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  1. Noted Kings fan Wil Wheaton with some salt sprinkled on tonight's trade. https://twitter.com/wilw/status/963604924972978176
  2. Kopitar, this is why you no Selke, dude. LOL Kings! https://twitter.com/NHLGIFs/status/963569429257900033
  3. Burrows gets 10 for kneeing Taylor Hall. https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/961406981243396096
  4. So, under the header of the rat plague continues, Alex Burrows waived his right to an in-person hearing on the matter of this: https://twitter.com/HabsCorner/status/961056205174132736 Wait until about 10 seconds in and look closely at Hall's noggin. What's the over-under on DoPS getting this one right?
  5. Harsh words from Cogs. https://www.ocregister.com/2018/02/05/ducks-frustration-with-the-officiating-grows/
  6. Yup.
  7. I'm very content with Eakins where he is, don't want to see him go anywhere. Incomplete thought, sorry 'bout that. The talent-other coaches who are not Eakins and are FAs-was there, and they messed up.
  8. Ducks 2007 reboot or Ducks 2017 new, you be the judge. Far as I reckon, they're not going to pull Eakins out of SD barring a major collapse in Anaheim. The talent was there for the picking, and they did nothing.
  9. I'm going to cry and drink simultaneously. Using stick as weapon, player in vulnerable position, opportunity to turn away, actual hit.... 831! 831! 831!
  10. Player Safety's Twitter account did not specify in-person or phone hearing on this one. Suspect phone hearing unless he's waved his in-person, so max 5. Also, suspension history as a repeat offender is finite. If he hasn't been suspended for some time (3 seasons) he don't count as a repeat under the CBA. https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/954393050847043585 Probably 3, but should be 8-15.
  11. Kings out of the playoffs?
  12. LOL WHAT? They're the Pens. LOL Pens. Hey Parros, if you're suspending Cogs for two, what does this get? Slap on the wrist? A bonus payout from the league? Or perhaps a five-game minimum suspension, preferably more for being late, flagrant and foolish. He got ejected, so that should be one, bare minimum. Who knows though?
  13. Hope a stable lineup in San Diego and additional firepower will drive a late season surge to the playoffs.
  14. Worse. Bettman.
  15. If he really wanted to prove he wasn't playing favorites, he would've fined Cogs. At this point, it veers way too far away from doing his job objectively, and into gross overcompensation. DoPS is a broken institution since Campbell was running the show. Gudas, 10 games for a repeat offender with some nasty stickwork. Cogs, 2 games for a play that was incidental, which Kempe did sell like Ronaldo at Nou Camp. My respect for Parros has diminished after this. Almost like he forgot his time in Anaheim, remembered his time in Montreal and Los Angeles, took his cue from that. I've almost pulled the trigger on some seriously sweet VG merch, but there was something holding me back. No point in getting any now.