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  1. Trade Larsson.. still not computing how so many people are high on him after this season. Kid is average.
  2. Top 3 would be nice, but owning 3 of the first 39 picks makes up for the dissatisfaction of possibly not winning the lottery. Someone already mentioned GMBM drafting a defensemen from 8-12 . That there would be a monumental shot of wtf. Get a center GMBM, a center.
  3. Probably a 4th for DZ
  4. DelZotto to Stl? Seeing that pop up a lot.
  5. I started having cold sweats when he did the whole “you get an extension, you get an extension!” Part!
  6. I love all of this guys content, without a doubt one of my favorite YouTube content creators. Knowledgeable and not afraid to rip out your heart either! He should do a Tank Bowl for this NHL season.
  7. We get either San Jose’s 1st or St. Louis’s 1st, which are both owned by Buffalo.
  8. Oiler fans saying it was all shoulder and they need a different angle. That fan base never gets old. Kind of makes me happy seeing Mcjesus commit intentional sin.
  9. *sigh* GMHCBM. If this deal goes above 5.5 mil per with a NMC , I’m going to IKEA, and I’m going to jump off their roof.
  10. Glad to see the team making adjustments for the better ever since RC was canned. That still doesn’t mean we are anywhere close or even deserving to make the playoffs. Take the L for this season, avoid an embarrassing playoff sweep, and sit tight for a high draft pick. Think of the future! If we end up missing the playoffs by 2 points, and in turn lose our chance for a top 5 or even number 1 or 2 pick, that right there would be a colossal screw up by management. Picture this right now: showing up next year to the boards and seeing these #weshouldhavekappo #whereshughes ..... That is going to hurt big time I tell ya.
  11. I’m just spitballing with this one because it seems like an interesting option. The kid is BIG and he’s young. He’s only playing 10 minutes a night on a horrible Edmonton roster when he should be at least given a solid chance and more minutes.. His point totals this season aside, would anyone here be interested? If so, what would you give up to land him?
  12. Exactly why I don’t understand how a decent amount of people on this board are not down with the idea of having Eakins behind the bench. Yes I understand he didn’t succeed in Edmonton , but who would? Eakins > Quenville
  13. I tried not to let the proverbial trigger in my head get pulled but I couldn’t help it. Gibson by far has been the best player on our team for at least the last 2 seasons. Kid puts in A+ effort night in and night out, and has won/kept us in more games than I can even count. Ice a decent or even mildly above average defense in front of him, and some forwards who can put the puck in the net 2 or 3 times a night and you’d see the results. Overrated is not the word I’d use pal.
  14. 🤔🤭 If I’m not mistaken, the guys have been playing like they’re already a bottle of booze deep when they step on the ice! Fowler’s making cocktails in the defensive zone and Ritchies chasing Olives around the ice!
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