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  1. They've got Seth Jones and David Savard as their top-2 RHD, so I don't think there's a place for Manson in their lineup. Rico would make some sense for them if they want to bring in a center with term. However, if we want Anderson or Wennberg, I think that kind of a trade would make the most sense in the early summer when we can send picks and prospects back their way rather than a roster player.
  2. Torts has been extremely critical of his center play. I think it was last week that he said something to the media about his team having only one center (Dubois), which was obviously a shot at all of the other centermen they have there. Given his comments, if they stay in the playoff picture I would assume they'd be looking for center depth. I'm sure they would also love some more defensive depth too considering how often Ryan Murray gets hurt. Edit: Columbus also needs to recoup some of the draft picks they gave away when they went all-in last season, and they don't have many to use as trade bait to acquire players this season
  3. Interesting ideas here. Good stuff. A few questions though... Gustafsson and Gostisbehere would definitely bring some much-needed offense, but they're also left-shot guys that play the left side & left point on the PP (as far as I have seen). Are you thinking that the Ducks could plug them in on the 3rd pair, or would this be a step towards moving on from one of Fowler or Lindholm? Because the Fowler as a RD experiment was a total bust, and we haven't really seen Lindholm tried on the right side very much to know if that's an option. Bennett definitely intrigues me too. He plays a very aggressive game and is fearless about going into the dirty areas (something this team needs more of), and I'm also of the opinion that he has more untapped potential that would really benefit from a change of scenery. He's also primarily a LW though, and if we keep all of Comtois, Jones, and Ritchie then Bennett becomes kind of redundant as a middle-6 LW. Did you have in mind moving one or more of those kids? A Ritchie for Bennett swap would be good with me. Two gritty guys that have under-performed their draft positions and could probably use a change of scenery. Josh Anderson is also a very interesting name, but I'd be surprised if Columbus trades him after his big season in 2018-19 unless they're getting something really good in return, which would seem a bit risky given his current injury situation. When it comes to Columbus, I'm also currently on the Wennberg train. I think he'd be available for cheap and I still think he has a higher ceiling that would benefit from being away from Torts' system.
  4. Didn’t the Ducks blow a 2 goal lead against Detroit and lose at home?
  5. That only affects the amount of the fine that can be levied, not the number of games he can be suspended for.
  6. Suspended 5 games. Guess we'll look forward to an April Fools Day reunion instead.
  7. Sounds like he may be sulking the same way Sprong was when he didn't make the big club's roster to start the season, which would account for Andersson's current lack of production. He was more productive last season when he had the lower expectations of playing in the AHL. To be fair, Steel is a bit older (he's from the draft class ahead of Andersson) and he didn't play his whole life on the European ice surface prior to coming over to play the "A". And Steel's NHL production from this season is a totally unfair comparison. Steel started the season with Silfverberg and Rakell as his wingers and he's gotten plenty of PP time - in fact, Steel averages 1:50 of PP TOI per game, compared to Andersson who has played a total of 55 seconds this season on the PP - while Andersson was basically stapled to the Rangers 4th line with Haley (barely a hockey player) and Brendan Smith (a converted D-man) as his wingers because he's stuck behind Zibanejad, Strome and Chytil on the Rangers Center depth chart. I'm not saying Andersson is the next McDavid or anything, but I'd totally take a flier on him. Especially if he could be had for some of our redundant pieces. Like maybe we could send Devin Shore and a 3rd to New York for him.
  8. Lias Andersson has requested a trade from the Rangers. Former #7 pick in 2017. He hasn’t shown much yet, but he’s only 21 and still has time to find his way at the NHL level. Bet he’d be cheap, and since he’s forcing their hand I’m sure the Rags preference would be to send him West to a non contender. Would you?
