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  1. Bungling Bob is not that smart....Look up delusional in the dictionary and you'll find Bobs picture
  2. I have seen several mentions. Allegedly, the Vegas owners high pressure to make a final key move on their GM
  3. If this turns out to be true, it is another gross miscalculation by Bob Murray We sat the entire free agent off season out, hoping to get Eichel, but we just dont / not willing to move the quality parts to make the deal. That has been pretty obvious for sometime. I seriously doubt Eichel is coming to Anaheim. Side note, Buffalos delay in trading Eichel is solely a vindictive and punitive move against the player delaying his surgery and not allowing him to play at the start of the season. The Players union should file a grievance against the team on Eichel's behalf. Total gutless move by Buffalos GM. "the Vegas Golden Knights and Eichel are now separated by only one piece that Vegas is hesitating on. As of a few days ago, there were believed to be two missing pieces, but one of those the Knights are ok with losing now…and this last piece is all that stands in the way."
  4. Bob doesnt do contracts the new guy (former Kings) handles contracts if I read his introduction correctly. Also once Kesler is moved to LTIR we should have $16,066,084 Cap Space Available.
  5. A centerman that only scores 10-15 goals is a 3rd / 4th line guy and Sam Steel does not have the size or grit to execute that position. So what then? Minors or trade. He hasn't show the skill or strength of a Nick Bonino of years past.
  6. Steel expecially needs to step it up bigtime or he is a washout imo. Excited to see what Lundestrom will do with improved opportunity.
  7. Kinda like "Happy Ending" just more proper
  8. In the weird covid season and considering the value he has for the young players its a real fair deal. 17 points in an anomaly
  9. Thats a really good hometown discount. TY RG
  10. no term or $ yet but announced the signing so good news
  11. I have forgotten more about Civil legal procedures and litigation that you will ever know. And how foolish of you, you think businesses advertise litigation? How in the world would you know. You don't... NEXT ISSUE!
  12. its Money thats what people sue for or performance and we know thats not what would be wanted. So someone wants money...Why should the team care about that. When Bob threw the chair and hit that women, it was a civil suit. You obviously don't get it. There is not a team in the league that does not have some kind of litigation ongoing. Its the world we live in.
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