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  1. not for free? its the only way to watch the games to pay for?
  2. no chance to stream the games for free?
  3. Spike1981

    playoff game...

    how you can give away this round and this game?!
  4. STL pick must be 20 or higher, if not, we have the SJS pick (22-26th, I believe they will lose against VGK).. STL is at the moment 20th. but if one of the lower seeds comes in CF (DAL, COL, VGK, CBJ), the come to 19th and we lost their pick and have the SJS pick. and CBJ is in second round, VGK and COL almost... and its almost VGK-COL.... so we lost the 20th pick... we now should cheer for all who are behind SJS after the regular season....
  5. Why you want StL to win?? if they lose and no team behind them goes to CF, we have their pick at 20th... so CBJ, Dal, Col, VGK must all lose
  6. remember, if VGK or CBJ goes to the CF, we lost the STL-pick....
  7. Toronto.. I don't hope that... hope they lose against Boston... I wanted Tampa because of this fantastic regular season... but... now I'm for NSH, because they deserved it.
  8. I thought it, because he can't teil me the website where he read it.... and I can't imagine that, no Bob-style and no cap space....
  9. one of our best prospect.... for an older Beauchemin.... this disturb me... but this were all Trades, no FA-signs... by the way: a friend of mine told me, we were also in the middle for Tavares and would gave him 12 or 14 mio?! its that right?
  10. 1. what about with playouts for the last 8 teams? the winner of this wins 5 draft places, the second 3 places..... 2. after 60 games standings (example for 10 last teams) and the team with the most points in the rest of the season wins 5 draft places, second most pointer 4 places till the last lose 5 places... 3. like some of our said, as the team is eliminated (but also would also be eliminated in the other conference), the team with the most points... so the last team is the first team which is eliminated and has more chances to win the first pick... both without lottery... in the first the tanking problem is not solve, in the second and third the tanking should be over. and we not have this rigged lottery.
  11. take the standing after 60 games for the draft lottery, then teams who wins the most points (maybe the best 3 or 5 teams) till the end of the season, and is not a playoff team, receives some plus % for the lottery.... that would make it interesting for all till game 82 and bye bye tanking....
  12. sorry I not wrote good enough, I thought that Bettman wants that a Canadian team wins the Cup again after 25 years... I wouldn't surprised if MTL were in the top 3 with 1%.... I expected 33% of all teams (included MTL with 1%, but MTL was my 5th team --> canadien team and big market) and I have 66% right.... I only NJD not had on the radar... where is the biggest city of america? how many miles away from Jersey? LAK was my expectation because big city... maybe they didn't take them because of their obvious tanking strategy (as BUF)... honestly, I think the lottery like this isn't a good thing. its only a thing that Bettman and Co. can rigged the league more as he wishes. I would take only the last 3-5 teams or so for the lottery for the first overall. it can't be that the worst team can fall to the 4th and team who missed the playoffs for 1 place could have the first... or take the standing after 60 games for the draft picks, so the tanking is (almost) over and you don't need a lottery.
  13. big market? SC for a Canadian team? 3 years after the 2nd pick... but how many times there where last? 3 of 5 seasons... once with about 20 points behind the second last... maybe not ALL is rigged, but a lot... NYR/CHI were favos I understand... because nobody made a mistake, all was okay and nothing was rigged....
  14. wrong.... almost everybody had CHI on the radar....
  15. before the lottery I said NYR/DET/CHI/LAK/MTL are my favos... 2 of them are in top 3... I hate to be right with this ... its clearly rigged... s*it world, always where is that much money inside, they rigged for more... look how many times they gave the Oilers the first, and now NJD is the Oilers 2.0?! nobody interests Arizona in the desert. they many times dropped in the past years in the lottery... or look Buffalo, this year too from 3th to 6th.. by the way, for the draft, I think too, we need defensive players. Holzer is a good 7th, but not a 5-6th: Moritz Seider is also a RHD... but I would like with the first pick to take a forward... the SJS/STL pick and 2nd - 3th round you can go after defensive players...
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