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  1. Last season the Ducks were terrible, so it was fine to do nothing at the trade deadline. 2018 was a little disappointing when the only TDL move was trading Wags for a 38-year-old Jason Chimera to get "more speed" (lol, Chimera sucked). In 2017, GMBM got Eaves, which was a great move. Eaves potted 11 goals in 20 games for the Ducks to end the regular season and 2 more goals in the playoffs before getting injured. 2016 was also pretty decent, when GMBM got Jamie McGinn and Brandon Pirri at the deadline. McGinn had 8G in 21 games to close the regular season and 2 more goals in the 7-game 1st round loss to Nashville. Losing Maroon at the 2016 TDL hurt though. And then there was 2015. Getting Despres was a stroke of genius in 2015. Wiz, not so much. Fleischmann was also a decent depth add at that TDL, while Sekac was a waste of space. But I recall many fans on this board wanted a bigger fish the most - Antoine Vermette. GMBM didn't want to give up his 1st rounder (#27 overall, ended up being Jacob Larsson) to the Yotes for Vermette and Chicago got him instead for their 1st rounder (ended up being Nick Merkley). And we all know how that turned out, especially in double-OT of Game 4. Yeah, the Kesler trade didn't materialize in 2014 (not his fault) and getting Lombardi in 2013 to be Teemu's center was a gigantic whiff, but I thought the Robidas acquisition in 2014 was a pretty bold move until Garbutt re-broke Robidas' leg in the first round of the playoffs. All in all though, while he's made his share of blunders over the years, GMBM's recent work at the TDL is not really the place to criticize him IMO. I still give GMBM a B/B+ for his TDL work.
  2. The bolded is my primary concern with this trade idea. Getzlaf at age 29 gets you this "incredible **young** player". Getzlaf at 34 does not. Even though Getz is still a high quality center, you're probably looking at a return closer to what the Flames got for a 35-year-old Iginla (who was still racking up 30G seasons when he was traded). When The Flames traded Iggy to Pittsburgh, they got the Pens' 1st rounder in 2013 (#28 overall - Morgan Klimchuk) and two college prospects named Kenny Agostino and Ben Hanowski (who?). In other words, they got basically nothing to build the future around. No sane or sober NHL GM is trading anything more than a late 1st rounder for Getzlaf at his age. And speaking of the Flames, how bad does that trade decision look in hindsight? Take a look at that 2014-15 Flames roster (that lost 4-1 to the Ducks in the 2nd round) and tell me they couldn't have used Iginla's 29G/30A on RW that season. I know he wanted a chance at a Cup, but they really should have done everything possible to re-sign him and let him retire as a Flame. He would have done wonders for the development of Johnny Hockey and other young players on that team, just like I expect Getzy to do for our young players.
  3. I’m not sure what to make of the Crawford situation, but it sounds like Peters was being a terrible human very recently. There are allegations of him kicking and punching players in the head in Carolina, where he was coaching as recently as 2018. Peters also resigned, he wasn’t fired, and my suspicion is that he resigned to put an end to the Flames investigation, which he probably knew would dig up a whole lot of other incidents of misconduct, maybe even in the current locker room. Calgary also got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round in 5 games last season to the #8 seeded Avs, which had to have upset the front office. And the Flames were just treading water for the first two months of this season. I also think it’s interesting that the Flames have won five straight since Peters was replaced behind the bench. So removing Peters seems to be about as punishing to the Flames as removing Carlyle was punishing to the Ducks last season.
  4. Rob’s premise wasn’t about a decline in Getzlaf’s game or leadership though. It was whether Getzlaf should be traded to help us get the next great franchise player. I took his post to mean that he’s thinking that either trading Getzlaf would bring back a legit blue chip prospect to build the team’s future around, or that trading Getzlaf would cause the Ducks to tank so bad that they’d get the next great franchise player in the draft. I don’t support either option, but they’re certainly not totally unreasonable positions to take. We don’t have any elite prospects outside of maybe Zegras, so management will need to figure out some way to find more of them. RobD360 has also been a solid contributor on these boards for quite a while. I have no interest in shutting down posters who add to these discussions as much as he has.
