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  1. Sad for and mad at Karius, simultaneously. Overall, proud of my lads. Game definitely changed after Salah went down; Real had no further fear of the counter and pressed ahead. Bale’s game winner was an absolute beaut. Hats off, Spence. Good match. My guys bringing in Kieta and maybe Fekir for midfield reinforcements, hold Salah and add a keeper and we’re staying up with the top teams imo. YNWA.
  2. Vegas will have RM 3-peating as the odds-on favorite, I’m sure. But you are welcome to pull for my Reds anytime!
  3. Another BS pen but it doesn’t make a difference. ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!!
  4. Is that Allez Allez Allez coming through as well on the US broadcast as it is on the UK broadcast?
  5. Maybe not so unnecessary, this stress.
  6. I’m still so unnecessarily stressed. It’s been so long since my Reds have played in such big games. Soaking nerves in beer in a London pub atm.
  7. Away goal advantage gone now for Roma. Gini‘s first away goal in some three years.
  8. Big win for Real at Bayern, and with the knocks picked up by the home side it’s looking grim for the Germans.
  9. Lol that’s awful. Do they run any of these design choices by fans or some control group first?
  10. Naw, there weren’t any legit-looking sites selling any and the sketchy ones were charging ~$680 US before fees. Wasn’t up to chance it. Did meet some Irish Reds who bought me drinks and celebrated with me. Liverpool’s a fun town on match day for sure!
  11. Well that was a blast, bad end and all. Milner pen was BS. My voice is shot from singing and I’ve been sprayed with beer multiple times. YNWA
  12. Eh, Floorsberg and his fellow PreDivers are still very much alive in the playoffs. But Fox & crew being done till October is nice!
  13. Very impressed by the Knights in this series. Didn’t think they really had it in them, let alone for a sweep!
  14. Well he is the village idiot. 🤷‍♀️