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  1. I doubt that. Players know this is a business through and through. If it really was Carolina spreading a rumor, Murray most likely let it known to said player that it was all a farce.
  2. Seriously, Besides that big hit in the first, he looked like a nervous rookie . Cmon Ritchboi
  3. If we trade Kase without an extension in place for Faulk , that’s it for GMBM, for me at least . I don’t like where this is heading , that is if any of it is true. #dontdoit
  4. We need a defenseman , but at the cost of Kase + ? I’m not ready to give up on Kase even a little bit tbh. If he can stay healthy, his ceiling is pretty high. Faulk is Okay but not worth it imo! what do you guys think?
  5. I wouldn’t use the word “attacking” so loosely. There’s a mutual respect between everyone who frequents this message board.
  6. They got Barrie and Kerfoot? That’s larceny in all aspects. Kerfoot is going to be a great player for years to come
  7. The Enigma that is GMBM strikes again. Throwing away picks for trash.
  8. Someone had to say it lol! Great pick in my opinion, big kid .
  9. I wouldn’t mind keeping him on the roster for the measly amount of money he gets paid, and the fact he’s not completely incompetent makes me happy. I recall someone mentioning in a thread how we always seemed to win with him in the lineup. How cool was it when he actually played on the wing.
  10. Trade Larsson.. still not computing how so many people are high on him after this season. Kid is average.
  11. Top 3 would be nice, but owning 3 of the first 39 picks makes up for the dissatisfaction of possibly not winning the lottery. Someone already mentioned GMBM drafting a defensemen from 8-12 . That there would be a monumental shot of wtf. Get a center GMBM, a center.
  12. Probably a 4th for DZ
  13. DelZotto to Stl? Seeing that pop up a lot.
  14. I started having cold sweats when he did the whole “you get an extension, you get an extension!” Part!
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