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  1. a risky move.. why not on taxi squad? or must you there go through the waiver too?
  2. yes I read it today... it would be too nice if not...
  3. it we don't have to protect them, then we must only trade away one of Henrique, Rakell, Silvy and we can keep Terry, Milano and 4 Defense players...
  4. of course don't have to re-sign him, but IF you re-sign him, then AFTER the Seattle Draft. Rakell, Henrique, Silvy, Manson could all be a first, of course not a early, but to a (at least playoff-) contender.... Larsson and Heinen aren't a first value. --------------------------------------- what is with Steel, Jones, Lundestrom, Heinen, they all have an expiring contract (all RFA)... if we not resign them before the Draft, must we protect them?
  5. giving Picks for save one average player is the dumbest thing we can do now, we are a lottery team, it could be Pick 01... we are not a contender in the near future! better trade away some players BEFORE the draft... Manson, Henrique, Larsson, Heinen, Silvy, Rakell or so... that could be at least 4 added first rounders, maybe some later years picks, not all for 2021 Draft.... Getzlaf you MUST re-sign AFTER the Seattle draft as SJ did it with Thornton. so you can protect one more.
  6. with Drysdale drafted its time to move on from a top 4 defender.... especially the Seattle ED...we can keep only 3 Defender instead we don't make a deal as with Vegas... which at the time was a nice move to give Theodore, but now we know: it was a bad one...
  7. every expert says: Ducks are not a playoff team and finish the season at the last 2 places of the western... so only GMBM has an other feeling or what?! why not trade away now our older players away, its a short season, the prospects should go to AHL this season to not play with this losing season (I don't want for the young guys to have a losing mentality as its in Buffalo)
  8. can't wait to the 14th of january... but I am happy that its a short season, why the Ducks are in every Power Ranking last or second last in the west.... heard I right, that Murray said the retool is done? thats bad... I hoped we trade away some other players to not lose one good player to Seattle...
  9. its okay so, Dostal one year in the AHL. he can learn the american ice field.
  10. it was only one game, but I liked Thrun, he looked good.
  11. okay yes his contract.. but I liked him, he was Manson 2-3 years ago..
  12. why only 5th rounder for Gudbranson? he has more value... at least a 3th...
  13. hehe Derek Grant is back, I not realized that... was a good trade:)
  14. but I don't understand why, we are not contender... ah, RHD... now I understand...
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