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  1. I believe Getzy did an interview not to long ago where he was asked about being on one team. He said that it's something he's always wanted and has been fortunate enough to be able to do that up to this point in his career. He doesn't seem interested in going anywhere else. A few problems with trading him would be how players will view our team when they decide to come here. As well as what we would get for him and who would want to take on his contract. Though theoretically, if you want to maximize returns for players then we should trade him and get some really good pieces for the future. But we could also trade for a player and he could end up not being as good as we think. But we should keep him to mentor our young guys. He seems to be one of the few guys in the league who has an old school approach in respecting the game and other players. Maybe that's Neidermayer's leadership which has rubbed off on him. Idk but I'm against trading him.
  2. This is what I was getting at. It was pretty obvious. This was also the season Grant went into the ducks hall of legends. Which is why I didn't understand why we didn't keep him during that off season. But him and Perry were driving the ducks offense. We were trying to replace more than that. We were the most injured team, limping on one leg. Getzy got injured as well. We were without three of our top 4 D at one point I believe. It was bad, really really bad. To a certain degree. As Bombays mentioned above, we were trying to salvage something that was clearly not salvageable. Which is why I felt the return for vatanen seemed low. But then again, maybe it was the best he could do with a guy who came back from a shoulder injury.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was after the ED, during Vegas inaugural season. Which in retrospect makes the ED sting more because we gave up Theo partly to keep vatanen. This isn't entirely true. We got Perron, Eaves, McGinn,etc and most of those players actually played really well with Gezlaf. You could even make the arguement that Getzy helped get them bigger paychecks in the off season.
  4. From my memory, I remember the trade of vats and hank. I don't have anything against him, he's a good player and has posted 30 goals with us. But I specifically remember how it felt like too much of a reaction to our injuries. That season was pretty much lost from the get go. We had way too many injuries. And before the trade Edmonton traded hall for Larson. It felt like we could have gotten a bigger haul. It felt like teams saw our glaring need and used that to their advantage. That's not hindsight at all. The goal by Henrique stepping around vats was spectacular. But, since that trade our overall defensive numbers have been down. Vats was one of the reasons we tightened up our defense in the last years of HCBB. Remember when we couldn't score? But our defense and goaltending was solid and we won the Jennings that year. Ever since then our defense just doesn't seem on that same level. So I understand why we traded for him, but disagree that we really needed to do it. We ended up making the playoffs and getting swept by the sharks. The Pacific wasn't very good that year so it allowed us to sneak in. I guess hindsight would tell us that we probably shouldn't have made the playoffs. But it also felt like the team didn't have much chemistry going into the playoffs anyway, from all the injuries. Regardless, as much as I like henrique, I'd rather we had vatanen right now. What's missing on the d corps is a steadying defenseman. Fowler just isn't that. Neither is Manson. Lindholm is somewhat the guy but he's no Niedermayer.
  5. I don't remember if it was actually discussed or not by BM, but I would have to think he explored that route with Bieksa.
  6. Agree with most but, I'd argue that we currently need vats more than rico. Don't get me wrong I like Rico and what he brings to the team but now that our defense is hit hard after all those trades and the entry draft we're thin. Which brings us to theo. We'd probably have kept him if not for the garbage contracts by BM. Because he had so many blunders in the playoffs everyone was down on him. He was young, maybe he never would have become the same defenseman as he is in Vegas. But it's hard to deny he'd also make our team better, if not for any other reason then top not play Holzer, Larsson, Del Z, etc. So it's more on BM than on the players themselves. We've depleted our blue line and took hit after hit saying 'oh well our depth with cover it'. Now we're stuck and besides Mahura we don't really have anyone close to ready.
  7. I hope not. He still has one more year. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and shoot ourselves in the foot once more. Wait until the season is underway next year and see what we got then. Otherwise, we might sign him then regret the contract, again.
  8. I was reading the athletic article about Hall. Don't worry, he's not going to even consider coming here lol. He squirted water at then Edmonton HCDE and he wasn't too happy about that. If any devils player has a chance to come here it's vats. I'd definitely want him to come back!
  9. Oh that's right. I keep thinking he's a center. Never mind then lol
  10. Getzlaf is on the downside of his career and we really need a real top line center. At this point, I'm not sure we really have that guy in our system. Hall seems to be available. Perhaps we can trade for him? I'd think a first, kase, and Richie (perhaps more, I'm not sure) could potentially land us Hall. Aside from Terry, Grant and Guhle getting raises all the other guys aren't going to command much/ will leave for free agency. Even with Perry's cap hit going up significantly, we should have enough space to do this. After next season the hit from Perry will go down and Getz contract is also up. In the meantime, it would give us crazy center depth and perhaps a run at the cup. Or we do nothing and try to get that top center with another high pick at the end of the year! It's far cheaper this way. 😂
  11. That seems rather high for a guy who was bought out by his former team. Yikes! I'm sure there's a ntc in there as well with all the money as a signing bonus lol
  12. Good for Perry! I smiled through the whole video. Getzlaf's words hurt a little though, wish they could have both hit 1k together.
  13. Hmm a couple of interesting points made in the Panthers gdt. Some mentioned the coaches head scratching decisions leading to goals against. I would also like to point out a few games back (?) where HCDE sent out Holzer and Larsson for the final minutes of the game. Holzer took a penalty and we were on a 5 on 3 and they pulled their goalie to score. So, there are some pretty bad decisions being made. So the question becomes, how much of the loss can be attributed to these decisions? I understand the players can't give up four goals but with some of the decisions being made can you blame them?
  14. Yes, it seemed a bit high and long. But if Kesler walks, who do we replace him with? We had been searching for that second line center for how long? Remember when we got cogliano to be our number two center? Lol But currently on our roster we don't have anyone on bad contracts. Kesler and eaves likely never play. Perry is bought out. Stop moving forward we're actually in really good shape. I'm just hoping BM doesn't mess that up.
  15. No on moving Grant. Unless he agrees to a deadline trade then we get him back. But he's exactly the kind of player you need on the bottom 6 in order to make a run at the cup. I don't particularly care if any of the other guys get moved. They won't get you much of anything though. But Grant is a keeper. He significantly improves our bottom 6. Imagine if we didn't have him, our bottom 6 depth would be terrible. He drives plays and scores, something we currently lack on most of our lines. As a side note, I was watching The Hockey Guy and he did an interesting list where the best contacts (points to dollars) are ranked. Grant was number three on the list, meaning his salary compared to his points was/ is third in the entire league. This could be used to get a good pick or prospect at the deadline. But I'm against letting him go. For a bottom 6 guy, I find him entertaining to watch.
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