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  1. Gonna be a long season. Easy to get frustrated and understandably. No speculation in this thread, just some fun arm chair GM stuff. Feel free to chime in. While the season isn't lost I'm okay with packing it in. Keep Carlyle until end of season and start fresh with a new coach. I'm okay with this just for the mere fact that past the twins and Rakell we simply do not have first line talent. We can retool for one season and start contending. So my wish list for the season is as follows; Have cogliano waive is NMC and get a third round that we don't have and free up salary. Offload Eaves for a 4-5th round and clear up more salary. Combined you're already looking at approx 7.5m off the books and a little bit in change with Fistric's 450k coming off after this season That's enough to land someone like Nylander. Asking price is unknown but surely less approaching the deadline. So I'll take a stab with; Manson+Ritchie+2nd for Nylander. Manson as Toronto needs D plain and simple. Ritchie to offset some of the offense for Toronto and a decent pick to sweeten the deal. I'll get flak for sure but a Manson loss is easier to obtain than a first line talent and an easier pill to swallow with the potential return. Manson's salary gives some wiggle room to sign Silfverberg (almost 9m) with Silfv being the only UFA that needs to be signed. And come off season we have an opportunity to select high for the first time since lindholm. With expansion looming, any loss won't be as significant and twin salaries coming off the books ready for our RFA's Not as easy as written but thinking out loud. Any opinions?
  2. Also to note, manson is no longer on ir according to Eric Stephens ?‍♂️
  3. Don't know who we'd be getting in return or what we'll do with a freed up salary but I'd rather lose cogs. Silf would be a great role model for someone like Jones
  4. I'm still living in 2008.. Toronto can't be good lol
  5. Haha! Or show him how the old Boys club works. Would be a weird looking conversation from the outside lol
  6. Highly likely, I have no doubt he's done his due diligence and at bare minimum asked if Nylander could be signed or for an asking price. Maybe he's there for Vegas? Hard to tell, he keeps those cards closed. Hell he could have been talking to a prospective coach for next season for all we know. Just an interesting thought he made a trip, opposed to picking up the phone with a back to back
  7. Ducks are in LA while GMBM is in Toronto. Several news articles state that there will be a trade of some sort before RC goes. Is he kicking the tyres? Thoughts?
  8. I don't see Perry going anywhere without getz but if he were, he might accept a trade to Vegas so it's still close but that's pure speculation. But if he was guaranteed a prime destination like Pittsburgh he might otherwise the only option for him be Toronto who already has an aging star. Long story short he's in Anaheim to stay I guess. But in a perfect world, we could land kessel in a 3 way trade and Perry becomes the new kunitz for Crosby and a third party eats a bit of salary and gets a prospect and picks haha ?
  9. My thoughts too.. But I can see tavares liking the atmosphere with high end talent on the cusp and two high end centres with getlaf and henrique (could play wing with rakell or kase but I would love to see silf with tavares to elevate offense). In the process the ducks can eliminate one hindering contract and off load someone due for a new contract and can afford to part with a 1st with gaining a superstar in the process that's strong on both sides of the puck Its a nice thought haha
  10. Pipe dream but I'd be fine if islanders would take Kesler+Ritchie+conditional 1st for a stab at tavares. Allows them to get a high draft pick if Kesler is out for the year and gives them a #2 pivot to remain relevant for a retool/rebuild. And if tavares re-signs with ducks, a transition from the getz area becomes bearable with rakell and Steele in the fold. Ducks remain competitive. Pipe dream but summer time leaves plenty to be thought
  11. Not saying no blame rests on getzlaf but all I'm seeing is that he's struggled in game 6 & 7's in recent series lost.. But in 16 games the season we went to the WCF and ultimately lost to Chicago, we're going to hold 2 games on him? He's played a lot of hockey. Yes he's a professional athlete and he played lesser talent than keeler but getzlaf didn't exactly play scrubs. If some of the posts he hit resulted in goals, then maybe that series ends in our favour. There are so many intangibles not calculated that is certainly luck as mentioned above. Do you believe Chicago wins that series if Beauchemin isn't tripped that directly results in a goal? If Shaw gets called for a penalty and doesn't score? If Kruger doesn't dive and score in OT? 5 of those 7 games Kane, toews and Hossa were pretty much held off the scoresheet. Those three were split up on a regular basis and kesler contained 2 of them at any given time tops. But where's the credit that isn't given to getz for taking another line that consists of one of the aforementioned names in addition to terravainen? The depth scoring saved Chicago until the final 2 games.. Did our depth stand up when the twins needed it? I'm doing a lot of remembering here without looking it up. I'm happy to be corrected. But if that puck goes in inch in our favour in game 3-4, we aren't discussing a game 7.
  12. Well the season isn't lost and no doubt I'll be watching him drain the life of this team for next season too. So I'm stuck on this boat until BM does something. Don't get me wrong, RC certainly isn't earning any accolades from me unless he can reign in a SCF appearance minimum. That's what he was brought her to do. The personnel side of things is almost complete too. If BM ain't gonna fire him, then he'd better give him a better roster to compete with to go past round 2. The only reason I have a smidgen of hope for RC is because if we had just a just a few extra goals from Perry, getzlaf, Ritchie (in the last 10-15+ games) and Vatanen then our record looks different and we'd most likely be first in the pacific. Then you bring in another scoring threat and then you see a little more consistentcy and you'd probably see 6-7 20+ goal scorers on this team by season's end. I think the ducks can tidy up the defensive lapses come playoffs. But I think we need to keep stoner to add stability and afford to be able to sit bieksa. Therefore bernier needs to move to add anyone with relevance. That said, I don't think RC is the answer but I don't think he's entirely to blame either and as stated, I'd be happy to see one of the assistants to be interim coach but needs to be done now to get 30+ games in and have everyone buying into the system before the dance
  13. I didn't wanna start a new thread.. I think BM can survive a mid-season coaching change but will have to live out RC's contract if he keeps him through the play-offs. Any thoughts? Still not off the RC boat just yet but man he just suffocates our offence significantly. This team is just not capable of consistency 50 games in and that's a concern for me. Sky is not falling by any means but to have almost the lowest goal output while being ranked high in the standings, that's a concern because it could be a fluke heading into the playoffs. RC can get the job done but BM has to go all out on the roster, RC unfortunately doesn't have the ability to take an above average team on the rise to the next level. But if BM can get a legit scorer and a bit of depth, I'm confident RC can get us to the latter rounds. Otherwise a new voice may be the way to go to open the flood gates and get hot at the right time and ride that success
  14. Think I would too. Bit I like the idea of it. I'm thinking of getzlaf with Bobby coming back. Hell even Perry. I just like the idea of having a first line without playing musical chairs. Second line is solidified, so really only the bottom 6 should be tinkered with regularly in theory
  15. For some reason that feels like some kind of burn haha.. Do you think we could trade for Ottawa and get them to retain 3m? Haha. Doubt Ryan would be ecstatic to come back but I'm curious to see an RPG line again.
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