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  1. I agree that Getzlaf is one of the best passers in the game. I would have loved to see Getzlaf get to center a player like Mario Lemieux. I know Lemieux played center. But I'm sure he could have played wing. Imagine Getzlaf feeding him pucks each game. Now imagine their left wing was Pavel Bure. Just imagine that. A line of Bure, Getzlaf, and Lemieux. Would have been amazing. Hey, it's our off-season. So, fun to think of these type of things.
  2. I'd rather the Ducks sign Jeff Halpern than Jon Cooper. No offense to Jon Cooper, but he never seems passionate on the bench. Jeff Halpern, in contrast, seems very passionate about coaching. Plus, Jeff Halpern was in charge of the Lightning forwards this season. He knows their system as well as anybody. Still hoping we sign Jeff Halpern to be our next head coach.
  3. Not sure what it would take for the Rangers to trade their number 2 overall draft pick to the Ducks. I doubt they will pass on the opportunity to draft either Hughes or Kakko. But you never know. If we offered both of our Round 1 draft picks, Ritchie, and maybe even our first round draft pick from last season, who made the team his rookie year--Lundestrom--they might be willing to trade? I know that would be a lot for us to give up. And the Rangers might not think that is enough to trade their pick. After all, Lundestrom lasted only a few games. However, they would get a pretty nice return. Lundestrom and Ritchie, and both of our first round draft picks, for their second overall pick. Not bad, if you ask me. Not likely, though. If Kakko is available, I doubt they pass on drafting him. But one can dream, can't they? LOL.
  4. I wonder if a team would ask for a player like Kase. I wouldn't mind giving up our second first rounder as well, if we get back another later round draft pick.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ritchie traded, along with our 9th overall draft pick, to move up in the draft.
  6. LOL. I hear you. I do have a lot of respect for somebody like Joe Thornton and what he has done in this league. Hopefully Getzlaf can do what he has done and continue his career for a while. Yes, it would be nice if he won the Cup on a different team than the Sharks. But still--would obviously rather have the Ducks winning the Cup this year. Hopefully next year.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Sharks win the Cup this year. I know many would not want that. However, might be cool to see the Sharks win it, since they are the only California team not to have done so. Plus, maybe the Sharks winning it all would be extra motivation for the Ducks to come back next season and win it next year. LET'S GO DUCKS!
  8. Ducks season is over. Draft lottery is complete, and we're picking number 9 overall. Might as well move on to the 2019-20 season. I'll start with who I'd like the Ducks to hire as the next head coach: Jeff Halpern. Who? He's one of the assistant coaches of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and he is in charge of their forwards. And guess what? As his first year as an assistant coach in the NHL, coaching their forwards, the Lightning led the league in scoring this past season! Also, the Lightning just had, by far, the best regular season record in the NHL this season. They had 62 wins. SIXTY TWO! And they added 4 OT points, for a total of 128 points! The teams with the second best record were the Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames, with 107 points each. And when Halpern was an assistant coach with the Syracuse Crunch, he was looked at as integral to the play of the younger players. Some quotes when hired by the Lighting, on his coaching job with the Crunch, were: "worked closely with the organization's prospects in Syracuse to assist with individual development," "focused mostly on player needs, especially helping the younger players-whom the Crunch had 11 of this past season-navigate the professional world of hockey for the first time," and "has been a big help with the younger guys, especially as a sounding board in their professional and personal lives." And before being a coach in the minor leagues, he was the player development coach for the Lightning. Sounds like the type of coach we need, with so many younger prospects likely to be playing on our team next season. Further, he is only 42 years old, and can relate to a lot of our players. Plus, he played almost 1,000 games in the NHL, and so has that in common with them as well. In fact, when he was a player, Halpern joked that near the end of his career he acted more like a coach than a player. He also played the role of a checking center most of his career, and so likely has that blue-collar aspect to his coaching style. And in reality, the Lightning were pretty unstoppable this past season. They have a style that excels in the modern NHL. And Halpern knows their system. He can implement a similar system for the Ducks. He is my first choice as our next head coach, although I have not seen anybody else mention his name as a potential head coaching candidate. If he is not hired, then my next choice would be Dallas Eakins. I think he's done a decent job coaching the San Diego Gulls and has helped in the development with our younger players. Ok, now for my lines to start next season. I am going to assume Kesler will either be traded (After waiving his no-trade clause) or that he will retire. Also, I do not have Ritchie in the lineup below. Would not be surprised to see him traded, along with our #9 overall draft pick, to move up in the draft. I think he has potential to be great. But with only 9 goals last season, and other talent ready to take off, I am not sure where exactly he fits in the lineup. And unless Perry gets traded, maybe he won't be with the Ducks next season. With that said, I am rooting for him and that he shows up to camp ready to have a breakout season next year. Hopefully that happens. And, yes, I put Comtois in the lineup. Having him play on a line with Getzlaf and Kase would be great for his development. But it also would help extend Getzlaf's playing career, with the speed and skill Comtois offers. I also am assuming we will re-sign anybody that needs to be signed in the off-season. I know we may sign free agents who played for other teams this season, and possibly make a trade or two. And of course, a surprise or two from camp can always beat out another established player. Bob Murray said he wants more speed in the lineup next season. And my first lineup has tons of speed, and talent. Here is my first lineup with the players we currently have. -Rakell -Steel -Silfverberg -Comtois -Getzlaf -Kase -Jones -Henrique -Terry -Sprong -Shore -Perry -Lindholm -Manson -Larsson -Fowler -Megna -Guhle -Gibson -Miller Who would be your choice for head coach next season, and what would your lineup be? LET'S GO DUCKS!
