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  1. Oh Hazy is a good announcer. He is fair and provides good insights. Fox? Makes me turn it off... (spoken with a voice inflection going downward, as he does...) Ugh.
  2. I for one would like for Jim Fox to stay up as late as possible,, perhaps pull an "all nighter" so he wouldn't talk so much during the games...
  3. At this point, I must admit any ideas or thoughts about a playoff team (for me) seem light years away right now. I'd be happy if the ducks scored - I don't know - 3 or 4 goals a game for a while and actually competed with the opposition. Maybe win a game or two - even in a row for heaven's sake instead of the dizzying thoughts of playoffs and stanley cup runs... Oh and be able to just do the little things like exiting the zone without an icing, a missed pass, a fumbled pass, a 150 foot pass to a target that is stationary instead of a 5-10 foot pass to a forward that is skating and poised to receive it and get out. Back when Scotty Bowman was coaching the old Montreal Canadiens, a team I despised when they lost a total of 9 games all season - someone asked him what his secret was and he said "getting the puck out of our own end as fast as possible." And that was before the "new NHL" came to be as it is today. The rule is if the puck isn't in your own end, you aren't going to give up any goals. And that's always a good thing.
  4. There's some smart folks on this forum... Interesting discussion.
  5. it's never going to be done...
  6. I think he is spitballing there. I don't believe a word of it. If he could have gotten away with it, RC would still be the head coach. That's what I think.
  7. I'll bet the players feel the same way... Ha Ha
  8. Ha Ha!!!!
  9. It's a money thing. They were probably getting over run with calls of season ticket cancellations and a general sense of unrest. It's always because of money. They are selling a product that has been sub standard for a while with no attempt at fixing it. It's the bottom line. It's a business. Simple.
  10. I never thought of that...
  11. But isn't it true BM hired those 2 as well?
  12. agreed. The two assistant coaches should have been cut as well...
  13. This is a forum of thoughts and ideas. That is mine. I have lots of clues. Thank you.
  14. This move is the epitome of blind arrogance. "Let me just slide into the position of the head coach of my team because I used to play for the blackhawks. That's all I really need to be a coach. It's easy..." Talk about narcissism...
  15. Does this mean this thread can finally be closed?