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  1. I know it seems like we say it every year but I honestly feel like this is Rich Boi's last chance. He's getting younger guys pushing him out of the lineup. I hope we really worked this summer because if there ever was a year where his career is threatened I think it might be this one. Think about it, if he doesn't stick here he might get a shot elsewhere. Maybe that would help him or maybe he more likely ends up like beleskey or Smith-Pelly... as in he's basically out of this league. Pat Maroon had a somewhat difficult time finding a place to play even after that playoffs. To me Richie isn't much, if at all, better than Patty. He's got to really show something worth keeping him around. At 10th overall, he hasn't lived up to being that pick....
  2. I think it kind of depends on how the Pacific division does. If Calgary has a good regular season again, and I don't see why they would drop much besides maybe goaltending concerns, they should be a lock for the playoffs. They probably won't get as many points this year as last year. Vegas should be a lock, they look to be the strongest team in the division. I think the sharks aren't going to be as good this year as the prior year. They lost Pavelski. Jones is still a giant hole. Thornton is another year older and slower. They just got a new captain. Idk the best offensive defensemen sure, but besides that you can argue they got worse. Vancouver and Arizona are on the upswing and are wildcards as to whether or not they have what it takes to reach the playoffs. Edmonton has some great players no doubt but they seriously lack depth. Also that goaltending duo... idk to me they're not a playoff team. But there have been some positive changes. The kings are going to be lol kings. Hopefully they will be terrible, but still lose out on getting the number one draft pick. Lol kings. But seriously, they haven't improved in the off season and look like they badly need a roster rebuild at this point. The ducks? Stanley cup champions! But really I think if the kids can provide that scoring touch, they should have plenty of opportunities now (Perry gone. Kesler gone) to do so, we may have a very interesting season. I'd say 50/50 we get in. But the kids would really have to impress. The biggest factor would be if injuries happen again. This team just can't stay healthy for the past 2-3 seasons. I'm excited for this year. It's probably the first time, in a long time, that we have so many kids on the opening night roster like this. When you take off the rose coloured glasses, we're not a cup contender. Maybe a bubble team at best. But the Pacific is actually wide open to some surprises this year, as is this team. The kids have the potential. Hopefully we get to see that potential get realized this year! Go Ducks!!!
  3. Are the ducks still doing the Jersey numbers high for those kind of on the brink and low for those that are already part of the team?
  4. He may be a decent comparable but Laine has scored WAY more goals than Seguin to the same point. 56 to 110 in goals and 121 points to Laine's 184. Though Seguin also had a lockout shortened third year. Still, as a scorer, Laine far surpasses him. So no, that trade proposal would have the jets hang up the phone the second you start mentioning other players besides Rakell. Now whether or not he would improve our roster given the players we would have to give up is another question. I don't think it's unreasonable to say that Laine is worth at least Rakell ++ even though Rakell himself is a 30 goal scorer. And that's not even mentioning the fact that Seguin was seen as a problem player in the locker room or something of that sort, which was why he was traded to begin with.
  5. He's also only what 21? Ovi isn't really considered a complete package either. You don't hear the caps complaining too much. If he was to grow into the Finnish Flash 2.0 that would be great. But he's an elite goal scorer, something that we lack. I'd say that OP has a proposal that the jets would consider.
  6. Was the Arizona game even streamed? Hmmm.... just did a quick look through the nhl YouTube page and we don't come up for either game. We're probably the only team without a recap of highlights.
  7. I don't live in So Cal. I did watch that first game and I enjoyed watching Ducks hockey after a seemingly long off season.
  8. The first game was televised, just not by the ducks.
  9. Interesting. I seem to remember BM managing LTIR kind of like the cap. Was it last year or the year before that he had the opportunity to put Eaves (?) on LTIR for cap relief but opted not to so it wouldn't handcuff the team later in the year. I remember reading an article about why it was done that way but can't seem to remember how it worked. So I did a quick search and there seems to be a couple of things. The contract won't be approved by the nhl because it would put the team over the cap. But as the quote above also shows, I guess it factors in LTIR. But in the event that a team does go over there is apparently up to a 5 million fine and possible draft picks. There is also the possibility the team forfeits games until they become compliant. So all this brings us to the teams that are currently over. They must be cap compliant, otherwise the league wouldn't approve Marners signing for example. I remember Bob also having to wait to announce/ sign a player until we became cap compliant to do so.
  10. Yes they have LTIR but they can only be 10% over the cap by the start of the season. If they're not then there's a cap penalty I believe. And you can't put guys on LTIR during the summer either.
  11. I thought it was the opposite. Hmm must not remember any more. Either way, they don't want to worsen the situation by saying Laine is a jerk. So downplaying and saying everything is good will keep the Jets with the upper hand in case a trade happens. If other teams know that the situation is bad, they will play to that and try to lower the value. Who knows? Sakic had a pretty big issue with Dushesne (sp?) and still got a very good trade that they won hands down (lol Ottawa).
  12. This whole situation reminds me of Bobby Ryan (who? Lol). Yeah that B Ry. I remember him not being happy about the split from the twins. They had him be the star on his own line and if I remember correctly, we didn't have that real second line center yet. Anyway, I'm not sure how long Laine lasts in the Peg. I guess these kinds of things can be resolved and he continues his career there but potentially with the idea that he will be traded.
  13. We actually played fairly well in the second. The third was kind of a toss up. During the first period I had a bad feeling this might be what we get during the regular season and that it was going to be a long one! But I'm glad the boys were able to come back and win. Nothing too spectacular though. Hakanpaa stood out in that he had a couple of penalties and was responsible for one of the goals against. Henrique was noticable. Our defense was falling over quite a bit. It's preseason, kinda hard to tell if this team is any good yet. Just glad hockey is back!
  14. Come on! The guy couldn't walk up the stairs without pain. It's a tough break and I don't pin anything on him. The problem is BM took a risk with a player that obviously gelled with Getz and it backfired tremendously. His injury history was bad but BM took the chance anyway... and lost. If it had worked out everyone would consider BM a genius but 20/20 is everything. Even if all the signs were pointing to stay away.
  15. This just basically means eaves is done. Too bad. I really thought he'd try one more time...
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