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  1. I'm with you on this one not the biggest fan of Carlyle but he's better in the playoffs and if he gets us far that's all I ask for.
  2. As long as Eaves is healthy and can remain a force during the playoffs and we can win the finals I'm totally fine with him getting overpaid elsewhere.
  3. Don Cherry said something good? What?! I'm definitely in the minority but never been a fan of the guy my whole life.
  4. Exactly my point, if Duck news isn't coming out of OC Register or the team it self unless it's very obvious I rarely pay attention and don't give a rat's you know what about what TSN, ESPN, or NBC says about our team.
  5. Rule of thumb never trust or buy into almost anything the big name national media brands say about the Ducks. Especially in the playoffs. Seems like every time they always pick the other team to beat us in a playoff series. Still can't believe that alot of people had the Jets upsetting us in 2015.
  6. It's been a while but this has been an abysmal season so i need to put in my two cents. IMO Freddy and probably Vatanen will be traded for a legit LW. Rakell will likely replace Santorelli next year at center and hopefully BM can flip stoner because it looks like his time is done.
  7. I would absolutely hate if Bells is traded away but if it helps us AT THE DEADLINE for a d-man. (Not named Phaneuf, I'm done with him.) then all is well.
  8. Personally I'm scared if we give Bells more than 3 mil. We know he has the potential to be a 20 goal scorer every year while bringing lots of energy and grit to this team. He is the player that everybody wants on their team but do I feel he could replicate this season where he is on pace for 35+ goals? No. He isn't a player like Penner who is playing for his contract he genuinely works 110% every game but won't be putting up the goal scoring numbers he is this year. (Call me a hater but I'm trying to be realistic.) Best case scenario Bells is a gritty Bobby Ryan going into the corners and in front of the net who can put up some goals on the score sheet.
  9. Will we possibly see him soon with Devo on IR Heatley won't be back until December and now Wild Bill with the flu?