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  1. Fisix

    Kings Catch All - 8

    i totally forgot the kings hired Todd. ouch.
  2. I think that's accurate, but I also think that Manson should be able to play well regardless of whether he's paired with Lindy or not. We need that flexibility, and it's not like Cam is horrible. That was my main problem with the team as a whole under RC, and even partly under BB - a lot of players seemed constipated and inflexible, and they let their games fall off a cliff if things weren't perfect. There really shouldn't be a "wrong" combination between Lindholm, Manson, and Fowler. They've been playing together forever, and they should know by now how to accentuate each other's strengths, or at least cover each other's weaknesses effectively. More to the point, the fragility of their performance seemed more a result of stubbornness on the player's part than just simple clumsy execution. It also seemed like that stubbornness component pretty much evaporated once BM was behind the bench....
  3. did you read this yet? https://www.nhl.com/ducks/news/ducks-announce-hockey-operations-transactions/c-307895890 Important part (maybe we'll have less injuries?):
  4. This. I'm not analyzing carefully, but I think it was aimed at our D, both actual d-men and forwards not being willing to play some d. Less Lindholm, definitely Manson. If I was BM, and I had to keep seeing what Theo is doing and thinking about what i gave up to keep Manson.... I'd be grumpy about it. Anyone know if we've solidified Grant yet?
  5. I don't know, man, I think we did go all in. We threw a lot of money around, hoping for the best, getting hit with almost the worst (over the past two seasons, certainly). I think you're right, though, we were probably too conservative at the wrong times and didn't spend a little more money where we could have, for perhaps infinitely better results. Some results were (bad) luck of the cards, and some were just bad plays on our part. I wonder, fairly often, if we'd have just dropped BB a year early, we'd have sidestepped the RC debacle and linked good coaching with still healthy-enough players in time for at least a SCF appearance.
  6. There's a lot to shore up across the board, both long term and short, and there are some teams that are on the cusp of turning a generations long corner. We've set ourselves up to be a better than average team in 2-3 years, and i think we're willing to trade out some assets to reach that 2nd to 3rd year with a mixture of conservative and wildly speculative bets, without losing long term gems in the ED. and we're on the lookout for a franchise player or two. I think Toronto is going to be interesting to watch. They are soooo close to a cup winning team. Players are going to want to play there just to be onboard when they get over the hump. I'm not sure Toronto has desirable players to come back with... but as long as their contracts expire in 1-2 years, it may not matter that much for a team that would need to be a Cinderella^2 to get past the 2nd round (like us, the kings, others). I see some multi-season horse trading happening this off season. Will Boston start to shake things up, or will they just try again with pretty much what they got? Will Chicago smooth things out? What the heck are the sharks going to do with all those big contracts? are the kings done for another 2 seasons? what the ever loving heck is Ottawa going to do with their dumpster fire? and i don't think we're necessarily done with coaching changes in the league.
  7. Yes, though I'd take Silf out of the running. Hank or Corey. Getz and... Fowler as A's.
  8. only Getz? i swear you guys are habitual at counting chickens before they're hatched or burying heads in sand.
  9. Fisix

    playoff game...

    Boston's D took a dip, and the Blues D was on point. Binnington was a wall. I am very glad that the Blues won, glad for Patty, glad for Perron, glad that Marchand wasn't rewarded.
  10. i was just thinking that maybe they were waiting because the Blues coach is lined up. Naw. Can't be. It's Eakins.
  11. are you sure? regardless, Getz was on the team at the time.
  12. i would agree, but that hasn't stopped the other teams solidifying their team staff. i guess if they're hoping to make a big splash...
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