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  1. We signed him, put him on waivers, he was claimed by the Jets
  2. CapFriendly shows he was signed by the Ducks for $750,000. Was surprised to see him go, years ago. Would rather give the kids a chance.
  3. Phone interview with Corey Perry on Dallas team site. Was grateful for Anahiem organization for giving him a chance to play and had only positive things to say about owners and management. Sounded like he was with Getz and Fowler when he learned of buy out. Sounded happy to be starting new chapter in career and wants to win the cup. Said knee is at 100 % and he is ready to play. Wish him success in Dallas. WhataBurger is good, but not as good as In and Out
  4. Model UN/ debate coach used to always say "The definition of compromise is when both sides are equally dissatisfied". Told us that compromising was a tool for when no other options were available.
  5. When Ryan was here the twins had a bit more speed (or should I say they got up and down the ice quicker). For the past few years it is impossible to get a match for the twins except on the power play. A scoring winger who is fast and strong enough to get the puck out of the corners and pass the puck to a net front Perry or circling Getz, and then hustle back to play defense just does not exist. Getz is still a dominate center. Perry can still go to the dirty places. They were just a liability when paired together lately. Last season was just bizarre. Sprong was the leading scorer for a while and he only played 47 games for the team. Hopefully the hangover from Randy Carlyle is completely gone and the team can start producing more.
  6. Very true points. I guess the best place to hit them is in the wallet. I thought the non suspension call on Giordano's hit on Fowlers knee was a way to not show favoritism. Parros lost me when Cogliano was suspended. To this day I feel the contact was caused by Kempe turning blindly into the path that Cogs was going. Even after the contact Cogs kept looking and going in the direction the puck was going. Cogs had no history of hits to the head or dirty play.
  7. Sherwood - Henrique - Kase These guys are also in the mix. Hope Kase can keep away from any concussions. He plays with a lot of joy. Also really like Henrique. Just feel like he has never been given a specific role with the team. Feel he is undervalued and not used properly. Sherwood hustles every second he is on the ice. With a bit better hands he could bring more value.
  8. Holzer, Miller and Grant signed. Have not seen the contracts on CapFriendly yet, but would guess/hope these are the veterans that BM is bringing back to help the youngsters. This seems to be a good move because Dallas is already familiar with each and would know how they interact with the kids.
  9. Was also wondering this but was too afraid to post it. Have never been a fan of Perry's style of play, but have always been impressed with his desire and ability to win. "Nobody is looking, I'll spray water in the opponents glove".., "The other team's fans hate me, I'll just score a goal or two while they boo". "Is that a goalie behind me, I'll just fall on him". But also a hard core warrior that takes hits, slashes, face washes, and punches from just abought anyone in front of the net. He seems to also be a great business man. "Getzlaf got $8,250,000.00 per year? I'll wait 10 days and get $8,650,000.00 for the same amount of time". I would wish him luck, but he seems to be the kind of person that makes his own luck.
  10. Bring back enforcers. We need someone to deal out on ice justice if this guy is going to win the Norris. Play hard, check hard, be a pest. Just don't potentially end someone career with intentional head or knee hits.
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