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  1. Good Gulls, keep building for the push. Oh, and keep beating up the Reign. This isn't a damned monarchy, it's a constitutional republic!
  2. With the way assistants have been shuffling in and out since Gabby got the hook, it doesn't surprise me. Then again, having MacLean didn't seem to make much difference. I'd like someone who can sort out a room, see who needs what kind of motivation, and work on their mental resilience. Especially with the younger guys. This old boys club Dehydrated Donkey Dung gets tired when you see someone on their third or fourth NHL coaching job, and still limited success. If you're going to blow it up, make sure you use the right stuff to make a good boom. You know what DTS, #7 sounds about right if they were truly mucking about to get Carlyle binned. And I thought we were harsh. Funny how Hall, who apparently liked Eakins in Edmonton, is doing pretty well now that he's out from under the sludge. And Yakupov is a double bust at this point. If Eakins wants to stay in SD, I'll have him as long as he's willing. But, he's done his penance for offending the WHA's proudest, along with some learning in the interim. The days of the dictator are gone, the days of the communicator are here. Explain things, teach the young guys, they'll go straight through Kassian and Lucic and the rest of the throwbacks on their way to the net. That is the sin. They must atone. They quit on him so much, and there were nights were you could see Gibby getting to the point of quitting on them in return. But he's too much of a competitor to just sod off out of pettiness. My four cents (adjusted for inflation): HE GONE! Eakins has earned an interview at the very least. He set the tone in San Diego, and even with the I-5 shuffle at full-tilt boogie, the fledglings are looking good. That Teaford article in the register has a lot of nope, but names are good to work with. No Q, no Stevens, no Hitch. Q's had his turn, the Hawks were done by a combo of roster and coaching problems, no more of that needed. Stevens, didn't do well in Philly or LA. No reason to give him a shot at #3 after this year. Hitch should have been done, but he keeps pulling a super ball move. Yeo and McLellan, both twice burned, but did well enough to make things happen. Interview if the pickings are slim. Like Thom said above, fresh air is good. I've been staring down lists of NCAA coaches since Carlyle came back. Quinn and Montgomery could've been had after the debacle at the Tank last spring, but Murray had his thumbs in his ears. Looking at Keith Allain at Yale, Rand Pecknold at Quinnipiac, and Scott Sandelin at Minnesota-Duluth. All good contenting teams over the last five, ten years, long enough that a big step up might be just what they're looking for. Talent from all three has proven themselves at the NHL level. Pecknold in particular seems to be adept at bringing lesser-known players along on D, and making them stars. Don't rightly know who in the AHL we could poach, but there's gotta be someone, or a few that have been working on adapting to the new style of play, conditioning and mindset. Let's get a jump on things for once, let the rest of the league watch our feathered butts pull away in winning style. Sorry for the TL;DR, was at Four Continents when the news broke, haven't really digested until this afternoon.
  3. Luponics have been bunk since about 3 or 4. So the fact that one might be good is surprising at this rate. Had a FW Rosalie last week. Had a sixer in fact, some kind of lager/rose hybrid. I would drink the hell out of it when it gets hot. Easy drinking to the point where two a day was easier than my 3 Nalgene a day water habit. Went to Noble Ale Works on Saturday during one of the breaks in the Four Continents schedule. Naughty Sauce always on point. The imperial stout got me good and toasted, glad I got kebabs after.
  4. I'm impressed at how much front loading in signing bonuses is built in. Toronto will have to paaaayyyyyy to keep him as a UFA when that's up.
  5. Oh, this is beautiful. Flames get dumb, they get served. Backstrom with a solid shoulder check to Gaudreau's chest, Orpik throwing hands at Tka-schmuck, Holts giving Giordano a little bit of a hassle, and then Backy gets Johnny Pucky in a headlock. And no Cassie Campbell, it wasn't a cheap shot by Backstrom. Gaudreau on Orpik, yeah that was cheap. He earned a barracking for that. Wish our boys would handle the flaming idiots like this. Still owed to Giordano for Fowler's knee. RMNB with the GIFs. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2019/02/01/brooks-orpik-fights-matthew-tkachuk-braden-holtby-gets-involved-in-postgame-brawl-with-flames/
  6. It seems most fitting that PK and the Finnish Flash go into the Hockey Hall of Fame together! Congratulations gentlemen!