  9. I’m not sure what to make of the Crawford situation, but it sounds like Peters was being a terrible human very recently. There are allegations of him kicking and punching players in the head in Carolina, where he was coaching as recently as 2018. Peters also resigned, he wasn’t fired, and my suspicion is that he resigned to put an end to the Flames investigation, which he probably knew would dig up a whole lot of other incidents of misconduct, maybe even in the current locker room. Calgary also got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round in 5 games last season to the #8 seeded Avs, which had to have upset the front office. And the Flames were just treading water for the first two months of this season. I also think it’s interesting that the Flames have won five straight since Peters was replaced behind the bench. So removing Peters seems to be about as punishing to the Flames as removing Carlyle was punishing to the Ducks last season.
  10. The expansion rules were fairly prohibitive for Vegas in terms of signing UFAs that first season because they were required to take an ED eligible player from every team (30 teams) and they also ended up acquiring a number of players in trades (i.e. Theo, Tuch, Reilly Smith, Grabovski, Clarkson, etc.), some of whom made the opening night roster. Since the ED-eligible list is basically made up entirely of NHL-caliber players, Vegas' roster was pretty full after the draft, so when UFA opened they were pretty much only signing players for their minor league team. I'd expect it to be a pretty similar situation for Seattle in 2021. Also, I believe the rules were set up so that Vegas could select a UFA in the ED, and that player would then count as the player taken from the last team he was under contract with. So in theory, Seattle could select Gudbranson with their pick from the Ducks, but it would seem odd to do that unless they already knew they could get a favorable deal done with him on July 1st.
  11. With the expansion draft looming, I'd also like to wait on that extension. If he continues to play well with Fowler, I'd hope that GMBM will agree to a extension with him in principle during next season, but then wait until after the ED to sign him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that if he's signed to an extension before the expansion draft then he would need protection, whereas if he is unsigned then he wouldn't. If unsigned, Seattle could still select him, but they'd probably have less incentive to do so if he wasn't already inked to a contract.
  12. With all the bad news about Babs, Peters, Crawford, etc. dominating the headlines, it’s nice to see good guy Bruce Boudreau coaching the hell out of the Wild right now. 8-0-3 over their last 11, and just beat Tampa in their own building. I really miss the big red tomato. Good guy. Great coach.
  13. There's a negative with both approaches. If they want him during the season, they'll have to give up a decent asset in a trade. If they want to sign him in free agency, they will have to out-bid other teams for his services, which would likely mean too much money, too many years, or an NTC. Or all three. Depending on the asset(s), I'd probably lean towards the trade, because I think he'd re-sign for a more team-friendly deal if he isn't simultaneously being wooed by other teams. So something like Ritchie + 2nd would be fine with me, as long as the extension was already agreed to in principle at the time of the trade.
  14. My presumption would be that he would re-sign in Anaheim. He was popular in the locker room here, he liked SoCal, and the Ducks were his favorite team since childhood. Vatanen could easily become Beauchmin part deux, if GMBM was interested. I also don't think the Gudbranson trade precludes a Sami return. Gudbranson doesn't PP, and the right point on the PP is a glaring hole right now. And who here wouldn't prefer Gudbranson locking down that 3rd pairing with Guhle/Mahura instead of Holzer/MDZ? Anybody? Fowler had his only all-star selection when he was paired with Vatanen (before RC sucked the fun out of hockey for both of them), and Sami's game is actually tailor-made for the zone defense and up-tempo transition schemes that HCDE is trying to implement. Getting Vatanen back actually makes a TON of sense IMO.
  15. If GMBM is feeling the urge to trade for a 28-year-old New Jersey Devil on an expiring contract, he should just bring back Sami Vatanen to fix our ailing power play. I don't think a 1st round pick would be required to pull that trade off.
  16. He's actually a LW. I think the Oilers experimented with him at center back in the day, but he's now even less of a center than Rakell is.
  17. Yeah, that’s why I typed it as “replacement(s)” with the quotes around the plural. Could go either way for Kase. He has certainly been a top-6 RW in the past, but you could also make an argument that he’s been playing on Getzlaf’s RW, which was traditionally Pears’ spot, so in a way he has replaced CP10 in a specific spot in the lineup. When Pears was here and healthy, he was usually with Getzlaf (aside from some odd lines during the end of BB’s tenure) and a Kase was on Rico’s RW. Again, no argument here about the justifications for the change. Just thought it was an interesting parallel in production.
