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  1. I'm worried they get out muscled too.. But Montour has really protected the net down low as of late
  2. I couldn't be happier with this match up. The ducks are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and drew one of the least threatening teams in the west. With their current streak and a highly probably round 1 win, that gives the ducks an opportunity to get their "play-off groove" and if they can do it in 4-5 games and get a weeks rest and recuperate I very much see the ducks taking round 2 plus keeping their win streak and confidence burning. That's not my glasses talking but now its that playoffs, there is no more gimmick after 60 minutes and with 5 vs 5 I very much have faith in our ducks. Not saying they're going all the way but I can see a WCF on the horizon and potentially a SCF if they stay hot and take care of round 2 in 6 games. But it honestly look like everyone has bought in to RC and his system. It looks like everyone is playing with passion and it's exciting hockey. I hope we see RC work his magic where BB couldn't. Looking forward to this run. Go ducks! Note after I was corrected (lot) The last time the ducks clinched their pacific division on the final game of the regular season under RC they won the cup
  3. Without looking back I thought the ducks clinched with 3 games remaining? My memory has been shocking this season but I do appreciate the sentiment
  4. A second note; it just occurred to me that the league would benefit most if they allowed Edmonton to place first as that would pit two Alberta teams and two California teams against each other. Plus they can guarantee a Canadian team and a California team making it to round 2 if that were the case. Not that Edmonton isn't skilled enough to take out the division because they didn't get that amount of points by mistake but I'm expecting the Kings to get a few powerplays than normal tomorrow.
  5. What's the bet that the NHL tries their hardest to ensure a first place oiler team and make "the battle for Alberta" happen. Hope the ducks win Note; I hope the ducks clinch the division. The last time the ducks did it in their final game of the season they went all the way!
  6. RC did turn to Bryz vs Minnesota before going back to JSG. Albeit different circumstances. Unless Gibson can really wow people in 1-3 games before the play-offs I think the net is JB's. This is the first time in a long time we've really been heating up prior to the playoffs against palyoff teams at that. Should definitely capitalise on that. But gibby 100% needs multiple games to ensure he's up to game speed prior to be called upon in a series Chicago has almost taken over the role of Detroit vs the ducks. But there isn't as much hate between players as there is fans. Even Chicago has proven they're very beatable. Yes they've clinched a playoff spot but losing 7-0 is inexcusable
  7. Don't remind me. I could just be a fan boy here but if Andy Mac was on the roster vs Dallas we win that series in 5-6 games instead. From memory our leading goal scorer was pronger with like 4 goals that series and Andy just had a knack for energising that team with a quick side step and finding someone trailing. I feel a lot of selanne's game started fading after that. They played well together. We just didn't have any primary scoring that series and I feel the only team that should have been capable of stopping us was Detroit
  8. Thought so, I couldn't remember what year our exhibition game vs kings in London was. Probably sure #19 scored in those games too lol. Weight served us well
  9. Can't remember if it was Burke or BM but the saddest day for me was seeing #19 go. Besides the obvious players, Andy McDonald is still my favourite duck. So underrated and was a true gentleman to the game. Had he been completely healthy for the playoffs back in 2003, I wonder if the ducks completely their fairytale run and kariya stays? And gmbm-burke not getting kariya to rekindle my childhood fantasy of having kariya and selanne reunited for the '09 or '10 season while we still had hall of famers and grit to protect them. But not keeping #19 on the big bad ducks and exhiling him to the small blues where he was unprotected ultimately lead to another 2 concussions. But I ultimately leave #27 and #8 responsible for taking their time and missing the summer workouts and majority of the season for plummeting us further into cap hell. Unfortunately we had to take on further salary with bertuzzi instead of bringing in a fresh-faced Ryan who was ready to take the league by storm. But then we ended up losing kunitz too. Leaving kariya out of it entirely. But if the vets just held off the retirement decision until '10 and brought in Ryan to help relieve some cap and fill the penner void, our team remains intact and another cup or two wasn't out of the question. The only team capable of stopping them was the redwings in my eyes. But back on topic. As much as I rag on gmbm he gets an A- in my book. Some people don't realise that he only inherited what was on the ice. There was literally no prospects other than the player drafted behind Crosby. He's done a phenomenal job at trading. Not so much at free agency lol but I can look past that
  10. Part of me hopes that we make it to the WCF then fall flat offensively just wondering he gets fired for not getting a legit LW.. That position has been the difference for the last 4 years. We've literally had everything but a LW.. When does he finally admit that he failed to acknowledge that? From his conference after the eaves trade and him not making a move for the NHL club, I feel he was trying to prove some kind of point or hang the twins out to dry. Unless he goes all out in the off season, then he has failed the fans. But unfortunately we don't write his cheques..
  11. Not making a new thread just to have a complaint.. Don't let go of your coach who lead you to consecutive division titles and then hire someone stating you want someone with proven experience and that they'll get you over the hump while going into the season with an under performing team who is struggling to score goals.. I have no doubt BM was on those phones today. But he literally watched everyone gear up while he did nothing.. At least we're not giving up our first because getting to the WCF is a damn pipe dream.
  12. Not the young gun we wanted but I'd take him if TB retain 50% but other than picks, I don't see what we give up. But he would give us very honest depth and he'd practically end the Rakell at center experiment. Strong down the middle and weak at LW again if that's the case
  13. Can't find a single rumour anywhere other than potentially getting Fippula and that's not bonafide sources
  14. And trading them for peanuts.. Or letting them walk
  15. I'd take a flyer on Vrbrata if he could be had cheap. But only as a depth player. His cap is so low, you could put him on a third pairing with vermette and eaves. If had cheap enough, BM can still dangle a defender for a non-rental player for the first line and all the sudden, we are one of the deepest teams in the playoffs this season with tremendous skill from top to bottom. And it can be done without losing an impact player this season or anything of significant that would jeopardise a cup run this season or even next. Or even Rakell-getzlaf-perry Cogliano-kesler-silfverberg Vrbrata-vermette-eaves Ritchie-thompson-crammarossa Still pretty solid. But would be nice to see a duclair, nylander or 'x' player over crammers. And it's doable with the cap this season too