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  1. Wonder if he makes a return to 4th LW now that there's an opening? Or has he been too mediocre in SD?
  2. Hate to say it cuz I like Iggy but this kinda has LOL Kings written all over it. Then again, so did the Lecavalier deal at this time last year. Then again, at this point in his career, Iginla looks more like a more expensive Dwight King. Then again, Lecavalier turned things around so who's to say?
  3. Was about to say his cap hit was probably an obstacle, then I checked and he's only making 300k more than Eaves... Damn. And it's not like FLA gave up a top prospect either, McIlrath is big but looks like his ceiling is a #5-6 guy at this rate... Well still an hour and a half to go, let's see what happens.
  4. Posting this here since it's semi-relevant and I didn't think it deserved its own thread: Cramarossa on waivers among others, including recent CBJ signing M-A Bergeron! Yowza! Hoping this move has trade implications and isn't just cap curmudgery. Either way, I wouldn't be sad to see Joe Cram go aside from the fact that we have no NHL level depth.
  5. Hope this guy is as wrong as Doug MacLean was... Darn.
  6. Nice call upthread, nieder. This is definitely more in line with the standard set by Nyquist's suspension and the Wideman mess. Although Nyquist's situation is of a completely different nature, there should be no way Vermette gets a harsher punishment for what he did.
  7. :')
  8. For a conditional pick... Bleh
  9. Kinda drab. I feel like I could have played the Golden Knights in badminton circa Grade 7... Definitely one of those smarmy Catholic schools from the east end.
  10. $660k for Shaw vs $600k for Sgarbossa. Both deals expiring at season's end, both are 24 y.o as well (Shaw is ~4 months younger). Talk about sideways. I thought we were short on LW?? Sgarbossa was the more prolific scorer in junior (and the more skilled guy in general), but at 6'3/202, Shaw is built like your (well, Randy's) typical 4th liner. Knows how to throw his weight around too, from what little I've seen. Hope both guys can put it all together in a new system.
  11. I was under the impression that it was a long-standing Randy policy to have players "earn" their preferred numbers with the big club. Seems like that could be a pretty common practice among the old-school hockey minds. Just another way of putting the team before individual personality. P.S. sorry for this mess down here, DF4L. Anyone know how to get rid of unwanted quotes on mobile?
  12. Absolutely, I'm not losing sleep over Karlsson, just wishing we'd picked up Gagner this summer. Guy is only two seasons removed from a 41-point campaign in AZ, he'd have been the perfect guy to bring some finish to the bottom 6 or some offensive support to plug into the top 6 in a pinch, all at a Bargain Bob-friendly price (1yr, $650k). Of course that was never gonna happen the way this off-season played out. Doesn't strike me as a guy in the Randy/BM mold. Grit/60 too low
  13. Big Willie Karlsson pots his 2nd of the year as Lumbus doubles the Blues 8-4. Gagner scored 2... 6 on the year for him now. Wish we woulda signed that dude.
  14. Hands of Marek Malik, feet of *Pat Maroon *or, also Marek Malik
  15. Now we just need both Ossas on a line with Garrrrrrbutt. Or maybe Chris Scallywagner. CannonBoll? Whatever the combo, they can be the Jolly Roger line. Or the Deck-Swabbers.