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  1. What the issue is, is not Gibson is what I'm saying. The team is the bigger problem.
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/long-term-outlook-ducks-160556520.html Based on this article alone. Check out our scoring levels the past two years and Gibson's numbers overall. We've only outscored Detroit the past two years and..... that's it, only Detroit. 😥 I rest my case there. No one could save us so please stop bashing him.
  3. That's too bad, he never did recover his play after that vertigo. Was reading about his time here and I gotta say 2009 playoffs against the sharks were awesome! He totally shut them down, weren't they the presidents trophy team that year? Too bad we couldn't get by Detroit. We would have had a good chance to win the cup... But looking back, I'd say we had some really good chances since our cup win to actually win another. If only a few of those bounces had gone our way....😥 Thank you Hiller for your time here! When you were on fire, it was awesome to watch! Lol sharks
  4. Unless we get a better assistant coach who actually knows what a good pp looks like. Scoring could go through the roof. "Oh so you're saying we don't have to pass it around on the perimeter and eventually just lose it? Sounds like it might work but our previous coach was pretty adamant that was a good plan..... ok hold on... *goal horn goes off* what was that?" 😂
  5. Nic Del is number 10 in goal scoring on the team. The only rookie who has more goals is mad max. Ok ok so he had a hat trick.... but seriously our fourth line, if you also included the general himself, is our second best scoring line as a trio. That doesn't bode well for the team, especially going forward. We need our second and third lines to contribute more. It's embarrassing having our fourth line outscore half the team.... hopefully, and I think we've seen some positive views, the new guys can continue to contribute.
  6. Philly and Dallas in the finals lol go Ducks! 😂
  7. I agree. We need to get younger guys that can produce. But as of this moment, which is what was said that we don't have anyone with that potential besides Rakell, I have to disagree. Henrique and Silfverberg have that potential right now as well as Rakell but in the future? Idk. If we don't get more scorers into the lineup we'll be the worst offensive team I'm a few years we agree on that. It's also been brewing in my mind thinking back to the days of HCBB. When we weren't scoring, they changed their strategy to be defense first and we won the Jennings I believe that year. Why haven't we implemented the same strategy? We're not going to outscore our opponents so why not tighten up and grind out the games? This strategy would help our younger guys to work on the defensive side of the game at this level. Plus, I believe our offense would come with that and we'd have guys who would be great two way players. So I'm not sure why we don't, or is it that we can't? Or is it the coach(s) who can't? BB successfully did that and he's known more of an offensive coach. So why doesn't Dallas do the same? To me our games and losses are more of a systems issue, besides scoring of course! Thoughts?
  8. I think it's too early to put him there. Let him develop at least one year in the ahl before bringing him up. We're not winning anything anytime soon so why rush?
  9. I get the feeling we won't see Grant return. He's getting time with some good players, they're playing extremely well and they're going to make a push for the cup. He's contributing in a big way already and the fans are recognizing his impact. I hope he comes back but he's as good as gone. He might actually be one of the better pickups at the deadline that any team has made.
  10. I'm rooting for Cogs. But honestly I'm looking for number 10 the whole time. I hope he can have a really good season and continue to play beyond this year.
  11. That was an awesome soccer style play! He's the reason I actually watch Philly highlights. I'm always looking for his number on the ice and watching him make plays. Same with the stars, I only watch them for Perry.
  12. Best trade deadline ever! Give Bob gm of the year🎉🎉🎉
  13. Yeah, I understand the circumstances surrounding that trade but that was poor management of our blue line, and not just that trade. BM has wrecked our defense. Yawney was a bigger part of their success than we initially thought, or so it seems. He's traded away our defensive talent but where is it? Henrique? Is that it? Guhle.... Honestly that should have been a lost season. I like henrique but we should have just dropped that season. By making the playoffs we arguably forced players back from injury sooner. We should have let Kesler heal more, he might still be playing. I think that season harmed us greatly in the long run. Imagine if we got a high pick that season and we don't make all those moves, how much farther along in the rebuild we'd be....
  14. Only the greatest hidden gem in the nhl....😂
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