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  1. Given the rep calls the Ducks have gotten the past decade-plus, I have little sympathy for Marchand. This was a weak call, sold big time, but he's one of those guys who starts Dehydrated Donkey Dung and never steps up. I'd love to see rep calls on the entire Calgary team now that Neal's there. So much rat Dehydrated Donkey Dung.
  2. Even though it wasn't a championship, putting paid to the Oilers bill that season was so viscerally satisfying. They earned an enmity that I had long reserved for the Kings and few others. The confluence of the Oilers behavior, the organization's behavior since Lowe was running the show, and the league's attempts to resurrect them from irrelevance have done much to anger the hockey deities. I would much rather see Matthews and Eichel win it all at this point. And a gold medal.
  3. Aye. Seems like more and more, with the youngsters we've got, they get sent down, they kick ass and come back with their hair on fire.
  4. Precisely. The hockey gods gave us our offersheet hell over a decade ago. Time for someone else to suffer. They deserve a good barracking for these. And more. Even the Charks banner raisings aren't this bad.
  5. Is it wrong I want Philly to offer sheet for one of those guys or Nylander? After all, look how that worked out for the Perds and Weber.
  6. Ritchie doesn't get it. He's expendable in a league where fewer teams will tolerate his conditioning issues and his decision making. With the injuries the team has, he would have a chance to really prove himself right now. Instead, guys like Comtois are staking their claim to a roster spot while he sits around with his finger in his ear.
  7. Rumors have bounced around for years about Reno getting a team once there's an arena in place. It's a lot closer than Greenville, but Swamp Rabbits sounds better than Desert Rats. While the new Great Park Hullabalooo rink is convenient, I can certainly see there being more benefit in schedule flexibility and incoming money then trying to juggle Ducks stuff, high school stuff, possibly college stuff and ECHL dates. Plus, the market is a little heavy at the south end of the state between the Ducks and the Gulls.
  8. Paging DucksDoc....
  9. I bought an extra growler because I liked it so much. (For a brewery I might go to twice a year....) PD is just so damned good. My mind is altered, my face is on fire, and oh yeah, here come the hops!
  10. LOL. Sucks that DSP hasn't kept up with it, new coach and he knew it. Trotz may have let him slide, Reirden regime, probably not so much.
  11. Hit up Heretic Brewing in Fairfield last week. Primo Diablo-Evil Cousin IPA with Habañero. Little smoky, little fruity, plenty of heat, one of my favorites Blood of Jupiter-Wine/beer hybrid done with ale yeast and sangiovese juice. Delicious, but definitely for those who like sours. Juicier than Thou-their Make America Juicy Again IPA with Mango. I like it better than the base beer, heavier mouthfeel, mango compliments the hops. Good summer beer. Torment-Belgian dark strong ale. Sweet, potent and good, but taster glass is too small to really enjoy it properly. My bad. Just have to make it up the next time. Current tap list is updated on their visit us page: http://hereticbrewing.com/visit
  12. Shea gets paid!!! 7 yrs/5.2 m per. https://www.nhl.com/goldenknights/news/vegas-golden-knights-sign-defenseman-shea-theodore/c-300380724
  13. Soon as I saw the name, I wasn't surprised. Cheap shot artist, can't play tough, plays wrong. Wait, remainder of the preseason? Da fuq? NHL, you a joke! https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/1042860855463960578
  14. I'm fine with this. He has yet to develop his game and fitness to a standard commensurate with a recent first round pick. The mental side of his game is not what it should be, he takes too many penalties and makes too many mistakes in the way he plays. If GMBM can find something for his signing rights, then let him go. The fledglings will earn their spots.
  15. Can we just call attention to the dumpster fire that is Montreal? Subban, Pacioretty and Galchenyuk all gone now. (And two of the three to the Pacific.)