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  1. i don't think i'd even go that far. the first goal was crazy, yes, but that thing Manson did, that lead directly to the second goal, was worse. i think i'd just say Gibby played about as well as the team in front of him, and he's usually multiple notches above.
  2. Anyone know what the unprofessional conduct was that got Montgomery canned? They said it was off ice, not directed at a team member, and not criminal... which has me stumped. Domestic abuse would be criminal, though maybe they’re making a questionable distinction if the partner didn’t report. i can’t imagine they’d fire him for an affair. That sort of leaves a non-criminal but unacceptable association or treatment of another. Like making crappy comments online or associating with a group that does so. thoughts?
  3. you're right. we were just trying to replace Eaves and Kesler.
  4. just remember that it was the same year we could only protect 3 defensemen. vats for hank allowed us to protect more overall value for the team (LV wasn't going to pick an injured forward).
  5. several? hmm. not my definition of several. i think BM made a choice on what to emphasize given the limited resources of the team and the expected cup window of our big money players. no-one knew how short that window would end up being, or how inflexible the team allotment of talent would end up becoming. imagine the trade flexibility we'd have if our LTIRs were performing, percentage wise, like Getz is now, compared to his peak form. i'm not talking about asking players to drop NMCs, just taking a second to see how many more possible trades we'd be able to make to shore up the (perceived, at least) lack of center depth. i think it's fair to point out our current situation is at BM's feet, but it's also fair to remember that things stratified into the admittedly relatively poor structure we have now because a few bets didn't pan out... bets that assuredly could have panned out fairly well for us. i certainly could be attributing a larger strategy where there wasn't much. but... BM's apparent lack of action, which is really what we're talking about in terms of center talent acquisition, might have been a direct result of the interplay of the EDs, the injuries, and our impressive string of playoff runs. we couldn't draft high enough, and we couldn't trade what we didn't have available to trade. i keep thinking about how yin and yang the maple leafs are to us. i would not put it past our two organizations setting up this beautiful trade opportunity, only for us to Dehydrated Donkey Dung the bed with a crazy, crazy amount of injuries and having to shed D to retain D and get Hank. Toronto needs talent to win the cup, but they are so, so, so forward heavy it's ridiculous. if their plan was to get into this situation and just hope their D would materialize, then Lou and Dubas AND the ownership were dumbasses.
  6. you might want to normalize those numbers to games played, but your point is sound regardless.
  7. i think that's fair. not sure if we knew enough then to NOT pick NR... but yeah. Karlsson wasn't playing well up to when we traded him, and I'm still unclear whether it was about Karlsson not liking the Anaheim environment (for whatever reason), but we've certainly given NR a lot more rope than we gave Karlsson. this particular weakness in our lineup is definitely blooming as Getz ages.
  8. It's pretty interesting that Gbud strolls in and seems to own the leadership roll without hardly trying. Compare FrenchyD - he clearly keeps other teams honest in a manner similar to Gbud, but there's no question he's not in a leadership roll with the forwards... just respected and appreciated and supported (more and more so). Getz owns a lot of the F leadership, but he's not alone - Silf seems to be in the mix too. Grant is leading purely by example, and i think he's top dog on his lines, but he's not actively grabbing a leadership roll. I'd like to see Gibson take a stab at leading, maybe generating some emotion from the d's and probably the f's.
  9. Fisix


    i'm fairly unhappy that Gudas didn't get some supplemental on that hit. that said... what the frick was Ritchie doing that with his leg in that area of the ice? brain fart on his part, i think.
  10. exactly. there's no viable argument that BM did anything poorly with respect to the last ED. and, at that time, the only NMC we would have asked to be dropped would have been Bieksa's, and there wasn't any need to do so. Hank vs. Vats - this one is percolating primarily because Vats was doing pretty well this season (until he was injured recently), and Hank hasn't been doing well. It's interesting that Hank seemed to get an extra step while playing winger to Grant. We may only have two true veteran centers at the moment - Grant and Getz.
  11. would you say he has that playful but iron-hard edge that Perry did?
  12. i'd prefer he not start with the Caps. i think he should travel with the team, participate in team activities, but probably not even play until they get back from the trip. shrug.
  13. he might want to wait until BM is gone. though, given how the devils are doing right now... choose yer poison.
  14. https://www.capfriendly.com/transactions/recalls-reassignments Tons of reassignments to AHL over the break. A couple of "emergency loans" that are interesting. The waves of ups and downs are interesting to see, though I don't know why they seem to clump together.
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