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  1. I was listening to NHL radio on Sirius over the weekend (as well as last week) and I noticed that their coverage never mentioned the ducks. They covered Vancouver and San Jose but no mention at all about the ducks. They never even mentioned the upcoming game tonight against San Jose - they said there were two games tonight - St. Louis vs Vancouver and Dallas vs Tampa - couple this along with the zero presence of Ducks at the all star game - talk about being "shunned"... No wonder the owners don't care much about the team - I'm seeing why. Makes me want the ducks to win more and more. Go Ducks!
  2. Why can’t you just send your resume to be the GM? Your posts are spot on.
  3. And then there is the Montreal power play. I thought the ducks were bad but the habs are pretty awful at it... chicago nearly scored a couple of times in the first minute of the PP... Ouch.
  4. Man, how did St. Louis get to be so good? They are amazing to watch. They were so far ahead and in a different universe than the ducks the other day...
  5. hoxxey

    Gerard Galant

    Obviously other teams in the league have different views on quality of the product. I read the article about GG's firing and it seems it performance driven - that GM wants success. The ducks, not so much. At all... Rebuilding is fine. It's probably a good thing and is time. The problem is the coaching in my opinion will not create a successful environment for the young kids to thrive and learn the game. Everything is "close enough". Even the AT&T commercial says that Just okay is never just Okay... My only option is to root for the team and have zero expectations of a good product on the ice. That sucks.
  6. hoxxey

    bob murray

    vegas is 3 points out of first place and they fire the coach??? What the heck??? If ever there was a perfect storm to get the right coach for the ducks, this is it.
  7. Can the ducks PLEASE hire this guy??? Talk about no brainer... Dude is perfect for what the ducks need right now
  8. This post is spot on. I fully agree. These coaches are potentially ruinous for the kids that are learning the pro game. gmbm does not see the damage being done until 3 months from now. That is what happened with the coach last year. both coaches need to go!!!!
  9. I’m surprised that he got fired. He seems to be a good coach who gets results and the Stanley cup...
  10. Did anyone watch Josh Manson defend on the tying goal against Nashville yesterday? It was absolutely horrendous. That is not defence.
  11. hoxxey

    Goal horn

    What's a goal horn? Ha Ha I thought it was for the other teams... They should start sounding the goal horn every time the ducks make a clean entry out of their zone...
  12. I'd be happy if the ducks could get some players that would shoot the darn puck. A bunch of passers and not very good at passing either
  13. Wait, because Arizona has a young, go for it type of general manager. I forgot...
  14. Why couldn't the ducks do that?
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