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  1. Complete and utter inconsistency on the part of player safety... unless you count their consistency in screwing over the Ducks and anything associated with them. Have the Penguins said anything? As a player, if I was set monetarily, I'd be tempted to leave the league. Vocally. Unfortunately, this is also a disincentive to come play for the Ducks. Maybe the team can sue the league. We need some hackers to get into the league's phones and emails and get the real dirt on them... this feels like blatant conspiracy.
  2. Word.
  3. I would prefer Perry split time between the 1st and 3rd lines, trading off with Kase/Roy/Hank, and maybe even Vermette/Wags. Getz and Perry don't need time on the same line to figure each other out, but we need the flexibility to move any of those other players up with Getz, and they all need time with him.
  4. Best tag line so far. Banner-worthy.
  5. Did my best. Bought some of his stuff, yelled his name in the silences. Very little response.
  6. And I’ll happily continue to call BS on anyone equating the BPP to Nazis, no matter how old they are, so I guess that’s that.
  7. I'm clearly biased, but: So... apparently I can stare at an incoming check and stick my face out and get both the call (interference is what it is) and the guy suspended. Just like Doughty got Maroon suspended. I still wonder if Doughty clearly saw Maroon coming in the glass (it's fairly reflective, it was flat in that area) and stuck out his chin to get the call, with hopes to get him out of the rest of the game... and maybe got clipped a bit harder than he wanted. The actions of the two hit recipients in both plays are very similar. Or look that way to me, as I wallow in my sense of injustice for Cogs.
  8. Yep. I just don't know how to respond... and I think it requires a response.
  9. I was including the inferred reference to the BPP. From the very link you posted: At its inception on October 15,[5] 1966, the Black Panther Party's core practice was its armed citizens' patrols to monitor the behavior of officers of the Oakland Police Department and challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. In 1969, community social programs became a core activity of party members.[6] The Black Panther Party instituted a variety of community social programs, most extensively the Free Breakfast for Children Programs, and community health clinics to address issues like food injustice.[7][8][9] The party enrolled the largest number of members and made the greatest impact in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Philadelphia.[10] I don't think it's debatable - they weren't a hate group. They were an aggressive response to police brutality, and you can't legitimately use any one-off acts of violence by one or two members to paint the whole group as a "hate group" - just like you can't use any single instance of cop brutality to paint all law enforcement as the same. A raised fist is not a call to hate, not then, and not now. It's a cry for help. The Black Panther Party was not a pacifist association, but it also wasn't a hate group. It was a rallying call and a victims support group. None of it is an "exact equivalent" of anything Nazi. Nazis picked on minorities to accumulate political power and then used government powers to oppress and/or kill... everyone. None of this is a close call. JT's acts are certainly not from a place of hate, or even disrespect. Ignoring what he's done to make that clear is part of the problem.
  10. I've requested info from the season ticket concierge. Nothing yet.
  11. You really, really have no idea what the heck you are talking about.
  12. I think Shaw and Wags were good buddies. I expect Wagner's game to suffer.
  13. This tops anything I’ve felt was unfair in any league. Gutted for Cogs. I don’t know how to respond. Cogs wouldn’t want us to shun Ducks games on his account. But this has to have some kind of repurcussion. I’ll certainly be purchasing his jersey. I guess we can send letters. What I want is the sports news to point out the Doighty hit to the head, in the same game, over and over and over. I’ll be advocating this 2 game stretch be disregarded in the league records. If it requires an asterisk, so be it.
  14. He might have. We don’t know. I wish we did.
  15. Having two nearly same aged kids has required me to develop a sense of where blame fairly lies in conflict. It’s often easy to assign blame to the retaliation, not the original punch/scratch/nasty comment, but as a parent, you can’t take the easy way out if you want well adjusted kids. If there’s been an uptick in violence against cops, a lot of blame fairly lies on the cops themselves and the violence they’ve felt obligated to meet out on the public, and particularly the black community. I have always felt, and will always feel, that the obligation to be more careful and more just and better trained, is on the police, as a group that has been granted authority to regulate conduct of the public with threat of deadly force. It’s supposed to be a calling, not a job at McDonald’s, and I resist any effort not to hold them to an extremely high standard of conduct. If you haven’t seen that standard slip below what’s acceptable, in particular areas of the US, then you aren’t looking. Any non violent recognition that the trend needs to reverse will always be something to applaud and support. Aside from that, taking the kneeling or the fist raise as an affront against the military is a clear mistake, and it appears to be more a political red herring to generate votes than anything real. If you like being tricked into thinking a certain way, a way that is likely counter to your own best interests (regardless of your skin color), then we probably won’t see eye to eye.