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  1. Kind of have mixed feelings about this. Glad we didn't pay him that much though. I was thinking he could end up being the next Clarkson I will miss Bels and how his play developed. I still remember a few seasons ago he would drop them consistently throughout the year. This was the first season that edge wasn't as apparent. He was definitely goal and paycheck hungry. Miss you Bels but happy we aren't paying that price.
  2. I would believe Bels scored his way out but isn't comparing a top young dman to a 30 pt winger a little off? I love Bels but I don't want him to become our David Clarkson.
  3. I say keep him if he is at a reasonable cost. He gives stability to our lineup since he seems to be able to play on all 4 lines and if guys do develop (Ritchie) fingers crossed he would still be a pretty trade chip for BM. I'm hoping Palmieri is the winger on his way out personally. I used to be high on him but this year he has taken a nose dive. I don't see Etem as an upgrade on Bels next year. I love Etem I just feel like he hasn't put it all together and leaves so much to be desired still. Saying that I see BM probably keeping Palms around rather than trading him while his value is low and maximize his return once he bounces back.
  4. I would do that personally.
  5. 4 million is overpayment
  6. As much as I hope BM somehow steals him for a great price I wonder how much he can pull in free agency.
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