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  1. If you open the link, there is a gif of the infraction.
  2. Ritchie fined for actions in Ducks game against Canadiens. olol
  3. Myuyum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    That makes me physically uncomfortable during my breakfast. Well played. What's the next step ? Giordano ? Marchand ? Keith ? Torres ? Cooke ?
  4. Myuyum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    I'd rather have Kesler in a wheelchair on the ice scoring nothing but hotdogs at intermission than a piece of poop like Dustin "there goes your knees" Brown.
  5. Myuyum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    3-1 end of 1st, and Jim Fox just said the losing streak ends today. Sorry
  6. Myuyum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    Kings up by 3 in the 1st against Hawks
  7. Myuyum

    Kings Catch All - 8

    Kings up by 2 vs Stars. I feel dirty that it pleases me.
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