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  1. Chris Wideman signed one-year two-way with the Ducks, 700k... here is your RHD..... a Journeyman... last season 3 teams... never a good sign...
  2. I don’t believe that a 27 years old sign with the Ducks for playing at the AHL... it not make many sense...
  3. Pietilla, Deslauriers and Martinsen in front of Ritchie? no way! Ritchie is still young. even Shore is behind him. Rakell, Comtois and Jones are in front of him. so he's a 4th liner. but because of the ED, I would trade Shore & Ritchie. okay, because of the ED I would trade a lot of players but this is an old story:)
  4. Stars shopping Honka... RHD.... sign. you need at least 3-4 years, look at Buffalo and Arizona, I think, this year both can make the playoffs... but you must have 2-3 elite players (not goalie) to be a contender... look at CHI (Toews, Kane, Hossa) or PIT (Crosby, Malkin, Hossa), they dominated the last 10 years...PIT never missed the playoffs without C&M...
  5. Stars are shopping Honka... he is a RHD....
  6. I mean 3-4 years. if we can pick 1-2 other elite players in the next 3 seasons, it would be great.... for what you want every year make the playoffs? what you get with that? I would rather go down and win the cup again... as Wilds... every year playoffs and 1st round out (in last 7 seasons 6 times in playoffs, 2 series won)... no I definitely not want that! every year the hope and every year disappointment... ok with Bruce Boudreau no wonder... he's a good regular season coach, but playoffs miserable...
  7. to take a slot from a junior? no thx. better go after some depth in the defense for SD!
  8. its not wrong to be a couple years at the bottom of the league and take elite players like Zegras with high picks. you can't every year be a contender! you need some time down... and I think its better go down, take some eliite players with the high draft pick as always a playoff team, not really a chance to win it all and waste the time of some players like Zegras and Gibson...
  9. Henrique is overpaid, almost 6 mio is around 2-3 mio too much... at Worlds I was disappointed of him. and Silfverberg is a lot better then he is, shooting, defensive work.... I like the move, we need depth and MDZ isn't one for many years, so the young defender have a little more time to be a NHLer
  10. I never wrote it in stone. I only wrote 7 players and the rest on the unprotected list. the problem is, who you don't want protected from the other 7? Silfverberg? Rakell? Kase? one of the 3 junior guy? or Getzy? I don't want lose Lundeström and Henrique as Guhle or Larsson for nothing. and Sprong/Ritchie are both still young, Ritchie had his best season...
  11. oh yes... too long or too short... either you fire him after the first losing streak or you wait till the end of the season because of the draft position. I don't think a big trade is nessesary. wait till after the ED. I would like to trade some Picks till then. so you don't lose a good player at the ED. at the moment we lose a good player from the offense.... Rakell, Getzlaf, Terry, Steel, Jones, Kase, Silfverberg you can protect... Henrique, Sprong, Ritchie, Lundestrom not (if they would the first 7 protect)... also in the defense you can't protect Guhle, Larsson... that could give us 5-6 first rounder for this players.... or we lose one of them for nothing...
  12. Labanc 1 mio 1 year… what a steal… he could have easy 4 mio...
  13. what he wants? what they offered him?
  14. you can sell more jerseys and some shop stuff in the big market... and as I said, 3x 3% are in the top 3... what is mathematically the chance for that, 0.1% or lower? Colorado had 50% to take a top 3... but they not wanted there a top 3 beside young players like Rantanen, MacKinnon, Landeskog... they have already some superstars. Rangers not, Chicago has some superstars, but they are all over 30, they need new market for sell shop stuff.. btw. Pittsburgh was almost bankrupt... then came Crosby... I know, its speculative, but its not a think worth?!
  15. Kings I had also on the radar. They are top 3 next season with Detroit too. I think the top pick goes to one of these two. Mtl also always high because canadian team too. Look the last years, Oilers how much they won the lottery? 3-4 times... Thats (almost) not possible mathematically. Arizona and Canucks lost every year some places. How mathematically can in the last 3-4 years comes a 10+ spot in the top 3?! (Caro, Philly, Chicago) They have about 2-3%! Realistic, how that can be possible in 3 consecutive seasons?
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