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  1. Just re-upped with the Peg. 4x$4.125 AAV per somebody. Solid.
  2. Etem's looked good against the Sens tonight. Scored the first goal of the game, been driving the net like crazy. Tenacious
  3. Wow that was pretty quick. For Jensen and a pick. Hope both of them can stick.
  4. Pat Leonard - @PLeonardNYDN Alain Vigneault says Emerson Etem has been assigned to AHL for conditioning #NYR 19GP, 0G, 3A, -4. Last game he played was against Florida, he went -2 and turned the puck over late in the first which resulted in what would eventually become the GWG. Can't imagine Alain took that lightly.
  5. You mean go Jays! Hooray baseballs! It's apparently a thing that everybody pays utmost attention to in Canada now.
  6. Beleskey scoring at a PPG pace!
  7. True it would be kinda neat, especially if we see a rebound in scoring numbers in general from last year. If I'm Etem I'm sweating though. The Rangers lineup is looking tougher to crack with each successive game. I thought they were supposed to be depleted of all prospects after Sather sold the farm
  8. 2 more goals for Lindberg so far tonight... Eesh.
  9. Lindberg, the guy who took his job, has scored 2 in 2... Tough competition.
  10. Read that as "paper". Thought they mighta made you sit in the corner with the dunce cap on after a strap across the wrist
  11. Pat Leonard – ‏@PLeonardNYDN #NYR deal for Lindberg is two years, $650K per. Etem signed to qualifying offer of one-year, $850,500 #NHL Nice lil bridge deal. Also, check this out: https://instagram.com/p/49xnzvw4Z3/ Pretty snazzy.
  12. Bad luck? Drafting is a narrative-driven crapshoot and analysis is always in hindsight? *shrugs*
  13. Boooooooo get outta here England. We're polite enough to host a nice little tournament and you come and knock us out? BOOOOO ok see ya Spence, back to hockey
  14. If I'm me, I put Hags in a top 6 role and let him loose. I think he can deliver the goods. He's way more creative with the puck than Bels. Could become an assist machine. It's too bad to see the forward depth chart totally turning over again tho. At least(?) the D is gonna look pretty similar, but like AD said, the lack of a consistent team identity is a bit worrisome.
  15. You mean the guys that drafted 0 Swedes this year?
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