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  1. AyeEye

    Fleury gone

    Help me. Why did we add a 6th round pick? was that to the Kraken or to whoever we got Fleury from before?
  2. Crack on me if this is too simplistic. Are teams allowed to make trades with the Kracken for players from other teams. ( I know the Golden Knights aren't in the ED) Could BM package 2 players for a trade that required the Kracken to get some player from another team. For example, Kracken asking the Golden Knights for Shea Theodore and then trading with the Ducks for Volkov and Fleury?
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/nhl-power-rankings-contenders-pretenders-190322152.html We're in a tough division, but ouch.......
  4. Then the players could have a "V" on their jersey in addition to the C or A meaning they had the vaccine, to promote people getting the vaccine
  5. Does Henry S have any connections to get the entire team and support staff the vaccine soonish? We're going to have a hard enough time in the division without losing players to the virus or contact tracing But on the other hand, Yay, hockey is back
  6. Not going to help the Ducks too much, but Las Vegas has cap troubles and are trying to move Max Pacioretty. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-golden-knights-actively-shopping-several-big-names-210713240.html
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