  5. Though I have zero interest in trading Getzlaf, I think it's fine that it's a topic. I'd just prefer to see it over in the "Rumors, Wishes and Speculations" forum, which is where we typically spitball trade ideas. IMO, posters should be free to discuss any trade ideas over in that forum, no matter how unpopular the idea is with the general fan base.
  6. How's this... Rickard Rakell has taken 48 more shots this season than Troy Terry while playing in only one more game than Terry. Jakob Silfverberg has taken 25 more shots than Terry in only one more game. Do I even need to do this for Shore? It's Devin friggen Shore. He shouldn't be on the top-PP unit no matter what the situation is.
  7. "Karlsson was traded because he wasn't doing squat at the time." I've seen you post this a number of times whenever this subject comes up and no matter how many times you post it, it doesn't make it true. Karlsson was the same age when he was traded that Troy Terry is currently, and he'd only been given a cup of coffee for 18 games on the 2014-15 team (the best we've had since 2006-07) that was STACKED down the middle with Getzlaf and Kesler playing dominant hockey, Nate Thompson playing the key energy line role, and the team committed to making Rakell a center on the 3rd line. It also happened to be a season where our center depth suffered almost no injuries, with Getzlaf missing only 5 games, Thompson missing 2, and Kesler only missing 1 (Rakell played 71 games that season, partly because he was sent to Norfolk for a stretch and partly because he was a healthy scratch a few times when Karlsson was in). It was simply a numbers game with Karlsson, and he was playing well in Norfolk while biding his time at the American league level waiting for his chance. He wasn't "doing squat" as you keep stating. He was a solid to good 21-22-year-old center prospect that GMBM gave away for practically nothing because he had some weird fascination with a pre-broken Wisniewski. And since I know you're going to bring up his numbers in Columbus, Torts converted Karlsson to his 3rd line checking center, and he was regularly asked to check Crosby, Stamkos, Giroux, Tavares, etc. Good luck posting decent offensive numbers in Torts' defense-first system when you're being asked to check the best that the Eastern conference had to offer. It's actually a testament to Wild Bill's 2-way abilities that he was given those assignments as a 23/24 year old. As for the draft rankings, since when does GMBM care about where other teams' scouts rank players? (See Lindholm, Hampus) He likely didn't draft a center in 2014 because he'd already drafted Rakell and Karlsson as centers in 2011 and thought we were set at the top-2 center positions for the foreseeable future with Getz and Kes. So I can't really fault that decision on its own, in a vacuum. But in the context of all of his moves that thinned out the team's center depth leading up to 2017-18, it played a role. It was one of several moves that played a role, none of which by itself was the sole cause, but in concert with each other left a huge void that could only be fixed via a significant trade. So when I say he created a problem, it's true. He made a series of moves that made it so the Ducks had little to no depth at center in the system, even though Getzlaf and Kesler had passed 30 several years prior.
  8. Context is absolutely important here. The context of this move was that GMBM had created terrible organizational depth at center thanks to his decision to trade William Karlsson in March 2015, his decision to draft Nick Ritchie at #10 overall in 2014 while bona fide center prospects like Dylan Larkin, Nick Schmaltz, and Jared McCann were still on the board,and his whiff on Julius Naatinen in the 2015 draft. So when a 32-year-old Getzlaf (who had a recent history of groin problems) and a 33-year-old Kesler (who had a history of hip problems) went down in the beginning of the 2017-18 season, the Ducks were left with a choice of Chris Wagner, Derek Grant, or a 35-year-old Antoine Vermette to fill their top-6 center positions in Randy Carlyle's antiquated system. So yeah, the team desperately needed another top-6 center at the time. But clearly that was yet another situation where GMBM created a mess and then had to wheel-and-deal to clean up his own mess. It was a solid clean-up job because Henrique is a good player and a solid addition to the team, but the Ducks wouldn't have needed to trade for him if GMBM cared about developing some organizational depth at center in the first place. GMBM has been very good at times, but entering the 2017-18 season with Getzlaf (32), Kesler (33), Vermette (35), Wagner and Grant as the centers, with zero depth behind them, was not one of his better moments IMO.
