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  1. Thanks, although was kind of hoping for an email address being in the UK that will probably cost a fortune! Will maybe try though if I can't find anything else. Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I live in Scotland and always get the Ducks jerseys shipped over here. I have every main one since 93 apart from the new alternate which I love. However I always get them personalised in the official lettering with my name/number from when I played hockey as a kid but I have never seen the customisable version of the new Jersey on the shop. I have been holding off ordering it... Does anybody know if there has been or will be the custom version on the NHL store? If it will never be made available then i will just buy a blank one but I just can't understand how they have done it with every jersey before this. I tried emailing the generic NHL shop who were absolutely useless! I'm wondering if there is a way I can contact the actual Ducks store as they should know better? Thanks in advance for any help! ?
  3. Hi Guys, Not sure if any of you will know this but I cant find any way to email the NHL shop. I'm in Scotland, UK and have had every official Ducks top they have ever brought and I always get it with my own name and number on the back. I am waiting to order this new one but all they have is blank or Getzlaf's. Does anyone maybe have any insider knowledge on if they are going to sell a customisable one like all the others? Thanks
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