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  1. Goalies usually don’t hit their prime until around 26-28 imo. So yes, he’s isn’t old by anyone’s standards
  2. I agree. He said it himself that he has always wanted to be a “ one team guy. “ Getz isn’t going anywhere. He’s always been an essential piece for this franchise, and will continue to be as a mentor and captain to the young guys throughout this transition.
  3. yeaitsme

    Low point

    He was second for assists by an American born player in the tournament only behind Doug Weight who had (14). Pretty good company. I’m stoked for the kid, he’s going to be good.
  4. What stands out most IMO is his production in such a small amount of ice time. In a little over 65 minutes the kid had 9 assists , all primary assists. He started on the 4th line for the first couple games. Blind passes were great, but I was most impressed with the pass from the opposite side of the ice to Kayliev for ta one timer. His patience was amazing. The kid is going to be REAL GOOD. In two years when Steel , Comtois, and Jones are A LOT better , he’s going to do some damage with those guys.
  5. Yea, I wasn’t expecting the article to end with a cringe-worthy video of the water bottle incident. It wouldn’t be smart going forward if we are trying to build up for the next couple years. One thing I didn’t agree with was how they said Hall was past his prime. The guy is 2 years removed from a Heart Trophy. It would be a nice add at face value, but the history between HCDE and the money , it’s a no go. I’m all in for Vats, or Shayne Ghostisbere.
  6. We should call up Wideman from the Gulls. Leading the team in points as a D-man, and has nice size. Would be worth a look , at least to replace one of Holzer or Larsson
  7. If I’m not mistaken, we were also #1 on the PK
  8. That I agree with 100 percent. Maybe I was more irritated about Sherwood’s unwillingness to answer for it, although he kind of did. One game would have been understandable.
  9. I’m on Lucic’s side on this one, and boy I never thought I’d Say those words. If you go in after the whistle and swat the opposing teams goalie, you better expect to start shedding your gloves and take a punch in the face like a big boy. The way he landed made this looks worse than it was. This new “soft” version of hockey gets on my nerves sometimes.
  10. yeaitsme


    Why he’s sitting down in SD is perplexing to say the least. Send that scrub Larsson down
  11. Obviously Mcdavid and Draisaitl are the real deal, but the minute they lose a defenseman to injury they will regress back to the Oilers team that we can laugh at again.
  12. Watch on NHL Game Center. I believe the first couple of regular season games are free (could be wrong). Or try and hit up Reddit to find a link! good luck mate
  13. 75 points, Miss the playoffs, and draft in the 3-9 spot in the upcoming draft. It’ll be good for us
  14. Ovi was how old once he finally started to realize that defense actually meant something? I’ll give you the benefit when you say Laine is young and has many years to become that all around player. I’m not giving up Rakell plus decent futures to wait 3 years until he becomes that. Laine is tainted and we all know it! Who’s he going to play with, Getzlaf and Rakell? Getzlaf is still the best passer in the league in my opinion , but he’s not nearly as good all around anymore as the Winnipeg boys he’s talked about that he “never gets to play with”. I cant be the only one who doesn’t want to pay Laine what he thinks he deserves. On a team where we have people like Steel and Comtois about to make the roster, he just isn't worth it. He can stay in Winnipeg and under perform and whine about his line mates.
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