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  1. Silfverberg declined to go because he was expecting a child. Arizona also doesn't have anyone I believe. I didn't notice anyone else. But meh. Who really cares?
  2. You're probably right. But I think that would really help us be better as a hockey club. How long is DE contract?
  3. BM needs to go. Hire Lou or Shero I think they're an upgrade in that department. The sooner the better. I'd rather have a GM who is aggressive. I don't want to take the slow approach for half a decade with pylons as players. Eakins can get a pass till the end of the season. Fire the assistants! If things don't visibly turn for the better (not saying a better record but the system seems to work) fire him too. Hire Gallant or Laviolette. But get rid of Bob. He needs to go. I've defended him before but his dumpster diving has gotten to me. 70% of the time it's a waste of money where either of the two mentioned above would have actually gotten someone useful. That to me is an upgrade just from that perspective.
  4. What's interesting is that BM was head coach at the end of last year and he had a better record than DE....🤔
  5. I don't think he's going to go anywhere before the expansion draft. He's not a bad gm but I also don't particularly like his bargain bin shopping. I honestly think that set us back more than it helped. He had a bunch of pylons on the back end for a long time. And kept picking up 4th line grinders. What we need is a gm willing to pull the trigger for a bigger player. He's not that kind of guy. We got close to winning but regardless he's still pretty well known as the bargain shopper. Keep him through the expansion draft then hire someone else. As far as the coach, it's his first season here. I'm willing to cut him some slack. But, his decision making has me scratching my head on more than one occasion. He's not the coach to lead us to the cup to be honest. I'd much rather have laviolette. He's an ahl coach at best right now. But what we need is yawney back. Our defensive coach isn't working and it's pretty obvious as well as the guy in charge of the pp. Those guys need to go asap.
  6. Also, they mentioned injuries and how certain GMs were more willing for the player to rehab longer. They both mentioned Vancouver being more patient and didn't comment on Anaheim. That to me seemed like a jab of sorts at our GM. They only played for two organizations. Could that be the reason why our injury lists are also pretty long? They made it seem like some organizations they played for kind of rushed the players back... idk about you guys but that seemed like a pretty clear statement they weren't too high on our GM. Though to be fair Kesler also said he wanted to come back as soon as possible because the mental side of the injury gets to you and he wanted to be with the team. Anyway, I think it's very interesting what topics they cover. It seems different than any other podcast or YouTube channel in content. It kind of gives you a better inside view of the mind of a hockey player, what goes on inside the dressing room and other off ice stuff that they go through.
  7. I thought it was interesting how they mentioned cogs and what a really good guy he was. I think even bieksa mentioned that you need guys like that on your team. Also said he was funny. They had bonino on as well. I thought it was also very interesting how they mentioned the difference between playing in Canada and in Anaheim.
  8. He didn't remove his helmet during the Russian anthem.
  9. I personally wish they would bring back the pre 2002 goal horn. The 03-06 one was also decent. The current one is fine but the old one would be nice. They should have used it during the 25th year.... Edit: Hah just looked at the others and it was used league wide. That's why I remember it so much. Still like it though.
  10. g20topdogg

    Low point

    Good point, we didn't trade him when we was putting up tons of points. I just think it's too early to say that our young guys will never amount to much. Give them time and a let them learn. They're rookies! They're going to make mistakes. It's like they've been in the league for a few years like Richie and everyone is saying they're not that great. Whatever, it's the first full season for most of them. It's fine to say Richie isn't what we expected because he's been with the team for a few years but not these guys. You never know, for all we know terry could turn a corner and we'd be talking about how Karlsson wouldn't be enough in a trade.
  11. There are plenty of other teams who got burned at the draft. The Oilers got yakupov. But they also got McDavid.
  12. g20topdogg

    Low point

    Some guy in Vegas that no one thought would be more than a third liner is doing pretty good...
  13. g20topdogg

    Low point

    I don't think that's fair. What he's trying to say is management hasn't been good enough so in his perspective he demands a better on ice product. There's nothing wrong with that. As far as the crowds, I can comment only what I see on the streams. But it does look empty and it's noticable. We still have ticket sales as you mentioned but, and this is a league wide problem, companies buy seats and there's no one to attend in those seats. The sales are still good but it kind of hurts the regular fan where prices keep going up because supposedly demand is still there. Seats are paid for but empty and sadly there doesn't seem to be much remedy because the revenue continues to pour in. In my view, these are just the really down seasons that we have to go through. It's not the time to buy unless a really good deal comes along. We need the picks. Let's just hope things turn around for us next year. The kids are still exciting but not like they were in the beginning. But they're still rookies, we'll be going through these rough patches. What I think is happening is the team's lackluster performance the past two years, we just don't see the positive changes that are happening because they're going slow.
  14. All three cali teams at the bottom tied in points. There is no way any make the playoffs unless a miracle run happens. 😥
  15. I was wondering why silf wasn't very emotional/ excited when he scored. This is probably the reason as we was already feeling down.
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