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  1. I thought he was a weapon that could play either wing. His +/- numbers are weak but then again, most of the Ducks +/- numbers suffered with RC's system. Minnesota did not give him an offer, he's a UFA. Thoughts????
  2. The comments are exactly how I feel and you can see the team cannot provide what is being asked. The Ducks identity WAS a gritty, hard hitting game....now it's a gosh darn mess....
  3. DuxFan73


    Who's giving all of this effort that you speak of? Cogliano...oh that's right...he's gone
  4. DuxFan73


    I was just going to mention that....too slow.. I must be a Duck
  5. DuxFan73


    How is this an upgrade? Aberg was one of the highest scorers on the team yet we have other players who consistently pass into teammates skates, pass to no-one, fall down at ridiculous times, skate like they are in molasses and don't appear to be interested in hitting anyone... Randy and Bob must be smoking the wacky weed
  6. DuxFan73


    Kloos - 5'9 180 - just another clown to get pushed off the puck. Great...
  7. DuxFan73


    absolute stupid trade...what's with all of these centers???
  8. One of the biggest problems is that no one is getting in the shooting lanes. Man up and get hit by a puck.... The lack of follow through with checks is pathetic, communication in the defensive zone is poor and back-checking is horrific and slow as well. "In this up-tempo trial, are the forwards always leaning the wrong way every second, waiting to release towards the offensive zone?" Most of them are standing still..LOL
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