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  1. Don't they still get placed by points?
  2. perry_mvp


    They don't remove balls but some balls got picked multiple times. The teams number combinations are not revealed.
  3. perry_mvp


    The number combinations isn't new, it's been that way the past few drafts. So now that I understand this phase #2 nonsense, it's pure BS.
  4. perry_mvp


    My understanding is that it's based off points percentage and the next 2 worst teams are Arizona and Minnesota. This whole thing is confusing. Should have just been the bottom 7 teams going for the top 3 picks but Bettman wanted Chicago to have a chance at #1.
  5. perry_mvp


    Looks like Bettman rigged it as best he could for Chicago. Nothing against Montreal but I really hope they lose or I really hope Chicago and Montreal win in the first round.
  6. Maybe Lupul, BR and Bryz? Federov, Friesen, Sykora?
  7. He was the #1 ranked European d-man so it shouldn't have been such a big deal to draft him at #6. I just remember the draft broadcast with the announcers losing their minds that he was drafted that high. With that in mind, if we don't get Drysdale and BM wants a RHD then the next highest ranked is Braden Schneider. I watched a small video of him and he reminds me of Manson when Manson was good.
  8. That applies with BM too. Remember him drafting Lindholm? Any of the current Top 10 besides the Russian goalie would benefit Anaheim. I'm just worried about Murray being obsessed with getting a D-Man that he would take a chance at someone outside the Top 10.
  9. So was Pastrnak....lol. Nick didn't have any penalties but Heinen did so do have Meathead 2.0?
  10. Ray Shero is available....
  11. perry_mvp

    bob murray

    Just about every offseason we are waiting for that move from Bob but it doesn't happen. I suppose in a way that move last summer was buying out Perry. I'm not going to hold my breath for the DE firing and the Gallant hiring though. That would be the smart move.
  12. I'm hoping we can win a game in regulation lol. The #2 ranked player, Quinton Byfield would fit in perfectly although I'm hoping for Alexis Lafrenière.
  13. We as fans are just used to a wining atmosphere with the club. We just haven't experienced something like this in a look time so it like, WTF is going on? A questionable HC getting a second chance, a bunch of rookies who really are not top tier talent and veterans who don't look very enthused with the situation. Gibby not getting goal or defensive support and expected to stand on his head with every start. For me it's an organizational issue that starts at the GM position.
  14. perry_mvp

    Low point

    Kinda wished Bob would have picked the guy who scored on that play. Oh well...
  15. My biggest issue with Murray was re-hiring Carlyle. That was just plain stupid. It set the team back a few seasons and Eakins has the pressure to clean up the mess. Not to say I'm a big fan of Eakins but just about any coach coming in to clean up this mess would probably be having the same results. Also, the team leaders not named Getzlaf need to step it up. At this point IMHO, everyone is on the trading block except Getzlaf.
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