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  1. Before I get into it. This is a pipe dream so please let me have it. Thornton and Marleau decide they want a cup and sign respectively 1.5m for one season each and miller takes a 1m contract too. If all stars align and a genie grants my wish, do the ducks win the cup? Lol I'd like to think so. Back to reality, do ducks sign miller and either Marleau or Thornton. I'd probably prefer Thornton because he'd help tremendously with maintaining a possession game and could really help players like Kase and Ritchie take the next step and can mentor Rakell in addition to giving is a powerhouse 2nd pp line Thoughts? Is Thornton a realistic acquisition if Marleau signs with SJ?
  2. Man I can't help but want bones! Imagine how much easier kesler's job would be throughout the season and in the playoffs. Frees up getzlaf, kesler, Perry and Eaves just by taking a harder match up once in awhile. Would help alleviate injuries. Man.. If I had a wish. Plus he'd help Ritchie and raks with their two way game. Three hard working scoring lines. And if Perron was an option would be freaking awesome. Special teams would be amazing. Wouldn't need a legitimate scorer and bonino, Eaves, Bieksa, Vermette and Perron contracts would all expire in time for another roster turnover of youth allowing BM to tag RFA's Have vats for one last season before having to sign fowler for an all in run this season. Ducks are champions in 2018
  3. Is it too late to sign bonino too.. Vats will be on ltir start of season potentially. Will bring us close to cap but man what a monster team up front and defensively the ducks would be a lot of two way players which is perfect for RC
  4. With the cap space now available I will be very happy with perron AND eaves. They both have good chemistry and we can keep out defense intact for another run. Plus we just added potentially 40 goals between them. And if Perry and Vats are back to normal, the ducks could be adding another 60 goals to their roster next season combined. And since I'm greedy, we sign bonino as our 3c and all the sudden we are very deep on paper 😍 Perron-getzlaf-perry Cogliano-kesler-silfverberg Eaves-bonino-rakell Ritchie-Vermette-shaw I haven't crunched the numbers yet but might as well go all in while having despres, stoner and bernier off the books. No significant contracts coming up, perron with two more years with Bieksa and Vermette coming off the books in one allows us to slowly bring in the youth and re-sign fowler and can flip Vats at any time. Fowler-montour Lindholm-manson Larsson-bieksa to start the season with Vats out longer. But the ducks very well could be an absolute force this year if cards are played right. But alas this is just my pipe dream.
  5. Sorry, I'm under the impression were stuck with Vermette for one more season? I love Bones. He's no slouch on the dot either. Responsible and can take some of the hard match ups to free up Kesler. I just thought with Vermette on the books, fans would go nuts bringing him back with a heft price tag. But how amusing would it be if the ducks signed Bones and Etem and Vancouver has nothing to show for that trade other than our first round pick lol. And having a Drouin on our team would be insane. And since I'm being greedy we'll sign Eaves to a prove it wasn't a fluke deal lmao Eaves-getzlaf-perry Cogliano-kesler-silfverberg Drouin-bonino-Rakell Shaw- Vermette-Kase (Ritchie is at taco bell)
  6. Absolutely. Even though BM has done it in the past, I doubt he brings back any players that were a victim of our game 7 curses. The roster turnovers have been insane every year and I think by making the WCF, BMGM has saved his job. Probably gets an extension if finals are in play. Plus with the Oilers giving fits and the league getting faster plus the emergence of young players like rakell and Silfverberg in addition to the decline of Perry and the power forward falling behind, I think the only veteran presence BM goes for is on the blueline with the potential of losing 2 of 3 of Vatanen, Manson and Theodore by a combination of both expansion and trade. But hey that's pure speculation on my behalf. In a dream world, the ducks sign Eaves for cheap, trade for Drouin and add Bonino as an insurance policy and retain Vermette for 4th line duties while adding a bottom 6 defender. And that's a pretty complete versatile roster. But that's just my opinion
  7. Better than Vermette. Might cause cap issues. But if we lose Cogs or Vermette to expansion, might be an option. Could do well with a Drouin and Rakell lol.
  8. Maybe they're trying to get offense with him in the line up. But the irony is our PP went could with him in the line up. At this stage I'd be happy to see Holzer in as speed isn't as much of a factor. I'd be happy to see Theodore dressed as a forward. Could really help carry the puck in to the zone rather than dump to Rinne. It's odd that for years we needed RHD and now if Bieksa is healthy and Holzer draws in to the line up with Shea coming out, we'll have 4 right handed defenders lol.
  9. You aren't satisfied with Boll?
  10. The way I see it, having Drouin gives two great opportunities immediately. Either he or Rakell can make the jump to center. And gives a fast highly skilled offensive line and potentially one of the leagues best dynamic duos if they mesh together. Think about. Even before adding in future players like Jones, Steele or Nattinen, imagine if Drouin was an option these playoffs. You can match speed with Drouin, Rakell, Kase. You can go deep with a Drouin, rakell and Perry. You can go for a dangerous threat by double shifting Silfverberg or give him an easier match up against lesser defenders with a third line of Drouin, Rakell and Silfverberg. Throw Drouin on Getzlafs line over Ritchie. The power play would be that much more dangerous with another legimate threat. And with the emergence of Montour playing a man's game in the NHL and not looking out of place, Vatanen can be expendable. Someone of Drouin's calibre just makes the ducks so much more versatile and dynamic and allows the ducks to counter with a bit more speed and skill. But trading Vats and losing Manson to ED will be a major blow. Do the Ducks expose Cogliano?
  11. I'm worried they get out muscled too.. But Montour has really protected the net down low as of late
  12. I couldn't be happier with this match up. The ducks are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and drew one of the least threatening teams in the west. With their current streak and a highly probably round 1 win, that gives the ducks an opportunity to get their "play-off groove" and if they can do it in 4-5 games and get a weeks rest and recuperate I very much see the ducks taking round 2 plus keeping their win streak and confidence burning. That's not my glasses talking but now its that playoffs, there is no more gimmick after 60 minutes and with 5 vs 5 I very much have faith in our ducks. Not saying they're going all the way but I can see a WCF on the horizon and potentially a SCF if they stay hot and take care of round 2 in 6 games. But it honestly look like everyone has bought in to RC and his system. It looks like everyone is playing with passion and it's exciting hockey. I hope we see RC work his magic where BB couldn't. Looking forward to this run. Go ducks! Note after I was corrected (lot) The last time the ducks clinched their pacific division on the final game of the regular season under RC they won the cup
  13. Without looking back I thought the ducks clinched with 3 games remaining? My memory has been shocking this season but I do appreciate the sentiment
  14. A second note; it just occurred to me that the league would benefit most if they allowed Edmonton to place first as that would pit two Alberta teams and two California teams against each other. Plus they can guarantee a Canadian team and a California team making it to round 2 if that were the case. Not that Edmonton isn't skilled enough to take out the division because they didn't get that amount of points by mistake but I'm expecting the Kings to get a few powerplays than normal tomorrow.