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  1. Not according to the point totals per season in the past few seasons.
  2. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I don’t think your selection of stats tell an accurate story. If past is any indication, it’s something like: choosing just the seasons since 2019 cherry picks the worst seasons of the ducks as a whole, each individual's stats are their worst career stats, etc. So yeah, the 4th line yeoman has the worst stats on one of the worst teams on the league, and when you focus on just those seasons, big surprise, the comparison to the rest of the league is poor. I’m just not going to see eye to eye with you on this. Many of the more complex stats have little to zero relevance when the team’s overall stats are in the toilet. Whatever you’re advocating, it doesn’t sound like something that resembles reality. Sure, stats wise, it should would be great to trade Grant for McDavid and Eichel where Edmonton and Buffalo retain half salary on each player. Welcome to fantasy land on lollipop lane.
  3. Weird, I thought he already had his first point. Yes - would love for him to see some greasy goals and get some assists.
  4. Huh. That’s a significant hit compared to last year. What do you think, are there performance bonuses built in? Losing 2/3rds of your salary in one year is either a Perry-like mercenary contract, or something physical has happened. Hmm. Just looked as his stats and Grants over the past few years. They’re different players with different roles, but on paper I’d rather have Grant. We probably need Grants bulk more at the moment.
  5. How does CF% take into account the lines or quality of players you’re up against when you’re on the ice, or, for that matter, what your line’s primary purpose is when out on a shift? Aside from that, the rest of your qualitative guesses are just that. He plays his part well most of the time, and for the money he excels in his roll for the ducks. We’re also a handful of games into the season and there’s plenty of sub par performances going on up and down the roster… and up and down the salary scale. Your focus on Grant feels like a troll; it’s that or your team priorities are f’d.
  6. It’s pretty clear he’s hanging out with the wrong crowd. There are these groups of hangers-on that suck cash out of celebs and are just rife with bad ideas, like personal sovereignty/ taxes are unconstitutional - type BS, investment “funds” that are so ridiculous that they’re almost proof against fraud (no reasonable person would rely)… and however bad those are, multiply by 10 when you have Vegas regulars mixed in. I don’t believe you can actually BE one of those scammers and have enough personal responsibility to stay in shape sufficiently to play on an NHL team, so I don’t think EK is one of them… he just needs to cut all that out of his life. Bad timing to be getting a divorce at the same time, moving teams… I imagine some of the dbags influencing him are family, so he’s got to get over himself and start trusting the smart teammates on the Sharks and rebuild his safety net. Where else does he have to draw upon? Just from the quote, it doesn’t sound like anyone should have much optimism about the “counseling” - it’s probably just another half-assed social bandaid he’s using to put off real personal work. I’m not a great believer in those live-in rehab centers, but this feels like a time when checking himself into a (non-scammy) place like that would make sense. He needs someone to trust on a personal level who has a legal obligation to treat him fairly, and that has some control over who he interacts with daily. I don’t know why that wouldn’t be his agent, but clearly either his agent is also a dbag or they don’t have a trusting relationship.
  7. One is at least double the cost of the other, so yeah?
  8. Grant is not the worst forward on the team.
  9. It feels more like forward shuffling. I think they want freedom to imp players up and down - Grant having a bad face off game makes it safer to waive him and bring Volkov etc back up. Pateryn - woof. He looks like he’s just not ready for the season; looks to me more like he hasn’t trained properly to enter the season, but it could very well be that he’s just a weak AHL defenseman. On Grant and Z TOI on Friday - I’m guessing that was Eakins trying and failing to control the line strategy. They ARE going to protect Z a bit to start the season, so don’t be surprised if you see vets get more time early on. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  10. I can get through the touch screen order way faster than talking to the concessions worker, both open face and masked. I’m not sure how you have a ticket to the game if you don’t have a credit card. Hand sanitizer, and the work staff doesn’t touch the money or the screen, and they’d be the community spreaders. Sucks your order got lost. I haven’t had that happen. I think for a sold out crowd, it’d be nice if they had more touch screens. I they have 2 per kiosk? They could also open additional kiosks (many are still closed), but they’ve had a difficult time hiring people to fill necessary spots.
  11. Wow. He didn’t look bad.
  12. it was funny - on ESPN, they listed all our forwards as Centers except for two - Silf and RR. i think they might have fixed it a bit since then.
  13. In reply to DTS: Sorry - post wasn’t clear (or typed well). I was thinking about when the waived players have to come back up or get re-waived, and whether those three players - Milano, Hutton, Volkov, will be stuck together and re-enter the Ducks at roughly the same time. I don’t think Drys is going to spend a ton of time up top, even if he stays healthy. They’re going to try not to rush him like they did cam. They’re going to be a little more generous with Z it seems, but I think if there’s any kind of slump in energy they’ll politely send him down for a break from the NHL grind. The real pressure will be on the youngers that haven’t broken good yet. I should be mentioning Larsson. But I think he’s one player that’ll be waived unless there’s a physical injury in the top 6. Hutton didn’t look horrible in the Gulls/Reign game.
  14. Goo info. I wonder if they’ll all the waivers exempt and McT get shipped roughly at the same time to keep them together. It feels like Milano, Hutton, and Volkov will all come in en mass.
  15. I mentioned in a different thread - it’s a bit crazy that Ritchie and Kase are starters on the Leafs to start the season. I guess that’s one way to indirectly trade picks to Toronto.
  16. A lot of these evals appear stuck on last season play. just let it go. It’s a new day. I saw Volkov and Milano and the rest of the Waived NHLers play last night. They didn’t appear to deserve a spot on the Ducks ahead of Grant. But, it was still preseason, and to me it’s clear they’re just treading water until the youngest of the rooks drop back down - the waiver exempt will be bumped up and down a lot this season. Pretty sure the roster will change substantially as rooks get close to 9 games. Optimistically, I see an exciting group of youngsters. Pessimistically, I foresee many injuries. TT has looked much stronger to me. Lundestrom has looked a little milquetoast so far. I’m reserving all judgement until the games count and the on ice roster isn’t half guys needing space to show off to the coaches.
  17. I found out today that Nick Ritchie is on the top line of the Leafs, and Kase is on their third line. Whoa, howdy. I will lose my Dehydrated Donkey Dung if they get a cup win before the current ducks roster does. Not in a super bad way, but the dissonance will make my head explode.
  18. I hate the Gibson haters.
  19. Me. From the billy goats mouth. And OC register interview. I can’t find the links. He’s not renewing.
  20. I’m watching Volkov and Milano on the Gulls tonight, 3rd two behind the bench. Weirdly, they are not impressing.
  21. I would, as long as he hasn’t relapsed. But, if I was BR, would I come back here?
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