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  1. Point well taken. I haven't been following the Ducks to be honest, have any good news?
  2. It's about year old. Kesler should be healthy in 2020. Not sure why people don't like an article that has the Ducks winning a cup, this should of been well received. If the Ducks can pick up two good defensemen in a year, who knows what could happen?!?! I'm sure with Sutter on board, he will push for some good defensive play. I'm looking forward to any interviews with Daryl Sutter, the guy is a word smith!!
  3. It's good news. Sutter will be there helping out. Just trying to bring some hope.
  4. Well, I found some good news for the Ducks. Thought I share. According to Kyle McKenna, Ducks will win a cup in two years. "The biggest key for the Ducks right now is that they’re deep down the middle of the ice with the likes of Getzlaf, Ryan Kesler, Adam Henrique and a fourth slot that’s flexible with a couple of other skaters on the team’s roster. Let’s not forget that John Gibson is arguably on the verge of blossoming into a top-tier netminder. Gibson, 25, is fresh off of his first 30-win campaign (31-18-7) and his overall exposure during the regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs is invaluable. The right mix of veterans and youth skaters are there, and so is the goaltender on the rise, but can the defense-core make serious strides forward this season? Another blockbuster trade is necessary for the upcoming campaign, but expect Anaheim to win the Stanley Cup in 2021." https://fansided.com/2018/08/28/predicting-every-nhl-team-will-win-next-stanley-cup/
  5. Anaheim Ducks ranked last in offense in 2018-2019 season. About average on defense. http://www.espn.com/nhl/statistics/team/_/stat/scoring/sort/avgGoals https://www.oddsshark.com/nhl/defensive-stats
  6. If you look at his stats the last few years, it makes sense that management cut him. He was an eye sore for the money he was being paid, so they rather train up some youth.....AND try to forget about the money they lost. With that said, Getzlaf and Perry will always be remembered as dynamic players in my mind. I guess I'm sort of a band wagon fan now when it comes to sports, I don't have time to waste on watching really horrible teams play. My time is more valuable now. I do like watching skill. Pavel Datsyuk for instance was fun to watch. The Ducks have really been unwatchable since Chris Pronger left. Wake me up when the Ducks have a good defense again...
  7. Bob Murray for retirement. Ducks need new owners, new leadership, new players, new stadium, and a new image. Full reboot.
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