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  1. mulcher

    bob murray

    Now we know how the Sabres,Sens,Wings fans have been feeling for years
  2. mulcher

    bob murray

    A big move for Murray is to leave.He chose the coach he chose the trades and players and picks, being bottom is his and only his doing.
  3. mulcher

    bob murray

    It's do nothing Murray.maybe it is what the owners want.He did nothing in the summer waited until the movers snatched the best coaches and took the easy route with Eakins The Knights who have a comfortable 15 point lead on the Ducks and just 3 points out of 1st in the Pacific just fired Gallant, and hired De Boer. Looks to me like a club that is on the move unlike our club.
  4. It all depends where the Yotes end up the 2020 1st rounder could be be a mid to late rounder.Of the three prospects none are expected to be stars.
  5. A nice move for Hall from a cold NJ to Arizona. I don't think the Yotes would have made the deal unless they are confident Hall will resign.
  6. That is a big one! They could be good in the West this year with that deal. Not many strong teams in the west this year .Only the Avs have looked good to me maybe the Blues.Sharks Kings Preds and Ducks falling off has really weakened the conference. They used to be the 5 that made the conference pretty much every year. Now they are the bottom 5 in the conference,
  7. Lindholm missed the start of the 17-18 season due to a torn labrum he had shoulder surgery along with Vatanen both injured during the playoffs.Both missed a big chunk of the start of the season due to the surgeries. Vatanen had more damage to the shoulder returning after Lindholm.
  8. Leafs fire Babcock anyone need a coach!
  9. Sign the Big Buff! All Duck goalies will willingly chip in with his wages.
  10. Former New York Rangers blue-liner Kevin Shattenkirk had a more lucrative offer on the table before he settled on a one-year, $1.75-million deal with the Tampa on Monday. The Ducks offered the 30-year-old defenseman a two-year pact with an average annual value north of $2 million. Oh well we move on.
  11. I hope he starts off this season better than last season. He underwent facial surgery for a facial fracture last season in a preseason fight against New Jersey's Brandon Braddock.
  12. Murray likes to be baffling.We were actually below the Rangers at one point they then went on to draft Kakko . Murray had a brainstorm thought he should try his hand at this coaching lark he steadily moved the Ducks away from the top draft picks.
  13. I hope this week works out for Murray, a cheap option in Eakins and saving money on Perry. Make good on how your spending the cash Murray or if it doesn't work out you might be the next one out the door.
  14. Murray waited to be the last NHL team to pick their coach. It could only have ever been Eakins, Murray loves the cheap option.
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