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  1. Perfectly and most eloquently stated. I could not agree more. It's almost impossible to have the "hope springs eternal" feeling knowing there are so many issues. I never expected BMGM to do anything either so I guess it's not much of a surprise.
  2. Someone has pictures and videos... Why does everyone love the vegas hockey team? Entitled much?
  3. Why not? The team just brought back Del Zotto... Aberg can score... He fits the bargain basement profile. To a tee.
  4. I wish I was wrong. They had him last year right? Not good then. It's so depressing...
  5. Yeah... He let the RC project in play WAY too long...
  6. I wish I had your enthusiasm for GMBM. I just don't have it. I don't think he will do anything until it's too late, just like last season. He will bring in someone cheap and one that doesn't fit the need. I hope I am hopelessly wrong about that though.
  7. hoxxey


    Pretty much sums it up. Excellent post.
  8. I hope he KILLS it in Dallas. I think he will do well. I hope he does.
  9. Sebastion Aho offer sheet by Montreal
  10. So are the ducks. They are getting some oomph! It reminds me of a flight I took once and just before we landed the pilot told us to set our watches back 75 years... barf...
  11. Agreed. It looks a lot like GMBM is still the old fashioned thinking believer in those types of players. That's not the way of the NHL. Isn't it about rolling 4 lines of up tempo, fast, pressure applying hockey? Next up are the hanson brothers...
  12. They have a good coaching staff... And now some good players...
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