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  1. Good points, but I think they look more comfortable with the shifts now than under BB. I think the plan has been communicated well. not that they’re looking good tonight. Sheesh.
  2. It depends on what has been communicated to the players in question, and whether they buy into the idea that team development comes before individual stats. i think the coaching staff have been up front with the players, and i think DE's put a premium on performance (you earn your spot), but has elected not to be schizoid about it and move them around on a game by game basis, rather based on their performance over a set period of time. The only player of Shore, Grant, and Rowney that have lost out, at all, is Shore, and if that loses him the room, then we might as well go scrape RC off the curb. further, giving the rooks an opportunity to acclimate to the NHL, over a period of time and not just a game here and a game there, is much more positive for their development than the alternatives (that we have available). Jones has a point, and the group has some shooters, so i think your evaluation is a little incomplete. their collective +- is funky, but look at them play and how they interact with each other, their teammates, and with other NHL players on the ice... they believe they deserve to be there, and they're excited to be there, with each other, gutting it out. i think their expectations and development are being managed well. overall - remember how big a step this is away from what's gone before, under both RC and BB. RC might let them die on the vine, and BB might chaotically mix and match lines (which by the way, always seemed a little like an underhanded way to blame the players for a poor game strategy), but that's not Eakins. The kids know how he works and I bet they all know what's expected (and it isn't going to be perfection). I think keeping them up long enough for them to see what they need to work on (which absolutely takes a couple games), THEN sending them down to work on that stuff where they have room to do so, makes a lot of sense, if you're looking at blocks of 1/5 to 1/4 of the season at a time, and not 3-4 games (or worse, 1-2 games) at a time. I mean, we're not even 10 games in, and you want to send them down because they didn't own Boston? We'll see how long he experiments (we lost one today), but i don't think it makes sense to banish the lot of them after just 6 games. He'll give them at least some time to figure stuff out, then (I think) he'll cycle through Sherwood and some of the others down in the Gulls to give them a shot. at least, i hope he cycles Sherwood up. Sprong and waivers - we are 6 games in, there are 8 games left in October. Maybe Sprong replaces Lundestrom for the rest of October, then gets sent down before the waivers thing kicks in again? I think I may rather Sherwood come up, if the lines fit. I just don't think they want to move people up and down a lot this first month, and I don't think they'll want to risk waivers that often with Sprong (always depending on how well he's playing). It was interesting what Max said during the tv interview last night. He lauded Boston for having that 6th sense about where their linemates would be, having played together a long time, etc. That sounds like both an observation AND and team goal for the future (players, especially young ones, tend to regurgitate or at least paraphrase what the coach has been saying in the locker room).
  3. Sprong needs to stay down until we bring him up for a long period of time, unless we're willing to risk waivers up and down. dtsdlaw - i think he's maxing their time up top to experiment rather than ensure points. he's trying to get a good sample space, and Shore is a known stat (pretty much). i'm not sure why he'd have to play getz so much if hank, silf, and RR are available. shrug. plus, he could have spelled Getz a bit more with Grant. anyway, something was being done, just not sure exactly what, or why. Grant's time was so low that I wonder if he's hiding a gimp as well, or if they're pushing really hard to find consistent linemates for Getz.
  4. Thought this is relevant to any expectation that RK will be rejoining the team: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/common-joint-pain-treatment-may-be-more-harmful-thought-n1066146 There's obviously a "may" in there, so it isn't conclusive, but it makes me wonder a bit about RK's significant and surprising (in the words of his docs) joint degradation over the years, and how many joint injections he's received leading up to and after his first hip surgery (under Vancouver), and how many he admitted to having all through last year's season. I do remember that some of the needlework was just that - they'd put the needles into different areas without any injection fluid, as what sounded a lot to me like really deep acupuncture, but I also remember RK discussing specifically receiving cortisol/steroid injections into the hip joint area itself. I mean, I don't think many of us held out hope that he'd be a productive on-ice member of the team again, but, if there's any truth to this article (and circumstances indicate there is), then my guess is that if they haven't reevaluated already, they'll be reevaluating down going forward.
