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  1. he tried to make a move on D and the guy went elsewhere. murray's interested, just not interested in paying too much.
  2. it's working, but so are we. plus, there's not a lotta news.
  3. Kunitz was one of those almost indestructible players, which he used to leverage into good lines and a high level of play. He knew how to use his whole body in the game, and I seem to remember him being an efficient skater. I'd be interested to know if he trained really hard all the time, or if he was one of those mutants who could just show up and get there in Spring Training. I wish I knew more, but I viewed him as someone who just always, always showed up. Showed up for training, showed up for practices, showed up for PR, and showed up as a competitor in every game. I've known a few people like that in life. Seems like when they're done, they're out the door done. That's not commentary on anything in particular, just an observance.
  4. oof. look at that shots-for/game stat. bottom of the league. that's abysmal. and, it's more informative than just the goals-for/game.
  5. would be nice if he can stay healthy. maybe rakell will have a new wind as well.
  6. it's also what i get when thinking about what Seattle will be receiving in that draft.
  7. If they don't get past Boston (or whoever they meet in the first round), things are going to get very, very, very warm in Toronto. I still have half a feeling that Anaheim is going to be helping Toronto with their cap. I'd prefer Marner over Nylander, but either way, we can ship them LTIR or whatever while taking some of their $$$ offense, or alternatively, we could do a three way deal with another team to get them some D in trade. We're set up as a decent intermediary, currently, and we should be able to scrape some cream off the top if we act like one. I'd very much prefer we not send them Mahura, or really any other D... though it might be interesting to swap out Manson. He has an M-NTC... so that's probably not a viable option. I guess our current projected cap is at $8.5M. That's plenty to launder some meaty trades if needed.
  8. the menu option is back for me, thanks! 💜👑🐐⚽⛎🚾🏧💊🧷🖨️😋☺️ wow, there are a TON. some are missing, down near the bottom, though: 🧮🧾🧻 etc.
  9. i was just thinking that one major place BM fails this team as a GM is when he pulls the trigger on a new player. i don't think he understands or properly values the benefit to having a d-line and f-line together all through spring training. sure, he can get a decent player at a discount later in the season, but i fear that late addition just doesn't jell with his linemates like he would if brought in before spring. and, that's a big problem when you bring in someone who has a high $$ contract. they're immediately in the mix, and there's no chance to work out organically a heirarchy or line 6th sense. i think he makes better than league-average decisions on players... but i'm beginning to think he makes it so late that the upside is artificially limited. it could be a generational thing, as in back in his day, they did x and the new kids should do x, but the new kids today actually do y. BM has recognized this in other aspects of training, but i wonder if he's missed this aspect. pay a little more to get a decent player before spring, and maybe the bang/buck is much better (with a little bit of added risk, since you don't know if they'll make it past spring healthy). just a thought. this slides in nicely with my general complaint that the team hasn't placed smoothly/seamlessly, AS A TEAM, in a long time. they always seem to be in the midst of learning new linemates and figuring out what goes where, and only rarely luck into a really excellent play.
  10. just a quick heads up - the message board link on the ducks home page is absent again. i can get here with the direct url, but not by clicking on anything on ducks.nhl.com thanks!
  11. this is inferentially, logically, and factually wrong, on many levels.
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