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  1. Should have explained a bit more. Don't want to bury Perry on lower lines. Just want to evaluate what Eaves/Perry are when they get back. Is Perry wearing knee braces?, Is he old Perry or something else. Really hope he is old Perry from 2010-2011. Maybe a good point, but was more interested in rewarding Rowney. Have liked his physical play. Combined with Getzlaf's physical play lately and you have the making of a brutal line to play against.
  2. Rakell - Getzlaf -Rowney Ritchie - Henrique - Kase Shore - Kesler - Silfverberg Sherwood/Aberg - Gibbons/Sherwood - Sprong Would try something like this now, deal with Perry/Eaves when they are ready.
  3. I think management was sending a message that nobody is safe, except the coach and those with a nmc. I have always thought a better way to send a message would be to send a player down. This would allow us to evaluate our younger guys in the big league and send a message to the players being sent down. Plus they could always be brought back or traded down the line.
  4. We need Fowler to get meaner, Manson to play position and play at least 80%,not 50% and Montour to gain about 20 to 25 lbs. Lindholm is fine and can't complain about bottom 5 and 6.
  5. This feels like a warning to all others on the team that nobody is safe right now. Not the best way to motivate the team in my opinion. Devon Shore is about 30 lbs heavier, $950,000 less cap hit then Cogliano and does shoot left handed. Maybe the team is looking for more net front presence. Cogliano does have horrible luck with finishing. Puck bouncing, missed shot, etc. Maybe he would have had better luck on a different line. Having to play on the line that defends the top players for the last few years and adding so much to the penalty kill will be missed.
  6. Giordano gets 2 game suspension for kneeing Koivu. 2 games are not enough for a player with history of these type of hits. It is a career ending hit just waiting to happen. Hip check, play the body, or a good old shoulder hit is fine. I have always disliked cheap hit players. Way to set an example as captain of your team.
  7. RC was trying lots of line combos last game. I would love to see these. Eaves- Getzlaf - Henrique. Eaves is getting stronger and can get to the front of the net. Henrique will be better with better players. Cogliano - Kesler- Rakell. Cogliano seems snakebite with his shots, but the puck finds him and he can skate and pass. Rakell can get open in the offensive zone. Ritchie - Lundestrom - Silfverberg. Lundestrom has been a good surprise. Aberg - Carrick - Sherwood. Carrcik plays with an edge, Sherwood is always moving and Aberg can find the net.
  8. The funny thing is that it looks like the team has the same feeling about playing. Some good individual effort sometimes, but it goes nowhere. Can't believe that nobody dropped the gloves near the end of the 2nd period last night to prepare for the 3rd but meh. Mom used to say " every kick in the butt sends you forward" but I don't even know where to begin the butt kicking to wake up the team.
  9. Fowler has 38 blocked shot, Lindholm 30 and Montour 25 per Fox Sports stats . They are all in the top 15 for blocked shots. To me this says two things. First, it is amazing how many shots the other teams are getting. If these shots were not blocked our goalies would be facing 50 shots per game? Second, our defense is getting in shooting lanes and blocking lots of shots. They are kind of doing their job, but just not connecting on clearing passes and terrible at clearing our zone. I would guess that it is more of a product of a combination of too many new players trying to play a new system. I am sure they make great passes in practice, but we can all see what is happening at game speed. It is my opinion that Lidholm looks much bigger then last year and he is playing better. Has the possibility to become a bit more physical. I also think that Montour looked more fit then last year. I don't get why we have problems getting out of our zone. Wings seem out of position to handle passes along the boards and everyone is missing on stretch passes. When players are on the ice too long they make horrible attempts to push the puck out of the zone and are unable. This inability to exit our zone is leading to scoring chances for apposing teams. I still have faith in our team and specifically our defense and goalies.
  10. I kinda thought we were still seeing players moved around in an attempt to find some unknown combination that would work. Having Sherwood start on the Kesler line was a good reward that didn't pan out. Before last night I would not have moved Aberg to the Getzalf line, and really was happy to see Henrique starting out on left wing. This year has been crazy how we turn the puck over 5 feet from clearing our zone. We can't pass out of our zone, we can enter their zone with the puck. We can't connect 2 or 3 passes. Our defense have been caught out of position, have played the man (the wrong man on some occasions) instead of the puck on two on ones, and leave the area in front of the crease open. All this is on top of our normal issues. Could somebody give Cogliano the widest stick blade available and force him to practice with a lacrosse ball or bouncy golf ball so he never has the puck hop his stick? Is Fowler having a bad year because Manson is wearing the A?
  11. Don't know if it is true, but CapFriendly has Steel, Sherwood, and Lundestrom all going back to the minors. Are we getting other guys back? Does this mean Comtois will stay on for much longer? Congratulations to Sherwood for his first NHL goal. Thought all the guys filled in nicely.
  12. Yes he is !!!
  13. First to score. Check. Score on the power play. Check. Gibson playing great. Check. Playing a fast game. Check Fun game to watch with a high score. Check Getzlaf not making a lame behind the back pass. Well, we can't be perfect. But I have to say Getz was able to play fast and move the puck fast So funny listening to the announcers build up the Sharks, but as the game went on they start to single out our players as good players. Once again we are underestimated and I have no problem with that. Love to start the season with a win. GO DUCKS !!!
  14. I would think Ritchie would want the supersize Snickers. All kidding aside I am bummed that they have not signed him. If there is any truth to him working out in the off season it may be a sign that he has become more serious about his game. Ritchie could be deadly if he got bigger and stronger. It has been mentioned here that Ritchie takes bad penalties. My personal opinion is that Ritchie gets called more often because he is just so much bigger and stronger then the people he is playing against. Kind of like how Kesler doesn't think he should be penalized for being more physical and stronger then opponents. Also Ritchie was suspended 2 games for his one punch drop on Rozsival. Ritchie went after Rozsival for a vicious cross check to the back of Perry. Love that he fought for a teammate. Ritchie also gets called more because he is wearing a Ducks sweater. I do understand this is a business, so him being a hold out is foolish to me. I am guessing Ritchie wants at least what Kase got. He should really go for something more like Jimmy Vesey's of the Rangers 2 year at $2.275 mil or less. Prove yourself for just a couple more years and then take it to the bank.
  15. The Rakell deal is what all others should be judged by. He had increasing numbers each year. He earned his contract. And we got a sweet deal. Give Montour a one year contract. Let him take his chances on a better season this year. If he pans out, increase next years contract. If his numbers do not get better we still have cap space to give Gibson a goo bump in pay.