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  1. The modern rules changes will be the biggest help of all. How many years more might Perry have been productive for the Ducks had he not be assaulted, beaten, hacked, cross-checked, and slashed (often without calls despite the obvious effects on his ability to handle pucks).
  2. And that is OK, but the on-ice results should reflect the stuff from behind closed doors. Or maybe it does and the Ducks hockey-minds disagree with the board? Surprise.
  3. I am just so surprised here. Where is the coaching and management demanding changes and accountability of the players?
  4. What I see in Richie is a big body, a tough guy attitude, and decent hands down low. Those things add up, in my eyes, as a recipe for someone to camp out in front of the goal to create opportunities. Yes, he has to clean up the silly penalties. Whatever else you think he needs, fine. But I think the basics are there for the dirty area role and I've wondered why he isn't told to camp there, or why the people on this board dislike him so.
  5. You don’t think Nick Ritchie can fill that role in the dirty areas?
  6. Ducks will be great this season. Your read it here first. Go Ducks. Playoffs are a lock. From there on, who knows.
  7. March? Gotta contend with March Madness, too. It’s a headache.
  8. This has to be the most boring off-season I can remember. There is nothing happening? Can't someone make something up even? Please tell me that I don't have to watch soccer for excitement.
  9. I cannot recall seeing any player softer than Fowler. So, had Shattenkirk joined Anaheim it would have improved them.
  10. New York might be the sole location with taxes, weather, and craziness, that could make California's taxes livable.
  11. Because: behind the scenes, CP thought he was coming on strong and would be fine and have a good season. Then the Ducks tossed him out. He is fully paid and wants to prove something. I am mind reading and guessing. Bet it’s accurate.
  12. Must be Sunday if I see this 1st. what do you all think?
  13. So long as our Ducks play as if they know what ‘hockey is’ (unlike the majority of last season), this should be a very fun season. it will be interesting to see where Perry plays and how he plays.
  14. They drafted him for his hair - Capt Baldy was behind it.
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