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  1. The problem that I see with our team 2-3 years from now is that we don't have a true franchise player, someone to build the team around. We have some good, very good and OK young players but I don't see anybody like Kariya or Selanne in coming. Since our GM does not likes blockbuster deals (aka Oleg Tverdovsky and Chad Kilger for Teemy Selanne in 1995), not interested in the best available free agents, like Brian Burke was, the only hope remains is to find a gem in the early 1st round pick.
  2. It's time to remove this thread. Ducks will win more meaningless games and will miss playoffs by 4 or 5 points.
  3. Yes, if he retires, he'll forfeit his remaining salary. He doesn't need money, he made more than enough during his career for himself and his family. What he needs to do now is to take care of his health. LTIR is an option for him, but it doesn't help team. Ducks would be on hook for 3 more years of his salary, won't be able to sign valuable free agents and won't save much on salary cap. If I was GM, I would try to convince him to retire.
  4. Agree. Retirement would be the best option for him and his team. I wonder if Bob has guts to tell this to Kesler at last day exit meeting.
  5. Don't touch Fowler and Perry. The are the LEGENDS. I made a couple critical comments about them few weeks ago and got a flurry of negative responses.
  6. Guys, it could be even worse. Don't forget that we have Dave Nonis as assistant GM. God forbid if he inherits the job as Ducks GM after Bob Murray retires few years from now. Nonis screwed up Vancouver, Toronto and Florida, although Florida never was good anyways. Now he is Bob's right hand, giving him "advices".
  7. Because he is the best player on this team.
  8. who really playing to tank is LA Kings. I can't believe how easy they keep losing game after game. The only exception is when they play Ducks.
  9. Silfverberg for captain next season? Sounds crazy or not? I want to hear your opinion, guys.
  10. How long have you been following BM at free agency? Do you ever remember when he went for the best available player? He usually stays calm for the first 3-4 days of free agency, then signs some no-name 4th line NHL/AHL-borderline player.
  11. I am actually pleased with the play of Korbinian Holzer. He is not a flushy player but gets his job done. Solid, stay home defensive plays and forechecking impressed me so far. I wonder why Carlyle kept him so long in the minors.
  12. Retiring would be a the best option for Ryan Kesler and for the Ducks. Kesler would not risk to aggravate his hip injury that could affect him for the rest of his life, and the Ducks would shed almost $7 mil from their salary cap.
  13. This is an interesting observation. I didn't know about it. Is LTIR has time limitation? Is money on LTIR the same as on contract? How do the teams protect themselves from some dishonest players taking advantage of LTIR? Anybody knows something about it?
  14. Per article, his injury was much worse than I thought. Kudos to Ryan for fighting back and playing thru pain. The common sense, however, should tell him to retire after the end of this season, if he doesn't want to risk his health in the future. But it won't happen. The "$$$" sign will prevail: milk it till the end, for 3 more years. Hey, can't blame him. If I was in his position, I would do the same. You can't walk away from guaranteed money.
  15. Excuse me? For real, you wouldn't trade Kesler for Dustin Brown? Are you fool or what? Talking about screen name, you are the one who need to change it. Jiggy is gone long time ago. Same fro BlazingEtem.
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