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  1. I could never root for Calgary Vegas looks pretty tough. They bring relentless pressure make the other team cough up the puck. Oh and they score
  2. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    Man Theodore looks great. Sure wish he was still with the ducks. Vegas has been lucky with goal posts... Should be 3-2... That St. Louis/Winnipeg game is insane. Good to see Happy Feet going home for the summer...
  3. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    That was scary bad. Suspend him. that ain't hockey
  4. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    How many times did he say the word "ricocheted?" Ha Ha
  5. I actually was thinking about that very thing. Since BM has a love affair with everything Sweden, it stands to reason that he might just look at a coach to come and coach them.
  6. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    No kidding!!!!! Wow.
  7. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    3-0! And how about their TOUGH defensemen as well. Jeez. The ducks don't play like that. Ever. Tampa is nasty. As it should be in the playoffs.
  8. hoxxey

    playoff game...

    Wow tampa looks amazing. tough. Fast. Up 2-0 already... Can we have their coaching staff?? Please?
  9. Regardless of what we think, it's going to be what it's going to be. That kid Hughes looks pretty small to me. He was shorter than everyone who interviewed him. I know height doesn't make a player but how will he fare against Giordano's knee? You have to ask that question... I like that the ducks tried really hard at the end of the season - I think that was the right move. Picking the right player is key. #9 is the highest energy number on the board so that is a good sign... Go Ducks.
  10. I just don't see why Q would coach in Florida? Do they even have enough money to pay him what he would want? They have the worst fan base in the NHL hands down. They treated Gallant like a throw away... It is not a super talented team. It's Florida, for heaven's sake... I just don't get it... Going from an "all hockey, all the time" environment like Chicago and having crazy success to Florida? Florida???? Florida???? (I was hoping that if I wrote it enough I would get some sort of inspiration...) Didn't work...
  11. OH yes. Let's all cheer for a putin honk...
  12. It would be nice to get a coach like Q. He has won multiple cups. That experience can't be taught or simulated.
  13. It's the referees that should be fined in that game. They let LA away with so many penalties. It's human nature to react as the ducks did. The game was over. Let it go. Dumb big egos at work here. One ref is Chris Lee. He's the worst...
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