  5. Seems that Boston was dictating more of the line shifts last night: A. Henrique 17:30 R. Getzlaf 21:01 C. Rowney 9:29 O.Kase 19:32 J. Silfverberg 18:25 S. Steel 14:04 N. Ritchie 13:52 D. Grant 10:20 M. Jones 12:31 M. Comtois 15:18 T. Terry 16:39 R. Rakell 18:53 C. Fowler 22:21 K. Holzer 17:02 J. Larsson 17:04 J. Manson 17:57 M. Del Zotto 19:38 H. Lindholm 17:28 Kase's time up big. Rowney is probably down because of the weird injury/run into the boards. Not sure what the deal is with Grant. Ritchie, Steel, and Jones TOIs are probably collateral damage with Grant and Rowney. Max and TT have some good numbers. Getz really shouldn't have the highest TOI of all the forwards. Fowler and DZ time up big. I like the evenness of the rest, but it's a little weird that Lind and Manson are as relatively low as they are. I didn't see Holzer be directly the cause of a goal, and I saw him make some good D plays... so D is what it is, probably dictated by power plays and opponent shift choices. We'd like to shift Goolie in soon.
  6. For tonight's game: A. Henrique 17:20 R. Getzlaf 15:13 N. Deslauriers 10:23 C. Rowney 15:01 O.Kase 15:50 D. Shore 12:46 J. Silfverberg 17:51 N. Ritchie 13:29 D. Grant 17:45 M. Comtois 11:26 T. Terry 9:54 R. Rakell 17:02 C. Fowler 18:53 K. Holzer 16:55 J. Larsson 17:48 J. Manson 22:58 M. Del Zotto 18:42 H. Lindholm 23:00 Lindy and Manson taking the brunt tonight. Getz low, for him. FrenchyD and TT LOW, along with MaxC. Fairly low for Ritchie and Shore. These numbers look a bit weird. I'll check again later to see if they didn't get all the TOI for the forwards. I think they sometimes go back and correct the stats.
  7. they're clearly keeping players in/scratching others according to some kind of system, we just don't know what it is yet. i LOLed multiple times watching this:
  8. I'm not sure why we played Ritchie and Holzer over FrenchyD and DelZ. We might have been looking past the Pens, thinking they were too injured to put up a strong game, and maybe we were saving them for tonight? But then, why play Gibby over Miller? Weird selection metrics, but I suppose they're also selecting players to see how they play against certain opponents. I guess. I'm going to stop thinking about it so I don't get grumpy.
  9. Also: A. Henrique 18:08 R. Getzlaf 20:01 C. Rowney 11:12 O.Kase 16:19 D. Shore 14:04 J. Silfverberg 18:16 N. Ritchie 15:42 D. Grant 10:42 I. Lundestrom 11:07 M. Jones 10:41 T. Terry 13:47 R. Rakell 18:09 B. Guhle 19:42 C. Fowler 22:13 K. Holzer 17:09 J. Larsson 16:09 J. Manson 17:32 H. Lindholm 20:09 So, the Pens may have dictated our rolling lines more, or the above is collateral damage with all the penalties (as mentioned in the broadcast), both in terms of individual TOI, and what happens when we have to roll the penalty kill lines, i guess. Grant, Jones, Lundestrom, and Rowney all low, TT and Shore lowish. Holzer, Manson, and Larsson low for D-men. Fowler pretty high, Getz probably too high.
  10. it's really too early to tell. but, Josh seemed out of sorts yesterday, and we seemed to be reverting to some old bad habits. i kinda wonder why Holzer was in for that game. or, looking at it differently, the penguins played in a way that made us look bad. and, while we made some silly penalty mistakes, the pens may have been using veteran techniques to draw more penalties than the other teams we've played. there's definitely going to be some learning. unfortunately, the refs did seem to be neglecting to call some penalties committed by the pens, which is an everlasting BS move by the ref league. on that note - i haven't seen any alternate captains named. when i checked the roster yesterday, only Getz was listed as C.
  11. sharks are 0 and 4. that's weird. kings are 1 and 2. there's some infrastructure issues going on over there.
  12. Ug. So, it looks like you're going to have some work over the next couple days on the main site front end switch from ducks.nhl to nhl.ducks (just noticed it right now). At least for me, the reimagining of the site navigation to a left side vertical menu isn't working quite right - the base tabs aren't showing any text. Hey, at least it's still navigable!
  13. yep, just pointing out the relative differences. especially when it looks like individuals and not entire lines.
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