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  1. So you’re saying he deserves a chance ? I’d rather give players a chance. Like all of those guys down in SD . I’m sick of hearing on repeat that Eakins is the problem. We all know that. Threads just turn into “Eakins sucks.” We already know that. Let’s put our focus on ridding ourselves of the players who have had long looks and haven’t performed. No one gets number one picks unless your team just blows . We blow , but it’s not like if Eakins had a number 1 pick he would have saved his job in Edmonton . Get rid of the deadweight. Rid ourselves of players who can’t get it done consistently. Give our AHL caliber coach a reason to be fired . Trade Em all and see if Eakins can get it done. Doubt it. everyone just sounds like a broken record. No one in the coaching staff nor anyone named BM is getting fired this year.
  2. You can’t be serious. Getz is getting nowhere near that amount. He wants to retire In a Ducks sweater , and I could say that we all agree that he should. Getzlaf is a role player now, not a force to be reckoned with. His play has been fine.
  3. They’ve already did that a couple seasons ago. I like the Samuelis , but a statement from them to me is pretty much a wash. Fix the problems .
  4. It’s makes sense (to BM) 🧐 Rico has played really bad though .. 22 shots In 16 games ? -8 overall? The only plus side is his face off percentage. I’d definitely Wish we could gain as one picks or a prospect for him , but his demotion is well warranted. He played for Eakins last season and still put points up on the board, but this year is a big question mark. Wonder if he’s hurt for getting benched ? Regardless he’s playing NOTICEABLY bad on a team full of people playing really sketchy hockey.
  5. I 100% agree that it is likely over-exaggerated. Just curious on what “smoke signals” means lol.
  6. Gal > Komarov. Younger and can score goals in the right situation
  7. Trade someone on the depth chart for a pick, swoop up Galchenyuk. It’s low risk/high reward. It’s not like he’s De Angelo and Kane with attitude problems. He got completely screwed playing in Montreal, played for the Coyotes (which I could argue are just as bad as us at our worst). Give him a chance? he is definitely a top 6 . You’re crazy
  8. Rumor has it that Gibson and his agent have sent “smoke signals” to management in concerns to the direction of the team. Source was quoted to be “reliable”. Ducks n Pucks podcast .
  9. Galchenyuk placed on waivers via Carolina . Cheap cap hit. Would have to quarantine for 2 weeks but hey????
  10. https://youtu.be/HaX_Pp-s0zE beginning of the video. the assistant coach talk about the philosophy they believe in in SD. makes sense
  11. We are talking about Torts though. You can’t expect that a player won’t voice his opinion. How do you know that he said this in front of the entire squad? Do you think Dubois didn’t voice displeasure before the media caught hold of it ? Torts is the problem , not Laine. He is well known for his outdated style just as much as RC was known for is out of date systems and boys club attitude. If a player scores goals, they should be in the lineup. If the Jackets lost that game, there would be a whole different context surrounding it. Torts blows
  12. The NHL is getting softer each season. If a coach like Torts gets mad that someone said something out of line.... He should watch the interviews he gives. It’s stupid that a player can’t tell someone in the coaching staff that it isn’t working.. I wish someone on our team *cough Getzlaf* would show some passion in saying the current system isn’t working. Seriously, just look at Marty Wilford. Guy looks like he’s waiting for players to beat him up on the bench after a crappy PP. the guy hasn’t had success EVER. im saying something if I’m a top player in the league. Tortarella is an a-hole , it must suck for star players to tell you that your system is incompetent.
  13. It doesn’t matter. When we fix our goal scoring problem along with the plethora of other problems , then maybe we can have the discussion.
  14. 2 assists tonight . Curran with a goal as well. Perrault had an assist. De Leo with a multi point performance . Call the producers up
  15. Zegras in his first regular season game in the Pros tonight. On a line with De Leo and Carrick.
  16. Teemu posted something on Instagram with this same video and “why is this guy not playing with the Ducks? He is Ready.”
  17. Just stop. We all knew this season would be rough. No one will take on the contracts, we’re stuck with what we have . Murray is losing it though.
  18. The Flyers are healthy scratching Konecny tonight. Must be nice to sit one of your best 3 players and still expect the win. Apparently his 5v5 play has been bad. Our team is a looooooonnng way from legitimacy.
  19. Rather go the John Chayka route huh? I’m not a Rutherford guy, but it’s not like hiring a head coach . Every situation is different when a GM gets to re-tool or blow up a roster. Anything at this point is better than Murray.
  20. Gibby the third star of the week. Stopping 95 of 99 shots in 3 games. 2-0-1 , 1.33 GAA, .960 SV%, and 1 shutout.
  21. Super happy for him. Nice pickup for the wings
  22. yeaitsme


    No Milano for you ?
  23. It was earned , be thankful you have Gibby.
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