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  1. thats insane, in the whole world they take a lot of toilet paper... sorry, but this isn't the most important thing I would buy....
  2. No one country has enough tests and masks...
  3. why they test young healthy people? if you are young and healthy (and professional sport players should know that), you seems to be safe! only take you and your family in a self-quarantine. only because they have money and other not.... we have not enough tests.... so they not need to waste tests!
  4. the very worst time to take it... a 21 years old spain had also leukemia and died with corona... Dehydrated Donkey Dung
  5. that's a dream. the season ended. we must be happy if the new season starts october.... I see this virus going some month and I see over 50% of the people who will be infect.... I hope the numbers of deaths not rise too much.... by the way: Tom Hanks is infected and he is 63 years old....
  6. play on playstation the playoffs…. 5vs5....
  7. Win % or calculate back to 65 or 68 games. I don’t believe the season goes further. I don’t believe that Dehydrated Donkey Dungy Corona will be only for 2-3 weeks. I believe in 3-4 weeks at leadt the half earth will have the virus and I only hope nobody I know dies... its scary thing.
  8. I believe the seasons ended. This virus will take a lot of people in the next weeks and some month... hope not too many dies. no one country has control the virus at the moment....:( I hope they can start in October the new season....
  9. now would be the question, how you made the ranking? (for the draft lottery) because the winning%? after 68 games (every teams has at least 68 games) and calculate back the other teams to 68? 65 games would be good, so we would win a place for the lottery;) no Champ this season? Has Grant still his flat in Anaheim?
  10. good thing if the season ends today is that we are 5th last, if the season goes to 82 games we are 7th or 8th last... bad thing, I hoped next week to see Zegras in Anaheim....
  11. I see the same, we need a scorer! Rakell is a shadow of himself, Perry is away… at the moment I think Comtois can be (one of) our best scorer next year with Zegras as his passer... some playmakers? I also include Milano and maybe Fowler there. and for the draft: I still think we trade (Henrique, Rakell, Manson) at least one of this for a high first rounder…. if Murray don't make a trade at the draft, I can't understand it! but Manson I don't believe he get traded because Murray loves too much RHD
  12. I am happy with all trade, Milano was a steal. he brings new wind in the offense. and better let the veterans go at the draft day, there we can take a higher first rounder... Heinen-Ritchie is the only trade I'm not sure, Ritchie was our screen boy and now (almost) nobody sits before the goaltender for the screen! why it is so difficult to set one player at screen?!
  13. https://www.pasadenastarnews.com/2020/02/24/ducks-trade-derek-grant-to-the-flyers-for-draft-pick-minor-league-player/ by the way an interesting report.... about the lack of leadership after the trade deadline Murray said: “Not at this time. But we can’t be talking about this at the same time next year.” they talked on podcast about the same thing, there are the 24-30 years old players…. seems like we will make some veteran-player-trades in the offseason…. maybe on draft day…. maybe my voice has been heard...
  14. yes. as the half NHL team... Rakell-Getzlaf-Heinen-Milano-Henrique-Terry-Jones-Steel-Silfverberg-Deslauriers-Rowney-Sherwood our starting forwards…. and that should change in the near future (Backes, Comtois, Zegras, Lundestrom) where you think, will Heinen and Milano play? 1st line? 2nd line? on capfriendly is Irwin our 7th defender in the NHL...
  15. one comment on capfriendly (trades) wrote, that Sprong doesn't care what the coaches says and when we waiver him nobody took him, so better lose Sprong for Djoos then for nothing. so, seems not a bad trade too, especially if the first thing is right...
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