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  1. Soon as I saw the name, I wasn't surprised. Cheap shot artist, can't play tough, plays wrong. Wait, remainder of the preseason? Da fuq? NHL, you a joke! https://twitter.com/NHLPlayerSafety/status/1042860855463960578
  2. I'm fine with this. He has yet to develop his game and fitness to a standard commensurate with a recent first round pick. The mental side of his game is not what it should be, he takes too many penalties and makes too many mistakes in the way he plays. If GMBM can find something for his signing rights, then let him go. The fledglings will earn their spots.
  3. Can we just call attention to the dumpster fire that is Montreal? Subban, Pacioretty and Galchenyuk all gone now. (And two of the three to the Pacific.)
  4. Darned good stuff and sneaky too.
  5. Yeah, the grapefruit is clean, citrusy and punchy. I like it better than the regular Sculpin. Their one offs or special versions of their regular stuff hasn't been the same the last year or so. I'm wondering if the Constellation buyout is starting to show. Or if some of the brewers have jumped ship. Hopefully be passing through Heretic in the next few days, time permitting. Their Black Maria collaboration with Faction is one of my all time favorites.
  6. Get Backstrom a Cup already!!! Let's go Caps! I had the Ducks meeting Washington in my bracket, so I got it half right.
  7. DSP with the dagger!!!! Wooooo-hoooo!
  8. I'd rather see the roster spot go to a good goalie or a forward who actually contributes to the team, Jultz loop hole notwithstanding. Ritchie is a 10th overall pick overshadowed by smaller guys like Kase who are more in line with the direction the game is going. Why continue with an unsuccessful set up when there are other factors that can be included to either push the team in the right direction or slow the pending decline. Ducks won't be bottom feeders because unlike the cities you've mentioned, quality of life comes easy here-and San Diego. But mid-table team, I see it.
  9. Ritchie's rights sent away for picks or a good NCAA prospect in someone's system.
  10. Johansen Jinx!
  11. I'm gleeful. I'm happy. Nashville, they gone!
  12. Hannah Spraker with some solid breakdowns. Don't agree with everything, but agree with enough to pass it along. (Especially the collective WTF the team did after they made the playoffs-utter shiite-still damned piddleed about having to watch a handshake line.) https://www.thefourthperiod.com/spraker/ducks-have-tough-summer-ahead/
  13. Seriously Winnipeg? You had Teemu in the house last night and could not get rid of the Perds? For shame, SHAME!!!! Caps dealt with the Pens without Backstrom, but if they don't get him back, it'll be a huge challenge to stretch Tampa past five games. I want to see Nick and Co win simply for all the heads that will explode across hockeydom, but they do need him in the lineup.
  14. Excellent bench boss, his Borussia Dortmund teams always gave FCB a run for their money. I won't say the EPL is the biggest stage in world football, but it does seem like they market themselves moreso as such. But to do well in the Bundesliga and the EPL, plus not be a complete douchenozzle, I like the dude.