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  1. Someone in the GDT last night referenced his speed in the name Flying Dutchman. lol i'm sold!
  2. Sorta looks like young rakell ?
  3. Does anyone know if Max Jones is still currently with the London Knights? I am going to a Kitchener Rangers game on Tuesday against the Knights, and I want to know ahead of time if I need to look for him. And is there another ducks prospect I don't know about on either team? I am not in the loop on the juniors haha.
  4. foxtrot1128


    I had a Pepsi the other day i believe. I prefer Coca Cola, but i made it work. A 7Up recently too, as i enjoy an occasional lemon-lime to keep things interesting; My other favourites are Mountain Dew and Orange Crush. Other than that, its been good ole Ontario tap water to keep my thirst at bay in these sweltering months. ...Wish i could offer up some cooler sounding beverages, but i am only 18
  5. If he can prove himself, all the best luck to him. It's always refreshing to see young guys in the lineup who can contribute.
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