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  1. It's a little weird the Bernier doesn't have a place yet. Frankly, at $1M, we could have a 3rd goalie. I could see Miller as being a bit of leverage to get Bern to come in at a little bit lower price, with the expectation that we'd go deep into the playoffs (goalies will want that). With JG's propensity to get injured and take a while to get back... Bern would be looking at a great opportunity to play and show his skills. And, if we make it to the cup, let alone win it, his value as a UFA would go pretty high... I have to say, I'd be pretty excited if we had JG, Bern, and Miller available at the start of the season, for a total cap hit of Bern and Miller at ~$5M or less. I forget where I posted it, but there's a long list of ways we can really bulk up on cap hit if we want to go whole hog from the start of the season. It would make things less flexible at the trade deadline (if we are still in the hunt, no big injuries), but having the team reasonably stable for almost the whole season can be very nice at playoff time. I'm probably in fantasy land.
  2. I can't help but wonder if Teemu pushed for it, and was more than a little responsible for it happening for Paul.
  3. How many 3+ away game stretches?
  4. yes. it can be drafted up.
  5. I was thinking more of a loanout. As in, we pay for him for that season, and he goes back to Vegas at the end of the season. It's certainly not unheard of. They might be able to extract some late round picks from us as well, if he's been doing well even with them not being in a playoff spot. I also don't see Vegas trading him early on in the season. They have enough stuff going on in trying to rid themselves of some d-men. He'll be good for their cap minimum, as well as all the other stuff i mentioned.
  6. WE're always in the discussion when it's d-men. Megna to them?
  7. Don't forget about the $2M additional cap space that will eventually be reflected at capfriendly. Also, don't forget about the LTIR cap space we'll have for at least one player for at least the first month of play (probably longer). Also, don't forget that we can overspend in the summer by 10% (basically, a bridge between summer signings and LTIR). Also, don't forget that we can bury some current cap hit in the gulls and play the flip game for a while. Also, don't forget that Bieksa's salary and hit will come off the books at the end of this coming season (if you're going to think ahead). There are some options for us to make some stuff happen with the forwards, if we're feeling the quickening with regards to the twins. We could even wait until the trade deadline and probably be more likely to share the salary of a rental (Bonino might be available then, might not, Perron WILL be available). If Bonino hasn't signed yet, then he's shopping for some pretty big $$ (relative to his past market price), and even with all the above that's probably outside our spending capability, not to mention spending desire. LV might want to keep some fingers on Perron, particularly in the beginning of the season when they need to win a few to lock in some fans, and maybe want him to step up as a mentor to some younger players. But, they'd probably be fine loaning him out for the latter half of the season (if they aren't headed to the playoffs), and Perron would jump at the chance if we were clearly still on a cup run (no major season ending injuries to our top 2 lines). Would you prefer Bonino or Perron?
  8. proposal

    They're trolling us?
  9. I'm telling ya, he's piddleed because he lost his celebrity girlfriend. he needs a little cooling time. i bet he wants to go to Vegas... or maybe Vancouver.
  10. Expensive. Hope it works out for a good season.
  11. That's expensive.
  12. Oh, I missed that. I thought he went into the bouncer strange directly from us... forgot about the wash trade... was that the same year we traded coaches-ish? my memory is shot.
  13. Link?
  14. if it's three years, I'm thinking somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5M a year, probably really close to 2M, with bonuses for post season play.
  15. I don't think that's true. He ended up with a contract in the 4.8M range? and then was traded around, ending up at the kings for their cups. He was solid there for a while, then had the girlfriend issues, then was cut/quit, then came back to us for cheap for a very short while (less than a season, kind of like Bryz), then cut again, then (almost) arrested for some kind of scuffle while acting as bodyguard for a friend trying to repossess some workout equipment.