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  1. Whoa hold on a second there! I think it's still too early to say. Wait till they hoist the cup in 3070, then the naysayers will say "they tanked soooooo hard and now they're being rewarded with their rebuilds coming to a close" Nice! 👊
  2. This wouldn't be a good idea. I wouldn't want to give them the impression that if they're playing good we will send them to the minors, even if it's just for this season. We don't know what kind of impact it could have on their play and their confidence. It's easy to say that we should just send a player down but they are people, that are affected by what people say and think. As mentioned, there aren't many options to tank and we couldn't keep RC. Guys are gelling right now. We are seeing some good combos. Yeah it doesn't help our chances for a better pick but what else are we going to do without blatantly tanking without raising the suspicions of the nhl?
  3. If the ducks were to shut down some of the top guys we could probably stay as is. But you gotta wonder what this is doing for the kids. Their play is better, they have confidence and they're getting on the score sheet. I don't think that in of itself is a bad direction. Regardless, if we get a lottery pick everyone will say how brilliant Bob was. And if we don't and stop to 8th Bob might be hated a little. But these guys are still pros, they don't want to lose. They grow up being competitive, they prefer to win than lose. So if we absolutely tank, take Getz out. That will be much more effective.
  4. Only problem is that if you have a problem with the coach you're likely to be on your way out of town and I don't think that's a good way to draw free agents into town. They'll run when they hear Bob calling. Plus I don't like the idea of young talented kids getting into heated arguments with the guy who can trade them to spite them. Not a good combo.
  5. I was actually thinking the ducks might shut players down. Might be better to get the kids some more minutes.
  6. I believe most of the coaching duties are put on the assistants. If anyone is making a case for a HC position next year, it's one of those guys. But there are still plenty of errors that are made. Our defense looks better but still needs a lot of work. The forwards let the other team skate into the zone without any effort. Sometimes you see glimpses of the team that can beat any team in the league but not for long. So far, without Bob actually coming out in favor of the assistants it's only speculation. But you have to wonder though, Eakins and which ever one of the assistants has the most impact on the team have to be the leading candidates for next year.
  7. He doesn't have to do anything just collect checks. Now it's possible he may agree to do some kind of a position with the same guaranteed salary if offered to officially retire but I'm not really sure what that would even be. He'd be making more than the HC to do some scouting work? Idk I guess it'd be better than nothing. I could be wrong but doesn't the team get some kind of insurance to pay part of the salary while on LTIR? Can someone who knows chime in on this? Anyway, it's a moot point right now without him actually saying he might be done. I still think he's going to make a push to attempt to play next year, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to just quit without really taking another shot at it.
  8. We'll probably start seeing players with nagging injuries start to end their seasons though.
  9. What?! Who in their right mind would just do the team a solid? It's a business, he doesn't owe them anything. He's taken a beating for the team. LTIR is what he's going to do IF he decides to hang them up. He may still make a push in the off season, I think he may attempt it, and if it doesn't work out he will hang them up after that. We can't buy out an injured players contract. I've also been wondering though. The 2003 draft class is coming to the end of their playing careers. I would have to think it's in the back of Perry's and Getz mind, especially seeing the other guys on the team from the same class.
  10. I don't think anyone wants to be the Yotes. The situations are way different. They don't spend nearly as much as the ducks, which is why they like good players on cheap contracts. I'm not in favour of trading Ritchie but if an opportunity arises then I'd be fine with that too. I'm not happy with the way the ducks use their assets. The player hasn't reached his full potential and we trade him a la Palmieri. The same applies to Richie. You can't say that he didn't take a step forward this year from the one before. Keep him for at least another year then we can evaluate what we have with him. We're not cup contenders with our without him at this point so I don't see why it's a pressing issue to trade him. I also think that we will be making the playoffs for the next few years until the big three contracts expire. Then we can set ourselves up to really make a push to compete for the cup. Unless Kesler goes on LTIR for the rest of his contract, we aren't going to be able to do much.
  11. He can't go to the ahl. If he was able to, he would already be there. Based on his age restriction he had to be sent to juniors unfortunately.
  12. I'm pretty sure his contract ends before the entry draft.
  13. Perry is already a cup winner. He makes 8 million and lives in SoCal, why would he ever want to go to either of those places. MAYBE he would waive it for like one ot two places. Toronto and Tampa come to mind. Otherwise why would he even want to leave? Besides that, who even wants him at this stage? We would have to retain half his cap hit and salary AND add in picks/ prospects so they would even take him. He's not getting any younger or faster.
  14. I don't think so. He is good as an alternate but I wouldn't put him as captain material. If we are planning to replace him though, the next in line would probably be Fowler.
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