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  1. I see a lot of tools but no toolbox. I was really hopeful for him at the beginning, but the more I’ve seen of him the more I’ve been disappointed with his hockey sense.
  2. Nobody wants to take on Rico's contract at this moment. That may change this summer, but there are only a handful of teams taking on players at the trade deadline and almost all of the players that were just moved are on expiring contracts with very little actual $$ left on their contracts in terms of salary. As far as I can tell, the only traded players who had any term left on their contracts are Haydn Fleury (who we got), Curtis Lazar ($800K cap hit), Jeff Carter ($2.6M cap hit, but unlikely to be protected in the ED since he's 36), and Anthony Mantha (26 y/o with 3 more years @ $5.7M). It's just not the time to make significant trades for older players (30+) who have years and big money left of their contracts. If you want Rico to get us the same return as Foligno got for Columbus, just wait until he's 34 and in the last year of his contract. He'll probably still be a 20-goal scorer by then too.
  3. You don't have to protect Getzlaf because he is not going to sign with Seattle even if they do take him. They would only retain his rights until the first day of the UFA period, so sure they can pick him but it would essentially be a wasted pick. It's the exact same situation as San Jose had with Thornton during the Vegas ED. Seattle won't pick him, so the Ducks don't need to protect him.
  4. The acquisition of Fleury really makes me believe even more that GMBM has already worked out the basics of a deal with Seattle. Because you're absolutely right - we have too many D-men to protect, and we would have had too many even if we'd traded Manson. I'm as hard on GMBM as anyone here, but he's playing 3D chess right now with the expansion draft because of how badly he looked after the last draft, so every move he makes has to be considered as part of a larger ED strategy. We also know that he's also always been really big on the character and harmony of the room, and he's commented before about the possibility of resentment if some guys know they're being exposed while others aren't, so I think he has incentive to kind of shield the players from that resentment by working out a deal ahead of time. Personally, I think that either Henrique or Shattenkirk will be a Kraken next season, and that a mid-level prospect/youngish player and a mid-round pick will be used as sweeteners. With Zegras and Drysdale knocking our socks off, he really needs to get out from under at least one of those contracts to make way for them. It's different than, say, Silfverberg, who may be a bit overpaid, but if you lose Silf then who steps into his role as our best checking forward and best right-shot forward on the top-PK unit? I see no redundancy with Silf. Meanwhile, Rico<-->Zegras and Shattenkirk<-->Drysdale are basically old-for-new swaps in terms of where they could fit into the lineup next season. Rico makes the most sense to move due to the waivers situation and his obvious unhappiness with his role on the team this season, but Shattenkirk's contract ($2.5M-$4.25M-$4.95M as the salary breakdown) also looks like it was designed with the expansion draft in mind in case he turned out to be a dud, so maybe the Ducks would be more incentivized to get out from under Shattenkirk's contract so they're not paying $9.2M to a 33/34-year-old 3rd pair D-man for the next two seasons while Drysdale gets crowded out of ice time. Both Henrique and Shattenkirk are also "names" that could draw in fans for Seattle too. Especially Shattenkirk since he has a recent Cup. There may still be more trades coming to the big names like Manson and Rakell, but I think Bob's attention is now squarely on the ED and doing his evaluations for the entry draft. Trades can wait until after the ED.
  5. lol, thanks but no thanks! Gorb would never let me hear the end of how big I was on acquiring Zemgus Girgensons a few seasons ago...
  6. They moved out Hutton (a LHD) which looked like they opened up a roster spot. Then a few minutes later they added Fleury (a LHD) which looks like they closed the roster spot.
  7. Lindholm was injured on February 27th and we were told he would make a full recovery and be back in about 6 weeks. February 27th was 6 weeks and 2 days ago, so you'd assume Lindholm is close to returning if no significant setbacks during his recovery. When Lindholm is back, we'll have Lindholm, Manson, Fowler, Shattenkirk, Drysdale, Fleury, and Larsson. I'm sure Larsson will get some games, but the hope would be that there aren't more significant injuries that put Larsson back in full time. I'm curious who they'll put with Fowler now. Do they go back to 4-42 (I hope not) or do they get creative with 4-22 or maybe even 4-34??
  8. We have Fowler, Manson, Lindholm and Shattenkirk that all meet the games/contract requirement, so I thought we were covered unless GMBM decided to go 4f-4D (which I doubt). Regardless, I still think GMBM is going to do a deal with Seattle, so the concern over adding or subtracting players from this roster is likely going to be moot.
  9. Yeah, I think he was playing the right side as Gardiner's partner. A big, young 3rd pair guy who can play both sides. Welp, couldn't be any worse than Larsson, could he? COULD HE???
  10. I'm guessing it's been quite a roller coaster 10 minutes for Josh Mahura...
  11. Well that's a twist. Gotta be a bigger piece going back, no? Fleury has term left and is an RFA.
  12. Now we all just pray he doesn't give Hutton a 3 x $1.5M boomerang contract this summer like he did with Grant!
  13. Hutton keeps the streak alive?!?!?
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