  9. If I were advising the Ducks, I would be looking at one of the assistant coaches from the Lightning! Why not? They had, by far, the best record in the league this past season. For instance, one of their assistant coaches is Jeff Halpern. He's only 42 years old, and so would be very relatable to our younger players. Why not give somebody like him a shot? He knows the type of system that the Lighting play, and can try and implement the same system here. To give some more perspective, the Lightning had 62 wins this past season. SIXTY TWO! And they had 4 OT points, for a total of 128 points! The next closest teams were the Bruins and the Flames, with 107 points each. If I were the Ducks, I'd definitely be interviewing Jeff Halpern for our head coaching position.
  10. How about re-hire Randy Carlyle as coach, for the third time? LOL. JK. Just a little Sunday evening humor. Okay, see ya.
  11. I have a feeling Kesler won't be with the Ducks next season. I appreciate what he has done for us. But we have other players like Steel who are ready to take on a bigger role at center. I believe we will either trade Kesler--assuming he will agree to the trade--or that he likely will retire. As for Perry, I have a feeling he is going to play out his contract with the Ducks--and eventually will be a positive factor in the playoffs, once we get there again. I think we'll all be glad we still have Perry on the team, if we ever make it back to the Cup Finals. He is always somebody that has the chance to chip in either a highlight reel goal, or a blue-collar goal. Finally, how awesome would it be if we end up with the second overall draft pick and get to draft Kakko? Our team would be very tough to beat neat season if we add him, along with all of the other talent we have. We shall see. Looking forward to the draft order that will take place Tuesday. Let's Go Ducks!
  12. Great points. And sounds like a plan--checking back in two years. Hoping he stays healthy. Would be a great record to break.
  13. Well, he's done it again! Alexander Ovechkin has scored at least 50 goals again this season--with 51! When I first started this thread in March of 2014 (Over 5 years ago now!), Ovechkin was 481 goals away from breaking Wayne Gretzky's goal scoring record. Now? With 658 goals, Ovechkin is only 237 goals away from breaking Gretzky's record! That's less than half of what he needed when this thread first started! Yes, I know that 237 goals is a lot of goals to still need to score. But let's remember Ovechkin is still only 33 years old. He turns 34 in September. Does he look like he is slowing down any time soon? Nope! Does anybody doubt he can have another 50-goal campaign next season? I don't. In fact, check this out. He just needs four more 50-goal seasons in a row. So, from ages 34-37, he needs four more 50-goal seasons. Then, all he would need is one final season of 37 goals, and he breaks Gretzky's record! So, if he scores 50 goals in each of the next four seasons, and scores 37 goals in the fifth season from now, he breaks Gretzky's record! I believe Ovechkin will break Gretzky's goal-scoring record, barring any long-term injury. Let's remember how many goals Selanne scored when he returned to the Ducks at 35 years old. He scored 40 goals as a 35-year-old, and then 48 goals as a 36 year old. You've got to think Ovechkin knows Gretzky's record is within reach. And you better believe if he scores another 50 goals next season, scoring 50 in the following 3 seasons will be just as easy because his motivation will become stronger and stronger--knowing he is so close to breaking the record. Pretty amazing, isn't it, that all Ovechkin needs to do is have four more seasons with 50 goals, a fifth season with 37 goals, and then he can retire at age 38 years old with the all-time goal-scoring record? Pretty cool, if you ask me. And my suspicion is that he will be the first player ever to 900 goals. It's been cool knowing how many goals Ovechkin has scored these past 5 years since the thread has been created. And it will be cool to see if he scores enough goals these next five years to break Gretzky's all-time goal scoring record!
  14. Ducks for the win!
  15. Last game of the season tonight! Let's Go Ducks!
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