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  1. We lost McGinn, Perron, Stewart, Santorelli, most likely Horcoff and Pirri, and Thompson is out for a long time. We're people expecting all those slots to be filled by San Diego players?
  2. I hope his nick name is "Blades Of".
  3. There has literally been no talk about the Ducks drafting on TV.
  4. Who's the best available now that we're closer to #30?
  5. I also appreciate that Anaheim didn't bring up the entire organization to make the pick.
  6. Seriously. Video package, then straight to the pick.
  7. Tufte seems like a player Murray would be interested in. Which I guess means he'll go in the complete opposite direction.
  8. Thoughts on Tage Thompson?
  9. I agree. I have faith in Murray and the scouting department.
  10. The closer it gets to the pick, the more I think Bob will come with an out of left field pick.
  11. I'm surprised anyone is even there.
  12. There goes Datsuyk's salary. I feel like there are certain teams that, for whatever reason, other teams like to help out with there problems. And I don't understand why.
  13. Chris Pronger sighting.
  14. Detroit moving the pick to AZ, apparently.
  15. Pretty lanky kid.