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  1. These are the players we should trade for youth or picks of value. Not suggesting a fire sale but if we can load up on top youth or 1sts and 2nds in order to speed the rebuild. I personally dont know if Bob Murray has the spine to really cut an aggressive deal so we will see.. Getzlaf Henrique Rakell if the price is high enough (fleecing) Silfverberg Fowler if the price is high enough (fleecing) Gudbranson Manson Miller Rakell if the price is high enough (fleecing) Obviously some players have a vote in being moved but in concept this is who I would attempt to move to futures
  2. ChopSuey


    Hopefully his ticket is only one way
  3. ChopSuey


    Del Zotto needs a ticket to sit and watch. He is horrible
  4. Just saw this..Boston signed Petrovic to a one-year, two-way contract and then placed him on waivers Thursday Crazy
  5. Ahh so im not allowed to express an opinion. Only if it agrees with your opinion. So attack the poster. The forecast calls for Snowflakes
  6. Shhhhhh Bob is sleeping....God forbid someone wake him and he do something of value....Such a sad decline.....
  7. BRING BACK Brian Burke at least he had guts to make a few bold moves
  8. Lost confidence in him (No Guts Bob) years ago. The franchise wont return to its better times until he moves on. Primary reason I gave up my season seats years ago.
  9. I hope we did. That would be a pretty big screw up for TSN if wrong Should have known BM doesnt have the guts to make a move like this.
  10. I hope we did. That would be a pretty big screw up for TSN if wrong
  11. Scroll down https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/free-agency
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