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  1. I'm not so sure about Perry, depending on how he plays the next two years I think there's still a chance he resigns with the ducks on a year to year basis. Getz I think will, again depending on his performance, get around 6 to 7 mil.
  2. I think Getzlaf is going to get another contract, I just think that he's not going to get what he's getting now so we should have a good amount of cap off the books in two years.
  3. History doesn't remember what ifs... Go Blues!
  4. Yes, totally agree. Once their contracts are up we can really start building. We've already seen the kids begin the next phase. That was step one. Now we need to find real top end talent and let them develop for a few years. Our back end should gain experience by then, Fowler will be near 30 and should probably be the oldest defensemen on the team theoretically. BUT, we're also taking about bargain Bob who really loves those over the hill 6-7 th defensemen.
  5. Perry, as well as Getz, contact is up in two years. We should be fine as far as cap. If anything this gives us a chance to actually get someone useful for next year.
  6. As far as I could tell based on the article he's the only hockey player and the first of the major sports leagues to do so. So it's a pretty recent procedure for athletes.
  7. Yeah, the cap hit would be pro rated to what's remaining of the season. But they're all basically saying that he's not playing next year. And even if he does it will be at the end of the season where the hit won't be very big.
  8. Oh I agree he's not even been the same Kesler for the past two years. But it's still ultimately his call as he's still got a contract. The article also said several tennis players came back from this surgery. But jovanovski also was out of the league after he came back as the Panthers used a buyout. He said it was because the game became too fast for him. So even if Kesler makes a return he might not be able to keep up and the ducks might buy his last year out.
  9. Jovanovski actually was the first person truly recorded to play in any one of the four major sports after this kind of surgery. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about here. Plus they were teammates for a time in Vancouver, so he knows Kesler. Anything else is just speculation. If he thinks Kesler can do it if he wants to come back then I trust him more so than any other so called "expert". He basically said in the article that it just depends on Kesler if he really wants to. He said they talked hockey after the surgery so I'm thinking Kesler is going to give it a go. If the lockout doesn't happen he might have a chance. We'll see. Team Kesler anyone?
  10. Maybe Lambert as HC and eakins as one of the assistants. That way eakins isn't running the show but also getting experience in the nhl.
  11. Lol Edwards biased crying alone would make the sharks winning in that scenario great👊
  12. Yes, but if there is the lockout in 2020 then you can definitely say it's over.
  13. I would also suggest saku koivu as one of the centers in his prime. Though he didn't play here long he was still a good player in his later years.
  14. Try reddit, they might have some streams going.
  15. Yeah I totally agree. I'm rooting for the blues, I actually hope they sweep the sharks. That would be fantastic! I didn't mind that Thornton would win but now it's just ridiculous. We lose out on the better pick AND the sharks are getting the better end of some bogus calls. Blues and Canes for the final! Though now I'm hoping the blues win it all. Also, who could have predicted that both buffalo picks would go to the conference final. That's right, no one.
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