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  1. Lol. I don't know. I think all 4 of them have the potential to do really well in Randy's system. Especially somebody like Ritchie. Wouldn't surprise me to see him score at least 25 goals his first full season with the big club. Let's not forget that Randy's system really does produce great offense. Selanne, McDonald, Kunitz, etc., all had their best seasons playing in Randy's system. Even Corey Perry's 50 goal season was in Randy's system. I think we are going to see a lot of offensive production this year. Go Duck's!
  2. Getzlaf and Perry in camp now. Regular season almost here. Ducks for Cup!
  3. Manson, Vatanen, Manson, and Bieska all shoot right. Lindholm, Fowler, Despres, Theodore, and Stoner all shoot left. So, you could use that to put together new pairings, if you want. Peace.
  4. Nice lineup. I just don't think Randy will put Vatanen and Manson together. The Ducks have what a lot of teams do not have-many defenseman who shoot right. That is a luxury. I think he will take advantage of that and put 3 defensemen who shoot right with 3 defensemen who shoot left. I think they might be the only team in the league that would be able to do that. Pretty cool.
  5. To be honest, it won't surprise me at all to see Laganiere given the chance to play on our top line, if Ritchie is out. Who else do we have? Jones will probably be sent back to Juniors. And who else would fit? Laganiere was 1 of our leading goals scorers in the AHL last season. He has the size to play on our top line. He has decent speed and skill. And he has a good work ethic. Not every top line in the NHL has a player that some consider a superstar. Even Chicago tried Garbutt on their top line for a while, before he got traded to the Ducks. So, you never know what might happen. It's more likely he starts on our 4th line. But I won't be surprised if he is at least given a look on the top line, in a preseason game, if Rithcie is out for a while.
  6. Bummer. Hope it was not too serious. If so, maybe the Ducks try and make trade.
  7. I finally am able to log in again to the Ducks website. Woo hoo! I don't see a thread about this yet. And so, I thought I would make one. What are your impressions so far of training camp? Anybody get to watch practices? I have not been able to. Anybody have pictures or videos from practices they want to share on this thread? That would be great, for the rest of us. Also, I might as well be the first to write a lineup I think will be good for opening day. I will do that below. One more thing. Did you all notice that only 1 forward for the Ducks has scored a goal so far in the 2 preseason games we have played. Only 1. What's his name? Can you remember? Oh, yeah. It's Antoine Laganiere! HAHAHA! Maybe what I've said all along-that I think he could be a decent player in Randy's system-might happen! We shall see. Here is what I think would make a decent lineup (Should we sign Rakell and Lindholm), in Randy's system, to start the season: OFFENSE: -Ritchie -Getzlaf -Perry -Raymond -Kesler -Rakell -Cogliano -Vermette -Silverberg -Garbutt -Laganiere -Boll DEFENSE: -Lindholm -Manson -Fowler -Vatanen -Theodore -Bieska GOALIES: -Gibson -Bernier
  8. I know this thread isn't about line combinations. But I thought I would throw in some of our free agents and show how I think we can already be a great team with the players we have. -Ritchie -Getzlaf -Perry (If Ritchie ends up being the player we hope, he might finally be the top line left wing we have wanted for the top line, for quite some time. Would not be surprised to see him get at least 25 goals this next season, while playing a gritty game. If that line gels, might end up being one of the best first lines in the whole NHL). -Raymond -Kesler -Silverberg (We obviously did not sign many players this summer, so we need to spread the talent around. Moving Cogliano to the third line would help our lines have balance. Raymond was on Kesler's line for many years with Vancouver and did very well. He also played some of his best hockey for Carlyle in Toronoto. I think this could be a rebound year for him. If so, this could be one of the best second lines and shutdown lines in all the NHL). -Cogliano -Rakell -Noesen (It is obvious we are going to have to start one or two AHL players this year, unless we sign another one. I think Noesen is ready to possibly be a regular in the NHL. He had a great season for San Diego last season, got in a game with the Ducks, and is finally healthy. When we got him from Ottawa, he was compared to Perry. If he can find some chemistry with our third line, could end up being one of the great third lines in the NHL-especially if Rakell takes yet another step in his development this year as a player. -Garbutt -Wagner -Boll (Finally, this might be the toughest fourth line in the whole NHL. There isn't a line in the NHL that would want to go up against this line. Garbutt actually played at times on the first line for both the Ducks and Blackhawks, so has decent skill, and adds toughness as well. Wagner also has skill and toughness. And Boll is fast, has some skill, and is really tough to play against. Could end up being the best 4th line in the NHL. Some might think I am going overboard by labeling each of our lines as potentially one of the best for those positions. I think not. If each line plays like it is capable of, then we really do not need any more players to sign. And we can be one of the best teams in the NHL. Oh, and on defense, if pairings from last season stay the same, that will be great. After all, our team did allow the second fewest goals in the NHL last season. Finally, I think Gibson will play great. But I also think Bernier might play so well at times that some might be calling for him to be our regular starter. Ok, that's it. Carry on.
  9. There definitely have been a lot of heart and soul grinders over the years. Pahlsson. Leclerc. Even Mays. I think Lindholm might end up being the third best defenseman we've ever had, besides Niedermeyer and Pronger, when all is said and done. And who knows. He might end up being as good or better than Pronger if he keeps improving at the rate he is. We shall see.
  10. Nice list. Another player to consider adding is Dan Bylsma. He was the type of player who brought grit to the team. Glad to see him do well as a coach as well.
  11. Thank you! Having Kesler on the team somewhere would be nice. And Pahlsson as a wing could also work great. Maybe the team should get a couple substitutes.
  12. Things are slow here this summer. So, I thought I would make a fun thread. What would be your ultimate Duck's roster? You can use any player that has ever played for the Duck's. Here is my roster: -Paul Kariya -Andy McDonald -Teemu Selanne -Chris Kunitz -Ryan Getzlaf -Corey Perry -Sergei Federov -Adam Oates -Bobby Ryan -Steve Thomas -Steve Ruchin -Jari Kurri -Scott Niedermeyer -Chris Pronger -Lubomir Visnovsky -Ruslan Salei -Hampus Lindholm -Francois Beauchemin -J.S. Giguere -Guy Hebert
  13. If everybody seems to think that was a scary lineup RC had on his team, then I wonder why so many people can't see that maybe his team did not make the playoffs that year because he did not have the talent on his team to do it. People who don't like Coach RC might think differently if they see how well his teams do that have more talent.
  14. Well said. The cool thing is he is only 20 years old. To put this into perspective, Chris Kunitz did not play his first NHL game until he was 26 years old. He went on to be on a dominant line with McDonald and Selanne, was then on a dominant line with Getzlaf and Perry, and then on a dominant line with Crosby. Oh, and he now has 3 Stanley Cup rings By the time Ritchie turns 26, hopefully he has at least one Cup ring, while playing on a dominant line with Getzlaf and Perry. Let's go Duck's!
  15. In all fairness, I had been saying for a long time I think Ritchie will be great. And I even wanted him to make the Duck's team the year he was drafted, if he was ready. Obviously, he'll be in much better shape this summer than then past two. So, him starting on a line with Getzlaf and Perry might be a realistic goal for him. We'll see!