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  1. So how much in penalties do the Leafs pay for being over the cap?
  2. Phaneuf and Getzlaf in the same locker room? What could wrong with that?
  3. BM would figure out a way to ruin our chances at the #1 pick.
  4. With RC gone, I guess BM needed a knuckle dragger to whip the kids into shape.
  5. At least he didn't sign with Nashville.
  6. Luckily for Simmonds, we have a GM that likes those long term big $$ contracts.
  7. They started to digress during Carlyle's last stint with the Ducks. Eakins has his work cut out for him but hopefully he can get their confidence back.
  8. Comtois needs a season in the AHL. There really isn't a need for him with the big club yet. It worked wonders for Steel, Jones and Terry to spend a good amount of time there. Shore is just meh. Maybe he improves over the summer but BM can get that type of player for a lot less $$.
  9. I think maybe you're expecting a little too much from Kaliyev. Remember a guy named Etem? Big time scorer in juniors. Didn't work out so well for him in the NHL. I think Tracey might be a far reach and could have been picked at 39th. If BM wanted a bit of a far reach for the 29th pick maybe a defenseman like Vlassic or Bolduc. I guess we will see down the road but I think we got the better of the Queens with Zegras over Turcotte.
  10. No one from outside North America.
  11. He was the 4th ranked European skater though. And the best bicyclist in the draft.
  12. I thought you were talking about Malcom Subban at first. Maybe Trashville is making room for Perry?
  13. I wouldn't be upset if they got him. No way. I mean he has the talent but it's up to the GM in the end. That have more insight to these players than we do though. I just read the pundits opinions and try to watch highlight videos on youtube, lol.
  14. Teams passed him up in the first round for some reason. The GM's interviewed after the picks were basically saying they were looking for leadership skills and work ethic.
  15. Kaliyev from everything I've seen and all the opinions I've read does not like to play defense and just floats around in the offensive zone. Sort of like a more skilled version of Sprong if that helps.
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