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  1. I'm not sure I believe this. You're saying that before the season started BM wanted to tank and set up the team with the worst pp possible? It's pretty clear to me it's a systems issue. Sure our personnel on the ice aren't great, we don't have very good finishes, but even an average squad would score more than we have. So yeah, he's not a good coach. He still makes the decisions on which lines to put out, or does he get a call from Bob?
  2. No way Eichel comes here. Anyone watching this team have to be laughing right now. We're probably on every team's no trade list for sure.
  3. ? You do realise it's February 2021 right? The off season has long past...
  4. Because anywhere except buffalo would be great right now. They may possibly do a rebuild within a rebuild lol.
  5. Sign me up!! But I think that's way low and they hang up the phone... but it seems like we need to make some trades happen.
  6. I think this is 100% true. I'm not saying Getzy has checked out of this team but he just doesn't have that drive and it's not from a lack of true wingers. I think he definitely misses Perry or that style of play. Wherever we got guys who really meshed well with him at the deadline they were really good. The problem is he plays a certain style of game but the wingers don't complement his style. Seems to me that Perry might have been a bigger piece on this team that he got credit for. As for getting credit, I had thought about how our defense kind of went down the drain after Yawney left. But it also seemed to really take a hit after Vats left. I had heard somewhere after he left that he was a really good shot blocker. So is it also possible that although his play really seemed to dip in his last days here, that he was actually a really key piece on our blue line? It really sucked that both Hampus and Vats had separated shoulders and didn't they both come back well into the following season. Never the same after that. Which is too bad as I really liked the guy.
  7. I understand we'd be getting a pretty good return on Rakell as compared to our players who are/ should be on the chopping block. But I'd rather keep him. Trade Henrique and Manson at this point. Ricky is currently one of the few exciting ducks this season, even if he's not putting up the points. I don't think he's going to get a significant raise. I'd say maybe look into trading silf as well. We need to rid ourselves of these contracts that I think are kind of holding our rebuild back. If Getzy is ok then trade him at the deadline as well. We can't completely tear the team apart though, otherwise we'll end up like buffalo. If Getzy leaves we'd have to give the C to Grantzlaf, it's only logical. Jk lol As much as Fowler is a bit overpaid I think he'd leave a hole that will set us back, I think we should keep him. Expose Shatty in the ED, with his play maybe it wouldn't be too bad to lose him. But Ricky is a vet and actually puts in the effort. We're going to need a mix of vets to show our young guys the ropes.
  8. I've actually been thinking we need to trade him at the deadline. And Montreal to play with Perry for the cup would be my choice. It's the only reason I watch highlights of their games and look for 94 on the ice. Seriously, Getzy is missing that guy who could battle along the boards like he used to play with Perry. Their games just meshed. I really miss that dominance and I think he misses Perry on his wing. Sure he was no longer the Hart winner, but he did still bring a lot to the team. I think it's evident that Getzy hasn't meshed well with the other players like he had that chemistry with Pears. So Montreal would be my vote as I already follow them. With the way this year has gone I would mind them hoisting the cup over there.
  9. I've never followed the gulls before but this season I'm actually paying attention. It's kind of funny when the gulls are more exciting to watch than the ducks. 😥
  10. Though the whole situation is weird, I think we do need to trade Rico regardless. We need to get younger guys, he's on the opposite side of 30. I think he's still got some decent value. 26 goals last year isn't anything to sneeze at but his contract is a problem. Maybe we could have gotten some decent value at the deadline as he could be someone that cup teams would possibly look at. We'd have to sweeten regardless but we need the cap hit off the board too. Though I wouldn't want to add too much because his play would outweigh the trade value, especially if he can still contribute goals wise. As mentioned before, salary retention to possibly get better picks or prospects. Current issues or not, he can still put up points in this league and considering he's playing on one of the worst teams in the league he could probably put up better numbers playing with guys who can actually score. I don't want this turning over into some crazy holdout/ trade demand situation. Something's not right but I think the trade is probably the best option. We don't have enough scorers on the team. It also doesn't help that Rico is better as a LW rather than a center. But because of our lack of center depth (or actual capable centers) we chose to play him there. The team is a mess. I don't want to tank or tear up the team, but changes need to be made and it's better to get rid of these older guys.
  11. What the issue is, is not Gibson is what I'm saying. The team is the bigger problem.
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/long-term-outlook-ducks-160556520.html Based on this article alone. Check out our scoring levels the past two years and Gibson's numbers overall. We've only outscored Detroit the past two years and..... that's it, only Detroit. 😥 I rest my case there. No one could save us so please stop bashing him.
  13. That's too bad, he never did recover his play after that vertigo. Was reading about his time here and I gotta say 2009 playoffs against the sharks were awesome! He totally shut them down, weren't they the presidents trophy team that year? Too bad we couldn't get by Detroit. We would have had a good chance to win the cup... But looking back, I'd say we had some really good chances since our cup win to actually win another. If only a few of those bounces had gone our way....😥 Thank you Hiller for your time here! When you were on fire, it was awesome to watch! Lol sharks
  14. Unless we get a better assistant coach who actually knows what a good pp looks like. Scoring could go through the roof. "Oh so you're saying we don't have to pass it around on the perimeter and eventually just lose it? Sounds like it might work but our previous coach was pretty adamant that was a good plan..... ok hold on... *goal horn goes off* what was that?" 😂
  15. Nic Del is number 10 in goal scoring on the team. The only rookie who has more goals is mad max. Ok ok so he had a hat trick.... but seriously our fourth line, if you also included the general himself, is our second best scoring line as a trio. That doesn't bode well for the team, especially going forward. We need our second and third lines to contribute more. It's embarrassing having our fourth line outscore half the team.... hopefully, and I think we've seen some positive views, the new guys can continue to contribute.
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