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    Hello, my fellow Anaheim Ducks Patriots! It's been a while. Last year was pretty crazy, huh? Lol. Anyways, anybody know what the lineups are going to be for tomorrow's game? Or what they have been in practice? Any lineups you want to see? How long until Zegras gets the call up, in your opinion? Hopefully he does what Getzlaf and Perry did when in the AHL, and takes that league by storm. Tomorrow should be a great game. Can't wait. Let's go Ducks! 😎
  2. If our coaches want to go with veteran forwards, we have plenty to choose from: 1) Getzlaf 2) Rakell 3) Kase 4) Silfverberg 5) Henrique 6) Ritchie 7) Shore 8)Grant 9) Rowney 10) Sprong The last 3 are all iffy to make the team. But all have more NHL experience than many of our rookies. I think players listed 1-7 are all locks to make our team. That leaves 5 forward spots up for grabs. Should be fun to see who comes to training camp ready to earn an NHL spot!
  3. I guess we shall see how our team responds in the new system our coach implements. Hopefully you are pleasantly surprised at how well our team does, and how many of our younger players see their potential realized this season. We shall see...
  4. Fair points. I guess I just feel that if they can stay healthy, Fowler, Lindholm, and Manson make a great core for our defense. And they are all above average. Any team in the league would definitely love to have any of those 3 players, and would make room for them to play in their top 4. That leaves 3 spots on defense. I am hopeful that MDZ is going to have a rebound year. I also am very hopeful that the Finnish defenseman Jani Hakanpaa is so good that we'll wish he had signed a 3 year contract instead of a 1-year. Hakanpaa is 6'5" and according to Hockey's Future, he can "throw his body with the best of them." Says he plays a sound defensive game, and plays a very gritty and hard-nosed style of play. We already have a player that plays this style, in Manson. To add another, who skates well for a big player, could be what our team needs. Shoots right also. Just imagine he ends up being somebody who can be paired with Fowler. Could be a great combo. Another cool thing? He led the Finnish Elite League in plus/minus the past TWO seasons. He also helped his team, Oulun Karpat, win the Finnish Elite League championship, and scored 11 goals last year. Those 11 goals ranked second among league defenseman. So, he has offensive potential as well. He also just helped Finland's national hockey team win gold-the World Championship Title-at the 2019 IIHF World Championship. To put it in perspective, winning hockeys World Championship is like winning the Stanley Cup for many countries. And the team their team beat was Team Canada. So, we know he can play against NHL players. Team Canada was filled with them: He won TWO championships last year: One with Outun Karpat, in the Finnish Elite League, and the other with Team Finland, in the Hockey World Championship. He is a winner. He is sound defensively. Has ability to score goals, when need be. Can check and play a gritty game, like Manson. He could end up being a steal of a signing, and somebody who may be difficult to re-sign next offseason. Plus, he is only 27 years old-same age as Fowler and Manson. I know players signed from overseas don't always make the easiest transition to the NHL. I just have a feeling he can be a big part of our defense next season. Of course, there are no guarantees. I also believe we have tons of other talented defenseman ready to take the next step. Larsson. Guhle. Mahura. Larsson already played decent in some games for us last season, paired with Fowler. He played his best earlier in the season, IMO, when paired with Lindholm. If Hakanpaa doesn't work out with Fowler, Larsson can always be paired with Lindholm, and Manson can be paired with Fowler. And that would be an above average defense, if you ask me. We'll see what happens. With that said, I would not be surprised to see GMBM make another move on defense. We shall see...
  5. I think we have the talent to make the playoffs next season. Our defense will be above average. And our goalie is one of the top 7 goalies in the league. Possibly top 5. That combination alone gives us a chance. We also have some very skilled forwards. I think we have more than 1 bonafide star as well in our forward group, besides Getzlaf. Let's remember Ricard Rakell was an NHL all-star the season before last. We also have Kase, who can be as good as Rakell, IMO. Jones looked like a beast at times last year. Eaves might be back. Steel played like a number one center to finish last season. Terry has the skill to be great in the modern NHL. Comtois has star-potential. Henrique also has the ability to play anywhere in the lineup. Oh, and that Silfverberg player isn't bad either. And we have a coach that might just thrive in the modern NHL as well. Should be a fun season, and one that hopefully ends with the playoffs. Let's go Ducks!
  6. Very cool. I wonder what it will be like once Perry and Getzlaf go against each other. I am REALLY hoping they don't end up in a fight. That sometimes happens with former teammates/great friends. Try to prove they are better than the other. Let's hope things remain civil between them.
  7. Can you believe Getzlaf is the last player remaining from our 2007 Championship team? Hoping he gets to hoist the Cup at least one more time before retiring. Let's Go Ducks!
