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  1. Thanks for the link! Was lazy on my end lol.
  2. The Flyers relieving Hextall of his GM duties today..
  3. Okay I see now! Thanks for clearing that up for me. What a bummer, really liked the kid so far. On the flip side I’m glad he will be able to work on his game a lot more. He’s going to be a good player one day.
  4. Poor Patrick... I feel really bad for the guy, can’t catch a break.
  5. How are they able to send him back to juniors? He played more than 9 games??
  6. Kinda feels like you’re picking the worst player (for maybe 2 games) instead of the other 18 who have been just as bad ,if not worse. Pettersson is young and has plenty of room to improve, compared to Schenn who’s game “is what it is” now. Youre just wrong on this one.
  7. I would say It’s for Nylander, but I don’t want the boards to crucify me.
  8. I agree that The Panthers would be good trade partners with Toronto , but to be honest as you mentioned Florida is pretty set with their top 6 and have a ton of talent on that team. It doesn’t make sense for them because Toronto most likely is going to ask for Matheson coming back. That leaves a gaping hole on their blue line that would basically wash out any offense . When you’re getting scored on 5 times a night , things are going to go downhill really fast (as we’ve seen with our team so far this season.) I’m holding out hope that GMBM finally realizes that he needs to do something NOW if we (most likely) get ragdolled tonight. He’s been in this situation before , but this time it seems inevitable. Whether it be a coaching change, or a trade , something has to happen . I’m all for the former by the way. I guess we will wait and see.
  9. I agree they are biased most if not all the time, but they said Monty and Ritchie would be fair.. I’d throw in a 2nd as well on top of that package. It was interesting because they only mentioned us and the Blues, the Blues giving up Parayko for Nylander straight up.
  10. Gives me hope that one of our sub par performers could retrospectively bring us something more valuable than we had been thinking.
  11. I’ve been wondering about Kase. I know it was concussion related and that type of injury takes its necessary recovery time, but boy do I miss the guy!
  12. Ho Sang. Let’s give him a chance like we’re giving Blandisi and pretty much everyone else in our roster....