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  1. i would imagine that at least part of this is BM just doing his best to set the stage for the handoff.
  2. did the score end up 3-1 Avalanche?
  3. I think that’s a misread. I’m reading that the games will be simulcast on ESPN as well as ESPN+.
  4. I just read something about there being an mRNA based vaccine for RSA. The blurb was about having 6 mRNA vaccines in one shot, spread across each of COVID, RSA, and the flu, and how the efficacy wasn’t diminished by having all three disease vaccines in one inoculation. Let me see if I can find that tab I just closed. here we go: https://mobile.twitter.com/moderna_tx/status/1435978825377136641?s=12
  5. the more you guys talk about it, the more i think about the staff. the elevator attendants we see every game and our regular seat usher are all on the older side. being a vaccine and mask nazi is totally worth it to keep those people healthy. regardless, i'll definitely be doing my best not to contribute to any problems.
  6. I guess we’ll see. I ratted out a few people last season who weren’t masking to the ushers and the ushers didn’t hesitate to ultimatum the scofflaws (i.e. wear it or leave). I think we may find the staff being pretty aggressive about it over the first couple of games.
  7. Coaches wearing masks has efficacy both epidemiologically and socially. Masking inside the Pond - any uptake is worthwhile. Profess the mandate in hopes many wear one. I’ll wear one regardless, and I’m vaxxed (not double yet). Nothing is going to be perfect - we all know people are forging vax cards and that it’s impossible to expect Pond staff to be able to tell the difference. If they were serious, we’d all have to download and use the vax e-passport with NFC data verification (so that someone could let just use an edited screenshot). Anyway, they’ll publish best efforts and hope that most people will try to be careful and not jerks while at the rink. That’s reasonable, under the circumstances - those that are most worried will self-deselect. I think I’ll probably purchase drinks while there but I’m not sure about food. I’ll be missing the gourmet burgers until I feel more comfortable.
  8. They do the same thing in a ton of venues for drinking alcohol vs underage. Wristbands work just fine.
  9. i guess that's one take... but... Kase - that's your opinion on Kase? i would not characterize his status as living up or surpassing his projections. and i'm not sure it's even fair to bring him up with Dallas... it looks like most of his time on the Gulls was concussion recovery time. Ritchie is also a weird mention. He hasn't done anything anywhere with anyone, even fricking Boston, that says he has anything more than what he showed here. i expect his time at Toronto to be... notable, but not for any positive metric reasons. Some players just don't get better, and if he was going to get there, it would have been with Boston and the TOI he was getting there. Pettersson - he was doing fine and on the right trajectory while he was here. if he'd have stayed, and stayed linked up with Lindholm and Rakel, he very well could have done great things here. that trade was not my favorite act by BM, but there's no mark against Eakins here. Steel, Terry, Jones - i mean, come on, they had their best seasons in the NHL under Eakins last season. i don't know what you're looking for. Mahura - we need him off the taxi squad and playing regularly. i still have high hopes. another thing not on Eakins. Larsson - i put him in the same boat as Ritchie - some players just don't get better. like i've said earlier in this thread - the ducks have an absolute village of coaching and development to throw at the youngers this season, and this kind of approach has been needed for a long time, under multiple coaches, just to be even keel with what other teams in a rebuild do, especially while not having the player roster to do the development on-ice. last season was about getting them playing time and getting the players to buy into the system, by hook or crook. this season looks like it's going to be focused individual and line development with no room for excuses for players or staff if the performance isn't there.
  10. Off to a good start:
  11. when a team asks for a price no sane person would pay, that means it's all just theater. also: no.
  12. i don't think there are any monetary damages for the player breaching the player contract, but i do think there are protections against a player breaching just to go to a different NHL team. i think the CBA allows the league to void any contract the player forms with another team if the player breaches their current player contract simply to circumvent the CBA protections for the teams. i should probably be looking all this stuff up. but, since i'm already here, i'll go ahead and guess that the league can probably void such contracts for multiple seasons, like 5, or maybe indefinitely. then the question becomes - would the league prevent Eichel from playing in the NHL if he breaches his contract to have the surgery (and actually has the new surgery), and gives up the guaranteed $50M as a result? the crazy thing is that i think the league and even the other owners might not be against Eichel being allowed to come back and play, though maybe after a 1 season ban (that coincidentally covers all his recovery and rehab time). they don't want to be seen as medical fascists, but they also don't want to have to carry a player contract when a player decides on a relatively risky medical procedure (in their opinion, or in their insurance carrier's opinion). they might view the release of the $50M obligation enough of a quid pro quo. yeah, i also don't know if the CBA would allow a secondary or amended contract for risk. they aren't supposed to allow it, precisely so that players don't feel pressured to enter into that kind of arrangement at the behest of the team. at the same time, i'm not sure the CBA contemplated the insurance carrier as a third party inserting their own risk assessments into a situation like this... hmm. i'm doing a lot of guessing here, where we could actually read through the CBA and know better. it's not a complex problem, but it certainly is a messy one. a mess i think the Ducks should avoid.