  8. Put Nick Ritchie on a line with Steel and Rakell, and he will produce. However, like you mention, we have a lot of other players in the system. Hopefully Ritchie comes to camp ready to prove to everybody the type of player he can be. Having Ritchie on a line with Steel and Rakell could allow us to move Silfverberg to a line with Comtois and Getzlaf. Maybe have another line with Jones, Henrique, and Terry. Fourth line up for grabs. Should be a fun training camp to keep track of.
  9. Eaves did have good chemistry on a line with Getzlaf and Rakell a few years ago, on our top line. If he can come back and give us a great year on a line with Getzlaf and a player like Comtois, that will be great as we transition to a team with a younger core of forwards.
  10. Lundestrom would actually be great in the lineup also. Too bad one of our young players is going to be on the outside looking in. Guess we'll see how they play in Training Camp, and see who earns a roster spot. Also, I think you could be right that we might be able to get Phaneuf at the price range you mentioned above. That could end up being a steal, considering that Dion has never really had many down years, with the exception of last year. Not sure I would count that though since mostly everybody on the Kings had bad years last year.
  11. I think you're right that Ducks will likely bring in another NHL D-man. Would not be surprised if it is Dion Phaneuf. He will likely come cheap, and be out to prove he is still an elite defenseman. He can still check with the best of them. I wouldn't mind seeing him on a pairing with Fowler. I always thought if we got Phaneuf in the past that a pairing with Fowler would be sort of be like a poor-man's pairing that existed when Niedermeyer was with Stephens. Manson is great with Lindholm, and provides some edge on that pairing, along with being able to bring some offense. And Phaneuf would definitely bring some edge on the Fowler pairing. Maybe players wouldn't take as many runs at Fowler if they know Phaneuf is on the ice. Also, Phaneuf scored 20 goals his rookie year. So, he can chip in with a goal or two when we need him to. One more thing--his wife is an actress that has been in some pretty well-known things. I'm guessing she'd love to stay near Hollywood. It just makes too much sense not to sign him. We shall see if I am right. Let's go Ducks!
  12. What do y'all think of these lines? -Comtois -Getzlaf -Kase -Rakell -Steel -Silfverberg -Jones -Henrique -Terry -Ritchie -Shore -Sprong -Lindholm -Manson -Fowler -Hakanpaa -Guhle -Larsson -Gibson -Miller
  13. Good point! Let's put the line you mentioned as the 4th line. We can be like Detroit used to be. Have 4 really good lines. And our 4th line, which is very talented, can be sort of our most veteran line. So, with your line, our lineup would be: -Comtois -Steel -Rakell -Jones -Zegras -Terry -Tracey -Lundestrom -Silfverberg -Sherwood -Henrique -Kase LOOKS GOOD TO ME! This is assuming we don't lose any players in free agency, and that Zegras and Tracey are able to take the next step in a couple of years. And this is also assuming we don't re-sign Getzlaf in 2 years, because he chooses to retire. You never know, though. Maybe Getzlaf goes the path of Selanne and Thornton, and signs 1-year-deals after his current contract expires in 2 years. Would be great to keep him around on 1-year-deals.
  14. -Comtois -Steel -Rakell -Jones -Zegras -Terry -Tracey -Lundestrom -Silfverberg Our team is looking very bright for the future, even after Getzlaf potentially retires in 2 years. Let's go Ducks!
  15. I just have a feeling that Corey Perry is about to have a resurgence. And a lot of Ducks fans will wish he were back on our team. Yes, sometimes a player needs a change of scenery to get that extra bit of motivation for a resurgence. I just think we are really going to miss Perry's gritty, hard-nosed style of play. Terry has never had a 20-goal season. Neither has Steel. Or Comtois. I am really looking forward to seeing all of our young guns develop. However, Perry has proven what he can do. He's just been injured the past few seasons. He had been dealing with a knee injury since Juniors. Finally got the surgery to fix that. Would have been neat to see what a healthy Corey Perry could do with a full training camp and summer worth of training. If Perry could look as fast as he did in some games coming back late in the season, imagine how great he might play with a full summer to work. By the way, to answer your question, I wouldn't even mind if we kept Perry on the 4th line. The Detroit Red Wings for years had very good talent on their 4th line. Like Mike Modano. The thing with Perry is that he can produce and be productive no matter what line he is on. I think Ducks fans are about to witness a Corey Perry resurgence. He has all the motivation in the world to prove he can be great. Remember what he said when he came back late in the season? Teemu Selanne was inspiration for him. with how he came back from the knee injury. How he ended up playing 10 more years. And how he hopes that can be him. Wouldn't surprise me if, at 34, his hope comes true. We shall see.
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