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  1. Jovanovski said he got the idea to make a comeback from Mike Sillinger, who had a similar procedure done in 2009 at age 37, and was apparently playing beer-league hockey completely pain-free after he retired from the NHL. There have been elite athletes in other sports who have made a comeback too, just not in any of the four traditional major US sports.
  2. For sure. If we're talking any player in his prime who ever wore a Ducks sweater, I'll take Federov circa 1993-94. That season he had 56G/64A/120pts, won the Hart and Selke, and also won the NHL's fastest skater competition at the all-star game. Federov was incredible in his prime. His game would also translate really well to today's game (unlike Pronger, who would probably be suspended indefinitely). Plus, we could also really use an elite center right about now.
  3. The cap will be at $86M by 2020-21, they'll be one season away from shedding Perry's $8.65M cap hit, and the Ducks will have no major contracts to give out between now and then to current players. This team will not be handcuffed in any way shape or form... IF GMBM wants to wade into the UFA market for a big fish.
  4. You mean based on what YOU know about Kesler's hip. Jovanovski had the same injury/condition, had the same surgery performed by the same doctor, and has had extensive personal discussions with Kesler about his hip. I honestly don't know what more you would need to lay a foundation for the credibility of Jovanovski's statement
  5. (1) That’s not how the cap calculation works. They won’t need to clear a whole $6.75M. (2) Remind me who GMBM traded when Pears came off LTIR this past February. And don’t say Montour because he was traded 3 weeks after Pears was activated, so the team was already cap compliant when Monty was moved. (3) GMBM’s recent comments about LTIR give the impression that we probably won’t be near the upper cap limit anyway, so the team will likely be accruing enough season cap space to allow Kes to return after the deadline, if he’s ready and still wants to give it a go, without doing anything significant to the rest of the roster.
  6. (a) This isn’t a trial. (b) If it was a trial, that’s not even a valid objection to the substance of testimony. lol.
  7. ^^ Also, in the comments section for this article, Eric Stephens says that Kesler's contract is insured. So factor that into whatever whining some people here want to do about Kesler's contract eating up the team's internal budget.
  8. Another great article in the Athletic by Eric Stephens regarding Kesler today (I highly recommend a subscription). Lots of great quotes from Jovanovski, Bob Murray, and Kesler's agent in this one, but the money quote IMO is from Jovanovski: See you next Spring, Kes!
  9. dtsdlaw

    playoff game...

  10. My thoughts on this are probably worth zero since I've never been in a professional hockey locker room or on the bench of a professional hockey team, and its also hard to get a feel for how a coach runs the room just by watching games. I also have no idea what kind of a system Lambert would implement here once he's running his own show, and I honestly haven't seen enough Gulls games to have a strong grasp of what Eakins is running these days either. Tactics aside, they both seem very well liked by their players, although in Eakins case we're talking about kids and career-AHL players and in Lambert's case we're talking about guys who have actually played for and won a Stanley Cup. With that, I do prefer Lambert's resume, simply because of his NHL experience. Eakins has been a decent AHL coach, but he has never seen NHL playoff ice from behind the bench, either as an HC or as an assistant. Lambert on the other hand has coached in the NHL playoffs almost every year since coming up from the AHL in 2011 (for three different NHL clubs now) and has even hoisted the Stanley Cup. My personal preference would be for a coach who has been there before - i.e. someone who already knows what it takes to squeeze the most out of elite NHL players during the hardest parts of an NHL season, not just kids in the AHL trying to make their first NHL roster. I also like that Lambert has been mentored by one of the greats in Barry Trotz. To me, Eakins kind of seems to be winging it (like he was in Edmonton), since he hasn't ever coached under the tutelage of a great NHL coach. With Eakins, I think you'd expect to see a lot more trial and error as he works his way through each new experience in his NHL coaching career. In contrast, I think Lambert likely will be better able to draw on the Trotz experience to work his way through whatever tough times may come up in dealing with a young team.
  11. Solid piece in the Athletic today on Lane Lambert and why he would be a good fit for the Ducks. I recommend it for anyone who has ponied up for the subscription fees.
  12. Hip replacement would have been the end of Kesler. He elected to go with hip resurfacing so he can try to play again. Same doctor who did Ed Jovanovski's hip resurfacing procedure did Kesler's too. Jovanovski has his procedure done in April 2013 and his first game back after the surgery and recovery was nine months later in January 2014. Chances are the surgery and recovery plan have advanced by leaps and bounds since then too. I don't think Kes is going to try to beat the timeline, but he certainly knows what the expectations are since others have gone through it. You're welcome to bet against Kesler in this. I'm not. He's Ryan Friggen Kesler. He'll be back. And he'll win the Masterton in 2021. Count on it.
  13. dtsdlaw

    playoff game...

    Benefits of a Sharks win (assuming San Jose v Boston): 1. Joe Thornton will almost certainly retire. He turns 40 this summer and looks like a shell of his old self. If they win, I think he's done. If they don't win, he probably comes back again. Personally, I'm ready for him to go away. 2. The Sharks have a lot of free agents (esp. Pavelski and Meier) and nothing screams "overpay me!" more than winning a Cup. I feel like having your name on the Cup is worth about $500K-$750K more per season + an extra year on a guy's next contract extension. I think it also makes it tougher to cut the cord on aging players, and they could get roped into longer, more expensive contracts with aging guys like Pavelski this summer and Braun next summer. So a Cup win could actually put them in a tougher spot against the Cap going forward. It would also likely price Erik Karlsson off their payroll next season. 3. Suck it, Marchand. 4. Cup hangover. A Cup win often leaves teams much less hungry to push through the grind the following season, and outside of Meier and Hertl, that team is not young. If they are finally able to break through and win it this season, I think they could very easily turn into the 2014-15 LA Kings and miss the playoffs all together next season due to a Cup hangover. And what Ducks fan wouldn't LOL if the Sharks became only the 6th(?) team to miss the playoffs after winning the Cup?
  14. dtsdlaw

    playoff game...

    Because no team ever blows a 2-goal lead in a10-minute span in a game 7, right? [coughCapitalscough]
  15. dtsdlaw

    playoff game...

    But what if they stole one of your favorite Ducks jerseys that I've seen you wear to the Ponda?? btw, I believe it was Chris Lee who made that phantom GI call on Couture in Game 2, and he also watched the 2nd round from his couch at home.
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