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  1. I would absolutely hate if Bells is traded away but if it helps us AT THE DEADLINE for a d-man. (Not named Phaneuf, I'm done with him.) then all is well.
  2. Personally I'm scared if we give Bells more than 3 mil. We know he has the potential to be a 20 goal scorer every year while bringing lots of energy and grit to this team. He is the player that everybody wants on their team but do I feel he could replicate this season where he is on pace for 35+ goals? No. He isn't a player like Penner who is playing for his contract he genuinely works 110% every game but won't be putting up the goal scoring numbers he is this year. (Call me a hater but I'm trying to be realistic.) Best case scenario Bells is a gritty Bobby Ryan going into the corners and in front of the net who can put up some goals on the score sheet.
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