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  1. You know why. Crap GM. I'm so envious of teams like Toronto that have a young, dynamic GM who makes things happen.
  2. dtslaw should be the team's GM...
  3. man, watching other teams play really underscores how really awful the ducks are: a poorly coached team without a clue.
  4. Just watched Kyle Palmeri score a "power play" goal. Seems like the former ducks around the league do pretty well on their new teams. Coaching... Watching a real power play in action is something that I miss as a fan. I remember the old days with Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan - couldn't get the puck away from them. Just saying...
  5. I would add, in any other sport, they'd be long gone.
  6. Just watching Rangers vs Penguins. It's hard to watch 2 teams that have a real "system" and know how to play. Both teams are fast, good defensively, power play by Pittsburgh is amazing (and I hate them more than any team) but jeez, the hockey that we ducks fans watch night after night is just brutal. Last night, ducks had what - 3 shots on goal in the 3rd period? Spend most of each shift in their own end, then they get the puck and somehow get it to center and then just give it back to the opposition and go for a change. So hard to watch.
  7. anyone who thinks the ducks will bring any sort of "star" player are just not thinking straight. It's just not how they work. Not with this GM and ownership. This is a dumpster fire with no burn out in sight...
  8. This makes me upset. Why even be a ducks fan anymore? The ownership doesn't care I guess. If memory serves, it was Calgary that fired their coach first last time - their team has expectations to do well and heaven forbid, get good players and have good coaching. Ducks? Not so much. Sutter would have been an excellent choice for the ducks. This organization and team really doesn't give much to cheer about. Lousy coaching. 8 losses and counting. Count me out.
  9. The ducks need more defensemen... They can reinvent the game. 5 defensemen and goalkeeper. Awesome.
  10. Some very interesting posts here - the draft always brings out the critic in all of us... I had a question maybe someone can answer - looking at the draft(s) - it seems that the ducks draft defensemen - 3 of the 5 picks were such. Who will put the puck actually, in the net? Murray was a defenseman so I guess that's how he sees things. Can anyone shed any light as to where the offense is going to come from? I hope everyone is safe and well.
  11. I thought you were kidding... Ha Ha
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