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  1. 1G/2A in 6 games so far for Pittsburgh, averaging 18:32/game
  2. Too much to unpack here for a complete response, but: 1. I don't see how my preference to health scratch either Jones or Comtois in favor of Shore against Boston amounts to "banishing the lot of them". I'm mostly in favor of keeping all of the current rookies up with the big club (although if Terry continues to post donuts on the scoresheet, I'd consider sending him down and recalling Sherwood), but my thing is I just want to see HCDE dial down their minutes and expectations. Terry, Jones and Comtois clearly aren't ready for top-6 roles. If they can start producing some results, then HCDE can expand their roles. But the current plan isn't working IMO. 2. I think HCDE has absolutely been "schizoid" about moving guys around. Fans complained about BB's line shuffling, but HCDE's line blender for the forward lines has been set to high since game 2. It's far worse than BB ever was, and as a result there is no continuity there at all. People are currently cracking on Getzlaf's play, but take a look at the winger rotation he has been forced to deal with. Last game, he took at least one regular E/S shift with seven different wingers (even Steel was moved up to his LW at one point), and that's not even counting when he plays 15-20 seconds with other wingers during an overlap on line changes. Hard to believe, but the only wingers he didn't take a regular shift with were Rakell and Silfvy! It's been a pretty consistent turnover for Getzlaf since the start of the season too. Find me another #1C anywhere in the league who has to deal with that kind of rotation on his wings. [Hint: there isn't one.] I really do hope that the Captain is on board with it, because it sure doesn't seem fair to ask your 34-year-old #1C to deal with that kind of uncertainty and inconsistency on literally a shift to shift basis.
  3. Sprong cleared waivers on 10/1, so he has 30 days from that date or 10 NHL games before he would have to go through waivers again. If the Ducks wanted to, they could bring him up to play now and for the next 7 games without needing to send him through waivers before sending him back to San Diego. That's a big "if" though, since it doesn't look like he's playing at that well in San Diego right now either. And if HCDE is just maxing their time as an experiment, he is both risking the rookies' development and his relationship with his veterans. Outside of Max Jones' lone secondary assist in the first game of the year, the rookies (Jones, Terry, Steel, Comtois, and Lundestrom) have combined for ZERO points so far this season. That is not good for their confidence, collectively or individually. And the more HCDE uses them in important situations over veterans like Shore, Grant, Rowney, etc. he risks losing the room. That locker room has a lot of talented veteran players who want to win, not be used as a rookie experiment.
  4. Getz probably getting too much TOI because HCDE decided to dress four rookie forwards in a game on the road against the defending Eastern conference champions. He basically forced Getz into heavier minutes by having too many kids in the lineup against a very good team that plays both fast and heavy. Shore should have been in for that game, with either Comtois or Jones sitting. I'm not a huge Shore guy, but he's the better choice in that situation for his versatility (can play all three forward positions, PK, and is decent in F/Os) and to add a more veteran presence to the lines. His presence on the Grantzlaf line could have kept it in the rotation and lowered some of the burden on Getzlaf. He also could have moved up the lines if HCDE wanted to shorten the bench to play catchup. No offense to Jones or Comtois (because I love both guys) but against Boston, gimme the versatile 25-year-old with 34 career NHL goals over two rookies with only 2 career NHL goals each. IMO, HCDE is trying too hard to get his Gulls ice time rather than letting them earn their time. I didn't see this game, but just looking at the shift charts it appears that Cassidy had a pretty easy time getting the Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak line out in the exact matchups he wanted, because with the watered down lines and too many rookies sprinkled across the lines there was no need to match his 4-time Selke winner against the Ducks' diluted top-6. It sounds like the team played reasonably well (after the first period) given the circumstances, but the game logs sure make it look like Cassidy had a significant tactical advantage in line matching for the full 60 minutes. If HCDE doesn't figure out a way to let his best players be his best players, this is going to turn into a season-long problem and this team is going to have a very hard time scoring on the road.
  5. Most of the iconic sports logos are bland and neutral. Because they’re professional sports played by adults, not kids’ cartoons. Now get off my lawn.
