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  1. The ducks need more defensemen... They can reinvent the game. 5 defensemen and goalkeeper. Awesome.
  2. Some very interesting posts here - the draft always brings out the critic in all of us... I had a question maybe someone can answer - looking at the draft(s) - it seems that the ducks draft defensemen - 3 of the 5 picks were such. Who will put the puck actually, in the net? Murray was a defenseman so I guess that's how he sees things. Can anyone shed any light as to where the offense is going to come from? I hope everyone is safe and well.
  3. I thought you were kidding... Ha Ha
  4. Really good post with some hands on insight. Cool. Thanks.
  5. That's what I thought he meant. (ritchie) For all we know, BM is threatening the players something like "if you don't start playing better, having better results, showing leadership, scoring on the power play and doing what our coaching staff tell you to do - you can forget about being protected in the entry draft and your butt will end up in Seattle"...
  6. I heard a show this morning talking about assistant coaches and how important they are to the success and flow of any team. Philly, St. Louis and Boston have great ones. Look at how they are playing. I rest my case...
  7. really tired of BM throwing his players under the bus. Take responsibility for the crap assistant coaches.
  8. It seems like that is what the ducks are doing now. Lots of checking, lots of players coming back to back check and clogging up the middle of the ice. That seems to have slowed down the opponents considerably It is good to see the team win even though it doesn't help their lottery pick position...
  9. Has anyone watched the Boston Power play in action? It is pretty amazing. They move the puck all over. And they NEVER shoot it in and chase it. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. The fact is your team has an EXTRA man.
  10. Well I agree with you... BM did him a solid by trading him to the "bad bruins" - this fits his style of play to a tee
  11. dude hasn't scored since January... He has lost his confidence I think. I agree with whoever said the ducks coaching really needed to help him get it going earlier. I also think the criticism of Gibson is unwarranted - if he wasn't in net the scores would be regularly close to double digits every game. He keeps the ducks in every game. I'm sure he hates getting scored on. Goalies hate it. The defense of the ducks is terrible. And yes, I put it on the coaches. It is a matter of fact that if managements tells labor what to do and how to do it, they will do it. Injuries are one thing but their overall scheme is a joke. Watching them pass back and forth in their own end until someone fumbles a pass (that is probably off the mark) and then it's a turnover and a goal or at the least a grade A scoring chance. Did anyone count the number of times Larsson fanned on a clearing pass last night? That 2nd period vs. Chicago was a nightmare. And to make it super bad, they let "dipsy doodle" score.... (88)
  12. If you’re a nihilist then I am too... With bm being the lifetime gm the road will be forever winding and long Bummer.
  13. Ritchie has a goal and an assist...
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