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  1. Just curious as to why you put such distance in potential between Terry and Steel? They’ve played pretty much the same amount of games at the Pro level, they’ve both had big looks (Steel a tad more) with the big club, and had minimal roles for the most part . Steel has 13 more points in only 6 more games Played than Terry. Both scored game winners against teams fighting for a playoff spot before the pandemic stuff started. Point totals aside (which doesn’t say everything about a player obviously) I’d say they both have the same ceiling. Maybe Terry has a tad more vision , Getzlaf-esque, but Steel has the pure scoring threat imo. Who played with better line mates through their stint? Who got sent down to the gulls like a precious jewel to polish to perfection a couple times this season? Maybe management has as much faith in Terry as you seem to have? Steel stayed up and had games against NHL players, maybe not to the success as most of us hoped, but nothing that would dismiss him as a candidate to break through like Terry. I’m hopeful and rooting for both to find their footing consistently, sooner rather than later. They’re both BIG pieces to our future club . p.s. I am not related to Sam Steel.
  2. Oh Darn. I thought it was because when Getzlaf was out , Grant took his place on the top line and did just as well or better during that stint . I feel uninformed now.....damn quarantine .
  3. Hear that Bob? You have a job to do. I’ll also take Dadonov as well Bob! Thanks Bob.
  4. Isn’t Dunn a Left shot? Regardless I’d be kicking the tires for him. Wonder how much salary he’d be asking ?
  5. Shattenkirk can’t improve our abysmal power play all by himself , but should definitely get it trending upwards... If not, it will confirm what we have all been saying for a while....FIRE THE ASSISTANTS
  6. If the hockey gods allow it! We came out winners
  7. My stream has cut out . What pick is next??
  8. Never will happen but if we got Laine I’d jump out my window . Family guy style .
  9. Minnesota dumpster fire. Start with a good goalie when building. Guerin looks like he needs to lay off the hotdogs
  10. Won’t happen, agreed. We should go for it. We could all agree that this draft would be considered Legendary for us. Murray is sleeping under the cubicle right now
  11. Goalie pick for buffalo? Better go with Perfetti
  12. I should have guessed. NBC is the type to interrupt overtime in game 7 of the SCF to show a NASCAR commercial .
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