  6. The problem isn't with 42/47, it's with our forward group (a) not sustaining enough pressure in the O-zone, (b) not back-checking well enough, and (c) not giving the defenders enough time and space to move the puck up ice. Sure, there have been mistakes on the back end. But the forward group simply isn't doing enough to keep the pressure off the defense. And last season was 10X worse, with all the forwards (except Silf) playing at 50% effort for the first 65 games. Get the forward group to do it's job and 42/47 will be just fine IMO.
  7. Not everybody. Gimme the webbed-D over Disney's marketing gimmick every day of the week and twice on Sundays. To me, that old logo is still the emblem of a non-serious sports franchise that is just trying to sell merch rather than play competitive hockey.
  8. Until Steel is healthy again, I would rather see Shore moved into the middle between two rookies on a 4th line and the Pahlsson Grantzlaf checking line treated as a 3rd line. But maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic...
  9. Lundestrom with another 11 minute game. Kid isn’t ready for the big show. He needs more time in the A. And of course, first time HCDE puts 67-15-33 together against Detroit.... goal.
  10. For the first bolded, I think its too early to tell. We've only had two games, and both were at home and we led both for the entirety of the 3rd period. Since HCDE has last change at home, he is better able to control match ups, which makes it easier to roll all four lines. Also, since the Ducks were protecting a lead rather than chasing in both games, that also allowed HCDE to lessen the use of Getzlaf, Rakell, Henrique and the other veteran scorers and overuse the defensively sound Grantzlaf/Rowney line to help salt it away. So I'm going to wait to agree on this until I see how the TOI shakes out on the road and if/when we don't play full 3rd periods holding a lead. For the second bolded, I just didn't see that against the Sharks. That line saw hardly any of Vlasic, who is their #1 shut-down defender. And as far as I know, the Sharks don't really have a true shut-down forward line. The shift charts also seem to indicate that they played against pretty much everyone in that game, with no real systematic deployment by HCDE against anyone in particular. Agree to disagree on the rest though. I guess we'll see how this roadie goes. We play an uber-talented Penguins team that can load up their top-6 with exceptional talent, a Jackets team that can play pretty physical and mean, and a Boston team that does both. Hopefully the sprinkling of rookies across the forward lines won't be exploited too much.
  11. Maybe I'm misreading your posts, but I interpreted them to be an objection to my suggestion that the kids (Jones/Comtois-Steel/Lundy-Terry) should play together on a heavily sheltered 3rd/4th line (like Getz/Pears mostly did when they came up) rather than sprinkling them throughout the lineup. Specifically, I read your objection as being that the kids wouldn't get enough minutes that way. I countered that I thought they would still get their minutes because Randy Carlyle is not our bench boss anymore and that 10-12 mins together even in a sheltered role would be great for their development (both individually and as a unit). As it stands, they're getting those 12-14 minutes, but HCDE is having to shuffle line mates to protect them in various situations. I'm not convinced that's the right strategy for the veterans to have rookies shuffling on and off their lines depending on the situation. I also don't like that 33 and 67 have a total of 3 shots each through the first two games. Rakell and Silf have been ranked 1-2 the past two seasons in total shots for this team, but through two games this season (yes, I know its only two games) they haven't looked dangerous in the O-zone at all. Playing the team's two top shooters with rookie centers just seems like a flawed strategy to me. I'd rather have our two top shooters playing with a veteran center who can get the puck to them in scoring positions. This is nitpicking right now though. The team looks light years better than last year already. I just hope they can keep it up on the road... and over an 82-game grind.
  12. Yes, but RC is not here anymore. It’s a moot point. So I’m just not seeing why it would be bad to give the kids 10-12 sheltered mins per game this season until the prove they can handle more.
  13. Disagree here. Go back and look at the game logs for Getz and Pears from their rookie seasons. They developed just fine playing bottom-6 minutes together. And that was in RC’s system, where Pears was often relegated to 7-8 mins of TOI. In this system, getting 12-14 mins of sheltered ice time would do them wonders IMO.
  14. Unfortunately, this. It's too bad 3-way deals are not a thing in the NHL. If they were, a Buffalo-Winnipeg-Anaheim trade involving Byfuglien, Ristolainen, and our abundance of young forwards would make a ton of sense for all three teams.
  15. I'll be floored if Rakell is a captain. Fowler is a maybe since GMBM is so emotionally attached to him. Maybe Henrique too, but I think he's less likely than Silfverberg. btw, Manson and Silf were picked for the final preseason game, which is usually treated as a dress rehearsal for the season opener.
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