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  1. It irritates me no end reading this stuff from GMBM. I wish he would just cut it out. It's like the critical parent saying "you'd better not cross the line again mister or there is going to be big trouble"... That is not what leaders are made of. How many times is he going to bring up "the new deal" or "our new identity"??? It's old news. If the players buy into what the new coach wants the hockey product could be vastly improved. I hope that is the case. We don't need his schtick. He just sucks.
  2. Based on your posts and information why aren’t you the GM?? Your takes are on the money... color me impressed
  3. what exactly does the coach actually do? Let's see if I have this right: 1. No input for assistant coaches 2. No input for players - in the draft or by trades 3. No input for captain of the team 4. No input (or whatever) for special teams (assistant coaches do this right?) 5. What'd I miss? No wonder GMBM couldn't convince anyone else to come here...
  4. Good to see my comments on "hoodwinking" the fans was right on target. Farce of the century... What a joke.
  5. What a wonderful photograph.
  6. You are right - there is a lot to celebrate with this team - especially the young players that are coming. The goalkeeper is world class and I absolutely celebrate his talents and frankly - without him the team last season would have been a nightmare of epic standards. This hire just feels uninspired and I am sticking by how that feels as a fan. I expected him to be hired from the start and hoped I was wrong. I am not going to celebrate how long it took or the attempt to hoodwink the fans into believing anything different. There was enough talent on this team to make the playoffs again - if the BM had made a move when normal GM's do in the midst of continuous losing streaks and poor play and fire the coach - ie St. Louis. I wanted changes back then. Is that too negative? This is a professional sport. Not little league where everyone gets a trophy. That "glass" was empty. I'm not "all" anything. Just stating my opinion. Last time I checked, that's what these forums are all about. I will also choose to see the "possibilities" and react positively when things go that direction. Hopefully they will.
  7. I'm pretty disappointed in the coaching hire. Unwhelming much? He couldn't do it earlier, he never did anything with the gulls (never won anything) and now by some magic ju ju he is going to be a good NHL coach? On what planet does that happen? Orange County I guess. Zero expectations. No playoffs. The press conference is going to have sentences like: "we feel Dallas is the best choice for our group going forward and we feel fortunate to have him coaching our young players"... "we did our due diligence and felt he was the best fit for our organization and look forward to next season..." barf barf barf... It's just uninspiring. And so predictable.
  8. Totally but he doesn't fit the "dumpster diving profile". In any way...
  9. Regarding the "coaching search" - the only reason that GMBM hasn't had his head on a stick is because the hockey culture out here on the west coast - I doubt the Blackhawk fans or the Ranger fans would put up with how this whole coaching debacle has played out - from the lousy hockey that was allowed to continue, night after night, embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss and still no canning of a lousy head coach - then he has the genius idea to try coaching for a bit so that he can "get a true read of what is truly happening down there on the ice" - for heaven's sake. Those east coast fans would not stand for that sort of behavior. We complain on these boards but we all are preaching to the choir - I think we are all feeling it... Now just pretend there is a search during the stanley cup playoff run to buy some more time to do nothing. What is there to cheer for or even feel good about for the upcoming season? I like the young players and am a die hard ducks fan. It is just hard to be that right now. Maybe some news after the soccer tournament...
  10. BM: Hey shine that spotlight over here so you and the rest of the world can see how inept we are... Truth is, I never wanted RC to leave - I was forced into doing it..." Media: Jeez...
  11. Maroon didn't play like that on the ducks. Come to think of it, almost all of the ducks who go elsewhere seem to really blossom. Makes one wonder about the coaching on the ducks. Oh wait, it was Randy Carlisle... (and GMBM)
  12. Does anyone else think that the stanley cup playoffs has anything to do with a new coach? It ain't like it just happened. The team hasn't had a real coach in months... Color me NOT impressed by any of this - especially from a "Pro" team. It's "No Pro" in my book.
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