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  1. So, DoPS has disappointed again. Gudas gets 10, no more. And their video angle has Gudas taking out Perrault's leg before administering the chop. Why even bother? https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/932433142782222336
  2. Speaking of stupid, Radko Gudas with another boneheaded play. So what if Matty P gave him a noogie? That deserves 41 or more. (He looks all the more a villain with that silly mustache.) DoPS is calling for an in-person hearing. So ten minimum? https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/931552667490553857
  3. Request a ruckus, you shall have it.
  4. Thanks.
  5. Any rationale on why not? That's a rare call to make, letting something like that stand.
  6. Well let's see. Eberle to the Isles, Hall to the Devils (there's a resurgence I wasn't expecting in the least), Hendricks to the Jets, Ference retired, Yakupov in Colorado. Their D is still abhorrent, Talbot is regression-prone, and they're happy to continue paying Lucic, Klefbom, Sekera, RNH, Larsson and Klefbom well over their upside. Is there another top 3 pick in their future? I suspect as much.
  7. Almost as though GMBM's issued a hands-off, it ain't happenin' to the rest of the league. And with Monty's play in particular this season, I don't want him or Hamper going anywhere. I agree big splash is no-go. But moving some of the guys we have for reinforcements, if only to bolster San Diego while the big club plays pirate, I can do that.
  8. Interesting that Vats seems to be the most mentioned trade piece below and elsewhere. Hamper untouchable? Same for Monty? https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1410652-3-trade-options-for-ducks-to-replenish-center-depth
  9. Like for like. Vats is signed for another two seasons after this with a modified NTC kicking in next season. Could probably stretch the cap to 5.2m for the right player, but not without a solid history of playing every game and contributing at that. (I would take Bergy though if Boston's offering.) That being said, the league may be circling, but GMBM hasn't panicked yet. I'm not concerned. He'll make a good call with the info he has.
  10. I'm thinking there is more to this, Sportsnet just tweeted this, and I don't remember any of the footage from the last bit. Scotty Nieds, Rob Blake, Teemu and of all folks, Scott Stevens is in this one. https://twitter.com/Sportsnet/status/928433657534087170 (Previous segment was TSN, so likely another retrospective.)
  11. Ducks need F, Buffalo needs D. As it stands, Kane would be a rental to a pro-rated cap hit against 5.25m. It's not like he'd take a hometown discount if things go well. And there's too much uncertainty to unload any of Lindyhop, Vatman, Hammer Hands Manson right now. I fail to see what Murray'd be offering that Botterill would be a taker for, especially given Kane's producing on a bad Sabres team. Wouldn't mind taking Alex Nylander and Sam Reinhart though.
  12. Hit my two favorite beer joints before the game on Saturday, and my oh my was it worth it. Alvarado Street dark lager. Malty, slighly sweet, went really well with the vegan curry I had for dinner. Alvarado Street The Best Part of Waking Up, coffee milk stout at a decent 6.5% on nitro. Drank really quickly, it was delicious, coffee wasn't overdone at all, and the milk sugar made it something I would definitely have for breakfast. And yes, I had the Gordon-Biersch brewed Chum ale at the arena. Hoppy red ale at 7.2%, nothing to write home about, but tasted a lot stronger than it is.
  13. He's playing better in part because he's shifted to predominantly offensive zone starts this season, where as in his previous three seasons he's started a fair bit more in the defensive zone. If he's on the chopping block-which he's been something of a 4 C, 13 F type-I'm wondering who in the A is chomping at his Bauer bumps.
  14. Yeah it was. Eff you, you're getting an effing penalty. Not sure why he flinched, but it looks very weird.
  15. You know, I wouldn't mind an AHL team in Reno. Be good to catch games when I go see my folks. But yeah, Manson destroy! Oh yeah, even more than Neal getting binned for exaggerating nothing, that made me roar.