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  1. I hope some of you all were able to make it. And this isn't even the team that'll go to Worlds! (See: Barnes, Cayla.) Holy hell, the barn got loud, especially at the end! I seem to have shouted myself into a sore throat, but it was totally worth it.
  2. And how I forgot this, but it makes the hometown connection even cooler, the head coach of the USWNT is OG Mighty Duck Bob Corkum.
  3. Good question. I would think we're the home team, and as such normal set up rules. Rosters are up! Team USA Orange County's own Annie Pankowski is rostered along with practice Duck Hilary Knight. 7 Olympians on D, and some solid young talent up front. Hockey Canada Canadians are bringing some beastly talent, including the entire D corps from the 2018 Olympics, and one hell of a tendy trio.
  4. Catfish and diving. 🙄 Flop city.
  5. Perds coach canned! I wonder if the Ducks had anything to do with this? https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/01/06/nashville-predators-fire-peter-laviolette-no-replacement-named/
  6. Two games, two wins. Not a bad start for team USA so far. Be interesting when the second roster is named. Collegians, if the 2019 Rivalry Series is any indication, will be back with their NCAA teams in the lead up to the Frozen Four.
  7. Drake12

    Low point

    Zegras has hands. Smooth hands. https://twitter.com/BradyTrett/status/1210270715091406854?s=20
  8. Rivalry Series begins this weekend in Hartford. TSN/NBCSN airing live starting at 4 PM PT. https://teamusa.usahockey.com/news_article/show/1070824
  9. If you haven't already signed up for the presale, do it quickly. General tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10. https://www.hondacenter.com/usa-vs-canada-presale-info/ Got mine, section 218. Glass seats, behind the benches and boxes look to be sold out already. Hope to see plenty of you all there!
  10. Drake12


    That and their Hop Ottin' are always so consistent and damned good. I was drinking Cali-Wines last night by the time the game came on. Definitely glad it was something stronger after that flameout.
  11. Some of the best hockey, period. You're welcome, and totally get the bias there, have a bit myself.
  12. Drake12


    Tell me they've improved. I got blasted up and down the street at Four Continents back in February because the options sucked in the arena. I'll take that in the spirit it was intended. Also, had the Black Rice Ale at AVBC. Darker beer, but definitely a three-season pounder at 3.8%.
  13. Pre-Olympic tour? Saw them in San Jose on that tour, great game, especially with all the roster uncertainty on the US side of things.
  14. Ducks with a little more info, looks like some special packages will be on sale as well as game tickets. https://www.nhl.com/ducks/fans/we-play-weekend I signed up, will let you all know what the offerings are when I get the email.
  15. San Jose doesn't look anything at all like a playoff team. Throw them in with LA and Edmonton, there's your bottom three in the division. I also think Calgary is going to be worse than people think. Lot of pundits have them penciled in to make the playoffs, just not seeing it pan out.
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