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  1. I was actually watching about how the ducks won just today 😁
  2. Everyone is really high on Comtois, but he played 10 games. For all we know he could be future ducks legend Dan Sexton 2.0. I like him too but when you take a step back you kind of realise that he's probably going to be in San Diego next year. That is unless he really impresses. He was here because of injuries last year. If, and I really hope, we are healthy to start the year then we probably start the year with all the fourth line grinders that Bob has picked up over guys like Comtois. Personally, I would have liked to see more of the kids play but Bob isn't that kind of gm to just let that happen. He didn't let it happen before and he's not going to do it now. We're scratching our heads at some of his signings like 'where is this guy even going to play?' but Bob will never just let the kids have a spot. He likes guys to earn their spot, and I get that. But sometimes i think it kind of hurts the development. Yeah next year wouldn't be that great with the kids, or maybe it would who knows, but regardless i don't think it will be much better with older grinders anyway. Bob is just too old school and like Randy in some ways thinks that he's adapted but in all honesty the game has passed them in some ways. He's not a bad gm. He's just not one to make these kinds of changes.
  3. I don't understand that either. Why have Fowler on his off side just to play these lower quality defenders on their good side? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of Fowler's skills to a certain point? I mean why not play Fowler on his natural side and have those other guys play their off side? But don't forget there's also Hakanpaa who was signed. Maybe, and I hope this is the case, MDZ was a gulls signing.
  4. I see some people have already picked guys who played 10 games as being better than those who have played multiple seasons? Jones also still needs to win a spot out of camp. You know Bob isn't going to allow that. He's making it hard on the rookies by picking up up fourth liners...
  5. Not sure that we should be putting him this high yet. Sure he produced but I'm not even sure he's going to get a spot unless he really impresses. He likely spends time in the ahl first.
  6. We were in the playoffs six straight times and had some decent runs so we were better than the wild. Also Edmonton is still garbage, how much time do they still need to fix everything? Sure, poor management but if they're getting such great players they could have been winning at least on talent alone. What about buffalo? It's not guaranteed. I'm not saying don't rebuild, I'm just not for that idea that you keep mentioning that we shouldn't get good players because the ed is in a couple years. So what, just protect the best players in the team. You're not going to protect everyone, that's the point of the ed. They paid good money to get this status. I'm fact I would say that our team is able to spend more because of it. If anything, the ed was a boost for us too. The problem is, what did BM spend the money on?
  7. Yeah, you're not wrong. This is like the 90% off sale at the second hand store. I'm not trying to hate on MDZ but after this amount of time you would think he could have gotten someone a little better.... I don't even think this is an upgrade over any of the kids.
  8. That's the best he could come up with?
  9. This too me is a backwards way of thinking about the ed. Why should we wait to get better just because someone good can be chosen from our team. So yeah let's wait for another two years to really do anything, wait for our team to get worse. Might as well have kept RC for two years and just straight tanked for the picks. Sure you lose fans and the hockey is garbage but at least we get the picks.
  10. g20topdogg


    I believe you also would have to add lundestrom to that group. Didn't he play more than 11?
  11. I did some calculations and here are the minutes played for every point scored. Perry- 23.07 Playoffs- 24.18 Pavelski- 23.89 Playoffs- 27.47 Though both players took a hit in the playoffs Pavelski was worse. But if you compare them before Perry started dropping off you will probably notice a bigger difference. Though Pavelski is a steal in that draft.
  12. I was looking at and comparing Perry and Pavelski. They have a pretty similar career. Goals, assists and points wise they are really close. Perry has way more penalty minutes though. But as I looked a little closer Perry had a higher ceiling. He cracked 50 goals and had more points in his prime. But the drop off in his play the last few years was much more noticeable. Pavelski has been far more consistent even though his ceiling wasn't as high as perry's. But I think Perry played a far more physical game and paid the price through nagging injuries and such. Overall, I think Pavelski had a good career so far. Perry also had a good career, but I think the big drop in points and production as well as having that contract has hurt his image a bit. Even though I would say he was the better player of the two over the course of his career. Perry would still be a duck if it wasn't for that contract. I think BM weighed the contract to his production and looked at the kids and saw better value and more potential at this point. I just wanted to point out the comparison because I came across it and thought how similar their overall production was for their career. Oh and Perry's place on the all time ducks lists and Pavelski's on the sharks is almost the same! It's quite an interesting comparison.
  13. No. The poster above was just making a comment on what might be said and not what was actually said.
  14. I was going to mention something about the 'elite' play of phaneuf but thought maybe I'm the crazy one here. I think he was a decent defenseman though in Toronto and Ottawa but now he's barely able to crack a teams roster. Idk but I would probably pass on him, even if we sign him for cheap. I don't want anymore pylons on the blue line. I'm tired of them but Bob sure likes them so who knows this probably has Bob Murray reclamation project written all over it. The problem is, how many of Bob's projects actually work out? Though the risk is low, it usually ends up being a waste of money and a roster spot.
  15. I'm not sold on this. If it was rigged I would think they'd give a top 3 pick to the kings. They haven't been very good for a while now. More so than Chicago and New York.
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