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  1. This organization doesn’t makes moves that make sense.
  2. Why is there no game day thread today ??
  3. Why is there no game day thread for today’s game ????
  4. This will be the second time they’ve put him through! Grab him !
  5. The next 3 games for the Blues will be big. Maybe we could land Beauvillier from the Islanders for either Rakell or Manson .
  6. Heinen had 47 points with Boston . I’d keep him. He just needs the right players in his line
  7. Wish he was 6’ 6” 235 pounds .
  8. Pro hockey rumors this website is pretty solid
  9. Mittelstadt for steel is an easy yes, don’t you agree? Maybe this could be the reverse wild bill. MAYBE
  10. yeaitsme


    Looked at Seth Jones, and he has never scored against Martin Jones . It might be the first time .
  11. Galimov has been a human highlight-reel as well. Think we drafted him with out last pick? Would be nice to sign him as well
  12. Agreed. He needs a strong group around him to succeed, and sadly we don’t have that atm.
  13. Trading Raks is a no go . Unless we get a kings ransom. Toronto is the only team I feel could give us something.... even then, it’s a big question mark. Gibson isn’t getting traded either unless it’s a kings ransom. It would seem that we are pretty stuck in terms of assets. Screw the picks, get us something that will work in 2 seasons.
  14. I’d rather have a go at someone else who can put pucks in the net as well as play sound defensively. Laine is an enigma. We’ve had enough puzzle pieces that never did fit.
  15. I agree. Murray can’t use cap space as an excuse after this season. There’s nowhere to hide.
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