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  1. Not the young gun we wanted but I'd take him if TB retain 50% but other than picks, I don't see what we give up. But he would give us very honest depth and he'd practically end the Rakell at center experiment. Strong down the middle and weak at LW again if that's the case
  2. Can't find a single rumour anywhere other than potentially getting Fippula and that's not bonafide sources
  3. And trading them for peanuts.. Or letting them walk
  4. I'd take a flyer on Vrbrata if he could be had cheap. But only as a depth player. His cap is so low, you could put him on a third pairing with vermette and eaves. If had cheap enough, BM can still dangle a defender for a non-rental player for the first line and all the sudden, we are one of the deepest teams in the playoffs this season with tremendous skill from top to bottom. And it can be done without losing an impact player this season or anything of significant that would jeopardise a cup run this season or even next. Or even Rakell-getzlaf-perry Cogliano-kesler-silfverberg Vrbrata-vermette-eaves Ritchie-thompson-crammarossa Still pretty solid. But would be nice to see a duclair, nylander or 'x' player over crammers. And it's doable with the cap this season too
  5. This thread has way too much traction. Let him sook in peace. Yes there's too much emphasis or recognition on aspects outside hockey like military night, colourful tape, Muslim diversity but at the end of the none of it affects me direct and I can move on with my life knowing that all these people that teams catered for, probably just became a fan for life and I very much enjoy that thought. Hopefully when I go to Honda centre, I'm seated next to someone who has a story to tell on how they became a fan. Call me a snowflake all you want. I'm not a leftist by any means, just have an open mind for something that really isn't an issue. There is literally no victim in this..
  6. Wow the asking price for a top 9 forward is a 1st round pick this year.. I couldn't imagine what BM would be asking for a top 4 puck moving defender.. Sakic's demands aren't so crazy in comparison
  7. Well this might be quieter than last years deadline haha. Expecting more trades today now that the green light has been issued
  8. A real lateral trade.. At best..
  9. Bishop to la!!
  10. Read on the and another site that BM is dangling a young defender for a forward. If BM had something, he wouldn't tell anyone. Always keeps his card close. Maybe BM is that cheap guy at the table that always folds and then finally makes a play and wins the jackpot?
  11. I wonder where we could find one.. Hell, I'd be happy to see Eakins and his explosive offensive plays get promoted at this stage.
  12. This kid and Theo just rack up points if given the green light
  13. Was that voice of reason?! Be careful, you might make sense!
  14. Lot wut?
  15. Yeah I agree with the weak draft concept and won't dispute that. The reason I have the "handcuff" issue is because I felt we needed the pick to sweeten the pot in order to dump salary.. And if that's the case we'd have to offer our own 2nd round this year or potentially next year's pick But we could recoup a higher pick in the off season with an established player.. Vats or manson for example, although there may not be any need other than expansion reasons as we'd no longer be in cap hell anyways