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  1. I had to make sure that Wilford and Morrison didn't get demoted to San Diego because that defense was pretty bad. Found out that Max Talbot is an assistant in San Diego. Good tournament for the kids and I'm glad to see they fought down to the last second against the Yotes.
  2. This livestream is like watching an old crt tv through a fishbowl. Hard to make anything out..lol.
  3. I was kind of hoping for Galchenyuk, Sami or BR getting a PTO but anything at this point is good.
  4. I've never been to game even though I've wanted to so many times especially if it's a Kings game. I think the location of the Honda Center is pretty bad for fans that live outside the OC if your only way in is the 91 or 57 freeways. If it's a weekday game forget about it. Maybe for OC fans it's not much of a problem but I figure it would take me around 2 hours to get to a weekday game since I'm in San Bernadino county.
  5. Drysdale should really be in juniors this year. He didn't play enough games with the Gulls last season to qualify with whatever the agreement was with the NHL. The Ducks have no immediate need for him to be in Anaheim with the team being as bad as it is. Zergras should spend a good amount of time in San Diego to work on his game. Again, there is no immediate need for him to be in Anaheim. There isn't any point in ruining the future to put a few more butts in the seats in the present.
  6. Last season, season before last season. I think maybe the last time I was excited about a season was the last season with Boudreau. Then came Carlyle and the end...lol.
  7. Kings fans should be tested for rabies before they enter the Ponda.
  8. I think the one crying will be Shane Wright. Unless he gets lucky, a dumpster fire of a team will be picking him. What I mean about Arizona is yeah, they are stocking up on first round picks and tanking like no other but all this effort will be hilarious if they don't get the first overall. Anaheim doesn't have to try to tank, they naturally suck out loud but it would be amazing if somehow we got the #1 pick.
  9. I'm sure they will unload Kessel by the TD for another 1st round pick. I'll still laugh if Buffalo gets the #1 pick though.
  10. It just confirms my belief that BM truly thinks Anaheim is a playoff team and doesn't need anything or it could just be that he can't sell anyone on accepting a trade including Henrique, Steel, Lundestrom, Jones or anyone besides Z and Drys. He probably can't even get Sami to come back to Anaheim.
  11. Shouldn't they be getting their development at the AHL level? I mean, that's why we have an AHL affiliate, for player development. Murray's "rebuild" or "re-tool" was to bring in under developed assets because he couldn't make or didn't want to make any off season moves to buy time for the kids. He should have started this after Carlyle's 2nd season back when the Ducks got bounced in the 1st round. So from my point of view, it's been one blunder after another from Bob. He promotes under developed players to play for an AHL coach at the NHL level and wonders why the team is awful. I'll throw blame on Eakins for accepting the Ducks HC job when he clearly wasn't ready for it. But again, it's also on BM for not hiring an experienced NHL coach.
  12. If you're talking about Eakins AHL development keep in mind that guys like Steel and Jones only had 1 season with him and actually had their best numbers. Larsson has been bad in the AHL and NHL. Comtois only played 4 games with the Gulls as Eakins as head coach. Lundestrom only played 12 in San Diego with Eakins. The highest drafted player Eakins ever had was meathead Ritchie. I would say the problem is more from the GM by throwing these kids into the NHL for development. Now, I'm not trying to defend Eakins but Murray hasn't exactly made it an ideal situation either.
  13. I know McTavish and Perreault are but my offer wouldn't include those two. My main concern is the Ducks future not the Sabres future...lol. So yeah, I'm throwing a lowball offer but still including a #1 pick for 2023 not for 2022. Also, the Ducks are taking on a lot of risk with Eichel. So as absurd as my offer sounds, the Sabres demands are equally absurd. All in all, the Sabres didn't make a monumental trade to get Eichel and are looking for compensation to get back what they lost. They just sucked in the regular season and got the #2 pick in the draft.
  14. In the Ducks case, that could be up to interpretation of the "top two prospects". I would argue that Zegras and Drysdale are full time roster players and wouldn't be on the table. Tracy (top prospect), LaCombe (top prospect) then throw in Axel Andersson, Sam Coangelo and draft pick(s)?
  15. On the same token, any team that trades for Eichel is inheriting the same risk that Buffalo just got out of and also that team gave up assets to inherit the risk. The Sabres appear to be looking for an offer for a healthy Jack Eichel. If Adams got offers that included a 1st round pick + assets and turned it down then he really has some kind of mental problem. Even say if the Ducks offered the 2023 1st round + Henrique, Mahura, Steel and say the rights to Thrun and Adams turned it down now, he's crazy. Honestly, I don't feel sorry for Adams at all. He accepted the GM job for the Sabres knowing the issue. He even said he's in no hurry to trade Eichel...so what is his plan?..lol. You're right in saying that no team is giving up their prized prospects in a trade for a player with a neck injury that also has 50M left on his contract. Adams for some reason, doesn't get that.
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