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  1. there's been a lot of claiming of players off waivers by other teams this season, relative to other seasons (we already lost a player, some goalies are in play). i think you're right - once you clear waivers, you can go up and down for something like 30 days without worry, but then you have to clear again or another team can pick you off. i think that's for all players except for the wavier exempt players, and the waiver exempt are the ~rookies. you can see who is who on capfriendly - the little green arrows show who is waiver exempt i think.
  2. just noticing that lately, posting and even thread perusal (clicking through posts/pages in a thread) is really slow. sort of since the season started. the site isn't unusable, but it's a markedly different experience than prior seasons, at least so far. i could see the league reducing the cost of hosting the forums this season, to save money, but i worry a bit that the slow down will turn into unusable when the season heats up. anyway, just wondering if someone else is seeing the same thing, or if this might be an issue on my end. i haven't had issues with other sites/network connectivity that coincides with poor response times here on our boards, so it definitely doesn't seem like an issue on my end.
  3. lol, no fraking way. that ONLY works if you have a team that would be perfect after inserting Dubois, and you already have a surplus roster player, top prospect, and high draft pick. we have exactly one of those (surplus roster player(s)), and we do not have a team that would magically be perfect after inserting D. aside from my opinion on the matter, i think it'd be a cold day in hell when BM agrees to that kind of swap.
  4. Fisix

    orange alliance

    i've been told that the $25 on the invoice is what was charged in July, but rolled over? it's certainly not what it looks like, and because they no longer show your prior invoices, now i have to go back and look at credit card charges to convince myself that the $25 wasn't charged previously. i really don't like the new payment portal. the old one had everything laid out for the season and you could audit everything. now, it's cartoonishly non-informative, and you have to rely on their accounting or manage it yourself through your credit card statements (or, at least i feel that way). gah. i'll post back once i'm confident about the invoices.
  5. excellent, thanks. i keep hearing that waivers this year is getting a lot of action.
  6. were any of the three players sent down to the AHL today waivers exempt? ah, Stolarz isn't. i hope we don't lose him.
  7. I feel like I'm in that scene from Moneyball where all the old school scouts are talking about old school player feels instead of the stats that matter. Eakins' comments mirror those of some of the player interviews that've already been posted this season. This is a foreshortened season, so now or never, frankly. The veterans HAVE been sucking, big time, under all metrics, and they have no excuse. And, they're sucking individually, not at some grand game strategy level. If there's one thing that's really detrimental to player development in the Duck's org, it's that the players seem to think they run the show and have forced the firing of two head coaches three times, and they've been the last three head coaches in a row. There's not supposed to be "losing the room" stuff going on unless there's some horrible behavior (like racism) that forces a player revolt. That is not happening here. They are players paid to play according to his system, and they aren't putting their heart into it, which is on them, not Eakins, not 4 games into a season, and not with these players. What I see are some players treating their job like an entitlement. The hard truth is that because we're in a rebuild, the vets don't care if they get traded, because statistically almost every other team is going to have a better season than us. Does it make any sense to motivate them by allowing them to dictate the game strategy instead of the head coach? frak no. Hit them where it hurts: how much they'll earn in the future when teams are unwilling to pay them big bucks because there's televised evidence that they don't show up or care when it matters the most.
  8. so, i finally got around to looking at the season ticket options. we'd already paid most of the fee for this year, and the offer by the Ducks is to roll over your payments to next year and get a 5% ducks dollars bonus, or get a refund except for your first payment for 21-22. the thing that has my panties in a bunch is that they are listing a $25 "processing fee" if you roll over the payments (i haven't looked at what gets charged for getting the refund). considering that we were charged the same $25 back in July for the 20-21 season, i'm unhappy. in my mind, that's $50 out of pocket for reduced number of tickets/games last season, and zero this season. i'd rather they get that $25 back from Ticketmaster, if that's the issue. am i just being a curmudgeon? i just don't like the idea of paying someone $25 to hold onto my money for what's going to be 18+months.
  9. Fisix


    definitely Fowler with Shat. i don't know what the deal is with Manson and Cam, but they refuse to make that pairing work, even though it looks spectacular on paper. really missing the Gbud/Fowler combo when that hit its stride. it was one of the few pairings over the last 6+ years of Cam's tenure where he was finally comfortable enough to gamble on his strengths offensively, rather than be compelled to always hover and cover the other guy. it was beautiful to behold, and it's doubly frustrating now when we don't see it because we know it could be otherwise.
  10. they probably don't want some tomato can breaking his leg in the show. we'll see how the first couple of weeks go, it could be a blood bath of penalties>
  11. they really should make the first month of games free viewing online with interstitial ads to pay for it.
  12. we had a great PP with Penner basically sitting his fat ass right in front of the net and battling. Grant isn't as tall, but I think he has better hands than Penner ever did, and he's strong and wide. we don't have 5 Getz's to play on PP. I think this is fine, considering what we seemed to be lacking over the last 2+ years. want to really mix things up? Make Manson a forward on the PP and sit HIM in front of the opposing goal. even if he played like he was defending THEIR net, we'd get more offense than we've had on PP recently.
  13. not even a single game played in the season yet. sheesh.
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