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  1. I couldn't find the comment on/by Bieksa at that link. is the episode not up yet?
  2. This actually seems like a steal. Looking at the GAA and save% over longer stretches, CJ is as good or better than the other goalies the Blues have access to right now. I mean, it's a relative steal. I think the Blues will be unhappy he's gone.
  3. I rewatched the Miller injury video this morning - I was hoping it wasn't a knee or an ankle... sigh. I think what I see is his leg outstretched so that the ankle is hooked on the left pipe as Mahura bowls into him pretty much right at the knee. I couldn't tell if the knee hyperextended or if it twisted first and got bent from the side, but it did something bad before the net plug broke free and the goal swung away. If it's really just the MCL, then I guess it twisted first. I hope all the other CLs and structure are intact. We need him, and he needs that record. Rakell - I think he'll be back soon. It's been long enough that they'd know by now if there was an accompanying fracture, and if there isn't, then he won't be able to cut as hard, but they can support it pretty good within his boot.
  4. well... Quick has been out most of the season, and it looks like he made 18 saves, vs. zero... it's dredging the bucket for a compliment other than "he's playing, isn't he?"
  5. hopefully he didn't also tweak his knee, and just missed it due to the ankle pain. the video looked all kinds of bad. i'll rewatch the miller injury to see what's up. could easily be a groin, hip.
  6. or, put differently, Leafs RW Adam Cracknell traded to Ducks for D Steve Oleksy I guess I'm fine with this. I know the name Oleksy, but don't know much about either player.
  7. i don't know. Ask Lindholm.
  8. Ug, this is now the team's nickname for him. you. it was you.
  9. Now we need to focus on who they hire to apprentice under BM.
  10. Expected. Through the ED.
  11. He skated away afterwards just like he did with Cam. Like he knew it was a bad hit but “oh, deary me, it was just an accident.” He’s got his “poor little misunderstood me” schtick down pretty good, but it’s obvious at this point.
  12. well, for right now, the 40 game thing can be important for eligibility in the ED.
  13. this feels like drinking sportscaster shenanigans.