  7. Anyone else had the Resilience IPA by any brewery?
  8. Who we playing tomorrow? Who's their coach? Frackety-frack-frack-frack. Manchurian GM.
  9. Draw 'em to death?
  10. He gone! Off to Minnesota for whatever a Justin Kloos is. https://twitter.com/AnaheimDucks/status/1085678704645160960
  11. Agreed. Toronto can go snort a dart. No reason to be doing business with 'em unless Matthews or Marner are coming this way. P.S. No Kadri.
  12. Ah, but the nice thing is, Despres cap hit is $0. They can afford to pay the $625k per at that rate. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/simon-despres
  13. Nope. Especially with his wife being an actress and them having a young child.
  14. When it comes to Rocket Richard trophy winners whose hands went cold? It's appropriate. Last two seasons, less than 20 goals per. Plenty of apple pickers on this team. Not enough finishers.
  15. He was on the Cheechoo train last season.
  16. At what point is he expendable, proven his worth, or a bust? Yeah he's 23, but he's in his third full season, fourth season of playing up. He's better than his brother, that's for sure, but Pasternak, Larkin, Fiala, Fabbri, Milano, Tuch are all contributing more to their teams, with a lot less time in the NHL in some cases.
  17. He knows to listen to his scouting department in general. Hampus was definitely not who the league was thinking the Ducks would take that year, that early, been good for the team. But the converse of that is 2014, where a lot of good talent went after 10, and we got Ritchie. You can tell since 2009 the drafting has been better, just look at who stuck in the show, even if not here. 06-08 were pretty darned bad, and that's played into the problems transitioning away from Scotty-Teemu's club to Getzy-Perry as far as the bit players are concerned.
  18. Reading that thread linked higher up made me happy we've got this board. HF is an aesthetic nightmare. Glad he's not part of the dumpster fire that is Dallas' dressing room, but I don't see his upside. His point production has been roughly 30-35 per, more apples than goals. Bad FO% until this year, definitely not a driver of play. Honestly, I was kind of piddleed when Dallas picked Montgomery up last May. He's had success as a player-one of PK's teammates the year they won it all at Maine, He guided Denver to a national title with guys like Troy Terry, Will Butcher playing for him two years ago against a good UMD team. (Ducks were out of the playoffs in time to sign him.) I think he'd have been better managing the young guys in concert with Eakins than Carlyle has been.
  19. Still digesting. Was ready to throw Randy in the stocks after his jerk comment to the reporter the other night, ready to send Murray up the river after his comments on the players and keeping Carlyle last night. Then, I wake up to this. Cogs was not the problem. The dressing room has been problematic for some time. But Cogs wasn't it. Hustle was there, the persistence was there, the Corsi nerd credentials were there. He scored last night for crying out loud. He's done yeoman's work for this club for a long time, because Edmonton gave up on him and the Ducks gave him a second chance. Whatever heart this team had left, it lost a big chunk this morning. Dallas has a bad locker room, Lites called out Seguin and Benn, Montgomery's made comments about the team culture being bad. I really hope we're not getting another Ritchie out of this deal, we've got one already. And if it's Ritchie with a bad attitude, we really don't need him. Cogs'll go on a tear, might even score a letter. The front office did him dirty, and the team's no better for it.
  20. Some blame Murray material for the stats geeks among us. https://www.capfriendly.com/staff/bob-murray
  21. Oleksiak got rocked. Damn, hope he's alright. Forgot Wilson can throw. Sid v. Ovi chirp show , just broadcast it already NBC. You want to pump the tires on the rivalry, that's the way to do it. Bleep the cussin' if you want, but leave the chirping in.
  22. Given the rep calls the Ducks have gotten the past decade-plus, I have little sympathy for Marchand. This was a weak call, sold big time, but he's one of those guys who starts Dehydrated Donkey Dung and never steps up. I'd love to see rep calls on the entire Calgary team now that Neal's there. So much rat Dehydrated Donkey Dung.
  23. Even though it wasn't a championship, putting paid to the Oilers bill that season was so viscerally satisfying. They earned an enmity that I had long reserved for the Kings and few others. The confluence of the Oilers behavior, the organization's behavior since Lowe was running the show, and the league's attempts to resurrect them from irrelevance have done much to anger the hockey deities. I would much rather see Matthews and Eichel win it all at this point. And a gold medal.
  24. Aye. Seems like more and more, with the youngsters we've got, they get sent down, they kick ass and come back with their hair on fire.
  25. Precisely. The hockey gods gave us our offersheet hell over a decade ago. Time for someone else to suffer. They deserve a good barracking for these. And more. Even the Charks banner raisings aren't this bad.