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  1. nice signing, I thought both will have 1-1.5 mio... Comtois 3 and Jones 1 mio. then 2 defenders from Minors and the team is build with 11-12 Mio cap space to make a move as Arizona did it, take 2 bad contracts for picks.
  2. not make sense that we still go after Eichel after we draft our 2 Centers for the future with Zegras and McTavish... only way I see that we trade one of them away in a package for Eichel....
  3. we are 4th, Wings 2nd, LAK unfortunately at first, OTS 3rd if you go with this ranking: I know, its only one ranking, but I can't find an other prospect pool which was made after the Draft at this moment. even if we are 2-3 spots too high or so, still a good and promising future.
  4. BS. he did not make bad moves like Philly or Botteril from Sabres. sometimes is do nothing the better move... in the important moments we had bad injuries (Lydman, Eaves)... especially Lydman was a bad injury and costed us game 7 against Detroit. Eaves were a good move, we were in contending mode, the outcome was horrible because he played 1-2 games too much in the playoffs. the Theodore move at ED VGK I would make again at this point we were then. the most of us celebrated that move then... we are in rebuild and now we have one of the best 5 prospect pools of the whole season, better then longtime rebuild team Buffalo...
  5. how bad was the ED Seattle? without any add. picks or side deals.... can't believe they take all players they really wanted... I know the teams learned from VGK, but 0 picks or side deals and they pick so horrible?! fireRonFrancis....
  6. hope for Seattle they have a lot of side deals, if not, they are a weak team and fight with us for the first overall 2022
  7. Seattle... oh we have competiton for the first overall next season....
  8. what are they doing? they could have a very strong team
  9. Landeskog exposed is maybe the biggest surprise
  10. why not protect Fleury over Fowler?!
  11. Spike1981

    Ducks chi

    brutal was it for Rakell this year, out after 1. round (over 80 years ago SWE not go home after round 1) and then he took a hit in the face too...
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