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  1. A rebuild has structure, clear vision, and goals... This is a mess... Eakins either has lost the room, has implemented a strategy too complicated for them to execute or there is deeper problem. They are all of blame. GM, Coaches and players. Watching the spectacle of a disaster, this is embarrassing. They say it's hard to play in empty arenas now.....Keep playing like this and they may not like the future. I just hope there is a way to salvage this season but it's not looking good.
  2. too bad we can't trade for a better coach....
  3. I'm not saying that there isn't a need for veterans to be accountable but your systems and strategies look dysfunctional. Breakouts out of your zone need to be constantly reset because 2-3 players are within 4 feet of each other, Players forcing shots where there is no lane. Dump/chip and chase where no one can get the puck. We are 4 games into a season, yikes...Yes, alot has to do with the players but it's way too soon to be calling players out, that's usually not the way to get buy-in to one's game plans. I'm not excusing the horrendous starts but he may need to look at himself, his game plan, line combos and practice techniques.
  4. I agree. The "A" belongs on Silfverberg or Fowler. Manson has played pretty poor this season with the turnovers and poor passing. I don't think I've seen a team "wiff" on so many pass attempts.
  5. While I agree, this is not entertaining to watch at all. The mistakes are just awful and the play is so sloppy. Rebuilds are tough for teams and fans
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