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  1. Lazar to the Flames? Great, just what Calgary needs- another young forward with skills.
  2. Vatanen for a young forward? TBL has space for him now.
  3. Filppula for Streit? Weird one
  4. They acquired one of the only Norwegians in the NHL, so stick tap for that I guess.
  5. If we're talking to the Bolts I sure hope that's not who Bob is gunning for.
  6. Well for a 4th round pick that's not a bad flyer to take, actually. Barf Kings Barf.
  7. LA picking up Iginla? Heh. Ok then.
  8. Dammit. That's Noesen and Crammer gone for nothing on waivers. Logan Shaw and Jared Boll still on the roster. Ugh.
  9. Eh, sounds like Doan still has no interest in chasing playoff runs, so nix that part I guess.
  10. AZ needs to add cap. How fair or unfair would Vatanen + one of Despres or Stoner's (pretty much dead cap) contracts for Duclair and Doan be? Probably would have to add a bit with Vats having such a crap year. : /
  11. Much better 3rd. Just missed connecting for a PPG or two, and Tyler Morley who's a gutsy, scrappy little guy, potted the go-ahead goal. Gulls win it 3-2. Kevin Boyle with the W (Tokarski played last night). Elsten's had a running phrase for Megna, that "he's everywhere you want him to be", and I was noticing the truth of that tonight. He makes the right plays, gets to loose pucks, blocks shots and passes. I don't know if the Ducks will ever give him a look given our stockpile of young d-men, but he plays a smart, solid, reliable game. And worth noting: the Gulls don't have a captain this season, they're using the 3 A's approach, and the guys wearing A's tonight were Jeff Schultz (30+ veteran D), Nate Guenin (30+ veteran D), and Jaycob Megna (24 year old D man). That's a huge compliment from the coaching staff and his teammates. As far as I know, he's sported that A all season. Welinski drilled a slapshot in the third period that hit a Rockford player in the leg, I'm guessing knee, and it dropped the poor guy to the ice writhing in pain. Had to be helped off by two other guys, putting no weight on it. Brutal.
  12. Woof. Not a good period for any line. They only gave up one power play goal, so game is tied 2-2, but the Ice Hogs had the puck in SD's zone for large chunks of the period. Hope the guys shake it off and come back out with the fire they had in the first come puck drop for the third.
  13. Gulls with a 2-1 lead at the end of the first. Monty is all over the ice, in a good way. Megna, his d-partner, has the second Gulls' goal, so that d-pair has provided all the scoring so far. The line of Kerdiles-Wags-Gortz has had some nice jump going so far. Tropp also very noticeable; he's a bull in the o-zone, and he showed good patience and vision setting up Megna's shot for his goal. Roy and Sörensen also looking to make plays in the o-zone.