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  1. Like Shanahan said “ if you think you know the right decision on it , you have to move ahead.”
  2. There is no way that he saw that game and decided we weren’t destined for lottery territory even with Dubois . We can’t play a game like last night every time. We are going to flush out on Sunday I guarantee it. I’m glad we didn’t give up what Winnipeg did, but if it didn’t involve Zegras , I make that move 100%.
  3. Although it seems like a total Bob move to just inquire and say NO before they respond, he was probably all in. No way you beat the package Winnipeg gave up (A LOT) though. If he could have made it happen with Steel and other pieces excluding Zegras only, I imagine he would have .
  4. Gallant would be a gallant attempt to regain my faith in GMHCBM . Dineen will be the next coach, madden will be the next GM . Sad days.
  5. Winnipeg overpaid big time . Laine is worth 2 Dubois in my opinion. Jarmo would have been hung if he threw in a higher draft pick . Glad we didn’t lose Zegras , it was fun speculation though:
  6. Super happy for him. Nice pickup for the wings
  7. yeaitsme


    No Milano for you ?
  8. It was earned , be thankful you have Gibby.
  9. I’d start with Shattenkirk-Getlzlaf-Milano-Grant-Lindholm. Fowler doesn’t get it done for me even though he moves the puck well. Milano is very fast and gets to the dirty areas like Grant does. If we play behind the net with Getz on the half wall looking for passing lanes with our two defenders trailing high, it gives us more options. I hate seeing Getz in an umbrella formation passing to Fowler . Getz should be at the dots looking for options, and I think Grant and Milano could be those guys
  10. What scares everybody about Grant playing on PP1? Our PP has been infamously bad, and people are questioning why we are shuffling it up? Go for it. Maybe Grant scores 15 this year
  11. Guessing he didn’t work out? I haven’t seen any updates on his status anywhere. Hutton is by no means a stud, but I’d light a fire under Larsson with some competition . The kid seems to be on BM’s golden boy list for some reason.
  12. Hate to be a wet blanket, but whoever said that we are anywhere close to a playoff team is smoking crack. As for Vezina, you don’t win those unless your team and record stand out to the masses and media (popularity contest). We all know Gibson is Elite , but the team around him isn’t. Is there a link to the article ? 1. Vegas 2. Colorado 3. St. Louis 4. Minnesota 5. San Jose 6. Arizona 7. Anaheim 8. Kings.
  13. With the season 3 days away it is a bummer that the Ducks, unlike many other teams haven’t posted or streamed anything content worthy about their camp. Other teams have posted/streamed full scrimmages and highlight packages to go along with it. I’ve noticed over the past seasons that we have a minuscule amount of behind the scenes segments and player interviews . Does this make anyone else somewhat disappointed?
  14. Grab Svechnikov from them, that’ll make em sorry. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/corey-perry-loui-eriksson-headline-busy-day-nhls-waiver-wire/
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