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  1. Good points. If Burns and Karlsson can both be on the number one power play, then they might both stay happy. But I doubt Burns would want to be on a second PP unit. He is too good to be there. And if he is, that would just help our team when we play them. But good point that they both will be on the ice for 2/3rds of a game. I still think our D-core can compete with theirs though. Who would people rather have? Karlsson, at his salary? Or Montour, at his salary? I'll take Montour.
  2. When you think about it, all the Sharks did is take offense away from Burns and transfer it to Karlsson. With Karlsson there, Burns is going to be asked to do less as an offensive-defenseman. So, he won't be as much of a threat as in past years. So, in a way, they hurt their team. They take away offense from Burns, who easily might be the best offensive-defenseman in the league. And while transferring that new responsibility to Karlsson, they also will be hit with a likely $10 million + salary cap hit each year for Karlsson's upcoming new contract. In the meantime, The Ducks have the best young defensive group in the league, who's salary COMBINED will equal about what Karlsson makes per year. I think we're doing pretty good.
  3. Wow, those are some very interesting lines. Guess the Ducks weren't joking when they said they want to get faster--as the NHL is moving in that direction. Each of those lines would have tons of speed. And would push Getzlaf and Perry to maybe play at a faster level. Very cool.
  4. So, how is the Ducks 2018 training camp going, for those able to attend? How do the players look? Has Perry improved his conditioning/skating speed in the off-season? Getzlaf looking dominant? Any rookies look like they will make the team? What have the line-combinations been? Any pictures from the camp you want to share on here? It would be nice if there was an article on the main site showing line combinations and other things from the camp. But so far, none of that. Mainly just pictures and a few things about injured players. If you want to share stuff, would be much appreciated. Thanks. DUCKS FOR CUP!
  5. What is the rule?
  6. So, look at our roster coming in this year. Do you think our roster is as talented as The Knights roster going into this year? Or even The Knights roster playing last year? If so, is there any reason why we cannot be the team to come out of the West this year and play for The Cup? No, in my opinion. In fact, I think our roster is more talented than the majority of teams in the West. Add a rookie here and a free agent there, and we might be hosting the Cup come next Spring. For our 25th season! Agree? Disagree? GO DUCKS!
  7. Kase would be a great option as well. Hopefully he gets signed real soon.
  8. So, word has it that Patrick Eaves is going to play this next year. This is great news! Supposedly, he was misdiagnosed as having Gullain-Barre syndrome. But he really has post-viral syndrome, which is not nerve related. Eaves played great for us a year ago. And Getzlaf even seemed to elevate his play when Eaves was on his line, along with Rakell. With that said, he has still missed a year. Will that line still have the same chemistry it did a year ago? I don't see why not. However, when the Ducks brought Penner back and put him on a line with Getzlaf and Perry again, they never regained the chemistry they had before Penner originally left. I know. Many people will say Eaves keeps in much better shape than Penner. I guess we will have to wait and see. We just signed Rico to a 5 year contract extension. So, he will possibly be here for 6 more years, assuming he is not ever traded. You might even say Rico is part of our new core of forwards, along with Rakell. So, do we keep Perry on a line with Getzlaf and Rakell, and put Eaves on a line with Rico? They have never played together, but might find some success. Plus, it would really help out Terry's development to start him on a line with two veteran forwards like Eaves and Rico. And because Ritchie and Kase already have chemistry playing together, we could move them to a fourth line role with Rowney. Or, do we try Eaves again with Getzlaf and Rakell? I guess training camp will say a lot for who goes where. I think this is going to be one of the most competitive Ducks camps we have ever seen. Couple spots open on defense, with a lot of talent at that position. And players like Steel, Jones, Terry, etc., also looking for a spot. Nice thing is that Coach will put the best team on the ice. Whoever impresses will make the final cut. Looking forward to see if it is Perry or Eaves that ends up on our top line. Or, does Coach surprise us all and put Perry and Eaves both on a third line with Rico, and put Ritchie or Kase on a top line with Getzlaf and Rakell? Training camp is less than 2 months away! Should be fun to see what happens. Of course, another spot will become available if Kesler can't play this year. Hopefully he can. Coach can also switch Eaves and Perry if he feels Eaves deserves to play on the first line over Perry. Or even try Terry eventually on the first line. We shall see. By the way, would not surprise me to see at least one significant trade before training camp starts, to make room for a rookie like Terry. Probably would not trade Perry. Not sure who would want his contract, when he hasn't had 20+ goals in a few seasons. But maybe Ducks trade Silfverberg, since he has 1 year left on his contract? Then we could move Eaves to the Kesler line and play Terry as RW on the third line. Hopefully we can keep Silfverberg, though. Great player. Assuming all are healthy and nobody is traded before training camp, and Ritchie and Kase are signed, this is how I'd start the season. What about you? -Rakell -Getzlaf -Perry -Cogliano -Kesler -Silfverberg -Terry -Henrique -Eaves -Ritchie -Rowney -Kase -Lindholm -Manson -Fowler -Montour -Pettersson/Larsson -Sustr/Schenn/Welinski -Gibson -Miller
  9. Maybe Kesler moves to the third line this year, if healthy, and Rico takes over on second. Then Kesler could mentor a rookie on his line. Maybe Jones or Steel, if moved to the wing?
