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  1. Hmm...I've never heard of him before this link, but Trotz thought of him high enough to take Lambert with him to New York from Washington. At the very least, it's nice to know the organization isn't fixated on just Eakins, even if he is the final end product of the coaching search.
  2. Bylsma was run out of town by the Buffalo players in a very public and embarrassing fashion. I don't think he will ever get a head coaching position at the NHL level again, and I certainly wouldn't want him anywhere near our club considering his latest failures and exit.
  3. Does this mean NiemiWillRise will return?
  4. Todd McLellan has been linked with the Kings and Sabres recently. My preference would be that he goes East. He has a very good familiarity with the Pacific Division and I think the Oilers situation was a product of poor management, not coaching. Hence, why job offers are coming less than a year after he was fired.
  5. They might as well interview the Swedish national team coach since half of our team is Swedish already.
  6. Montour still developed even though he was traded. That's on management that we no longer have that asset, not Eakins. I'd say that was positive development in his case. Pettersson developed enough to a point where Anaheim traded him for an asset in Sprong. Not sure what either player's future holds, but I would say that result would be neutral. Welinski was the 83rd overall pick and Megna was the 210th overall pick in their draft classes. Neither of them are long term pieces, or even long term NHLers in my opinion, but the fact that they were able to reach the NHL given their draft positions should be seen as positives. I don't think Welinski or Megna were ever seen as top prospects by scouts or pundits so I'm not sure why they would be held over Eakins head. Larsson and Mahura are 20 and 21. Larsson should definitely be further in his development than what I have seen, but both of them are still early in their development. Again, I don't see how this is a slight against Eakins at all.
  7. Anyone who is below the Ducks in the standings should be embarrassed. It's hard to imagine there were 7 worse teams in the league based off what I saw this year.
  8. Shore: 12pts in 34 games with the Ducks. Cogs: 6pts in 31 games with the Stars. I know trading Cogs was emotional for many, but not sure how one can argue that this wasn't a good trade. Not to mention Shore is 24 and has 1 more remaining on his current deal before he even hits his 2nd RFA status. I don't know if Shore is ever going to be considered a core piece on any team, but it's hard to argue that this wasn't a net positive for the Ducks.
  9. Yeesh, the team needs to be careful with Getzlaf going forward. He's missed a lot of games these last 2 years. 17 games if he misses the rest of the year, on top of 26 last year. Him and Perry need to find the fountain of youth next year. They are gonna be 34, but it's an old 34.
  10. ^Second that At this point, I think one just has to take the wait and see approach when it comes to Kesler. If his hip bothers him still in everyday normal activities in the summer like the article described, then I think he has to take that as a sign that it's time. With that said, I am definitely rooting for him to make it back and find a way to play without his hip bothering him.
  11. If Kesler can't play, then a buyout might not be necessary. I think there is a greater chance that Kesler is going to be put on LTIR and stay there if he fails his physical in the summer.
  12. I know it has probably been mentioned in other threads, but thought it deserved it's own thread now that it is official. With Arizona's win over Chicago on Tuesday, the Ducks mathematically are eliminated for the first time since 2012. NHL.com pretty much had a quick summary of the season today: https://www.nhl.com/news/anaheim-fails-to-reach-playoffs-following-several-long-losing-streaks/c-306176384 The Anaheim Ducks failed to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in seven seasons, a stretch that included five straight Pacific Division titles from 2012-13 through 2016-17. The Ducks (32-36-10) were eliminated from playoff contention when the Arizona Coyotes defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 1-0 on Tuesday.
  13. Doesn't sound like BM is expecting Kesler to return this year. https://www.nhl.com/news/ryan-kesler-could-be-out-for-season-with-anaheim-ducks/c-305813214 "I don't know if we're going to see him again this year," Ducks general manager and coach Bob Murray told the Orange County Register. "I don't know when he's coming back. He's hurting pretty good." Kesler, who has eight points (five goals, three assists) in 60 games this season, played his 1,000th NHL game March 5 against the Arizona Coyotes but has been dealing with the hip issue all season. "I get why he wanted to do that," Murray said. "It would have been very difficult to say no (to playing in 1,000 games)."
  14. That's fair. RC would definitely have this team in Ottawa point territory if he was still around.
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