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  1. Yes please
  2. #nailedit I like that we nabbed a couple French Canadian besties in the 2nd, and our Swede goalie pick looks interesting. Not a bad day's work for our mgt.
  3. Good to see most folks are on the "I want Bones back" wagon that I've been on pretty much since the Kesler trade. That's not to throw shade on the Kesler trade, I just really liked Nick.
  4. 4-3 final, Windsor wins it at home!
  5. Watching Orange Julius in the Memorial Cup Final right now. Quite the entertaining game- tied 3-3 and neither team has held a lead for more than a minute or two.
  6. Jarnkrok is from the same hometown as Silfvy? That's neat.
  7. The rumor on Preds' HF boards is compartment syndrome. Would explain the need for emergency surgery, for sure.
  8. Not looking good for survival tonight. Down 2-0 in the second right now. Gulls still missing Tropp, who was injured in Game 1 of the first round, and now down Gortz and Sörensen, both injured during this series. Missing some serious forward talent, and been juggling some ATO guys in and out of the line-up.
  9. Thanks for taking over updates, Spence. Between my nephew being out for a visit and Ducks games falling on the same days I haven't had much time for posting.
  10. Four. Good riddance, Game 7 curse. Anything the Ducks do in this run from here is gravy; they've already exceeded my expectations AND slaughtered the elephant in the room. Speaking of which, how many goats did it take Z?
  11. This whole "the NHL has an agenda against Edmonton" narrative makes zero sense. Zero. None. Take off your tin foil and lay off the salt.
  12. Also officially received the top scorer award, though we knew that one was coming. Are we allowed to be excited about Steel yet or do we still need to be super cynical about his scoring and playmaking abilities translating at higher-level hockey?
  13. Home team took every game for most or all of the season series (I forget if that changed late, but it held true for at least the first 8 or 9 of their 12 game series iirc). SJ having home ice makes that a bummer. Couple good things are that SJ traded their leading minor league scorer to Vancouver in the Hansen trade at the deadline, and the Ducks added Carrick and Abbott to the Gulls at the deadline. Factor in a healthy goalie tandem, Max Jones who's been good so far, and subtract an injured Tropp (though maybe he gets back in? Not sure how bad his arm/shoulder is), and... who knows how this series will go. I don't. Gonna approach it with low expectations and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  14. Yes. So either draw is gonna be really tough for them. Against Stockton, they'll at least have home ice on their side.
  15. Final score: 4-1. Love Elsten's immediate end-of-game call- "Ontario, your Reign has ended!" Onto the second round! Two years in a row! They'll play the winner of San Jose vs Stockton, who are going to OT right now in their Game 5.