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  1. For better or worse, Murray has fielded a team that has gone to the playoffs for several years in a row. Owners have been great. Leaders have done fine with an ever changing lineup due to injuries. Maybe the leaders should have done more to accelerate the coaching change, but Murray wrongly gave his friend the benefit of the doubt and would not fire him until the season was a loss. New players are dominating in the lower leagues. Getting rid of players that don't produce and letting the kids fill in should have us back in the playoffs. Still too small of a market for new stadium. Full reboot will happen in 2 or 3 years when the older guys move on.
  2. Rebound goal for Cogliano. Hope they send Nashville home.
  3. Looks like Giordano just took out McDavid in a meaningless game.
  4. Perry last year .24 goals, .45 assists per game. This year .16 goals, .16 assists Getzlaf last year .20 goals, .89 assists per game. This year .19 goals, .49 assists Rakell last year .44 goals, .45 assists per game. This year .19 goals, .33 assists Silferberg last year .22 goals, .30 assists per game. This year .31 goals, .20 assists Fowler last year .12 goals, .36 assists per game. This year .09 goals, .26 assists Should have probably made some spread sheet to show the drop off better. Also should have included more players but was getting depressed by what is becoming an inconsequential summary of how the team stopped putting up points but not why between this year and last. Have seen improvements with how the team is playing and am still holding out hopes for some miracle. Just don't understand how they can play better some games and then play like they did against the Kings. Really tired of the excuse of not playing the full 60 minutes. For the amount they are getting paid to not show up for 25 minutes tops out of a 60 minute game is crazy. Bring back Sherwood because at least he hustles every shift. Not always in the right direction but at least something.
  5. You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!
  6. Would add extra time to that because knees are never the same after surgery. Kind of off subject but would also add extra time to a head shot suspension because injured person is now susceptible to concussions issues. One of the best aspects of this game is the hitting. Love how one player can send a message to a team or just drive a player off the puck with a good hit. Also understand that accidents happen and sometimes people blindly collide (Like how Kempe turned into Cogliano's path without looking where he was going, after dumping the puck). Just hate cheap shots. Hope no news is good news and Shore is ok.
  7. Looks like Welinski was sent down and Holzer sent up. Did not like Holzer's game last time he stepped in. Hope Guhle is ready.
  8. There were a few plays last night when we had 2 or 3 forwards pushing offensively along the boards, trying to free up and control the puck. But this style also was problematic because nobody was ready to receive a pass or look for a rebound shot when we did get the puck. I think the kid line has been applying pressure on offense and it is just a matter of time before they start to have an impact. The defense has also been taking more chances at stopping pucks from exiting the offensive zone. I agree that there were times when they were standing around in the d-zone, but more often then not, this happened after they had just killed a penalty and could not get off the ice. If the shifts are kept short, they do attack on defense. These last few games have been fun to watch. Rakell and Getzlaf have been sharing center duties prior to last nights game so it was not a stretch to have Rakell slip into center with Getzlaf's absence. Love the chances that the kids create. The team needs a come from behind win to convince themselves that they are better then they think they are, but the coaching change has been great so far.
  9. Should we give Grant a Rowney sized contract?
  10. I don't know. He will be the one facing the press, dealing with the team, and sorting all the info to determine the future direction of the team. For better or worse he is now the face of the direction of the team. Can't really take credit if there is success, but will receive all the blame if there is not a BIG improvement. He is putting his own job on the line. In other words I think he is being sincere in wanting to help the team. I am just not sure what he is getting himself into. Also thought it was funny he said he would be nervous going into Wednesday's game. There is no easy way to get those butterflies out of the stomach standing behind a bench. Wish him and the team success.
  11. If the locker room was so toxic that the players could not listen to RC anymore, this move is too late. Should have been addressed during 18 game streak. Aside from the NTC and NMC, are the other players going to be hustling to make the roster next year (like rookies during preseason) or do they give up and hope for a trade or to just play out their contracts? Would have loved to hear what the players have to say about RC being gone but will have to wait until their actions on Wednesday. If we win with a blowout it means RC was the issue. If we win or lose in OT or the game is close, it means the system is the issue. If we get blown out it means our players are the issue. At this level I don't think the players are the issue, but some people just can't work together. If the players are the issue BM did a poor job building the team. It will be very interesting to hear how the practices go over the next few days and as usual I am interested in what line combos we see with the forwards. Wouldn't it be a miracle if BM finds his true calling as a coach/GM and gets us back to a playoff team with 26 games to go using some hybrid unknown system?
  12. The fact that Ottawa is in last place and had a 5 game losing streak, but we still couldn't score it what bothers me the most. I really want to see good in the team and there are times at the start of the last few games where it looks like everyone is moving well. As soon as they get down it's like they are playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Montour had the most ice time last night (25:48) which surprises me because I don't think he is our top D-man. But then again, he joins the rush and tries to score, which then lead to odd man rushes for the other team. Ugh. Also the penalty-kill for Ryan's penalty with about 4 min to go last night was brutal. Was yelling at the tv for Getzlaf to shoot instead of waiting to make a move. Get the puck near the net and see what happens. Don't be afraid to shoot. Don't waste time when we are down. Not singling Getzlaf out, because he is still my favorite player. Everyone was equally bad. I don't think Chad Johnson has won a game yet as a Duck. Feel bad for him
  13. I think they had 45 shots on goal tonight so they are trying. This is even more frustrating because it means they are just unlucky and/or terrible. With the record I'd say terrible. Do they even need a coach to play? Reggie Dunlap was a player-coach. He motivated his team.
  14. I really don't think the players would go along with tanking. Telling our veteran players we are going into rebuilding mode is essentially telling them their time is done. The coach could put together horrible lines that can't score or defend. Maybe bench or trade players that are performing. ( Almost seems like this is what is happening). I think more then likely players are in panic mode and are afraid to do anything wrong. Puck luck, angry hockey Gods or who knows why and they get down a point and are afraid to touch the puck. The ones that want to do something chase the puck out of their position and leave open ice that can be exploited. I really hope they don't break Gibson mentally or physically.
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