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  1. Yeah, hopefully he does not get injured. That's 9 goals now. Scored another 1 last night. If he has an awesome season this year, he could very well be on his way to breaking the record--especially if he follows it up with another awesome season next year. We shall see.
  2. Wow, he has 8 goals in only the first 4 games of the season! Yeah, I'd say he has a real good chance at breaking Gretzky's goal-scoring record. Does not seem like he's slowing down at all. In fact, maybe what happened with him is what happens with a lot of athletes as they age. They end up eating much healthier and stretching/exercising much more the older they get, to stay at a high-level. So, maybe he'll play even better this year than ever before. Should be fun to see what happens.
  3. Wow, our first line last night was dominant. Can you remember the last time we had a first line playing with that much chemistry? Each of the players on that line had a goal--Perry with 2. Each of them had at least an assist--Rakell and Cogliano with 2 each. IN MY opinion, I'd love to see that line stay together the rest of the year if they continue to produce. Yes, I know Cogliano has been great on a shutdown role. But, in all honesty, he might do great on an offensive line with Rakell and Perry. Besides, Rakell was our leading goal scorer last year. Do we really want him on a shutdown line? Maybe Rakell and Cogliano can stay on a more offensive line with Perry the whole year. And if Getzlaf and Eaves can have the production they had last year, on a line with Ritchie, I think Vermette can do a decent job for any shutdown role we need with Kase and Silfervberg. After all, if we finally found a line combination that brings the best out of Perry, why break that apart? Thoughts?
  4. Well, maybe being on the Ducks team he picks up a few tips from other players like Vermette and becomes a better FO center. If so, hoping Rasmussen might be moved to the Cogliano line. We'll see.
  5. To get more balance, I would not be opposed to trying out Rasmussen on the line with Cogliano and Silfverberg, and moving Rakell to center the 3rd line.
  6. So, what do you think the lineup will be to start the season? A little surprised Giovanni did not make the team as we already seemed to be short a few forwards already, and he was playing pretty well it seemed on the top line. Anyhow, with the players we currently have and assuming Getzlaf will start the season (And Eaves won't), here is what I think would be a good starting lineup. How about you? -Ritchie -Getzlaf -Perry -Cogliano -Rakell -Silfverberg -Wagner -Vermette -Kase -Shaw -Rasmussen -Boll -Fowler -Manson -Beauchemin -Montour -Megna -Bieska -Gibson -Miller (Would not be surprised if he starts, though, and ends up being our number 1 goalie by end of season. However, hoping Gibson plays awesome this year as well and is somebody we can trust as a number 1 goalie also.)
  7. I think Perry will shock everybody and score at least 30 goals again this year. Anybody disagree?
  8. Lol. You called him Ducks123. He's Drake12.
  9. Nice. Thanks.
  10. Did y'all ever see this interview? Selanne said Kariya is angry with NHL. Said every hit that ever knocked him out was an illegal hit, and that he feels the NHL did not do enough to protect players.
  11. How have Steel and Jones looked, for those who have had the chance to watch the games? Can you see them making the team? If they make the team along with Fiore, what do you think about the following lines until Kesler and the others are healthy? -Fiore -Gezlaf -Eaves -Cogliano -Rakell -Silfverberg -Jones -Steel -Perry -Ritchie -Vermette -Wagner -Fowler -Manson -Beauchemin -Montour -Larsson -Bieska -Miller -Gibson
  12. Oh, I was not aware of that. It would not be the move I would make if I were in his shoes. He just led his minor league team in goal scoring last year. If he did that again in the beginning of this year he likely would have been a call-up. If I were him, I would have re-signed with Ducks on a 2-way contract, and tried my best to repeat last years success, hope for a call-up, and try my best to stick with the big club. Oh well. If he's in Finland, guess we'll never know how well he could have played for the Ducks. Hoping Jones and Steel make the jump this year. GO DUCKS!
  13. Lol. Don't be surprised to see him get a call-up some time this season, if we have injuries, and for him to do well in the system. He led The Gulls in goal scoring last season, with 21 goals. (Tied with Corey Tropp.) We'll see what happens. Maybe it just took him a while to get adjusted to the professional systems. But, if he continues to lead The Gulls in goal scoring again this season, it would make sense to call him up to the big club if we have an injury. After all, why wouldn't The Ducks call up a player that is leading their minor league in scoring, who is 6'4", can skate real fast, has skill, etc.? We'll see if he repeats his success for the Gulls in the goal scoring department and finally gets the call-up. (That is, if he doesn't make the Big Club out of training camp. Lol.) Plus, he's still only 27 years old. Let's remember that Chris Kunitz did not score his first NHL goal until he was 26 years old. Now he has FOUR Stanley Cups, and has consistently played on top lines with players like Getzlaf, Perry, Crosby, etc. Just saying. Lol. GO DUCKS!
  14. Lol. Yeah. Hopefully in 14 days our team is ready to score a bunch of goals on opening night...