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  1. I think Getzlaf is going to take the Thornton road after his current contract is up. Perry, maybe, just depends on his knees. I want to see how the expansion draft leaves us but my thoughts are that the Ducks will be a very solid playoff team in three years. It's just going to take time for the young guys to become solid players.
  2. I'm guessing that the teams that make the playoffs that are eliminated pick by inverse order of points except of course the two finalists? If so, I think the Blues would pick 18th if they were booted in the first round with their current points. They need to get some more points with only a handful of games left if that's the case. I'm not so worried about the draft because I really don't think Murray is going for a forward. If we get pick 1 or 2 he better draft Kakko or Hughes other wise, I see him drafting a defenseman if we ended up with the 3rd pick.
  3. We didn't need a lottery pick in '07 to win a Cup but besides that as I've tried to say over and over, the only way to be a sure lock for a top 5 pick is to be worst and second worst in points at the end of the season. The Ducks were never that bad to be one of the two worst teams in the NHL because we actually have talent and one of the best goalies in the game. I fault Murray for not firing Carlyle sooner while the season still had a chance to maybe be salvaged, hell I fault him for hiring Carlyle period. My point in all this BTD is that the history of the current lottery has proven that better odds haven't meant anything for the 2nd or 3rd worst team going into the lottery because they have always in every instance of this current lottery system, fallen back. So history is more in our favor than the odds which are only slightly worse for us. Other teams still have games in hand on us and San Jose plays bad against Vegas so I anticipate them getting booted in the first round which increases the chances of our 2nd first round pick of being in the high 20's.
  4. Those teams still have games in hand on us. Edmonton being perennial tankers hasn't helped them out. This draft isn't going to define the Ducks for the next 10 years.
  5. And Getzlaf was temporarily blinded by the shine on his head while looking in the mirror. The shine was reported to be equivalent to a 20K watt light bulb.
  6. It seemed like he wanted to show-up Edmonton in the 2008 draft. Kinda like "hey, you gave Penner an offer sheet and I'm just going to get a whole bunch of draft pick for that" or some crazy notion. I guess we had the 12th pick and he traded down or something. We could have had Myers or Erik Karlsson. Then ironically, he picked Shultz with the pick he got from Edmonton.
  7. Kapanen was the #1 European prospect in 2014 and didn't go until the 22nd first round pick. It happens in drafts. Some guys just fall for whatever reason. It happened last year with Joe Velano. He was supposed to be a top 10 pick and he went late in the first round.
  8. Kase was a top 10 European prospect in his draft.
  9. I really don't think Hughes and Kakko are Mathews/Laine 2.0. The thing about the draft that I think people might be failing to understand that is even if we finish in the 5th spot, we are not guaranteed the 5th pick. If we finish here we are guaranteed the 8th pick. The only way we would be guaranteed a top 5 pick is if we were in the Ottawa/Colorado , LA position. Past Hughes and Kakko it's a crap shoot as far as the talent goes. I think a lot of the forwards in the 4-10 range have similar traits and similar skills. I don't think any of them will make the jump to the NHL right away nor do I think any of them would be a #1 center. However, the way BM has been talking, he might be drafting a defenseman. If Bowen is gone before us then that leaves Broberg who has been dropping, Cam York or Moritz Sieder and those two are projected in the mid to late teens. I get that everyone is wanting a forward but BM might be heading in another direction so unless we get 1 or 2, I wouldn't get my hopes up for this draft.
  10. All the lottery teams are at the mercy of the ping pong balls. Odds haven't meant diddly squat for the 2nd and 3rd team as they have always fallen back. When the guy behind the bench is your boss and he's trying to figure out if you're staying or going, are you going to play bad? The guys aren't concerned with the lottery pick, they are concerned about their own futures and if BM was telling them to tank then he should be fired. I know the Ducks are not in this situation very often and yeah, it's exciting that we will be getting a top 10 pick but look at Terry and Kase. A 5th rounder and a 7th rounder. I think they are a pretty good indication that lottery picks are not always the best picks.
  11. I wont be happy until he gets Perry on that. I mean for gods sakes, Perry was on crutches and was still able to elude Kesler.
  12. The odds have only been favorable to the worst team going into the draft lottery. I really don't know how Murray is screwing the kids over by letting them play. Developing chemistry with the veterans I would think would be a great confidence booster going into next season.It also let's Murray see who is on board with the team going forward. Unless we get Kakko or Hughes, I don't see our pick as being a franchise changing talent. Maybe Byram turns into what we were hoping from Fowler but otherwise it's just a decent draft.
  13. I think we will end up in the 6th spot. The Rangers have 6 games against playoff teams up coming while we only have 4 against playoff teams. Our ROW is 27 and theirs is 22 so it's a real good chance we will pass them.
  14. How many straight loses before he fires himself?
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