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  1. Just re-upped with the Peg. 4x$4.125 AAV per somebody. Solid.
  2. You mean go Jays! Hooray baseballs! It's apparently a thing that everybody pays utmost attention to in Canada now.
  3. Beleskey scoring at a PPG pace!
  4. Read that as "paper". Thought they mighta made you sit in the corner with the dunce cap on after a strap across the wrist
  5. Boooooooo get outta here England. We're polite enough to host a nice little tournament and you come and knock us out? BOOOOO ok see ya Spence, back to hockey
  6. http://hockeytracker.net/wordpress/2015/06/why-the-ducks-should-let-matt-beleskey-become-a-ufa/ Nothing we haven't gone over already; Flash is brought up as a replacement, also is pending UFA Sean Bergenheim.
  7. @SpectorsHockey #NHL GMs will learn salary cap ceiling for 2015-16 on Tuesday (June 23). Not expected to be a significant increase over $69 million. Super vague, but at least it sounds like the Kings and Hawks are still screwed.
  8. This is going to be a crazy week/weekend. If you believe all the hype.
  9. Wow... Usually I stay away from this thread cuz I figured it was mainly Spence talking to himself, but man that's a big story. All that power and influence has been going straight to those guys' heads for too long. Kudos to the Attorney General, that's not an easy fight to pick but it's as good a time as any: there's been a lot of light shed recently on what goes on behind closed doors at FIFA... Seems like a lot more people are starting to get angry.
  10. I'll let Friedge give you the answer to that... http://www.todaysslapshot.com/from-the-ice/friedman-beleskey-could-command-5-million-per-year/
  11. They're gonna be out for blood with their 1200-odd pounds behind the blueline...
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