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  1. draft and then trade cam?
  2. the more informed than I seem to think that the Blues can end up in a spot lower than 20. Have you worked out the outcomes such that the Blues must be 20 or higher?
  3. For example, apparently, the Lightning are picking 27th because they won their division and have the best regular season point total.. and they got swept last night. My take? San Jose's pick might be pretty high since their regular season point total was pretty high - so maybe picks 20-23 if the sharks lose (we want them to lose). They're projected for 26. Blues are playing pretty well (we want the Blues to win), I think the Jets were pretty lucky last night (though it's weird that neither team can win at home), and the Blues' regular season point total was below middle of the pack. If the Blue lose, then I guess somewhere in picks 18-20. If they win, then higher up. They're projected for 20. I'm guessing that the prognosticators that have projected their relative pick positions are using the teams' regular season point totals, so my guess is that we'll get the Blues' pick at 20. If the Blues lose and pick lower than that, we'll get the Sharks' pick, likely at 26.
  4. "lost" might be too harsh a word. https://www.capfriendly.com/draft/2019&pick=20 i think, based on the teams that made the playoffs, and the top 10 pick order that's already been established, that we're guaranteed a second first round pick, either from the Blues (looks like as high as 20th) or the Sharks (looks like as high as 26th). According to wikipedia, "Anaheim will receive San Jose's first-round pick in 2019 if the Blues' first-round pick in 2019 is between picks 11–19. If the Blues' first-round pick is between picks 20–31 then Anaheim will have the option to take either St. Louis or San Jose's first-round pick in 2019." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_NHL_Entry_Draft#Unresolved_conditional_draft_picks There's a bunch of funky rules about the draft order for the playoff teams: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NHL_Entry_Draft#Selection_order_and_draft_lottery.
  5. dude. my bracket is hosed. actually, scratch that. just one game so far.
  6. Very interesting. Domi will probably be too expensive. Drouin would be nice, but probably require too much investment going their way. Danault is probably ok, and might relish the challenge to be a 2nd C. The rest are very young and would be competing with our home-grown talent. I'd love to see them, but they're long term development, not 2nd line Cs (not next season, anyway). I could see us picking up Drouin for Ritchie plus something that'll hurt, like a youngster forward, Manson, or maybe Kase and some cash or something. Still, aside from hopes and dreams, I think we'll tend to try to develop within our own system, bring up some AHLers with our new coach. Sending two current forwards to get Drouin will open some space... but I'm not sure we're working the two front rebuild, and the other team may not want to lose any of Drouin, Domi, or Danault.
  7. Fisix

    Coach Shuffle - 2019

    I would hate to eat my words, but I'm fine with this. McL has NOT shown he's good at reviving a team brimming with adversity.
  8. yep. and there's no way we're trading as many known skills sets as we'd have to, just to move up a few spots to draft a possible. i really don't get all the hoopla. before the recent hype, this draft was basically an also-ran as far as draft seasons go. even for the top two recruits. are you guys falling for the league's attempt at hyping the draft so that more than 1-2 fans/team watch it this year?
  9. Kase doesn't move the needle either. Too injury prone.
  10. Fisix

    playoff game...

    Bruins going to goon it up game 2.
  11. Love this idea. One other possible tweak that would hamper tanking - base the percentages off of multiple year performance. So, a team couldn't win the cup one year, tank the next, and end up with the highest chance to pick first. A team would have to tank multiple years in a row (which would devastate their ticket sales and team income) to meaningfully affect their lottery draw percentages, so no rational team would do so... or something like that. And, if a team actually sucked multiple years in a row, then they probably need the help with a good lotto percentage. I think the current system, that allows a team to tank in the same year they already know the player lineup for the draft, is a bad idea. Even with the lottery, it's too easy to game.
  12. Maybe. I interpret Kes' description to mean that he pushed himself through those extremely difficult times, precisely because he wanted to reach 1000 as soon as possible, and in this season, not because RC or BM were behind him with a whip (as if Kes would let that happen), and not even because RC or BM were focused more on team performance while allowing Kes to damage himself in his quest. All three of them know (and probably respect too much) what personal goals mean to an NHL player, so I guess you could reasonably argue RC and BM are complicit in allowing the damage to happen, but I don't think they did so out of incompetence or an underhanded attempt to run out Kes' clock. You could argue that Kes' minutes/game were too high throughout the season, but I still think +- 5 or even 10 minutes each game were a drop in the bucket compared to the time and wear he spent warming up and warming down for each game (in his own words), and I think Kes felt he needed to rack up the games played ASAP to make his personal goal. Given Kes' overall demeanor, I think the "choice" this season was to either play Kes as he was played, to allow him reach his personal goal, or LTIR him for a full hip replacement (ball and socket) and hope he could come back from that and make his 1000 games. Kes made his 1k, he can still get his hip replaced, and the team is going to pay for it either way. I really don't know what the sports recovery outlook is for a full hip replacement, so this could be it. It appears his natural hip's days were numbered when they found all those extra bone chips in the most recent surgery. That said, the season before his recent surgery might be more of a mismanagement issue... but it's VERY difficult to tell who dropped the ball, if it was dropped, or who had the onus to hold the ball back then. The team could have stopped Kes and pushed for him to get the surgery earlier, but even if Kes had agreed to go along, he'd still have needed the surgery, and I don't think we can justifiably assume his recovery would have been any better. He's a grinding NHL star with gimpy hips, is all.
  13. Redo, because I suck. West: Calgary vs. Colorado: the Avs in 6. San Jose vs. Vegas: Knights in 4-5. Nashville vs. Dallas: Trash in 5. Winnipeg vs. St. Louis: Blues in 6. East: Tampa Bay vs. Columbus: Lightning in 5. Washington vs. Carolina: Caps in 7. New York vs. Pittsburgh: Islanders in 5. Boston vs. Toronto: Leafs! in 6. Second Round: Colorado Vs. Vegas: Avs in 6. Nashville Vs. St. Louis: Blues in 7. Tampa vs. Toronto: Leafs! in 7. Washington vs. New York: Islanders in 7. Conference Finals: Colorado vs St. Louis: Blues in 6. Toronto vs New York: Leafs! in 5. Stanley Cup Finals: Blues vs Leafs!: Leafs! in 7. Note - the obvious weaknesses are Leafs over Lightning, Islanders over Caps. I think Trashville won't go far this season, but they can't help but beat the Stars. Anyway, with that in mind, the above could replace Leafs with Lightning after 2nd round, with the Lightning winning out, and taking Caps out in the Conference Finals. There's also a good chance that the Avs will beat the Blues, but I think the Avs will be injured when they play the flames and will just lose by attrition by the CFs. In fact, Vegas might very well take them in the second round. The Sharks are going to choke in the first round, like they always do.
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