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  1. Lets be conservative.
  2. I can’t bring myself to watch games right now.
  3. You can have the whole team on your shoulders and not be the captain. He is clearly better than many, but I think this team needs better. That’s probably more on the team than it is on him.
  4. And, I have to think that's because he was brought up by Scotty. And, I think Fowler, through emulation of Scotty, has helped develop the D in ways I wish the Fs would. Shrug.
  5. Oh, and you know, there might be a strategic reason why Getz gets the C. He might mouth off to the refs so much, and without restraint, that making him C is a way to minimize the 2min penalties he takes by doing so.
  6. Getz likes to lead by example, but doesn't always set a good one when it comes to discussing stuff with the officials. Also, I think the better captains in this league and others have also spent time developing the ability to lead through conversations with the ranks, more so than Getz.
  7. This is officially my least favorite thread. (tongue in cheek - i hate reliving bad times)
  8. Anyone else notice that there's been no public send off of Bieksa like there has Beauch? I mean, I get why, but it's likely that Bieksa has also played his last game in the NHL.
  9. We'd be crazy not to resign Monty. I doubt Cory goes anywhere - no receiver team will pick up his full contract, and they won't offer him a NMC, like the one he has now. There's no upside for him. And, I think his stats would go way up if he wasn't playing almost exclusively against other team's top lines.
  10. To be absolutely fair, I think we have a problem with certain players on the team not buying into any system, when they get frustrated, and it seems to leak into the other players at the worst of times. I think it's Getz, but I'm not sure. There are two problems I see. First, there seems to be a disconnect between the top players and the lower players in terms of training. It feels like the older top end guys don't spend time with the younger guys and build up the kind of team chemistry that presents a more solid mental front in the playoffs and elsewhere. It feels like the older guys are focused on their own physical and game issues and expect the kids to manifest a good development regimen on their own. It's a weird kind of selfishness. I think RC accentuates that, or at least allows it to happen, and I think BB tried to do the opposite. Second, there seems to be a disconnect between a few of the top players and the coaching staff that becomes a gigantic chasm when the chips are down and stress is high. The kids pick up on that and end up emulating it (if they think their position is safe), or at least get mixed signals from the coaching staff and the team leadership, which ends up looking ridiculous on the ice. I think RC expected more adherence to his will this year, and was unpleasantly surprised (and unable to cope) when it didn't happen. I think BB wanted the team leadership to take more responsibility in the post season (and he ended up abdicating his own responsibility as a result, at the worst of times), but what he ended up with was frustrated players, disconnected plays, and the same kind of selfish play we saw over pretty much the whole sweep this year. Both coaches ran into injuries in the post season that made the systemic problems with the team flare up at the worst times. So, whoever coaches the team going forward is going to have to fix the above. I think you have to tell some of the older players that part of their job is to set aside some time to give their game to the kids, whether it's through training discipline or strategy or whatever, the only place I'm seeing it happen fairly well is on D. The forwards are at best line mate centric, and that's not even assured. I think the F's think they can train the kids simply by setting a good example, and that may have been enough when they were coming up in the league, but I don't think that's the case now, and particularly not with the younger forwards we have. And, you know... I think Rakell got/gets his team camaraderie from the D line, or at least Lindholm. And maybe his innate skill. Or maybe he's found a way to integrate himself with Getz and Perry and even Kesler, where others have just failed. A good coaching staff would figure that out and get it to work for the whole team. Getting it to work probably wouldn't fix the team by itself, but I think it'd go a long way. Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. They certainly might be incorrect, as I don't see the day to day, but I think my take fits in with what I have seen over the past 5 or more seasons.
  11. The team is due for a pretty big reorg. If you look at how many players might not be here next year, and where we are in terms of cap spend this year, relative to the league... some serious changes might be coming down the line.
  12. Sorry, but you're just wrong. They're both in, first chance. I think you're a bit spoiled at the success and talent we've had here at home (and close to)...
  13. It's exactly the kind of hit they want to stop... but there's plenty of wiggle room. Based on what happened to Doughty, this should be a 1 game suspension.
  14. Maybe we can trick them into taking Ritchie instead.
  15. In order of the above: RC might be going... he had the pass, but that was before the sweep (and the type of sweep it was). There were clear disconnects between the coaching staff and the players, and it wasn't resolved even by the 4th game. That doesn't bode well for RC. BM and CP aren't going anywhere. BM did an almost perfect job for us this year and last. Perry might be expensive and not really on par with the best league 1st lines, but he's not going to give up his contract, and we can still use him to great effect on other lines... we just need to cobble together a 1st line worthy of the league. I think we're past the whole injury being the cause thing. If there was a surgery that could be done, it would have been done before now. RG and RR are staying, Kase will get signed, Silf will be staying just to try to rekindle the Kes, Cogs, Silf line. Kesler is a wild card, but if anyone can make a physical comeback, it's him. If he can't pull it off, I think they try to swap him with Grant or Hank. Monty is absolutely staying, unless there really is some kind of personality issue with RC and RC stays. We'd sign him anyway to trade him for good return. Bieksa is absolutely gone. His contract is up and he did nothing this year. I don't think he helped any of the rookies, either, so he's just done. The three long term D contracts are staying. The rest of the d-line is up for possible trade to shore up the forwards. Vermette, Chimera, Kelly are all released, but I think Brown is cheap for his upside, and just imagine how good he could be if lined up with Hank and Kase for an entire training period? I could see that line be a solid offensive threat, and all three have the speed to get back on D. They're all young enough to train up, too, and they don't seem as unteachable as Ritchie. They's just need time to develop as a line, and some discipline and guidance from an expert. They need a Niedermeyer for forwards. I wish Getz could be that. Ritchie has slowly slipped deeper into liability land. If he's shopped, we may not get any takers. I foresee waivers, because he needs to be reevaluated at the AHL level. I'd love for us to keep Grant, but he may be just good enough that the market will pay him more than we can offer. That said, he'd be our center for a line of rookies up from the Gulls, and they'd probably be cycling in and out all year long. We need someone like him down there. But, we're going to also have Perry, so that's Grant and Perry with only one slot for rookies? I mean, it could be an amazing 4th line, but... Eaves won't be back, as far as I can tell. Gibson and Miller are staying, and I hope we work a good deal with Berra. And in come the AHLers! My lines for next year: Getz, Rakell, ??? Cogs, Kes, Silf Kase, Hank, Brown Perry, Grant, AHL If Kase is moved up with G and R, then I think Perry is with Hank and Brown, and Grant is paired with 2 AHLers. If Hank is moved up with G and R (which might be a good idea), then I think Grant is up with K and R, and Perry gets two AHLers. Notice no Ritchie. Yeah, I chose Brown over Ritchie. That leaves us without a Boll, but man, even Boll seemed to make more of a game difference than Ritchie has over the season. We could very well lose both Brown and Grant, and that leaves Kase or Hank having to rebuild the 3rd and 4th lines by themselves. I'm suspicious that would leave room for Chimera to stay as a 4th liner "veteran," or Ritchie to limp along as... fodder. If Eaves makes it back, he could slot in anywhere, including into the top line, but my head says no.