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  1. I received an offer to renew my online subscription for NHL Center Ice or whatever name they use. Deleted it without 2d thoughts. I’m just feeling so disconnected from all of this. I seem to have lost that ‘lovin’ feeling’.
  2. So, is there going to be hockey, or will this be a year of fashion discussion, with mf’ing ‘wokeness’ overlays?
  3. There are some comments that make me think a blood test is in order to determine that the poster is human. Really, you don’t think Eaves would rather be playing than dealing with his ailment(s)? Come on. It’s a game until Dehydrated Donkey Dung like this strikes, then you just should thank your lucky stars for what you have and pray for the best for Eaves and others. Enough is enough.
  4. There have been some truly great and very tough 'smaller' hockey players. Paul Kariya: 5'10 and 180. Johnny Hockey....smaller and lighter. Theo Fleury - 5/6" and 180. So, this kid needs to fill out a bit, but he's not prohibited from playing or being great, possibly, just because he's not the size of Getzlaf. Ticks me off that players get written off without a chance due to size when it's a skill sport more and more, and less of a brute sport now than ever. Let's see how he develops.
  5. We drafted him, right? So good work there. Then what?? No improvement? Whose problem is that - did we just get impatient and he's now grown up, or if he's blossomed under another team's system (and not just "another team", but the Penguins....a really good organization, right?), probably our system is not working 'right' to develop the talent spotted by our people? Am I wrong? That means coaches, at all levels. If it was impatience, then Bob is part of the problem....and he's got part of the problem, too, if our coaching and development staff can't improve the talent our scouts find. I'm forced to believe that the hockey people paid to do jobs for the Ducks, know their stuff, know how to work with talent and develop it, and that is why they get paid the big bucks. So I'm frustrated to see any more Wild Bill's, Kunitz's doing really well for other teams. That's not the way to succeed folks.
  6. Yes, firmly believed that Perry was going to be gone if he could not or would not improve his mobility and scoring chances. It might have been a retirement, that was my thinking. But his play was abysmal due to the beating that the NHL and refs allowed him to take night after night. Getz is a completely different story. It is difficult to believe that you don't see that.
  7. Just sayin': At the half-way point of this season, my wife is very happy. She gets a lot more attention from me because I'm not watching the Ducks much. Certainly not whole games. I tune in to see the trend, then I'm gone after a bit. Not to say that at times they are not entertaining, because they sometimes are. But it just isn't a serious season for them. Everything Ducks is like the beginning of a good soup - it just needs time. Maybe late in the season we will see more flashes of what can be expected next season and further on. Or not.
  8. I honestly disagree: The Cogs hit was exactly like this hit - passing by and his shoulder contacted the head of the opponent because their face/jaw sticks out. Neither was intentional (Perry has a history, Cogs not, so maybe, sorta, Perry has to overcome that). Were you being sarcastic? I can't tell. But I know what I see which is from the cheap seats in front of my computer screen.
  9. That was very reminiscent of the dirty, awful, almost fatal hit by the Dirty Duck's player, Andrew "headhunter" Cogliano that saw a 2-game suspension to end his consecutive games-played streak. Which of course means it was the kind of "hit" that in past decades would not have brought a reaction from the target, but who now spin, flop, and cross their eyes because 'he touched me'.
  10. Aw, that was nothing, hardly a love-pat compared to the runaway train wrecks thrown at Gibby. If the refs can make nice to Smith after his over-reaction, Gibby should get carried on their shoulders.
  11. The troubling thing here is that the 'bad conduct' that is getting these coaches in trouble, happened years in the past. It's like the treatment the refs give the Ducks: Full scrutiny with an eye toward punishing this year's team for stuff done in 2005. Not fair in either case. You'd think that the fact that there were no recent reports of bad behavior by the coaches would indicate that they've grown up a bit. Dittos for BB. Very nice person, great coach.
  12. So, he gives winning it all a 1-year shot, even at much less money, then jumps ion the retirement money deal if it is still there. Meantime, he says nothing to sour his future anywhere. Smart man.
  13. Dittos. But this is the suck-side of the sports business. Love his family and they all look alike. One wonders whether Corey could have, should have, had the surgery he had this off season, a few back? Maybe he'd still be a Duck and productive. As it was, he looked so 'giraffe on ice' most of the time, the buy-out had to be done. Bummer and well-deserved honors for CP and family.
  14. Enjoying this discussion - keep it going. thanks guys!
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