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  1. Rubs hands together..... "And the plot thickens......." Dang it all, that all we have to hope for is how badly certain teams play to improve our draft selection
  2. We're reduced to this. Dang what a jacked up season This is like high school. You're going to break up with your girlfriend and the only thing you got left is to think about who you might ask out. The only thing is that Kakko will be seen in LA and Hughes will be seen in Chicago. (or Edmonton, or Vancouver.......or....) Anaheim will be left with a bag of pucks and a bunch of rich old men with no trade clauses.
  3. Yay. I haven't been able to turn on the TV forever. I can't watch another blow out. What I can't figure out is why the team quit on RC. They are professionals. Couldn't Captain Getzlaf have called BM or the Samuelis directly or through his agent and said that the team would no longer play for RC. Why put the season in the trash just to prove a point. Better things ahead as they could not be any worse. (Well, I guess they could have lost 17 in a row)
  4. Since this is a Fowler thread, is he on the ice yet?
  5. I start to wonder if it is Anaheim itself. Do the Ducks have to pay for the accommodations for the ref squad? Are they put up in the Ayers hotel across the street or any other nice Disney area hotel or are they in one of the hooker filled motels on south Harbor Blvd. They might be bent out of shape even before they get to the Ponda.
  6. Very exciting. But one veteran won't be able to straighten this mess out in his first game in over a year
  7. The crazy shot counts are not just the defense pairings that are the cause. Poor Gibson and Miller. An occasional game with a lopsided shot count would be one thing, but it's every GD game. In this up-tempo trial, are the forwards always leaning the wrong way every second, waiting to release towards the offensive zone? This might work, if they were able to score often. But when our best offensive player was recently claimed off the NHL trash heap, they have to re-think and really help the defense
  8. The physical game may not be the answer, but it might be an answer with the players we have. If you throw the other team off their game, it could keep the contests closer while they figure out all the other issues. We ain't going to win the speed skating contest with a Connor Mc David type, but if he's looking over his shoulder all the time, they'd stand a chance.
  9. Well to stick up for the coach a bit. It's all fine and dandy to talk about the up tempo game in the NHL, but you have to have players that can play that. I my opinion, we don't. I think we'll see some hybrid system. Get it out of the defensive zone asap, but with more body checking going on at both ends.
  10. Well our broken up Ducks are coming home to roost. We were lucky to get the surprise wins out of the gate, Those points will come in handy when we get most of our best players back on the ice. Meanwhile, I'll be happy with any stolen points we can get over the next few weeks.
  11. Hooray. Corey Perry has been almost horrible for the last 2 years. But we know what he is capable of. Pull a Teemu here Corey Remember the new Teemu after the lockout season where he had his knees repaired? He was a new man. A limpin', gimpin' CP gets us nowhere, but a strong pain free Perry would be worth seeing again. Good Luck with the rehab.
  12. This is all too reminiscent of years past, where the Ducks get off to a slow start....... injuries etc blah blah blah and try again to dig their way out of a hole. Yeah its preseason, but it doesn't give us fans anything to be positive about
  13. Nah, we're stuck with him. No Trade clause and high salary....he's a lifer in this penitentiary.
  14. There must be a typo. The Ducks can't be getting a player that isn't in his late 30s can we.? This is most exciting, except that his playoff beard might be a little scraggly.
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