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  1. what bombay said. the young players you're referring to aren't in even close apples to apples circumstances. y'all need to chill. we aren't going to trade up to a Matthews or similar because you want it real bad.
  2. Fisix

    Gerard Galant

    plus, still have to worry about cap hit.
  3. Fisix

    bob murray

    That's a lot of space to fill, and it seems like the league is a bit constipated. On injuries - I'll see if I can find that stat. I think we're still up there this year.
  4. Fisix

    bob murray

    I can get behind that. A full season should end with either some serious performance gains or a few heads rolling. we're still injured a LOT. i think at least two of the longer injuries were the result of a goon taking our player out deliberately. Gbud was taking names for awhile, but then he got hit with the 10min misconducts (i think because of the spitting incident - he was too high profile for a while), and teams took advantage. FrenchyD can't do it all. i could see a lot of staff getting the heave ho, and i'd be fine with replacing the assistants and whoever is most responsible for non-goalie conditioning. question: would you rather have Gallant or Sutter behind the bench, if not Eakins?
  5. Fisix

    bob murray

    just make sure you take into account the injuries we're having this year, in addition to the roster differences. we were doing fairly well before Manson first, then a series of forwards, took injury diggers. and i'm not sure how to normalize having/not having Perry. while i feel the same desire to potentially trade up (coaching) or freshen up (GM) with all the coaching talent available out there right now, we really don't have enough data from our current experiment to know where to go after a change like that. any new GM will be just as handcuffed prior to the ED. any new coach will be just as handcuffed by lack of veteran depth and implementing a new system. we're stuck in the foxhole and getting shelled. no-one likes being in the ebb of a rebuild, and we're prone to squirm and view things myopically. also, we may have been feeling the pain over a few seasons now, but this group isn't to blame. it's a new group that has to have some time to grow, and we have a plan in place that is flexible enough to suffer a few upgrade trades, but probably not a teardown of the admin. i don't think that kind of process did much for the kings, for example. we'll take advantage of what we can within the plan. nothing currently on offer meets that criteria. not sure how we could have planned for the coaching talent currently floating around without a home right now, so it's not a failure of the plan to not be able to jump on a perceived coach upgrade mid-season.
  6. so.... after listening, not my thing. i think it's because i don't have a connection to any of the podcasters or their interviewee... and their opinions were pretty milquetoast. i think there's an age difference thing going on, and i think it's at least a bit HOW they talk about stuff (as opposed to what they talk about) - they repeat stuff a lot, and it grinds for me. i engage more with what Bieksa and Kes talk about, and i enjoy their patter more. clearly, a personal preference. that isn't saying i'm not intrigued to hear their interview with Torts. i may fast forward to that section if i grab that episode. aside from that, i think i'll stick with Dangle (short bursts of fun) and Juice & Kes, and the aftergame radio broadcasts.
  7. Fisix

    bob murray

    and maybe even leafs? naw, not that bad.
  8. we've been talking about bold moves.... that would certainly be one. but... i think we all know that it doesn't really fit in with BM's or the ownership's general MO. it would be completely out of character of either of them, let alone both together, to do that.
  9. LOL. now Bieksa is tweeting that Kassian is on their next podcast.
  10. downloaded. just googled the kassian interview on the topic.
  11. WELL... I mean, these coaches are going to be picked up by one or more Canadian teams, right? The ones operating with AHL coaches or assistants stepping up?
  12. Fisix

    bob murray

    this is crazysauce. we have sutter in the backyard if we need him. but, man, Gallant has seemed like an excellent coach. Gallant with Eakins and Sutter as assistants? We probably can't afford that, but sheesh.
  13. Fisix

    Gerard Galant

    holy frak that's insane, right?
  14. i think Manson came back too quickly. not a lot of reason to make him come back as early as he did. i mean, it's me hoping it's a nagging injury that's making him so below his par.
  15. yep - they thought they had it in 2017.
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