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  1. That was some battling opening game between the two both takings pieces out of one another. It will probably get even nastier,not a series for the feint hearted.The Leaf v Boston looked like lightweights in comparison it was a quicker, more like a European game
  2. The season was a joke the draft is a fixed joke.
  3. Yep Chicago and Rangers two big Slimy how Chicago and Rangers two of the biggest draws in tv ratings get into the top 3
  4. #9 another Ritchie
  5. Super tanker Rangers just show how to do it. At least they missed the 1st spot.
  6. Tough 9th pick play the games without tanking no reward.
  7. Congrats to the guy but how did he ever get bumps and bruises.
  8. Speaking with NHL's Dan Aritt on Sunday. Kesler says it is difficult to even put socks on in the morning. Kesler said the only surgery available to him is a hip replacement. "It would probably be career-ending," Kesler said, who still has three years left on his contract with a $6.875-million cap hit. Kesler plans to meet with hip specialists over the next few weeks before sitting down with his agent, Ducks general manager Bob Murray, and the doctors to discuss his future in the sport. "Let's talk to the doctors," Murray said. "Get all the information in front of us, and we'll sit down when we have all the information."
  9. The Panthers got their man. The club announced the hiring of three-time Stanley Cup champion Joel Quenneville as head coach on Monday morning. He is expected to become the league's highest paid coach surpassing Babcock who makes $6.25 mill per season.
  10. Poor little Kempe whining if Getzlaf had dropped the gloves he would have a good reason to whine. Easier to hide behind someone else and let them take the bruises, coward.
  11. Yep Q would be a good fit. The Panthers have been granted permission to talk to Q today.We might be too late.
  12. We are not in the same league as the supertankers Rangers and Sabres they had one thing in mind the draft pick. Bob doesn't seem to care where he picks in the draft .If he did after firing RC the Ducks were in the perfect position to battle with the Kings for the spot above the Sens. Rangers and Sabres were not in the picture at that point.
  13. Fracture medical, broken layman's term.Example a compound fracture where the end of the fractured bone has gone through the skin.
  14. Obviously he is the best defensive dman we have just look at where every coach including Bob has played him .His job is to always be on the ice against the oppositions #1 forward line . Lindholm paired with a veteran Manson are on to kill every penalty as well as in the last minute of a game when defending a lead. Who do you have as our best defensive dmen ahead of him.
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