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  1. My take on the Oilers I have always seen our team better then them since I started watching 5 years ago. I know we are in a slump but seeing us in the standings is making me mad. We never should have traded our players I was fine with the guys we had we might have went to the playoffs this year maybe a cup win but it seems that we made the wrong moves. We can still get some players but we need to get back on track.
  2. How about Hagcoffliano yeah took awhile to think.
  3. I know right I did the absolute thing. That last penalty call never should have happened I think the game was all ours till that call. But it upsets me when we start winning then we let our guard down and they end up tying the game that's the only thing that makes me angry.
  4. That's what I was thinking but first I was like who would be stupid enough to trade Beauch he was my favorite D-Man.
  5. We got this bud
  6. You ain't the only one thinking about Steak.
  7. Yeah that was terrible against the Bolts. Ruined my entire night because of that loss. We have to be ready for tomorrow who knows what the Flames can do to us. We just need to really do our best tomorrow.
  8. You bet it will be interesting and being that long since 2004 I think we can take them down with no problem.
  9. I am still surprised that Jagr is still playing. Still it hits me that Selanne and Jagr are about a year apart and Jagr is still going.
  10. If we resign Hiller then that's great the commentators say that he only allows two goals in a game makes me think ok that's the first one but where is the second one going to come from could be the first or maybe second or third. I like Hiller he makes some good saves and can save us from those good goal scorers.