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  1. I think he’s required this season on to skate with dual knee braces, instituted per last season It was good to see Kase.
  2. If you have a link, I'd like to look at it. A specialist makes me start to think stuff like... nerve damage, lack of blood flow, non-healing skin damage, or possible flaring infection. Anything else just seems like a medical diagnosis failure, and it should have been addressed completely and aggressively in the off season with plenty of time to heal. Sometimes it feels like the team tends to have a hands-off approach to managing the players' heath, particularly with respect to the older players.
  3. That was 2-3 seasons ago, not last season.
  4. is that one of Patrick's sons?
  5. I fear Kase has concussion symptoms. I suppose it could be neck related or maybe even infection related, but the lack of info (I haven't really searched hard) worries me. I haven't been able to track down video of the hit that took him out, but I remember it being to the head and not called. Eaves and Getz - oof. Eaves' sounds like a nagging ankle or knee issue that he just can't get over, which sucks. Getz... if it's the sports hernia thing again I'm going to throw the season in the dumpster fire. I could see a muscle tear and wanting him to heal through it, but this is not the machine we had last season. Miller - was there a gigantic brawl in spring practice and a bunch of guys got speared in the ballsack or something? WTF. Or, as someone else mentioned, do we have a bulls. strength and conditioning coach who pushed everyone too hard and we're screwed for the rest of the season. The rest of the IR are recovering from actual surgery we know about. I hope they're getting better treatment than our supposedly healthy members are getting. Huh, just listing what's going on is making me fearful and angry. Either the team is purposefully taking it easy these first few games, or we're having the WORST run of luck ever. I mean, after last season, did the team not think the other teams weren't going to go head hunting early? I'd certainly be discussing with the referee teams every chance I got. <head explodes>
  6. I see a pic. Is there video?
  7. Bieksa was out to heal that cut on his face.
  8. Ok, well, here's what I've read: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Monty will be moved up and down, rather than risk some other team picking up any of our current d-men. Even Holzer. And, if it gets too congested, and things stand as they are, I see FB retiring out of the lineup, or accepting the waiver to the AHL. We'll keep everyone else for possible trade fodder if everyone is healthy going into the trade deadline. SIDE NOTE - Kase is listed as IR, with no time slated for return. Same list also has Eaves down as IR, so it's not an up to date list. Oh, and Kase is wavier exempt, as is Ritchie. They could be moved up and down if we need to carry an extra d-man or two.
  9. So, to be clear (cause I'm not knowledgeable on this), to send down any of the players we're talking about, you have to waive them? We got around that last season how?
  10. First paragraph - everything you've mentioned is personality... FB is a great guy, but he's not as mobile as Bieksa, nor is he as effective (currently), though to be fair to FB, I'm evaluating KB based on his latter season play last year. As Spencer noted, if KB begins to suck worse than FB, then maybe there's room for a reevaluation... but FB wasn't brought in to have priority over KB. And, regarding the Perry thing, that's getting to be water under the bridge after KB hunted a few goons who took liberties with Corey last year. Second paragraph - that speaks more to his veteran in the locker room cred, as opposed to his coaching cred. Different skill set, depending how he interacts with his line mate. If he can do it off the ice, not in the momement, so to speak, then there's less incentive to have him on the ice (but still with the organization).
  11. Come on now, you and I both know Bieksa isn't going to sit while healthy, unless someone fires Carlyle. No-one is going to be upset with Beauch being a healthy scratch periodically through the season, not even Beauch. He's in place as a stop gap while labrums get healthy, and if there are any unforeseen reinjuries. Side note - the Aves weren't a good measure (because their sucking could have been impossible to help) - is there any indication that Beauch is a decent d-man coach/mentor? That's different from being "a veteran in the locker room." If not, then Beauch is just veteran d-man meat that people like and get along with, and he'll have taken the roll knowing that.
  12. Nope. Can't we send various players down without putting people on waivers? Manson and Fowler probably won't be paired after we get Vats and Lindy back, except in special situations. Bieksa and Beauch - Beauch might have taken a deal knowing that he'd exit before the end of the season. I'd see that happening well before we risked any of the other d-men through waivers. Considering what happened last season, we're going to do our best to keep as many of our current (younger) d-men around and available as possible, including Holzer (who is doing fine, y'all just spoiled seeing some of our other excellent d-men out there). Aside from that, my preference is in line with that - I wouldn't trade or do anything to reduce the number of d-men available until after we (hopefully) enter the post season. Someone is going to get injured after December. We're in a very good position to carry everyone through to the end with us this season... and history says we're going to need them. Hell, it'd be nice to spell some of the top 4 in the last month of the regular season, give them alternating games off to get those nagging tweaks back in line.
  13. Any news on Kase?
  14. OOps. was that a punch or a headbutt that caused the blood?
  15. Made me look at our cap space. $1M or so, which is nice, especially considering we're not using any of the LTIR we could. But, then I looked at Arizona. That cap space is ridiculous.