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  1. thats the point I don't like... against Pitts it was the same...
  2. https://www.fantasysp.com/trade/nhl/11728110/del-zotto-grant-cogliano-kloos-schenn-blandisi-shore-aberg fantasy-wise Trade Analyser...
  3. I don't hope that is real happened...
  4. best Dman? he was the worst defender the couple of games (give aways and 2vs1 he not knows to defend)... then comes Manson... also terrible this month.... ok in his defend, almost the whole team played terrible. best defender is Cam. Kesler I would give away... if you really want to make a rebuild.
  5. I wait for the big trade.... Kesler? Eaves? Defender?
  6. former players take back isn't the solution... look at Chicago...
  7. Cogs, Schenn and Blandisi trades are okay. Aberg I don't understand... only question why we not sign Grant as a free agent last year?! but Grant is better then Blandisi. Cogs has a terrible year (since his 2 game-suspension), Blandisi and Schenn are AHL-players. Aberg vs a AHL-player, even if he made off-ice problems, we should receive more....
  8. why not trade for draft picks?
  9. we got younger? +4 years
  10. Sustr recalled... this Trade is okay, this is the reason why Dotchin is back to the AHL... the Aberg-Kloos trade I don't understand...
  11. exactly that is the problem... but we now can go for the pole position for the first draft pick, only 8 points to Senators...
  12. I know, but I think its interesting, that this 2 Teams has the 4 (before draft) best talents.... I'm not talking about Ducks.
  13. only Pitts and Oilers receive the super talents (Lemieux/Crosby and Gretzky/McDavid) and the lottery isn't a fair lottery. if its would be fair, they don't make it in a secret room... Oilers, Toronto... Bettman wants the Canada Teams come back in business. Anaheim isn't a Team they would make a favor. they give not enough money...
  14. okay thx
  15. no one knows?