  9. The expansion rules were fairly prohibitive for Vegas in terms of signing UFAs that first season because they were required to take an ED eligible player from every team (30 teams) and they also ended up acquiring a number of players in trades (i.e. Theo, Tuch, Reilly Smith, Grabovski, Clarkson, etc.), some of whom made the opening night roster. Since the ED-eligible list is basically made up entirely of NHL-caliber players, Vegas' roster was pretty full after the draft, so when UFA opened they were pretty much only signing players for their minor league team. I'd expect it to be a pretty similar situation for Seattle in 2021. Also, I believe the rules were set up so that Vegas could select a UFA in the ED, and that player would then count as the player taken from the last team he was under contract with. So in theory, Seattle could select Gudbranson with their pick from the Ducks, but it would seem odd to do that unless they already knew they could get a favorable deal done with him on July 1st.
  10. Rakell currently leads the Ducks with 84 shots. Then Getzlaf (73), Henrique (68) and Silfverberg (61). Meanwhile, Troy Terry has 36 shots this season, Devin Shore has 21. But yeah, Shore + Terry on the PP with the Ducks down a goal late in the 3rd makes a ton of sense, right?
  11. I think it was explored but it was never reported that a formal request had been made. With respect to Theo, let's also remember that it wasn't just Bieksa's NMC that led to the trade. GMBM decided to protect 7 forwards and 3 defensemen, meaning that he had to pick two from Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen, and Manson to protect (since Bieksa's NMC made him the third protected D-man). Both Vatanen and Manson were ultimately left exposed and the trade was made to keep both. So even if Bieksa waived, either Vatanen or Manson would have been left out there and a deal would probably have been made to keep the one that was exposed. And trading Theo also got Stoner off the books. It's a bummer that Theo was moved, but that was the right call at the time.
  12. Today's disheartening stat brought to you by GMBM and the coaching staff.... The Ducks have scored 8 power play goals through the first 30 games, which projects to a measly 22 PP goals over an 82 game season. If this pace continues, it will be the fewest number of PP goals scored by a team over a full season since the 1955-56 Blackhawks scored 21 PP goals (back when they only played 70-games in a season). The lowest team total for an 82-game season was Florida (27) in 2013-14.
  13. With the expansion draft looming, I'd also like to wait on that extension. If he continues to play well with Fowler, I'd hope that GMBM will agree to a extension with him in principle during next season, but then wait until after the ED to sign him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that if he's signed to an extension before the expansion draft then he would need protection, whereas if he is unsigned then he wouldn't. If unsigned, Seattle could still select him, but they'd probably have less incentive to do so if he wasn't already inked to a contract.
  14. With all the bad news about Babs, Peters, Crawford, etc. dominating the headlines, it’s nice to see good guy Bruce Boudreau coaching the hell out of the Wild right now. 8-0-3 over their last 11, and just beat Tampa in their own building. I really miss the big red tomato. Good guy. Great coach.
  15. There's a negative with both approaches. If they want him during the season, they'll have to give up a decent asset in a trade. If they want to sign him in free agency, they will have to out-bid other teams for his services, which would likely mean too much money, too many years, or an NTC. Or all three. Depending on the asset(s), I'd probably lean towards the trade, because I think he'd re-sign for a more team-friendly deal if he isn't simultaneously being wooed by other teams. So something like Ritchie + 2nd would be fine with me, as long as the extension was already agreed to in principle at the time of the trade.
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