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  1. I still hope Henrique, Manson and Grant will be traded for picks or so... I see at least two 1st and one 3th rounder with this three… with some other picks or prospects too... there are some rumors with Manson...
  2. in my dreams we would trade Henrique, Grant, Manson and maybe some like Del Zotto, Miller or Rowney... with Henrique and Manson we would have at least 2 more first rounder (and other prospects or picks), Grant can give us a 2-3 rounder, the rest a mid to late rounder. at the deadline the playoff teams are desperately and overpays the players they wants... look at the trades they made till now.... first rounder here, second rounders there...
  3. A 37 years old for a 2nd, nice. And Coleman for 1st, nice, and both with expiring contracts, wow, how good are those trades from the Devils. Cant understand why you pay so much for a player who has an expiring contract...
  4. Devils did it what I hope the Ducks would do.... they already traded for a 1st and 2nd.... now some teams lost good defenders (CGY, CBJ, EDM, STL, TBL, TOR) by injuries for the season, right time to trade a defender high price.. but our GM seems to sleep away this chance...
  5. you don't must lose all the games, but not win 50% or more. and you can still send the young kids to the AHL some games like they did it to Terry for confidence. or we can trade one for a huge piece like Selanne... Bobby was one of the best behind Crosby, it depends also on the draft class. only a few players like Kopitar, Price and maybe Rask were even or better. and we had then Giguere and Bryzgalov both under 30. how many times a top 3 pick is UFA's? or an elite player (Tavares was one of this rare ones)? and then, the most UFAs going overpaid off the market. Trade one, but what or who you want to give away? 4 players for one? and the other team accepted that? the easiest way to take a elite player is through the draft....
  6. that would not be my plan, I said: play 50 minutes with full effort, then let the other win. so the atmosphere thing is over after 50 minutes. and we normally not have picked nice at 5-20: Smirnov, Chistov, Smid, MacMillan, Mitera (??), Holland, Ritchie, Lupul, Getzlaf, Fowler, Lindholm, Zegras. the last 5 I would take (incl Lupul, but he is max. a late first). 7-8 of 12 players I never would redraft in the first, Mitera I not even know...
  7. I hope, that is a joke... It shows that you need a top 3 draft pick. Of course, some players were traded or UFAs with other teams. But trade one of them will cost you much. UFA too, because you must give him the best offer of 31-32 teams. Of course, we traded one for almost nothing this season. But how many players won with the team they drafted and where they were when they drafted them? At the bottom of the league! And again with all the top 3 picks still in the game, the 25% will almost for sure rise.
  8. it would be a good system, but not helps really weak teams like Detroit and Bettman so would not can do some cheats like now... 50 minutes effort and fighting, and then let it be, why isn't that a good idea?! St. Louis has Pietrangelo and Erik Johnson as a first overall, LAK Braydon Schenn (and a player I never heard, Thomas Hickey as a 4th... not knew he played in the NHL for the Isles...) as a top 5 too. the last two both got traded. I say it would be make your chance better with a top 2-3 draft pick. its right, you must also have a good goaltending, coaching (WSH had Boudreau some time and he isn't a playoff coach, that we all know) and defense and you can overpay your stars so you don't have any money left for the rest of the team... here the facts: 9 first overall champs since 1984 (Lemieux, Fleury, Crosby, Ovechkin, Modano, Joe Murphy, Lindros, Lecavalier, Kane) won the cup, a couple were in the finals (Rick Nash, Ilya Kovalchuk). 25% of all first overall players won it. with the 2 finalists, we have 11 of 35. 8 second overall champs since 1984: Pronger, E. Staal, Seguin, Doughty, Malkin, Kirk Muller, Shanahan, Tverdovsky (Hedman, Heatley, Spezza in finals), at least 3 were in the finals. 22% won. with the finalists we have also 11 of 35 10 third overall champs since 1984: S. Niedermayer, Toews, Gaborik, Bouwmeester, Ed Olczyk, Craig Wolanin, Glen Wesley, Curtis Leschyshyn, Brad Stuart, Horton. 35%..how many finalists I don't know. also you can say, pick a top 3 pick, and you have 25 % chances to win the cup and have over 30 % chances to make the SC Finals. and of course, a lot of the top 3 picks are still playing (incl. Stamkos and Thornton), so the % chances should be even more. I think that numbers are really high and confirm my opinion about the top 3 draft picks.
  9. 2:0 and 4:4 from Zegras... I already love him!
  10. Where was Pitts before Malkin/Crosby? Wsh has Ovechkin, Chicago has Kane... they are the most dominant teams in the last 10 years... and where they picked their superstars? Top 2 overall... so almost every Champ in the past has at least one top 3 pick. you don’t have to look at Oilers or Sabres. The best would be, play 40-50 minutes and then let them win... so you dont have this losing mentality like the Sabres (O‘Reilly said it too before he got traded)
  11. now they played better in the last couple games. but what's now? you want to be a Seller or want to try the playoffs to fail after round one?! I don't understand, we make the second time in a row the same mistake. we were 30. at the start of 2020. and now we go to no-mans-land, no playoffs, no top 10 draft pick... so our rebuild goes longer and longer… either you are a contender or you go after the picks/prospects and make a REAL rebuild (what one year before the ED Seattle Draft not the badest thing is)... and the St. Louis wonder isn't now good for us, because BM maybe now thinks: they won the Cup and they were last in January… maybe we can do the same.... sorry no chance, we don't have the potential and talent! almost every SC winner in the last years has at least one top (if not more) draft pick!
  12. in the Vegas Draft I first thought, its a nice deal, at least we don't gave up many draft picks like others.... but now Theodore is turn into a very good player... I'm not sure about making trades with Seattle for protect our players, we only lose ONE player for nothing... thats also the fact that I said earlier: now is best time to rebuild. trade some pieces NOW for draft picks or prospects!
  13. Everyone was upset by him and the wrong decisions and bad passes… now he played 3-4 good games and everything is okay.... people are so quickly forgetful. Gudbrandson I take over Manson, so trade Manson and keep GB for the third spot at Seattle Draft. as I said, its the best time to rebuild before the Seattle Draft, trade some pieces now away and you will not lose a better player for nothing to Seattle.
  14. he has a terrible season, only the last 3-4 games he now plays good.
  15. (one of) the worst trade in the past years (with the Eaves trade, but here was bad luck with his injuries)… once we had so a depth at the defense… Vatanen, Theodore, Pettersson, Montour ect..and add Del Zotto, Gudbrandson (ok this was a steal trade), Guhle...
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