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  1. Thought it would be appropriate to take a moment and make a place where everyone can share their fondest memories of the recently deceased Ducks Game 7 Curse, as it was so often dubbed by the lazy (sad!) fake sports media news. Feel free to share any funny anecdotes or stories you might have, intimate moments shared, etc. Don't think of it as a mourning, but as a celebration of THIS THING FINALLY F***KING DYING. HAHA RIP YOU MISERABLE STORYLINE, WRITE A NEW ONE PUNDITS WOOOOO
  2. 👏👐👏 Stick a fork in this thread folks, we done here
  3. Fair enough. I guess I'm of the opinion that having a salary cap in place necessitates having all these caveats so that deals can actually be made with some regularity. It's too bad there's such a big difference in financial flexibility between internal budgets and deep pocketed teams, but it seems to me that allowing retention actually helps create some parity there. And, purely from an entertainment standpoint, can the league afford to make trade deadline day any more boring than it already is?
  4. The way Iggy's looked this season... that might be more of a wash. Just 8G on the season for both guys. Colorado's 🔥🚮 but LA can't score... I dunno. Stranger Lecavaliers have happened.
  5. Honestly, even a cap dump seems like a big move to me at this point. Pretty much all picks (lots of conditionals) and expiring contracts dealt today and over the past week. Not that the deadline is usually rife with "hockey trades" anyway, but it's clear there won't be any big splashes made til the off-season/expansion draft. Just a lot of pussyfooting around the pool in the meantime.
  6. I dunno, it's fun to see what resourceful GMs like Lombardi and Bowman can do with the leeway to make creative deals happen with retention and the like. It kinda sucks that the Ducks always seem to on the opposite end of the spectrum in that regard, but we can't really afford to be a high-risk high-reward team year in year out. Besides that, I kinda got the feeling any big roster shakeups this time around are gonna come just prior to the expansion debacle this summer.
  7. Two guys who can score at the AHL level. Abbott's got the better numbers but Carrick's younger and consistently middling in his own right. That'll help the Gulls now that any depth they had has been lost to waivers. Offers some flexibility for a call-up or two in J. Cram's absence. Edit: aaand Wags recalled
  8. Wonder if he makes a return to 4th LW now that there's an opening? Or has he been too mediocre in SD?
  9. Hate to say it cuz I like Iggy but this kinda has LOL Kings written all over it. Then again, so did the Lecavalier deal at this time last year. Then again, at this point in his career, Iginla looks more like a more expensive Dwight King. Then again, Lecavalier turned things around so who's to say?
  10. Was about to say his cap hit was probably an obstacle, then I checked and he's only making 300k more than Eaves... Damn. And it's not like FLA gave up a top prospect either, McIlrath is big but looks like his ceiling is a #5-6 guy at this rate... Well still an hour and a half to go, let's see what happens.
  11. Posting this here since it's semi-relevant and I didn't think it deserved its own thread: Cramarossa on waivers among others, including recent CBJ signing M-A Bergeron! Yowza! Hoping this move has trade implications and isn't just cap curmudgery. Either way, I wouldn't be sad to see Joe Cram go aside from the fact that we have no NHL level depth.
  12. Hope this guy is as wrong as Doug MacLean was... Darn.
  13. Nice call upthread, nieder. This is definitely more in line with the standard set by Nyquist's suspension and the Wideman mess. Although Nyquist's situation is of a completely different nature, there should be no way Vermette gets a harsher punishment for what he did.
  14. :')
  15. For a conditional pick... Bleh