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  1. yes, Comtois I forgot. but Volkov now also in the mix... I would protect Rakell, Henrique, Jones, Terry, and then 3 of Volkov, Silfverberg, Steel, Lundestrom. Milano and Heinen will not go protected. Silfy for me isn't long term, but he has some trade value, same Henrique and Rakell. the D is much more difficult with unprotected Shatt, Mahura, Fleury...
  2. Mantha < Rakell 9 forwards and 5 defender I would protect. D after we protect Manson, Fowler and Lindholm we lose Mahura or Shatt (or Fleury if he turns to a good one, not forget, he is a 7th overall). and Fw we have 9 (you can choose 7... Heinen, Henrique, Silfverberg, Rakell, Terry, Comtois, Steel, Lundestrom, Milano)
  3. Imagine what Rakell would gave us... frustrating. the 2 moves were okay, but not enough in a rebuild!
  4. after ED is too late, we have 9 Fs and 5 Ds to protect... I said it before: every player of this 14 players (and over 23 y old) get traded I am happy.
  5. its frustrating... I hoped we will at least trade one "core players"... not even Deslauriers is gone...
  6. good point. but I hoped we can ship some must protect players away... we still have 1-2 D and 2 F too many
  7. in a normal year its a good trade, but we have ED Seattle in the house....
  8. 6th rounder... nice now we have 5-6 defender to protect... stupid move
  9. but an other player we must protect... no one protectable player left:(
  10. look at Foligno, Toronto has only 1,3 mio, if a 3th team is involved, you can retain 75%.... https://www.capfriendly.com/retained-salary-transactions
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