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  1. Whew the women's curling championship was fun to watch. The intense concentration, yelling, scrubbing the floor, yelling some more, scrub the floor again, knocking those stones. Cheering. Makes watching golf boring....oh wait, golf is boring as hell to watch.
  2. Phil our PA announcer said it best last night, paraphrased butchered but close enough: Haglan scored? He couldn't sink a pebble in a sandy beach when he was with the Ducks!
  3. So so tempted. But when would I wear this? And where? And how weird would it look at Ponda wearing this and yelling "Let's go Ducks!"
  4. Enough time has passed that I don't hate Bels any more. They had jersey sales this weekend, and I was severely tempted to pick up a Boston Beleskey jersey. Being honest here. That hit on Stepan was a late hit, but it wasn't malicious. Both are at fault, but you can also argue that Stepan didn't expect a hit. But come on, that's hockey 101, don't admire your pass. To Bels credit though he did let up and changed directions but still finished his hit. Not sure how he broke a rib though. Based on how Stepan fell, you would think he would've hurt his shoulder. I do miss me some Beleskey that would change the tempo of a game with those hits. Not to mention those clutch scoring.
  5. At this point, tongue in cheek, it was a lateral swap. Except we are paying one of them 3 million more.
  6. Bels scored a Bels like goal during the BOS MTL game. 1st goal for his new team, was the only goal for a while for BOS. Still lost 2-4.
  7. Seeing him play in the NYR preseason games, it looks like he's given more freedom by AV. He's always at the front of the net waiting for the tap in, so that's a good sign. And then when I see him get the puck to transition on the attack, it's the same old Etem. Habits I guess. I think he'll only get better given how their coaching is letting him play, unlike BB wanting him in a more grinding and puck hounding role. Definitely unfair for NY fans and media to expect him as an immediate Hagelin replacement. It was a NYR salary dump, and they get a work in progress with Etem.
  8. to see Gloucestershire beat Surrey in the Royal London Cup. Wooooo man!!!
  9. Seriously Bels? You need to fire your agent! Good reality check, too bad your pride got in the way. I wasn't mad and would've been happy if he got his big payday. Too bad the offers didn't come pouring in, and settling for a lower pay per year and 1 year longer term. Even if his production comes back down to earth and he's at 10-15 goals, that 5th year, I'm sure he can be signed as a depth player even on a 3rd or 4th line at $2-$3m five years from now, making the assumption that a Cup wasn't won in the next 4 years. If he has a Cup on his resume, his payday 5 years from now most likely would've been higher than the $3m difference between our's and BOS offer. So yeah, all those feel good feelings and best of luck wishes I had, even though he turned down our offer is gone. Rather insulting to us fans and organization that "raised" him. I know who I will be booing when Boston comes to the Ponda.
  10. Fly fishing looking great in the mornings! I'm almost ready.
  11. was kind of lost what you were talking about, had to do some digging. Ah I understand now, he played on a team during the lockout for Coventry in the UK. are those sponsorship ads on the uniform? Matty at Coventry:
  12. uugghhh!!!!! doubt it, but still uggghhh!!!!!!
  13. it's crazy how often he's scoring right now. very versatile player and wrecking ball. developing some nice finishing hands this year, hope he keeps it up. I see him as someone that has stepped up this year with the departure of our guys from last year. smart move on his part! I don't think he's top 6 player, but someone that can easily mesh with our top 2 lines.
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