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  1. I received an offer to renew my online subscription for NHL Center Ice or whatever name they use. Deleted it without 2d thoughts. I’m just feeling so disconnected from all of this. I seem to have lost that ‘lovin’ feeling’.
  2. So, is there going to be hockey, or will this be a year of fashion discussion, with mf’ing ‘wokeness’ overlays?
  3. I honestly disagree: The Cogs hit was exactly like this hit - passing by and his shoulder contacted the head of the opponent because their face/jaw sticks out. Neither was intentional (Perry has a history, Cogs not, so maybe, sorta, Perry has to overcome that). Were you being sarcastic? I can't tell. But I know what I see which is from the cheap seats in front of my computer screen.
  4. That was very reminiscent of the dirty, awful, almost fatal hit by the Dirty Duck's player, Andrew "headhunter" Cogliano that saw a 2-game suspension to end his consecutive games-played streak. Which of course means it was the kind of "hit" that in past decades would not have brought a reaction from the target, but who now spin, flop, and cross their eyes because 'he touched me'.
  5. The troubling thing here is that the 'bad conduct' that is getting these coaches in trouble, happened years in the past. It's like the treatment the refs give the Ducks: Full scrutiny with an eye toward punishing this year's team for stuff done in 2005. Not fair in either case. You'd think that the fact that there were no recent reports of bad behavior by the coaches would indicate that they've grown up a bit. Dittos for BB. Very nice person, great coach.
  6. Dittos. But this is the suck-side of the sports business. Love his family and they all look alike. One wonders whether Corey could have, should have, had the surgery he had this off season, a few back? Maybe he'd still be a Duck and productive. As it was, he looked so 'giraffe on ice' most of the time, the buy-out had to be done. Bummer and well-deserved honors for CP and family.
  7. The modern rules changes will be the biggest help of all. How many years more might Perry have been productive for the Ducks had he not be assaulted, beaten, hacked, cross-checked, and slashed (often without calls despite the obvious effects on his ability to handle pucks).
  8. New York might be the sole location with taxes, weather, and craziness, that could make California's taxes livable.
  9. Because: behind the scenes, CP thought he was coming on strong and would be fine and have a good season. Then the Ducks tossed him out. He is fully paid and wants to prove something. I am mind reading and guessing. Bet it’s accurate.
  10. So: He retires, after getting strong hints that he will be employed at a salary that, Miracle, is close or better than the amount of the remaining contract. Is this really a difficult concept?
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