  10. What do you think it would take to get Erik Karlsson? If we can somehow make a trade for him, there is no doubt in my mind that we can win a Stanely Cup next year--as long as we stay healthy. We may even be able to win a Cup without him. Might Murray make a bold move like this? Quite possibly. He has said in years past he wants to get an elite defenseman. Maybe the reason why he has not pulled off a trade before is because he did not see potential defensemen he could trade for as elite. However, now that Karlsson is available for trade, Murray certainly sees him as "elite." Karlsson has won 2 Norris Trophy's (2012, 2015), and finished second in 2016 and 2017. Where else and when else is a game-changing defenseman like him going to come around? Plus, he may not even have reached his prime yet at age 28. Niedermeyer and Pronger were both 32 years old when we traded for them, and those trades worked out well. Karlsson could be signed for 7 years, and the 7th year would still be worth the deal. If there was ever a time for Murray to make a bold move like this, the time is now! Getzlaf and Perry might only play a few more seasons, for all we know. And we still have a very talented roster. What do you think it would take to get Karlsson? What about this? Trade the rights to Montour, along with trading Pettersson, Larsson, Steel, Comtois, and a first round pick? I would rather not give up those players. But, for Karlsson, might be worth it. Think that would be enough? Too much? We'll see what happens...
  11. I am hoping Schenn reaches his full potential in Randy's system. Randy develops a lot of defensemen. Just look at who has flourished under his regime. Fowler. Manson. Lindholm. Montour. Even Welinski and Pettersson did pretty well in the system when called up late last year. I think the Pettersson and Welinski pairing has a lot of potential. Guess we won't know until the season starts--and see if that happens. GO DUCKS!
  12. Definitely would not want to see Fowler or Lindholm depart. Montour is a great player. But Welinski might have the ability to be just as productive. If it were a trade of Montour for Nylander, that might be worth it. Definitely hoping Mountour re-signs though.
  13. Luke Schenn could be a nice signing. He seems to enjoy hitting the opposition as much as Manson, and does a good job doing it. Only 28 years old. Might be the physical defenseman Fowler has always needed. Maybe he'd fit better on that pairing than even Montour--saving us money if Montour signs elsewhere. Montour is a great player. But Weliniski plays a very similar game and is still under contract. Plus, having a Manson and a Schenn in our top 4 defensive pairings could be very valuable come playoff time. The only thing I would change is make it a 3 year contract versus a 1. If Schenn has a great year paired with Fowler, he'll surely demand more money next off-season than he would if he signed a 3-year-deal this offseason. -Lindholm -Manson -Fowler -Schenn -Pettersson -Welinski Not bad!!!!
  14. Nice analysis. Trading for Nylander would be a great move. Too bad we missed out on Ryan O'Reilly, who the commenter above was hoping we'd trade for.
  15. Yeah, I think Terry will make the team also--especially since he said in a recent interview he put on some muscle this summer. Scoring 20 goals his first season isn't out of the question. I think he'd be the perfect right wing player for our third line. Of course, if Eaves is healthy, maybe we play Terry on the third line left wing, and Perry or Eaves on the third line right wing. It will be interesting to see if we sign any UFA's. By the way, who is ROR? (By the way, I wonder if we still sign Kase if the coaches and GM thinks Terry is ready. Terry and Kase play a very similar game, and Terry might have more upside than Kase.)