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  1. Anaheim Ducks Roster LW C RW Rakell Getzlaf Perry Cogliano Kesler+ Silfverberg Kase$ Henrique Eaves+ Ritchie$ Rowney Gibbons + Injury $ RFA LD RD G Fowler Manson Gibson Lindholm Montour Miller Larsson Sustr Petterson Schenn Other Roster Candidates: C/RW- Troy Terry C/LW- Kevin Roy LW- Max Jones C- Sam Steel LW- Maxime Comtois RW- Anton Rodin LW- Giovanni Fiore C- Isaac Lundestrom C/LW- Kalle Kossila C- Chase De Leo LW- Joseph Blandisi RD- Andy Welinski RD- Korbinian Holzer C/LW- Kiefer Sherwood G- Kevin Boyle G- Olle Eriksson Ek I would love the potential of running a kid 4th line with Jones/Comtois-Steel-Terry but obviously unlikely but I believe Terry and at least one other guy makes a good enough impression to stick around with the big club. Also believe Eaves is ready at the start of the season while not sure what’s happening with Kes. Obviously if Kes misses time I think Steel is the best bet to step in right away because I like Terry better on the wing. Ritchie has been a bust, hoped we’d move him with something to add scoring and also not really a fan of the rowney and gibbons signings over guys like Derek Grant and other more reliable role guys that we know what we’ll get out of them. I do love the signings on the back end with Schenn and Sustr. We easily have a top 10 d-core if not top 5. Intrested to see where our scoring improvement will come from cause 18th in the league won’t cut it if we are building for another run at a cup. Let me know your thoughts and feedback
  2. Saying Kes isn’t healthy, we could go both steel and Terry down the middle on the 3rd and 4th line. Terry is listed as a C/RW. Kase isn’t a 2nd liner more 3rd or 4th. Even with the 20 goals he scored. Eaves is inserted on the top line if healthy. Him, getzy, raks have chemistry. Leaving Perry and Silf as 2nd and 3rd. I like Grant and would love signing him back. We definitely are adding help on the left side. Jones could make a run for Ritchie’s spot. Cogs spot is locked as either a 3rd or 4th LW.
  3. I like the Skinner trade definitely gives us more scoring on the left side of Henrique and solidifies the second line. I’ve heard Eaves will be back and you can plug him on the wing with getzy and raks. Bumping Perry to either 2nd or 3rd line. Would like to see Terry make it out of camp but with Eaves, Silf, Perry, and Kase in the right hard to see him playing right away unless we move Perry or Silf which is possible. Like Grant better than Nash and he’s cheaper. Steel will make opening night roster. Max Jones will quietly show he can play too and battle for a spot on the left side. I like J.T. but more as a depth add. Green will be too pricy with a Montour extension. A lot of money locked into our top 4. 14 mil in cap is a good amount but Henrique and Gibby are due extensions. Plus resigning our rfas
  4. I can respect that. None the less think it would be a last option and not even worth it if they don’t eat up some of the cap hit. Already agreed 6 mil for the next 5 isn’t appealing
  5. I agree that it’s a hard sell but I would be willing to take a chance on a physical left wing that’s proven he can score in the league. He’s one year removed from scoring 23. Perry’s been in a steady decline for the last couple seasons. While I don’t agree with 6 mil a year over the next 5 years til he’s 35, if they would be willing to eat some cap, think it’s a chance worth taking. Don’t get me wrong I love Corey Perry but the man doesn’t skate hard at times and turns it over way too often. Not advocating for him to be moved yet think it would make sense, he’s put 17 and 19 in the last two years which isn’t aweful but at 8.6 million for the next 3 years, I’d pass unless he makes a turnaround which he could if he improves his skating. Plus Lucic’s physical play would excel in the playoffs also and feel if he were to play with Getzy or Henrique, they would get the most out of him as a player.
  6. Possible Free Agents LW- C- RW- Kovalchuk Tavares Lupul- X Nash Thornton Read JVR- X Flippula Brown* Neal Bozak Stafford Vanek Colborne Hayes Chimera* Grant* Kunitz- X Cullen Maroon Wagner LD- RD- Johnson- X Carlson Hamhuis Schenn- X De Haan Franson *- Our UFA’s X- Likely Signs We will most likely miss out on the big names like always but will make depth additions to boost another run. Would love to see Kovalchuk or Taveres or Carlson in a Ducks jersey but it’s highly unlikely. Hopefully we add one of the second teir guys ( ie Thornton, Nash, JVR, or Neal) to make a second line that can put up points. If not look for us to explore a trade and possibly give up someone like a Silfverberg and Larsson to get some scoring. Perry remains an option to be moved and some talks about even Montour but it would be crazy of Murray to move a young highly skilled right handed d man for anything less than a susperstar based on where we are at. Ritchie is fighting for his spot and could also be moved if he doesn’t start living up to the potential of 10th overall pick and make better decisions with the puck. I use to be a big fan but watching him is frustrating cause he has the talent. Montour and Kase get bridge, cap friendly deals as rfa’s giving us room to add a good player. Welinski will get a prove it deal and will make the opening night line up unless we add a veteran presence on the back end. (Which I believe we will) A mighty ducks line of Kunitz-Cullen-Lupul would be an awesome reunion and could play as a solid fourth line Trade Targets- LW- C- RW- Panarin* O’Reilly Kessel Skinner* Coyle* Ryan Pacioretty Reinhart Lucic* Burakovsky LD- RD- Hanifin Karlsson* Brodin* Faulk Edler Hamilton* Trouba *Must-Trade-For Would instantly buy a Panarin jersey. Think it could be the move to put us over the top. Karlsson would be amazing but unlikely. Hamilton is more realistic but what’s the price for a 6’6 offensive, right handed defenseman? Most likely out of our budget. Brodin and Coyle both would be great style fits and love how they play. Skinner or Lucic both could instantly add depth and secondary scoring which we need bad.
  7. Anaheim Ducks Depth Chart 2018/19 Salary Cap Space- 14,197,233 LW- C- RW- Rakell Getzlaf Eaves Cogliano Kesler Silfverberg Ritchie* Henrique Perry Jones Steel Kase* Roy* Nättinen Terry Blandisi Kossila* Sideroff Kerdiles* Morand Sorensen* Comtois Hults Olsen* Kopacka Dotsie Fiore LD- RD- Fowler Manson Lindholm Montour* Petterson Welinski* Larsson Holzer Mahura Olesky Megna G- Gibson Miller Boyle Eriksson-Ek Redmond *RFA’S If there’s anyone I left out please point it out. Murray has a lot to build on/around any talks of a rebuild or absolutely outrageous.
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