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  1. No score in the 3rd, Gulls win it 2-1 to tie up the series. Jones got better as the game went on. Set up two great chances that his mates couldn't finish, and drove play for his line. Nice debut.
  2. Still 2-1 end of second. Gulls with some quality chances late in the period, and will start the third with 35 seconds of remaining power play time.
  3. LMAO Kaše rushed the puck up the middle whilst his linemates were changing, took on 4 Reign players and almost dangled through them all for a shot. The balls on that kid! Damn. Megna to the box. Big kill coming up without their best D-man. : /
  4. Samuels-Thomas loses his man during a PK board scrum, Reign pot a PPG. 2-1 now early in the second.
  5. Still 2-0 end of first period. Some observations: Kempe is a very strong, talented player at this level and the Gulls need to keep a very close eye on him when he's on the ice. Shutting him down will be necessary to have a chance of taking this series. The Roy-Kerdiles-Kaše line looks primed for a goal or three. All over the Reign in their zone, with a few almosts already. Jones doesn't look out of place at all, albeit with limited ice time so far. Had some good dance moves and board battle wins on one shift in particular so far. Ontario's arena has a better beer selection than the Ponda, but far inferior to SD's VVCC.
  6. Sörensen PPG! And on the next shift, the lead is doubled by the same lad! MUCH better start than yesterday, lads! Edit: per Gulls' Twitter, just NINE seconds between Sörensen's brace.
  7. Sucks to see Tropp is indeed out. Hurt his hand/arm/shoulder/something running into a goal post yesterday.
  8. Well I'm extra glad I got a ticket now. Guess Bob (and/or Dallas) wants to see what the kid has right off.
  9. No, which is why I bit on tickets. There might be sports bars in the Ontario area that use AHL Live to play their games on TV (I know there's several in the SD area who do this for all Gulls' away games; they're advertised during Gulls radio calls), but I'd spend at least as much sitting at one of those and having some food and a pint as I would on this seat which should be the best live hockey view I've had since a club-seat Ducks game a fellow board member took me along to awhile back. I wish they'd televise the minor league games. Hell, some high school football gets in on local channels now and then, why not some PRO HOCKEY, eh? You can pay something like $8 per game to live stream it on, but, eh. I don't want to start down that rabbit hole. They need to charge less for their season coverage, imo.
  10. So no amigos were down to drop so much on a minor league playoff game. Fly solo, grab beer, make friends there? Or listen to another radio call? Edit: Sold! They just released a new batch of upper level seats, including some on row A, for $30 with all fees included. Couldn't resist. Front row of the terrace? That's better than a 300s-level view at the Ponda.
  11. Now he's eligible to slide in. I still don't think he plays so soon; he JUST arrived within the past couple days. We shall see, though.
  12. Interesting black ace to have. Doubt he sees ice during this round, but if the Gulls can overcome Ontario, maybe he'll have enough systems practice under his belt to get in a game.
  13. Woof. Kempe bangs home a turnover from Welinski with 11 seconds left in the third period. 3-2 Reign. Rookie jitters and mistakes all over the ice.
  15. WELINSKI SHOT, CARRICK GOAL! 2-1 midway through the second. Much needed goal, as Reign had all the momentum. Methinks the team who scores next wins, just feels like one of those games.