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  1. I thought Dobby wanted to go back to Russia? And that he didn't want to be a back-up.
  2. Going to miss Andersen. Really hope he does well in Toronto. I feel like he's got a pretty good demeanor to deal with the pressure up there. But to me, this seems like a pretty good return for a RFA. I mean, it seems like whether or not people like this trade came down to who they preferred in net. All indications were that either Gibson or Andersen were gone by the expansion draft. My initial reaction to the deal was underwhelmed, but after looking at the bigger picture, I think it's a pretty good one.
  3. With Kessel now gone, 6 years, $5.5 million per with Toronto.
  4. So Toronto replaces Clarkson with Clarkson 2.0?
  5. They must be going for Clarkson money if that offer was rejected immediately. I just hope that Bel's agent has an inkling that he'll get something more than BM's offer.
  6. It seems like most people were expecting this. At least now, Murray can focus on other needs. Maybe even trade Bels' rights for something.
  7. "But his newfound finishing ability combined with a ruggedness to his game is expected to attract significant interst from several teams that may be poised to offer the winger a big free-agent deal that could approach $4.5 million to $5 million per season." http://www.ocregister.com/ducks/ducks-667930-season-beleskey.html Wouldn't blame Murray one bit for not offering that, and wouldn't blame Bels one bit for taking that offer from another team.
  8. Always felt as if Bels was going to go elsewhere. I feel like he's going to cash in big time. Don't blame him at all for going to market. I think it would be a good move for Murray to move his rights for a pick or to package it for something bigger.
  9. I don't remember where, but I've seen a few people throw out a contract similar to David Clarkson's for Beleskey. That was $5.25 million a year. It's a light market for scoring wingers. I really feel like he's going to get a big number.