  13. they can't physically force a player to have surgery, but if a player refuses to choose the course of medical treatment the team admin believes is best, then i believe the team can then cancel the player's contract without paying whatever financial obligations remain in the contract. for Eichel, that's a huge gamble. if he gets the fusion the team wants, the full remaining value of his contract is protected regardless of the outcome of the fusion surgery and/or how well he plays afterwards, and he gets his guaranteed $10/season until 2026 (count it up, that's $50M). if, instead, Eichel goes against the team's medical edict and elects to have the disk in his neck replaced, then the team can simply cancel Eichel's contract and disappear any obligation to pay him a single cent of that currently-guaranteed $50M. i think there's a time limit on how long the team can wait before pulling the trigger on canceling his contract - i don't think they can wait long enough to see if his recovery is good to decide whether or not to honor or cancel the contract. it's probably no more than a 30 day period in which they have to act (might be as short as 5 days?), and any longer than that, they are deemed to have chosen to honor his contract. it would be a horrible look for Buff to try to wait to see what the outcome is, so my guess is that the team would choose to cancel the contract once they knew Eichel had chosen to go against their wishes. well, to be fair, this is already a horrible look for Buff, so i'm not sure what they have to lose at this point. insurance wise, i doubt this particular set of soap opera circumstances was contemplated, but there may be a general contractual clause in the policy that the insurance company could use to say the team isn't covered if the team chooses to honor the contract after a player elects a critical surgical procedure the team didn't approve. that'd be extra pressure on Buff to cancel the contract - to mitigate the (in my view very substantial) financial risk. so, if Eichel gets the disk replacement surgery without permission, the most likely outcome is that his $50M contract evaporates, and, after he recovers, he'll have to prove himself all over again before any team will offer him a contract. i think it's extremely likely that Eichel wouldn't get an offer anywhere near the $50M he has now, even if he skates and practices just fine in a pony show. he'd have to complete at least a full NHL or European league season with stellar stats and zero injuries (especially related to his neck) before he could command something approaching the $10M he has in hand right now. on top of all this, if Eichel simply refuses to participate in the surgery and rehab and team activities, sort of as a performative hold-out or delay tactic to try to get traded or generate leverage for his desired surgery, Buff has the right to cancel his contract then, too. i don't know what i'd do. i guess i'd talk to people who had the fusion and see what their quality of life has been, but what could they say that would get me to give up a guaranteed $50M? the big-boy pants thing to do, for both Eichel and Buffalo, is to write up an amended contract that allows Eichel to get the surgery he wants but without leaving Buffalo holding an immense and empty money bag if the result is poor. Eichel wants something that's important to him, and Buffalo wants something that's important to them... it seems like it's in both their best interests to negotiate a fair sharing of the risk involved. any other result is going to be Eichel losing a TON of money, unless there's some clause in the CBA that protects him more than what I've outlined above. taking a step back and looking at this pragmatically, i think almost everyone would get the fusion and take the guaranteed $50M - it's not like fusion is an absolutely Dehydrated Donkey Dungty result. so, the fact that Eichel is delaying here might be indicating to us that the real sticking point to all this is that he wants to use his injury as an opportunity to get away from Buffalo, whether it's because he doesn't like the admin (for bucking his medical wishes) or he doesn't like the team's outlook over the next 10 years, is almost immaterial. i guess it makes me less sympathetic to his plight. based on this analysis, i think arbitration would go fairly poorly for Eichel.
  14. it's definitely going to take a village to suck at it this year. they got coaches out the ass.
  15. on the general trade strategy posts: i'm pretty sure the team is standing pat for now and looking towards another development year. if a trading partner pops up for one of the underperforming vets, BM will ship them out over the season or by the deadline, hopefully for a decent return. i haven't heard anything about Seattle making any moves yet... they could be a trade partner for us, two way or three way (as yet unclear). currently, their whole franchise plan is a fraking mystery (to me), except for them taking Fleury from us. Toronto tells me that simply acquiring talented players, vets or not, isn't enough. Tampa tells me that competing within the cap won't get you the cup (until Tampa plays close to the cap, anyway). Montreal tells me 1) heart matters, 2) goaltending is king, 3) coaching isn't everything, and 4) better have Corey on your team (or something really similar). there are similar lessons from each team in the league (Colorado, Vegas, woof). when you compare the Ducks, who are in a much deeper rebuild than almost any other team out there right now, to these other teams, i don't think a reasonable person would be pessimistic about our future, nor would they start making super erratic and panicky personnel moves. BM is almost gone. Eakins gets his last chance to rally a development team this season, and even if you're super anti-Eakins, there are new assistants and a ton of development support for him and the team that'll actually be at the practice and gameday rinks regularly (unlike whatever was going on with Sutter, who is sucking on his own anyway as far as I can tell, though i'd entertain blaming that on his on-ice personnel for now). we have assets. there's no need to blow them on a poor trade now (and all the suggested trades i've seen here suck, or are at best milquetoast, imho). heck, realistically, this coming season could end up as covid season part deux, even with everyone vaccinated and boostered etc. i think you guys need to at least contemplate that the smartest long term position for the Ducks right now is to stand pat and develop the frak out of our prospect and rookie pools.
  16. the quotes here are taken from the after game interview where he made more comments about Hank, and there is/was video after prior games and games after. https://www.ocregister.com/2021/02/20/ducks-place-struggling-forward-adam-henrique-on-waivers/ more: https://www.ocregister.com/2021/02/28/ducks-center-adam-henrique-back-in-lineup-after-brutal-week-in-limbo/
  17. yes to bob, no to eakins, per Eakins' public comments.
  18. Eakins tried to get him to do anything positive, hockey wise, before BM waived him. Hank wasn't playing well for weeks and weeks, regardless of how they tried to use him, and it was clear he just wasn't trying while he was on-ice. Petulance.
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