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  1. I see this situation differently. New GM Bill Armstrong was prohibited from participating in the draft at all due to agreement between the Coyotes and Blues, so he had nothing to do with this pick at all. Instead, the Yotes were relying only on scouting info gathered entirely without Armstrong’s participation and input - so basically info that was gathered under the Chayka regime. From what I know of Armstrong, he also puts a lot of weight on character and I highly doubt he would have made this pick. So for him to pull the plug on it makes perfect sense and IMO it also doesn’t leave any lingering stench of the pick on him since he had zero to do with it. And although I haven’t seen anything reported to this effect yet, I would be SHOCKED if it turns out Armstrong didn’t contact the victim’s family ahead of this announcement to let them know this was coming, to apologize to the family on behalf of the organization, and to promise them that this never would have happened with him calling the shots. So sure, the Yotes handled it terribly. But there’s also now a new sheriff in town, and this probably gives him even more control over the team’s direction moving forward since the leftovers from the Chayka regime bungled the draft so badly (including the prospect tampering that cost them their earlier picks) Miller is also not on his own. He’s enrolled at UND. In fact, since he’s now committed to a major collegiate program, I think it makes even more sense to let him figure it out with his collegiate program rather than through an NHL organization, which would probably have to keep its distance anyway so as to not jeopardize his NCAA eligibility (the Yotes money doesn’t mean crap if they can’t use it due to NCAA rules). So assuming UND doesn’t kick him out now too, he’ll actually get more personal attention from the college than he would have from the Yotes for the next few years.
  2. Coyotes have renounced their rights to Mitchell Miller. That's the correct move IMO. He shouldn't be barred from the NHL, but he never should have been drafted either. Glad Armstrong fixed that situation.
  3. I have to disagree with the bolded. The reported actions sound to me like he’s a sociopath, so I don’t think you can automatically blame his family. And if he is a sociopath, it’s certainly possible his sociopathic tendencies didn’t really manifest in anything significant before age 14 that would trigger intervention. IMO there’s just too little information available to throw the family under the bus here. Can’t imagine Bill Armstrong is too happy with this situation after working to build such a character team in St Louis. Betcha he just buries this 4th round pick and just calls it a day.
  4. GMBM puts too much pressure on guys and forces them to play over their heads too early. The examples are numerous. Meanwhile, Getzlaf started on the 4th line. Perry started on the 4th line. Kesler started on the 4th line (he told a funny story on his podcast about how he started on the 4th line with a washed up Trevor Linden on his wing who insisted on taking all of Kesler’s faceoffs). Unless you’ve got a generational talent like Crosby, I don’t see why you would press a guy into a top-6 or top-4 role until he’s been in the league for a season or two. I’d like to see Zegras start as the 4C with Grant and Backes on his wings. Let him learn from some savvy vets in a non pressure role before moving him up. Don’t just drop him into a top-6 pressure cooker like they did with Terry last season. It’s too easy to hurt a player’s development that way. Also, Terry should be a center.
  5. Apples and oranges, though. Karlsson, Stone, Pageau, even Turris - these guys were all in the final year of their contracts and were headed to UFA, so its not like Ottawa went full rebuild by trading away players that were locked into contracts with term left, like most of the Ducks best players currently are. They were forced into the rebuild by having too many expiring contracts. GMBM is not in that position at all. Meanwhile, Hoffman is the only high end guy they moved who had term left on his contract, and that move was because of a locker room issue not because of a rebuild. They also got nothing useful for Hoffman. Just a washed up Mikkel Boedker, a minor league D-man who is now playing in the SHL, and a 6th round pick. Let's also see if they come out ahead on their trades too. Karlsson got them Stutzle (good), but they also hilariously dropped 15 spots in the 2019 draft by flipping Duchene. The Sens have missed the playoffs for three straight seasons now and I'm not convinced that team is going to be good any time soon.
  6. Dadonov would be great if this team were better overall. But this team isn't that close to being a legit contender and he turns 32 in March. If things shake out the right way this team could be good again in a couple of years, but by then Dadonov is in his mid-30s. Not sure that's the direction GMBM wants to go right now. Even Granlund may be on the "old" side for what GMBM is trying to do. Someone in the 24-26 age range is probably where he's looking.
  7. Good points. I think Weeger's QO is $1.6M and I can't see him getting much more than that (even if he elects to go to arbitration). So moving Heinan would save about $1M in cap space. That's not a lot, but it might be just enough considering Kesler's LTIR space. And maybe that deal also cleans up a spot at LHD. Something like Heinan + Guhle for Weegar + picks/prospects. I'm also higher on Granlund than most. He's a very creative player who can score and set up others, and his presence at C or on RW would add instant offense. Prior to last season in Nashville (where he was a square peg in a round hole), he posted assist totals over six consecutive seasons of 31, 31, 43, 46, and 34. For comparison, Rico has only topped 30 assists once in his career (in 2011-12). He's not a pure scorer like Hoffman or Dadonov, but I think he would make the group overall better with his ability to score and set up others.
  8. This only makes sense as a set up move for something else. Like maybe sending Heinan to Florida to clear roster and cap space so he can sign another forward. Florida needs some competent forwards for their bottom-6 and we have too many LWs and too many mid-range C prospects.
  9. He's still under contract through this coming season though. Unless he has said directly that he doesn't want to remain in Montreal after this season, this news probably doesn't mean much right now. They'd get a better return at the TDL too.
  10. I think he was addressing the incorrect assumption that Kesler’s contract hurts us in the offseason. It doesn’t. Just look at Toronto last summer when they had a $90M+ cap number after they signed Marner in September because they were also carrying the soon-to-be LTIR’d contracts of Clarkson ($5.25M) and Horton ($5.3M). I don’t know what the exact mechanism is in the CBA but the Leafs stayed compliant throughout despite the Clarkson/Horton contracts. We can too with Kesler’s contract. His contract only hurts from a budget standpoint, not a cap standpoint.
  11. What about Granlund? He can play center or RW and would instantly add some scoring to this group. The Ducks have also been on a downward slide ever since GMBM purged the roster of Finns. Maybe it’s time to bring the Finns back?
  12. Remarkably similar contracts though, no? Also, I was making the reference in relation to Koivu. I believe Koivu and Souray were around the same age when signed. Both guys pretty high profile UFAs. Both pretty far past their prime.
  13. Maybe he can start acting like a bigger a-hole towards opposing centers so we can call him Grantsler instead.
  14. It appears they've backloaded Shattenkirk's 3-year contract: $2.5M - $4.25M - $4.95M. Makes me think he might be ED fodder. He also turns 32 in January, so there's that. So maybe we're looking at: Lindholm-Manson, Fowler-Shattenkirk, Curran-Djoos next season??
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