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  1. Hello. It's been awhile since I've been here but it's good to see old familiar names still on here. I have to to say like a lot of the recent moves by our management lately, I feel underwhelmed once again. When I saw this, I immediately thought of the Marleau to Carolina deal, where he was dealt along with a 1st and conditional picks for a 6th. In comparison, Backes, a 1st that will probably be in the late 20's, and a D prospect that has ranged, from what I've seen, anywhere between the 8th-13th best prospect for the Bruins. So I read this as Backes+1st for futures (1st is the price for taking Backes contract) and Kase for the 8th-13th best prospect of the Bruins. This feels like selling very low on Kase. I understand the injury problems and concussion history, but look at recent deals to compare to...Kase when he's on a good streak is a borderline top 6 player. Backes is not an asset...if anything, hopefully management is looking to flip him again before the deadline. If this was the best offer for Kase, one should probably hold on to him. The trade deadline is still days away.
  2. How does the draft look next year?
  3. Guess the European scouts didn't like what they saw this year?
  4. Perry's price would have been worse. Marleau only has 1 year left on his deal so that's why Carolina didn't mind taking the Leafs's 1st in the process. Perry with 2 years left probably would have equated to another "Shea Theodore" loss.
  5. Tracey was a high riser in this draft by all accounts from what I've read. I think he ended up finishing at #36 on Bob McKenzie's list so it's not a huge reach, and the guys from basically 22-40 are usually interchangeable amongst teams every year. I went back and Steel's ratings were between 23rd and 55th as well when he was selected in a similar spot. I'm good with the pick, minus his name probably won't strike fear into his opponents. Lacombe was definitely a reach though, and I think that was because of the run of Dmen we saw go in the 1st round and the lack of a 3rd round pick. Interestingly enough, he has a Jake Gardiner comp. Maybe we will trade him to the Leafs down the road.
  6. Really? The Ducks buying out Perry is the best news you have seen so far? That's pretty depressing considering a lot has happened around it.
  7. That really sucks. And makes me nervous because the FA crop isn't that impressive other than the top fish, which I know we won't be in on.
  8. I think the cap hit is worse, imo. If Perry was paid $6.625M, himself, and the cap hit was 2M, that would only be a big deal to the Samueli's, because it's not my money, and the team takes a small cap hit. And if that was the case, I would hate it, but understand it more because that would be $6+mil of cap relief. Paying Perry 2M not to play, then taking a $6.625M cap hit seems like a terrible message to send to the fanbase. It screams cheap, and hinders management in shaping the roster. There are players that play top 6/top4 roles that play and make less than that.
  9. Here our the financial implications of a potential buyout for Perry, per cap friendly: SEASON | POST-BUYOUT CAP HIT 2019-20 | $2.625M 2020-21 | $6.625M 2021-22 | $2M 2022-23 | $2M Does anyone want to argue in favor of this move, and pretend that paying a player $6.625M not to play for us is a good idea?
  10. Would be a colossal mistake on many levels. If he is able to find a trade partner (I doubt it), so be it, and I would understand. But to buy him out when the team is neither in a cap crunch, nor contending, only indicates to me that Murray plans to throw money around in FA, which would be a huge mistake. That's not even taking into account the emotional side of the move with the fanbase and organization. I've been a big BM defender on the boards up until recently. If he were to buyout Perry, that would be the final straw for me.
  11. Shore: 12pts in 34 games with the Ducks. Cogs: 6pts in 31 games with the Stars. I know trading Cogs was emotional for many, but not sure how one can argue that this wasn't a good trade. Not to mention Shore is 24 and has 1 more remaining on his current deal before he even hits his 2nd RFA status. I don't know if Shore is ever going to be considered a core piece on any team, but it's hard to argue that this wasn't a net positive for the Ducks.
  12. ^Second that At this point, I think one just has to take the wait and see approach when it comes to Kesler. If his hip bothers him still in everyday normal activities in the summer like the article described, then I think he has to take that as a sign that it's time. With that said, I am definitely rooting for him to make it back and find a way to play without his hip bothering him.
  13. For a 6th round draft pick. We got more from St. Louis than Vancouver did from us, haha.
  14. We should probably keep him away from Kase, just to be safe.
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