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  1. I saw an admin warning about copyright issues on another board. Could be connected.
  2. So: He retires, after getting strong hints that he will be employed at a salary that, Miracle, is close or better than the amount of the remaining contract. Is this really a difficult concept?
  3. No "Animal House"? For shame. You're on double-secret probation.
  4. What I was meaning to point out was the ref's effect on the Ducks mindset, together with the need imposed by the club, to avoid the box. At some point they just don't want to hit because it gets them to sit and then get grilled by the coach.
  5. Yes, that would be the NHL referee association. The Ducks have, without a doubt, been hampered by the poor and biased calls on the ice.
  6. It did wonders for Cogs, however. Good for him.
  7. What is that or what does it mean? Never heard this term before today.
  8. You would think, I do, that management would insist on great ice for their franchise. In the same way they stand up for their players when the NHL abuses them.
  9. Report on Farcebook: Kase out 4-6 months with torn labrum in shoulder. It’s that kind of year, eh?
  10. We have the same locale and weather as the Kings - are you saying that the Ponda's ice is worse than Staples Center's ice?? If so, what is the difference and can't it be fixed/
  11. Gets to to polish his golf game with the rest of them; not much public attention to hockey here from the public and few writers, so poor play and results don't mean you can't go to the supermarket without hearing about it. Orange County -- we love it.
  12. And you were going where, exactly, before this? Might as well just accept fate and hope for the best.
  13. 1. I credit the management for being professional, knowledgeable, hockey guys with a TON of experience - they’ve laced ‘em up, played the game at the highest levels, are paid a ton of money becayse of all that. They have won it all, yet are judged harshly by a bunch of amateurs - and not for their on-ice performance, but because the actual players aren’t earning their pay. But that is sports and that’s life. 2. How about, maybe, looking at this as a reward to Cogs? Get him away from the shi*-storm about to happen in Duckville. One thing I firmly believe is that not a lot of the nay-saying hereabouts is worth a lot beyond making frustrated fans feel better for venting. I like the move. Hope it works for Cogs. God knows he suffered mightily for being a Duck.
  14. He had too much speed; it was throwing things out of sync.
  15. Great for Cogs. He’ll now get the high stick calls when his teeth are knocked out, and he will, no doubt whatsoever, become a scoring machine on breakaways.
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