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  1. Wasn't this discussed already and shown that as far as ntc and nmc is concerned we were about league average? I'm scratching my head at the bolded. How exactly are they "bottom 6 forwards at best"? First of all, when we signed them they were at worst second liners, except Getzy who by the way deserves that added perk because he's earned it with this team. Like Teemu and others, Getzy has every right to have that in his contract. Second, I don't think MOST teams would have those players outside the top 6 besides Getzy (who again isn't the same player he once was but has earned the ntc). Shatty doesn't deserve the ntc but Bob wanted him and that was the sweetener to get him here. Honestly, we probably shouldn't have picked him up in the first place. So again, we're about league average when it comes to those clauses. I don't disagree that they're hurting the team, it's just that you make that kind of a statement I had to reply.
  2. Who's the guy sitting all by himself?
  3. 🤔hmmm.... so you've finally joined the Eichel bandwagon! Welcome aboard!!! Woot woot!!!!
  4. I would resign Rakell to a 4x5 and Lindholm to a 6x7 or 7x7 (somewhere around there). Going long term on Rakell isn't a good idea. I also agree with others that we trade him at the dead line if he's having a really good season. It's a contract year for him so he might put in the extra effort to get paid. Manson should be traded. We still need to pick up a center to play the first line (maybe even just for a year or two) who might be able to slot into a second line center moving forward. We absolutely cannot go into next season with no changes to the roster. And trading off a lot of vets also hurts the development of our prospects. I'd trade Manson and pick up Vats as a fill in for a 2x 2-2.5 (I think that would be fine). Get someone to play top line center and go into next season knowing it's going to be a developmental season for the young guys. Otherwise trading off a lot of better pieces of the team should mean we let Zegras and Drysdale go to the Ahl so that they don't get destroyed and hurt their confidence and game for the future.
  5. Parapappapa I'm NOT lovin it! 🤣🤣
  6. I don't think that's the case though. Sure, they have his contract rights and they could sit him until he's a free agent technically. But in reality they have to trade him before the season starts. Everyone and their grandma knows to have Eichel be a part of their team is crazy. It's going to be a circus come training camp. If henrique was waived it seemed like we needed to part ways with him and the situation was irreparable then the Eichel situation is 100x worse. He's openly critiqued the sabers organization and he's openly demanding a trade I don't see how they could hold onto him. Who was it, Dubois? Who clearly was not trying on the ice when he was with the jackets. Assuming Eichel even plays, he's probably going to score on his own team lol.
  7. THG mentioned that the retail version wasn't supposed to have the ads though.
  8. It's not going to look like that. From what I heard it's going to be 3x3.5 inches. One ad? Idk but definitely not like those European jerseys.
  9. I'd also add Manson to the list to be moved. If Lindholm is asking for too much or it seems we won't be able to sign him then by all means trade him. But id hold onto him and probably Ricky. Our defense will be absolute trash, plus what will that accomplish? Look at Toronto, their defense is still not too great. Sure they have a lot of firepower but now they have a different issue. Both parts of the team are important and besides I seem to remember that he was probably had the most stamina in the combine before he was drafted. He's not going to decline like other more offensively talented defensemen will in their 30s. He's more of a Lindstrom type player in that he's very physically fit and could probably play into his late 30s at a high level for sure. But if the right offer comes along I'd trade him.
  10. I think he meant that if those guys were the top line then the rest of the team would have to score 150 goals. It's not a stretch to say that since that season our goals for have dropped further. Goals will be hard to come by either way.
  11. But I'd argue that it also lowers his value because you're getting a player who's going to miss significant time playing. Players are paid to play not to sit on the sidelines. If I'm getting a player who's only going to play half a season for me then I'm going to pay you less especially if that said player could have played the full season and the reason he's not is the team's fault.
  12. Which is why the pick has to be protected for next year. Buffalo needs to hurry this up because Eichel could be sitting out a while. Maybe this is their way of getting back at him or something. I just don't see how they're going to get better offers at this point.
  13. 1. I'm not sure this would be enough but it'd be awesome if that was it. But what made me want to comment on this is the Kesler contract. The way I see it is we don't need to trade his contract but buffalo needs it to reach the cap floor. We hold the advantage on this imo and is actually a benefit for both teams, more so buffalo. This makes me think any trade involving the teams would have to include the Kesler contract I think. It just makes too much sense. Buffalo is rebuilding and they get a contract that they don't have to pay and helps them money wise in being cap compliant. This would remove the idea of also having to take on contacts like Henrique to make the cap work. 2. I think we'd have to throw in a pick or retain more salary but the more I thought about it it makes sense for both teams. They get a guy who's actually playing and we might be able to restart his career. It's risky though. Overall, I like the team and I think this roster is a big improvement. +1 on Vats, I've been saying we should pick him up. He helps our defense and he'd be relatively cheap. The only thing I don't like is Mahura is left without a spot, again. Seriously, are we ever going to play the guy? Get rid of Larsson, toss him into the Eichel trade lol.
  14. He is quite possibly the only legitimate star on this team though. He's going to single handedly drag a last place team to the playoffs? He's probably the main reason we haven't ended up 31st the last three to four years. Our goals for keeps dropping like a brick. The defense has sucked worse every year since Yawney left. And to top it all off our pp got sucked into a black hole. And you're suggesting we skip all that and pretend that Gibson is garbage? Easily 3/4 of the league would probably replace their starting goaltender with Gibson if they had the chance.
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