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  1. Regardless of Eichel situation, I am glad that Jeff Solomon convinced BM not to get involved in this drama.
  2. Just read an interview by our GM. Bob admits that he is not that good in "analysis" and Jeff Solomon teaches him a lot about players evaluation. Interesting, after 14 years as GM of NHL professional franchise, he is still learning to "analyze"? Ducks GM Bob Murray finally admits: ‘We’re rebuilding’ – Daily News
  3. Kirushka Kaprizov signs a good contract with Minnesota after just 1 season in NHL https://www.kp.ru/sports/hokkej/kaprizov-podpisal-mnogomillionnyj-kontrakt-s-minnesotoj-uajld/
  4. ....and how about Anaheim Ducks? How are they doing?
  5. As much as we all want it to happen, it's highly unlikely that Shurik will brake his record.
  6. I hear the stories from St. Louis that Tarasenko is available. Is he still good or not anymore? The guy was a scoring machine a few yearts ago.
  7. I see our Ducks fans are bored.....really bored....Hellooooo, is anybody alive in the office?
  8. Makes Fowler look like underpaid. Poor Fowler.
  9. why are we still discussing this topic? This Eichel guy is a talented player but not a person who makes people comfortable around him. He clashed with his coach, GM, organization, does not trust team doctors, fired his agent, and refused to take care of his injured neck during 5 months off-season time. Now I hear the stories that if he does his "artificial" disc replacement surgery, he may miss most of next season and there is a risk he may not be the same player anymore. And yet some people on this forum write 20 paragraphs essay thinking that we need to trade most of our farm system in exchange for this guy and his $10 mil salary? Sorry, but I don't want this potential cancer on my team.
  10. Agree. Nope, Too much for a messed -up-necked player with an attitude.
  11. So, the guy had 5 months off and didn't even bother to have a surgery to fix his neck. And whoever obtains Eichel, have to place him on IR for 3 or 4 months until he recovers. And even when he's ready to go, is he going to be the same player? As much as I am skeptical about BM, I have to give him a credit for not going after this player.
  12. 2 goals in 19 games last season. He injury is more serious the most people think. The offseason is almost over and didn't even do a surgery. Let him stay in Buffalo.
  13. Let me enter my 2cents. Both Lindholm and Mason are good players, but none of them are cornerstone of this organization. If I was GM, I would try to negotiate 4-5 years deal with fair pay rate. None of them deserves 8 years, since it's clear that the last 2-3 years of the contracts will be a heavy luggage on this team. My educated guess, 5 years at $7 to $7.5 mil per season would be fair, and if they want more, let them try free agency and see what they really worth. As someone already mentioned here before, what's the point to spend tons of money on the same players who can't lead this team to the playoffs?
  14. Are you his friend? If not, prove your point, please.
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