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  1. Eh, Floorsberg and his fellow PreDivers are still very much alive in the playoffs. But Fox & crew being done till October is nice!
  2. Very impressed by the Knights in this series. Didn’t think they really had it in them, let alone for a sweep!
  3. Well he is the village idiot. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Transportation booked. Day trip confirmed. I am excite.
  5. I like Firestone, generally, for providing some flavor on the cheap. But I can’t say I’ve had anything special from them. Not Cali or even US brew, but I was pretty excited to find out that BrewDog has locations in both Glasgow and London. Will almost certainly hit up the Glasgow one!
  6. Goses are very hit or miss for me. I either enjoy them or despise them. Anyone check out Sour Cellars out in Rancho? It’s not far from where I work, and I love their stuff. A lot of interesting blends and wild ales.
  7. I love Bruery Terreaux. It’s possibly my favorite Anaheim brewery (Bottle Logic’s stouts make it hard to say definitively).
  8. Got a yes on a pretty good compromise plan, imo: day trip on the 24th to Liverpool to see the port, museum maybe, Albert St pub scene, etc, and then watch the game in a pub near the stadium- with an option to drunk purchase tickets last minute if possible. I think the atmosphere even near the stadium should be great.
  9. While Roma is the least-tough draw we could’ve got, they’re still a good side and they’re gonna be tough for my guys. Especially since they’re on a high after shocking Barcelona. My current dilemma of sorts is that I’m set to be in Scotland from April 22-26, and I reeeaaaalllly want to hop a train or flight to Liverpool and drop a large amount of money for a ticket on the 24th now. The friend I’ve booked my UK trip with couldn’t care much less about the sport, sadly.
  10. I am on cloud nine while stuck at work right now. So amped! And yes, Phillolppe Coutinhlol.
  11. Congrats on the residency, Myu! Well deserved!
  12. I’m quite happy with the result, but mildly terrified by Salah limping off.
  13. That‘s an amazing goal.
  14. I might get to see my Reds play at Stamford Bridge next month. If the schedule doesn’t change due to tournament conflicts for either team, anyway.
  15. The Ducks’ win was the final nail in the coffin for the Stars’ playoff hopes.