  18. Meanwhile... Troy Terry - 2G / 2A / 4pts / -6 in 21 games Ondrej Kase - 1G / 6A / 7pts / +4 in 15 games [Not trying to make any kind of a point here. Just think it's interesting to see Perry's replacement(s) posting essentially the same stats that Perry has in Dallas thus far.]
  19. I've watched the hit in slo-mo a few times and I think it's 50-50 whether that's a head injury or an aggravation of his previous shoulder injury. From the front camera angle, I don't see a lot of head contact on the hit and it also doesn't look like Kase's head hit the ice. However, his right shoulder sure does drive pretty hard into the ice. Anyone know which shoulder had the torn labrum? If it was the right shoulder, that definitely could be the concern.
  20. I worry less about a losing environment than having them in a "quitting" environment, which is what we had last season under Carlyle. Even if they have some lengthy losing streaks or goal scoring droughts, I don't think they're going to quit on HCDE this season. That said, this is currently a roster with a gaping hole at right-D, and I am in favor of finding a legit NHL veteran player to fill that role. Even if it's just a 3rd pair bruiser like Gudbranson or McQuaid. We already have six inexperienced players getting regular playing time (Terry, Jones, Comtois, Steel, Guhle and Larsson) and I don't think the answer to Manson's injury is another rookie. If they bring up another rookie, its going to put too much pressure on the veterans to try to protect all of the kids. Plus, I think it will slow the team's development to have too many young players in there learning on the job. I hope GMBM makes a move soon to get a guy who knows what it takes to play in the NHL. I don't expect an $8M/year top-pair guy, but I do hope for an upgrade on the right side over Holzer, Hakanpaa, etc.
  21. Not sure if you caught the start of this sequence of posts, but it was based on a discussion of acquiring Gudbranson to play with Guhle on a 3rd pairing. It’s all wishing and speculation, but Lindholm-Manson, MDZ-Fowler, Guhle-Gudbranson was what I had in mind, with Holzer and Mahura as the 7/8 D-men. I’m also fine with MDZ in every night for the time being. He and Guhle can also swap spots depending on score/situation. And next season, I want to see a legit right-shot top-4 D-man added to fill that gaping hole.
  22. I wouldn't call it "giving up", I would call it moving on due to proper asset management. Unless Larsson learns to play the right side, I think he loses out eventually in a numbers game due to the Ducks depth at his position. We're stacked with left-shot D-men who can play the left side with Lindholm, Fowler, Guhle, MDZ, and Larsson. MDZ likely isn't back next year, but with Guhle looking clearly better than Larsson so far, and with Mahura and Benoit (both left-shot LDs) looking solid in their development, where does Larsson fit into the lineup 2-3 season from now? Especially if Fowler moves back to the left side if/when GMBM finds another right-shot top-4 D-man? Outside of keeping Larsson as expansion draft fodder, I don't really see place for him in Anaheim long term. But unfortunately, like the Athletic article seems to confirm, GMBM appears committed to seeing him develop in Anaheim. So I'm guessing GMBM will be stubborn and won't be willing to move on from Larsson until his trade value bottoms out and he becomes the next Jordan Schmaltz. Just like what's happened with Ritchie.
  23. A Guhle-Gudbranson 3rd pairing would be solid. Of course, GMBM will never do that because he’s eyeballs deep in the notion that Larsson is an NHL-caliber defender and so he won’t want to block him.
  24. Gudbranson would be an upgrade over Holzer and I bet we could get him for almost nothing too. He’s been scratched a couple of times and tried on the left side for a game. It sounds like he’s just not fitting in there this season. I’d take a flyer on him. If we send Ritchie, maybe we could even get back that 4th round draft pick we wasted on Deslauriers.
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