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  1. So NBCSN has most of them , but NBC has games as well. Should be easy to find if you have basic cable. Been using NHLTV for 3 years now and I must say that it is your best bet. I think it’s only like 4.99 atm to watch playoff games. Well worth it
  2. Been watching the Caps game.. Tom Wilson knows how to hockey. Garbage ethics, but those 2 big Russians love him. I’m so happy hockey is back !
  3. Rooting for Dallas in the West, Philly in the East
  4. They did get to game 7 ECF against the Pens , but yea pretty trash overall. They played some good hockey at the start of the year, adding 2 really good High picks could really turn the page for them, especially if Duclair stays hot like he was before the season was cut short. Too bad their owner is a complete idiot.
  5. Yea... it’s all going to be really confusing I’m sure we all know. This is going to throw a lot of things out of whack. I guess since the lock out never happened, we had to suffice for this crap.
  6. NHL has suspended play
  7. Because ESPN has always given dehydrated donkey dung about hockey. Linda Cohn . Lmfao
  8. He will play of course, but, in no was he acquired to solve any of our offensive ailments. Merely for a prospect and a draft pick.
  9. This is a good move in my opinion. I’ve always liked Kase and it stings a little bit to be honest, but, His injury history is a glaring issue. Over there on the Bruins boards, people seem to be pretty upset about us not taking on the entirety of Backes’s contract.
  10. I agree we need to acquire younger players who are hitting their prime 3 years down the road when we can actually contend again. But at the expense of Gibson? We could end up like the Sharks, great all around roster, but horrible goaltending that gets us nowhere in the playoffs . It’s a big risk if you ask me. I get what you’re saying and to an extent it makes sense, just a double sided sword waiting to be fallen on. Kapanen has a lot of potential and is exactly that young 23 year old forward that would be in his prime in 3 years.
  11. yeaitsme


    He’s played the best hockey of his career here in Anaheim we let him go last year to the Penguins (boo) and signed him again afterwards. He likes Anaheim, we like him in Anaheim, and he’s an #Elite#1c .
  12. Goalies usually don’t hit their prime until around 26-28 imo. So yes, he’s isn’t old by anyone’s standards
  13. I agree. He said it himself that he has always wanted to be a “ one team guy. “ Getz isn’t going anywhere. He’s always been an essential piece for this franchise, and will continue to be as a mentor and captain to the young guys throughout this transition.
  14. yeaitsme

    Low point

    He was second for assists by an American born player in the tournament only behind Doug Weight who had (14). Pretty good company. I’m stoked for the kid, he’s going to be good.
  15. What stands out most IMO is his production in such a small amount of ice time. In a little over 65 minutes the kid had 9 assists , all primary assists. He started on the 4th line for the first couple games. Blind passes were great, but I was most impressed with the pass from the opposite side of the ice to Kayliev for ta one timer. His patience was amazing. The kid is going to be REAL GOOD. In two years when Steel , Comtois, and Jones are A LOT better , he’s going to do some damage with those guys.
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