those are considered FSSD teams, and that the Ducks will be stuck on KCAL for more broadcasts (which we don't get down here). If the Clippers are good and become a trendy ticket, I also think they could eat into the Ducks attendance, especially if the Ducks play poor or even middle-of-the-road hockey.
  2. I don't think Kase will be on LTIR. He had his shoulder surgery January 30th and the recovery period was stated as 5-6 months. Even if there's a setback in his recovery, you would still expect him to be ready by the start of the season. And speaking of Kase, there was a decent article on him by The Hockey Writers last week here: https://thehockeywriters.com/kase-ducks-2019-20-x-factor/. A sampling... That aside, you're right, that's a lot of cap space. Wonder if ownership is making GMBM stay low this season to make up for the Perry buyout.
  3. So with the Wideman and Kloos signings yesterday, the Ducks are almost to the 50 contract limit with 48 contracts on the books (technically only 47 if Dostal goes back to Europe this coming season). 47/48 contracts is typically where we end up at the start of training camp, so I think its unlikely that GMBM signs anymore players to NHL SPCs at this point, and that the rest of the Gulls roster will be filled out with AHL-only contracts. So barring a trade, looks like our 2019-2020 Ducks roster is set, with just position battles remaining to determine who makes the Ducks lineup and who gets an Amtrak ticket. As much as I'm disappointed with GMBM's lack of moves for the big club (cough#4Dcough), I do have to say that the Gulls could be really good again this season, even with Terry, Steel, and possibly others moving up. Between Comtois, Lundestrom, and Morand graduating to the AHL (possibly more) and bringing in Poturalski and Wideman, the Gulls should be able to maintain what they had going last season talent-wise. I'm excited to get Dineen behind the bench too. Could be a really fun season in San Diego.
  4. He would for $850K. That’s more than double what he was making in Finland.
  5. Not forgotten. Just disregarded. Hakanpaa is a former 4th round pick of the Blues who washed out of North American hockey five years ago. This signing has "Ryan Lasch, Part Kaksi" written all over it. I honestly think that Hakanpaa was signed to play the complementary right side in San Diego with either Larsson or Mahura, not to be a Ducks regular, and so he's not making any of my prospective lineups for next season.
  6. Exactly! Terry, Jones and Comtois look like they are the future of this team, but it would not surprise me if they all started the season in San Diego. Bob has not changed his spots. As much as this team is going through a "youth movement", he is not going to be handing out roster spots to rookies just because. He likes his veterans. He likes his grinders. There's a really good chance that a lot of us are going to hate the opening night roster that likely includes Shore, Deslauriers, Grantzlaf, and Rowney over some of our more exciting young talent.
  7. At least he doesn't have a $5M cap number and we didn't have to trade away a future 40 goal scorer to get him. In all seriousness though, I don't get this move. MDZ is a borderline 3rd pair D-man at this point in his career (he didn't even get in a single game during the Blues Cup run), but with Larsson, Guehle and Mahura all vying for that 3rd pair LHD spot, it worries me that GMBM (1) has MDZ penciled in as a 2nd pair guy to play with Fowler, and (2) has Fowler penciled in to play the right side on the 2nd pairing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall GMBM had MDZ-Fowler together for about 7-8 games last season before MDZ was traded to St Louis. At the time I assumed GMBM was just trying to pump MDZ's trade value before the deadline by showcasing him with Cam, but apparently he actually liked that pairing.... enough to bring MDZ back for another season at least. Personally, I really disliked Fowler on the right side last season and thought he played his best hockey at the end of the season when he was back on the left side with Welinski as his partner... not that Welinski should have been a 2nd pair player, but I thought Fowler was better on his natural side playing with someone who could actually skate and move the puck. I was REEEAAALLLY hoping that GMBM would be bringing in a 2nd-pair RHD to play with Cam, but the MDZ signing may be the writing on the wall. Man, it's hard to believe how far our defense has fallen in terms of quality NHL players and prospects. [sigh]
  8. Dineen in as Gulls coach! Cool! He was on my list as a Ducks HC candidate, but I’ll definitely welcome him here in San Diego! I also wouldn’t mind seeing him elevated to a Ducks asst coach position if the offense and PP continues to struggle under Morrison.
  9. Speaking of broken players, anyone else see Patrick Eaves' Twitter post in late June of him working out? Dude looks fit and strong. I wonder if he'll show up to camp looking to play again and, if so, I also wonder if we could trade him somewhere to free up some cap space and save some salary.
  10. I think his shoulder surgery was January 30th and they said the recovery time would be 5-6 months, so we're still inside that time frame. Although I imagine they leave him listed on IR until he reports to camp healthy.
  11. dtsdlaw


    I don't follow. I thought it was 40 games the previous season or a total of 70 games the previous two seasons combined for forwards? But if you're just talking about a 10-game threshold for 20+ year-olds to accrue a pro season, I wonder what the heck Ken Holland was thinking when he let Taro Hirose and Ryan Kuffner play exactly 10 games for the Wings at the end of this past season after signing them as undrafted UFAs when they finished their college seasons. Is Holland just dumb? I mean, if it's 10 games for 20+ guys like you say it is, why not just play Hirose and Kuffner in 9 games to prevent them from accruing a professional season towards expansion draft eligibility? btw, every article I've seen that argues for the 11 game threshold always cites back to Capfriendly as their source. I love Capfriendly, but Capfriendly has been wrong in the past about CBA rules, players contract clauses, etc., so I do not consider them to be a definitive source. Case in point, Hirose and Kuffner are currently listed by Capfriendly on their exempt list for the 2021 ED even though they would clearly be 3rd year players in 2021 based the rules Capfriendly is advocating.
  12. dtsdlaw


    So applying the waivers rules, A player who turns 20 on December 31st needs only ONE game in any professional league anywhere in the world to meet the threshold for a pro season?? Wow. That. Is. Dumb.
  13. dtsdlaw


    I'm still skeptical about the 11 game threshold argument. The CBA says 10 or more NHL games (for 18 & 19 y/o) for earning a year of professional experience towards free agency (Article 10) and 10 or more games for earning a year of professional experience towards arbitration rights (Article 12), but we're supposed to believe that the ED rules for 1st and 2nd year pros will follow the waivers rules in Article 13 instead? I'd love to be wrong about this (since it would mean Comtois won't need protection), but I don't buy it. I'm going to assume its the "10 or more NHL games" threshold under Articles 10 & 12 until a reputable source says otherwise. I think Comtois will need to be protected.
  14. dtsdlaw


    Kesler’s NMC converts to a modified NTC in 2021, so he’s not required to be protected. And I’m sure Getz will be onboard with re-signing after the ED so he won’t have to take up a spot on the protected list. You’re correct with Comtois and Sherwood though. They would be eligible. Which just further shows that the Ducks have a crapload of players that will be both eligible for the ED and very desirable to Seattle. Might as well just keep adding more so that when one is plucked from the roster it doesn’t sting as bad.
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