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  1. Fisix

    Seattle Kraken!

    stadium pastries:
  2. Fisix

    Seattle Kraken!

    i spent way too much time searching for these: team pick:
  3. Fisix

    Seattle Kraken!

    lol. see, i think someone went with that name in a Covid mental haze of some kind. the jokes just write themselves...
  4. Fisix

    Seattle Kraken!

    The Kracken name doesn't really roll off the tongue. It's going to be shortened immediately to Kracks, and that's just wrong. The colors are good. I think I would have preferred the Tempests... and the shortened name would be the Pests (which is awesome if they learn to grind).
  5. i have high hopes both for his skill development and for his potential future leadership. i get the feeling he's going to settle into a really calm kick-ass dude, as long as his skills pick up a bit and in a regular fashion.
  6. such a bad decision. NBCSN should go for a larger audience by either broadcasting as much as they can on NBC or subletting rights back out to regional sports networks or even other channels - could probably make a lot of cash in an auction/bidding set up, and then split the cash with the NHL. soooo greedy and cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  7. how do we watch these games? i haven't found them on tv yet...
  8. this is a bit crazy (see link below). i sort of feel like it has to be about the expansion team, Seattle. i mean, it wouldn't be us, would it? https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/coyotes-owner-ask-bettman-adjudicate-split-chayka/
  9. hmm. well, i'm already 2 charges into the new season. at least i talked with the service rep and she told me the $25 service charge was one time, not per payment. she did say that they're treating this season as a normal season until the NHL says different. so far, the NHL hasn't said anything concrete. shrug.
  10. well... i haven't been keeping tabs, honestly, but i think Toronto is going to have to move someone big to free up cap space, and Mitch is the player that'll move the most in one go. while i think nylander is very tradeable skills-wise, his cap hit/performance isn't as good as mitch's (nylander's contract is too expensive), and even if they are able to shift his entire salary over to a new team, they're still well over the cap at that point (i'm seeing $95M as their current cap hit?). it'll hurt a bit getting Mitch, but that's not a surprise. you should be more optimistic about TT and MaxC!
  11. I've just had to go into my season ticket account and clear up an expired cc. For anyone else who has opted in for tickets this year, do you see how to view how the remainder of last season was applied to this season? The interface is slightly different and I'm not seeing a great way to audit the process. Secondarily, I think everyone was put into the 8 payment plan by default, but I thought that they were waiving the service charge to do so. I'm still seeing a $25 service charge on this last invoice. I can grab the renewal paperwork when I get home, but just wanted to check with others and see how they're doing. Shrug.
  12. let's agree that going forward, we'll write that as "re-signs." lol.
  13. the only thing is that I think with Mitch, or a young super-star-ish player like him, all of a sudden I think it becomes easier to be a contender in the UFA hunts. still not enough for someone to take a pay hit to come to Anaheim, but markedly better than we look right now. plus, i'm wondering about Mitch, Max, and TT on the same line? Getz, RR, and Silf or Hank on another? I don't think I've matched the players right, but i think you start to see some possibilities? Gibson - he's super valuable based on his contract and his performance over the past 2 years... so i feel bad that we can't get him more championship and post season play, but it's not like he's looking bad in the interim. i hope he can stay healthy past the end of his current contract - if he can, he'll get paid no matter what, and he'll probably be able to decide which SC-bound team he wants to play for. can get get a Mitch, or a young super-star-ish player like him, without losing Gibby?
  14. the only reason why i don't agree is because Mitch (and other NHL players) is a known good and can make an impact on the NHL team now, whereas the high pics are just unknown chaff that'll have to go through the sausage making machine before they play at the Pond. Gibson is young, but he's not wait around for 2020 or 2021 picks to mature-young.
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