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  1. I'm with you on this one not the biggest fan of Carlyle but he's better in the playoffs and if he gets us far that's all I ask for.
  2. As long as Eaves is healthy and can remain a force during the playoffs and we can win the finals I'm totally fine with him getting overpaid elsewhere.
  3. Don Cherry said something good? What?! I'm definitely in the minority but never been a fan of the guy my whole life.
  4. Exactly my point, if Duck news isn't coming out of OC Register or the team it self unless it's very obvious I rarely pay attention and don't give a rat's you know what about what TSN, ESPN, or NBC says about our team.
  5. Rule of thumb never trust or buy into almost anything the big name national media brands say about the Ducks. Especially in the playoffs. Seems like every time they always pick the other team to beat us in a playoff series. Still can't believe that alot of people had the Jets upsetting us in 2015.
  6. Eakins is purely an AHL coach I don't think he has what it takes to stay in the big time. I get he had an awful roster in Edmonton but he just doesn't seem ready to be behind the bench in the NHL.
  7. They aren't going anywhere and I really doubt they take off the C of Getzlaf's sweater. But I would like to see the A taken off of Perry never was a fan of him wearing it perhaps give it to Cogs or someone. This series especially Perry was extremely lazy and didn't skate through his whole shift someone watch I think game 6 can't remember which goal but it's a 2-1 and Perry looks like Ovechkin and just coasts instead of backchecking his heart out to prevent a goal. His demenor during and after that goal pretty muched summed up the series in about 10 seconds.
  8. I wasn't exactly old enough to understand the gravity of the Ducks loss to NJ but still in my eyes taht cinderella team was just one win away from winning a championship only 10 years in existence. In my opinion 2003 and last years WCF is the hardest we had chicago on the ropes and we could've put Tampa away in last years finals. So third is the kings just because its the kings. Fourth I'd have to tie the 2013 and 2016 first round exits and fifth in 2009 because I really didn't see the ducks as a complete team and Hiller's first games in the playoffs.
  9. I only ask for two things in the offseason. Bruce to be fired and Perry to lose his A. Give it to cogs or someone else maybe even ladd if you bring him in. I am in favor of letting Vats, Stewart, Mcginn, and Santorelli walk. Bring up Theo full time and I would be in favor of trying to trade for a #1 dman which we still don't have. Depending on the market for Freddy trade Gibson or trade Freddy's rights. But please BM fire Bruce let Walrus man take over or whoever is available.
  10. ? Is this a credible source? Now I know that front office wants Gibby moving forward but you nevr know when you got two young great goalies on the same team.
  11. Haven't been on here for a while recently due to school taking up my time but I wrote this in the style of the Because it's the cup commercials from a few years back enjoy and LETS GO DUCKS!!!!! Because Anaheim is now a city of hockey. Because nobody thought they were anything in December. Because here birds skate as well as fly. Because our team lives and dies as one. Because its our house our team and we bleed orange. Because its the cup.
  12. I started at end of the season should've started earlier though looks weird right now but come late second round I should be good.
  13. Don't want Colorado I'm hoping Minnesota squeaks in because I don't consider them a threat. Nashville still scares me back from 2011 and Pekka Rinne can get very very hot. I'd rather have the kings than the sharks just because I think the boys will be motivated to avenge 2014 and I don't think the kings are really that good this year.
  14. Rant Alert: Nice one BM way to drop the ball just hours after you make these gutsy statements you let Andrew Ladd go to the Hawks for a cost that isn't too pricey. Do you know why a team like Chicago wins BM? It's because they recognize their needs and fix them. They actually give up draft picks because they actually recognize when it their cup window is. Yes we have played alot better but nothing can tell me that this team is worse without a solid powerful scoring left winger who by the way played junior with Getzlaf and in the World Championships. So don't be making these comments if your going to let a talented player go to the team who by the way beat us in the WCF last year. Our team's leaders aren't exactly the standard of the NHL. Yes Getzlaf is a great captain but everyone knows he does make the one pass too many when he has an open net he's probably been doing it ever since 2009 aside from 2014. Ladd knows what it takes and has 2 cups which frankly is more than anyone else on this team has. Getting rid of Beauch who actually has a cup for Bieksa who ALMOST won a cup was a major mistake. See the difference teams like Chicago and LA know when they can win and they ACTUALLY TAKE THE RISKS. Stop being so conservative if BM is making comments how you have things lined up today. All a bunch of bull. If Chicago wins beats us in a series or advances farther my point is proved. We better damn win the Stanley Cup if your going to let teams that are bette r than us and beat us in the playoffs to walk over us and make the moves necessary for their team. Now people wonder why I don't reall like BM. Prove me wrong Lets Go Ducks
  15. Don't want Drouin let him rot.