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  1. Del Zotto to Blues battle on for the pick
  2. Wings join the tank party. They traded Gustav Nyquist, who waived his no trade clause to join the Sharks for 2 draft picks
  3. Up to Bob does he want a futile run at the playoffs or go for the pick.If he tries the playoff route and blows it he could find himself blown out of town .Safer for him to go for the pick. Bob holds all the cards he can sit players make a trade for picks and take the easier tank route or take a big risk on the playoffs.
  4. Eaves has had a tough time but when you give an extension to an older player it comes with risks. As for Fowler what do you do that is 28 next season on a long expensive contract that runs until he is 34, with a silly can only be traded to a few select clubs deal thrown in. What were you thinking Bob. He is a luxury player that would find a spot on a top teams PP the Ducks are not a top team.
  5. Looking at last night's scores it looks like all the tankers have started looking at the draft picks.
  6. He should take Hazy with him they could talk about kids goalie tips until dawn.
  7. With that group behind the bench with Bob thrown in.I don't think that you anything to worry about.
  8. A little read from the HF boards about Eakins
  9. No point paying another coach to come in at this point save the money and wait out the season. Get a new coach with contacts in before the draft.
  10. Of course it was common knowledge.He was excellent with the young Marlies and young Ducks he just has to learn how to deal with older established NHL players. He is a little older than he was with the Oil maybe ready to step up with the older guys and their egos.He will also be a much cheaper option than a Quenneville.
  11. Finally a good move by Bob too bad it was made too late to save the season unless the draft is what he has been after. Now he joins a bench with not one coach having any experience as a NHL head coach having to coach established NHL players.
  12. Eakins was a good coach with the Leafs farm team Marlies too.He can't seem to transfer being good with kids on a farm team into being a good NHL coach.
  13. Wild Wing as coach what's wrong with the 80 year old lady that makes tea at the snack bar.
  14. Interesting to see how the players react to the guy that signs their pay cheque is looking over their shoulder.
  15. Exactly he can control who goes on the ice or sits in certain situations it gives him control to either win or lose a game that might count on where they finish . As I said it might put bums on seats on Wednesday.
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