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  1. Well, I think it's the opposite of a Generation Y move, in my opinion. Lol. A lot of them would have cried and pouted and been devastated. Lol. Jk. But, I was not like that. I decided to just not worry about the loss, see the best in what the Ducks did, and just move on to next season. HA. Anyways, only 4 months away until camp. GO DUCKS!
  2. all fairness...when I made that thread May 11th, Rakell and Gibson were BOTH healthy. If they both could have played in Game 6, we very well could have gone on to win the series. Also, when I made that thread, who could have known Ritchie would have been thrown out of the game early in the first period for game 6? So, with Ritchie out of most of Game 6, and us not using Boll or Kerdiles very much, we pretty much had 9 forwards skating all game for Game 6. But, if we had stayed healthy, and Ritchie were available for all of Game 6 and then, Game 7, we very well could have won the series. It's ok. Always next season!
  3. They almost won. Would have been nice if they did. Hopefully next year...
  4. Maybe it was my way of moving on from the Duck's exit of the playoffs.
  5. Well, Duck's almost won . Always next year...
  6. I'll have to go back and look at that Kings series. Did they also play a couple 7-game-series, with 1 game of rest between?
  7. Valid points. And Kase does seem to have tons of talent. Just seemed that Getzlaf played his best when on a line with Eaves. Eaves got injured, and it seemed Getzlaf was not as good. At the very least, maybe signing Eaves would help our top line play like it was before Eaves was injured. Kase is good. But I just don't think Getzlaf played as well last night on a line with Kase as he did in the past with Eaves and Rakell. I think that line has great chemistry and personally think they can repeat next year, as long as they are all healthy. We'll see what happens. Would not surprise me if the Ducks go the route you suggested and give Kase more ice time. We shall see, very soon... Also, I'm guessing Brian Murray will have a conference VERY soon telling us his plans--like whether he will try and re-sign certain players like Eaves and Thompson. He has told us fairly quickly in the past his summer plans. Guessing he'll do the same this time...
  8. I see. Well, if Duck's want to re-sign Eaves, I'm guessing they won't re-sign Thompson. I think Thompson is awesome. Just might come down to Duck's wanting to keep Eaves and not having the money to re-sign him and Thompson. We'll see what happens.
  9. Maybe so. But, still. Would we rather have his faceoff percentage or Eaves scoring? Or, we can trade Thompson and keep Vermette. We played most of the season without Thompson and so could probably still be ok if we would trade him. (Wish we did not have to, but maybe we need to trade somebody to keep Eaves.)
  10. Yeah, the expansion draft should be fun. Well, enjoy the summer. Camp will be here before we know it. Peace.
  11. I hope we sign Eaves. Maybe we let Vermette or Thompson go to make room for Eaves. Not that I would want to see either go. But Vermettes is set to make around 1.75 million dollars this next season, and Thompson is set to make around $1.6 million. If you trade one of them and put that salary towards Eaves, you'd only have to come up with around $1.5 million more to pay Eaves the $3 million he is looking for. With Steel ready to contribute at center maybe as soon as next season (WHL player of the year this last year), maybe we can trade Vermette or Thompson and sign Eaves. We shall see... GO DUCKS!
  12. Training Camp is less than 4 months away! Let's move on from the Ducks loss last night. They were tired. Were not healthy. Made a mistake on the Power Play at the end of the game, leading to the game winning goal. But they played their hearts out. That's all we can ask. Let's look forward to next season. Opening game is literally less than 5 months away, with training camp less than 4 months away. Hope the Ducks get some much needed rest, because they'll be back at the rink in no time. So, what do you think might be our opening day roster, after training camp is all said and done? Always fun to start a thread, guessing lines for the upcoming season. Here are lines I think would be cool to potentially see opening day. (Assuming we don't sign anybody in the off-season and do not lose any of these players in the expansion draft.) (I'm guessing we'll likely lose Montour or Theodore.) (Also assuming Eaves does not re-sign.) (Hoping he does though. If so, I'll make new lines...) -Ritchie -Getzlaf -Rakell -Cogliano -Kesler -Silfverberg -Jones -Steel -Perry -Wagner -Vermette/Thompson -Boll/Kase -Fowler -Vatanen -Lindholm -Manson -Theodore/Montour -Bieska -Gibson -Bernier GO DUCKS!!!!
  13. Wow, what a close game. So, why do you think Ducks lost game 6? I have a few reasons. They are not "excuses" but legitimate reasons. 1) The media has not talked about this much, but the Ducks were without 2 (Not 1, but 2) of their 3 top line forwards, missing Rakell and Eaves. Not only that, but Rakell and Eaves were the only 2 players on the Ducks in the regular season to score more than 30 goals. That is a big loss for any team. If we had them on our team last night, we could very well have won the game. 2) Nashville had more rest. Not an excuse, but Nashville had a much shorter series in the 2nd round and had much more rest than the Ducks. Not only did the Ducks play 7 games in Round 2, but Round 3 started for them with only a day of rest between series. That is insane! The league should have at least put 2 games between the series. Absolutely no time to recover from the brutal 7-game-series against Edmonton. I am proud of the Ducks for playing as well as they did against Nashville, with basically no recovery time. Not only that, but in this last series the games were every other day. I think if they had as much rest as Nashville did between series, Ducks might have played much better. Coach RC even said that the effort from last nights game was there and not a problem for him. Said the biggest problem for him was the Ducks playing a 7th game in 13 days. 3) Poor shift on Nashville's game winning goal: Kesler is our expert-shutdown-forward. Let's just be honest. He lost the puck on Nashville's shorthanded goal in the end of the third period. Kesler is human, like everybody in the NHL. And he lost the puck. If he had not lost that puck, Nashville would not have scored. No disrespect to him. (Don't feel bad, Kesler, if you're reading this. Lol. Jk.) But, that was very uncharacteristic of Kesler. Then, Perry lost the puck once it got to him. So, both Kesler and Perry lost the puck, which led to a pretty easy Nashville goal. Ryan Getzlaf even said after the game the power play has to be more responsible with the puck in that kind of situation. 4) Gibson not in net: Again, just being honest. A lot of the goals Bernier gave up seemed like easy goals. No disrespect to him. But, if Gibson were in net, maybe 1 or 2 of the goals Nashville scored does not go in. When you look at all of these things that happened, the nice thing to know is Ducks played their hearts out! They almost forced a Game 7! Hats off to them. If Ducks were healthy, had more rest, and were a little more responsible on the power play, Ducks easily could be in the Stanley Cup Finals next week. No problem at all with how they played. Grateful for an awesome game 6 from them. And look forward to next season, which starts in less than 5 months! LET'S...GO...DUCK'S!
  14. Well, I guess we'll never know now if they would have helped or not. Speaking of bad goals, that last one was a breakdown from everybody it seemed. Crazy, huh? First, Kesler lost the puck. Then, Perry missed the puck. Then came the shorthanded goal. One of the worst breakdowns I've seen from a Duck's line, on a shift, in a while. But, it's ok. Training camp is only 4 months away!