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  1. So, all goals have to be perfect pretty goals that are perfectly placed now. Noted.
  2. Score a goal finally, get traded. He was clearly the problem. God I hate the Stars and this makes it harder to do so.
  3. About damn time on #9! Not too sure about 27, would like to see 35 first.
  4. Did it go back that far? I thought it started when they hired Celena Rae to do the national anthem. I know it's been a long time though.
  5. Vegas is getting away with just as much. The diving and embellishment by Vegas is beyond ridiculous. Thankfully the refs aren't buying into it.
  6. Tough game for Vegas. Deboer is obviously figuring things out as they go along. Sharks looked pretty damn good.
  7. I've been saying it to friends for a couple years now... #7 should wear the C. Getzlaf's constant crying and tantrum throwing is beyond old. He is a hell of a player, but I have never looked at him as a good captain.
  8. I can't force myself to root for the good story in the Cubs. After a couple years of dealing with Chicago Blackhawks fans, I can't root for another championship for that city. Plus, I'll stick to the American league where my Rangers play. GO TRIBE!
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