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  1. I cannot recall seeing any player softer than Fowler. So, had Shattenkirk joined Anaheim it would have improved them.
  2. New York might be the sole location with taxes, weather, and craziness, that could make California's taxes livable.
  3. Because: behind the scenes, CP thought he was coming on strong and would be fine and have a good season. Then the Ducks tossed him out. He is fully paid and wants to prove something. I am mind reading and guessing. Bet it’s accurate.
  4. Must be Sunday if I see this 1st. what do you all think?
  5. So long as our Ducks play as if they know what ‘hockey is’ (unlike the majority of last season), this should be a very fun season. it will be interesting to see where Perry plays and how he plays.
  6. They drafted him for his hair - Capt Baldy was behind it.
  7. Hockey is heading the direction of soccer. The players are playing up any head contact and whining to the refs. This is a bad trend and perhaps an unintended result of the worries about concussions. The days of “good hockey hits” are soon to be gone. This is my reaction from watching the SC finals.
  8. Maybe I just needed to speak to make SJ come to life. 1-2.
  9. SJ looks cooked. Tired, slow reactions, can't find the puck, pass, or keep it. All the energy is Blues.
  10. And why would the Ducks, with a loaded pipeline of good, NHL quality players with years of active service in the NHL ahead of them, not be a source for the key player(s) needed? Why no mention of this potential?
  11. I actually came to the site today to see who might be saying negative things about Maroon. My view of Maroon is very positive: He's on the SC how many times? He's in the playoffs, again? The guy is part of successful teams if the teams use him right. Good for him and too bad we could not keep him and his good juju.
  12. Thank you sir, may I have another? is this how it works?
  13. Well, 2 years in the league, started with a SC run in year number 1, and now the league is issuing apologies to them for the crappy reffing? What gives?? Ducks have been royally screwed by referees more times that I want top count, and never a peep, no changes, and just remember how awful the Ducks were in their first how-many seasons? What does Vegas have on the league?
  14. I have heard rumors of this really new thing, called "video". You don't think that the players spend a lot of time looking at that? I mean, I get the idea of sitting in the rafters to watch the game from the "God View", but isn't that exactly what the video does for them? I'm not taking sides at all on this. It just boggles my mind that these guys can be paid as they are, yet the 'assumption' seems to be that they are still 'young' and don't know much. That really surprises me.
  15. Defending 2 x 1 or worse, the defender is supposed to take the pass away and let the goalie deal with the puck carrier. That is how you deal with the odd man situations.
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