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  1. Woof. Glad I bought morning beer in anticipation of this one being ugly. Ugly indeed. Failing to replace Lovren over the summer is wrecking us this season.
  2. I feel bad for Pulisic and some of the young‘uns, but do you think they deserve anything less, as a team, after such dismal qualification match performances?
  3. Such a team goal. Passing was so perfect all Can had to do was tap it in, really. If our defense didn't blow, we'd be a really tough team to beat. Lucked out missing a couple of those gnarly CL groups. Woo!
  4. I'm glad he's getting a chance to retire as a Duck. Much love, BoomBoom.
  5. Lol. After this transfer window, I've come to hate Barca almost as much as Real Madrid fans. But Coutinho's a Red for at least a few more months. We'll see how things go from there. And I don't care how much cash was offered, selling your top player with only a few weeks left in the summer window is a horrible way to start a season that features CL matches. Glad ownership held firm. This whole drama fest can get bent. Also my Reds finally signed a Norwegian starlet (16 year old kid named Edvard who's already lighting it up for the U-18s) so future-watch wise that's cool for me.
  6. Jones got some games in with the Gulls during their playoff run, after his London Knights were done for the year. He played pretty well; I got to watch a couple of those games. Didn't look out of place as far as size, and he has skating speed to burn. Honestly, I think he has a chance to make the roster out of camp. Not a big chance, but a chance. He's got the man size he needs, just needs to show he can play and contribute at the NHL level (no small task, of course), and there'd be no point in sending him back to London.
  7. Ducks gave him his chance, so if he's still got hard feelings that's pretty well on him. Wouldn't mind having him back, though.
  8. So like liquid said, Nate Thompson replacement sounds about right.
  9. A lot. A whole lot. Dude throws elbows and knees at heads. And dives. Hard pass, please, Murray.
  10. Glad they brought Sabourin back. One of my cousins down in SD was going on about how much he loved that dude when I was talking to him last week. He brought that AHL thuggery aspect with a fair offensive contribution as well.
  11. Getting a bunch of expensive forwards worked for Pittsburgh
  12. We don't need a defender, we're good. I'd rather see Marleau (or Joe, I guess, if the $$ makes sense) to shore up that LW depth, or just some flier guys on 1 yr deals. Mostly would want Marleau just to see Shark fans cry, though, being honest. I don't know how much he has left in the tank. Joe we just can't afford, imo.
  13. He'd have to pass through waivers either way; two-way deal just means he makes less when playing AHL vs playing NHL, whereas 1-way means it's the same salary wherever he plays.
  14. So is Carrick's deal, and that's for 2 years at league minimum. Both will be playing for SD. Both are centers, too, which is good; guys with some NHL experience in case of emergency call-ups are good to have.