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  1. i still don't follow. players play for money, lifestyle, and prestige amongst other players. maybe they play for records a bit too. they get all that here, and perhaps a bump up in lifestyle as compared to many other markets. detroit is god town for hockey, renown throughout the world, but you have to live in or near detroit. not a draw. i have no idea what you mean by small market. our salary outlay is top of the league, and the team makes money year over year on seats and tv. 5% share in our area is 100% share in toronto (there's only 2.7million people in toronto). so...
  2. you have to play people in NHL games in order to trade them before the ED, if you want to get some value out of them. you can only protect so many players, and you have to make SOME eligible players available. the way this is going, so far, we're retaining a LOT of flexibility in who we protect, how we protect them, and what value we can extract between now and when we have to make the hard decisions.
  3. there's more (especially if you don't discount Teemu), but:
  4. i don't think i've ever seen kopitar in a tv commercial, except for maybe a fox sports spot (come watch us play). there may be some places where a hockey player can draw some serious endorsement $$, but i can't think of any current player that can do anything outside the city they play in. and, Anaheim and OC are not small markets, when you consider the populations where these other teams play. so... i'm going to have to say i don't agree. we pay the going rate. players get to live and play next to the beach and in ~70 degree weather almost year round. they have access to the rural feel of OC and are minutes away from one of the most urban areas in the world. our players are on the national teams. our facilities are probably a few years out of date, and hockey, as a sport, isn't as much a reliable fan draw as elsewhere, but that hasn't ended up with lower pay for the team. frankly, if we have any particular negative connotation from the context of free agency, it's because the team has been run by the players more often than not, RC has been a dumpster fire, and we get Dehydrated Donkey Dung on by the refs more often than statistically reasonable.
  5. it was more than just the twins and Teemu. many others on the team went along just because they didn't feel like they had the clout to do so in the long run, but even accounting for that, those three weren't alone.
  6. no, i haven't looked yet. ug. that's a LOT year over year.
  7. Heh, I got my season ticket holder renewal email today. The timing is very, very suspect.
  8. This. I was trying not to name names. The twins were over BB, and there was some bad blood with Teemu (which was in the press) that didn't help things, and I think there were others who were more than fine with BB moving on and piled on behind the twins. I think the team "leadership" thought they should be making some calls on and off the ice, and BB didn't think so, the two factions ground against each other, and I suspect the team leadership thought they could extract what they wanted more easily from RC. I think they probably got exactly what they wanted... but then team and personal performance levels changed, drastically. I've had this feeling for a while - I think the franchise players here feel like they are entitled to decide where the team goes. That doesn't happen on most other teams, especially where the team history/tradition goes back decades past the current lineup, but I think the twins were empowered when they got RC canned the first time. They've been paid quite a bit along the way, so I hope that they eventually start making personal decisions for the better of the team's future, but right now, neither they nor the management really know how to do that. I'm probably not articulating the idea of player power on our team very well, but hopefully you get the gist of what I'm saying.
  9. The players on the team asked for him back. Bad blood brewed between BB and the team, and they wanted a known quantity back. It wasn't a huge mistake until the past two seasons when injuries required young players step up often and regularly, and RC sort of lost the plot with them. I think he still thinks he can run 3 lines with over-30 players, and he can't, and he also hasn't figured out how to coach younger players who see no hints of success with his old-school teachings.
  10. Just have to add - he doesn't have "zero" coaching experience (he's coached hockey at various levels since he retired)... but he definitely does not have a lot of professional hockey coaching experience as a coach. As you note, he's not currently in a position to be considered for a head coaching job at the NHL or AHL level.
  11. Again secondary to Eakins: Sheldon Keefe - current head coach of the Marlies and Calder Cup winner. Youngish, not a long coaching career, but has done a lot with what he's been given. Igor Nikitin - was assistant to long term KHL head coach, took over when that guy was retired, seems to be doing well. Doubtful he'd take the Gulls job, and unclear if he knows english well enough to coach in the NHL. I would expect him to be a taskmaster. Maybe, just maybe, we could bring him in as an assistant... unclear. Way, way out of the box choice. Roger Rönnberg - swedish. Seems to be good at building teams from their farm system. Also out of the box choice. Also probably not willing to take the Gulls or an assistant position. Jukka Jalonen - finnish. Won stuff. Would love this out of the box choice. Bob Hartley - he's had issues in the NHL, but I liked him when I met him. He's got a good job now, so... John Madden - ahl head coach. Good Gulls replacement. Scott Sandelin - NCAA winning coach. Good Gulls replacement. Could probably have him as assistant. Mel Pearson - NCAA winning coach. Probably wouldn't take an AHL assignment or an assistant coach position. He would be an out of the box choice. Of the above, I'd probably take a risk on RR and JJ, would at least investigate BH, and probably reach out to SS and MP. IN would be huge, but probably too many logistics issues to be a real option. SK would be a steal, I think, and it'd probably piddle off the leafs (or continue our incestuous relationship with them).
  12. Of the three you mention, Oates is the only one I'd feel ok with. I'd prefer he go to head coach the Gulls when Eakins is moved up, before contemplating heading our team. Dineen looks good on paper, but I don't think as good a choice. Lambert is an unknown to me, and I'm sort of unhappy with assistant coaches in general.
  13. suspiciously similar wording here: read the quotes here: nothing for nothing, some of these are hilarious:
  14. I noticed this too. There's even some twitter video of players at Disneyland (Grant and Kesler and more) visibly relieved and joyous. I can only guess that there was more than just players vs. coach in this. Seems like the coaching staff might not have been on board with RC's decisions either.... and maybe the players felt whipsawed - that's the surest way to cause a revolt. Like everyone else, I'm extremely interested in Wed., but while I'm... happy? that the players appear happier, they're still in the midst of their losing streak. So, there's definitely a bit of a sting that the team (players, coaching staff, head office) didn't respect the paying fans enough to do something, anything a bit quicker.