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  1. Makes sense. Now that you mention it i do remember vatanen having some injury bugs, especially with the shoulder. I mention these guys only for the fact that I was super attached to them as Ducks lol. Monty is from my hometown and is a known name here, Vatanen remains the only duck I have met in person. Knowing Murray, he will probably wait to reel in bigger fish until after the Seattle poaching is out of the way
  2. With regards to the Ducks defence, any chance we see BM go after anybody? I see Vatanen is a UFA and Montour is RFA but might be getting shopped. It would be neat to see them back in Ducks uniforms since they had decent success here. Manson, Fowler, Lindholm, Djoos, and Curran should be big club players, it will be interesting to see who fills the 6-7 slots. Money will probably get in the way of any imaginary proposals lol. Not sure if some of our older UfA guys like del zotto will be coming back or let go, and replaced with a Mahura etc. Apparently there are decent odds that larsson doesnt get qualified to make cap room, but even after that it looks tight. Just an interesting thought!
  3. My thoughts exactly. If the ducks find themselves content with the amount of options they have left on the board at pick 6, it could make sense to move back to the point where they still get their man but make a nice profit as well. Nothing too daring, just a couple spots down the line. As for the buffalo pick, that would probably be the ideal spot to target. It would be interesting to see what sort of deal would come of it. It would be a sight for hockey starved eyes to see front page news of a monstrous trade involving Eichel, Rakell, two top 10 picks and then some haha.
  4. 1. Quinn 2. Holtz 3. Rossi 4. Raymond 5. Lundell Ducks desperately need initiated goal scorers, and the top two certainly provide that. Rossi seems like an absolute machine on the ice despite his size, and Ive seen lots of footage of him outworking defenders and making solid passes. Raymond is arguably the most skilled on the list, but i have noticed times where he is muscled off the puck or he avoids a hard play near the boards. Seems to rely too much on swinging around opponents. Lundell for me is the prototypical safe pick, good size centre making clean plays and sometimes Zegras like passes. Honestly, i wouldn't be mad if the ducks dropped down a few spots and tried to grab Quinn (or just outright take him at 6). Dude looks legit, like the kind of goal scorer I see on other teams and get jealous that the Ducks don't have one. He scores in so many different ways, but EVERY one is just blazing quick. Has a lethal one timer and wrist shots that go in from anywhere he shoots. His even strength ice time isn’t played with Rossi, so it lends me to think that he is for real. For me, he is Holtz with another gear to his shot. Hopefully the pick is a goal scorer, but at the least I just want a prospect that is fun to watch. Could use some more of those
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