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  1. $7-7.5 mil per year is too much. Also, think outside of box, it's not only about goals and points. During his captaincy some Ducks players "accepted losing", as GMBM said. It becoming clear that Ducks need to start transitioning to a new generation of players, if we ever want to pass second round of playoffs in the next 5 years. for $7.5 mil we could land a very good first or second line center under the age of 30.
  2. Getzlaf next deal should be a base salary within $2-3 mil per season + bonuses based on performance. Similar to what Teemy Selanne had the last 3 years. No production - no bonuses. Perry will be gone, Kesler's last year will be bough out.
  3. what is he wants to come back before the training camp of 2020? Then the full amount have to be cleared up before the beginning of the season, right? That's probably the reason GMBM can't spend more money on free agents because he has to keep a significant amount under the cap if Kesler suddenly decides to return. It will handcuff this team for 3 more years.
  4. The problem with LTR is one day it will be over; let's say by the end of February, if the Ducks are in the playoffs hunt, Kesler will announce that he feels healthy and ready to come back. By NHL rules, team ca not force player to stay on LTR if he feels ready to return, and player have to be evaluated by independent physician. Lets say, Kesler will pass his physical, then what? The team will have to clear $6.75 mil before trade deadline, it means one or two valuable players will be traded for draft picks or demoted to AHL.
  5. No miraculous comeback. He'll milk it for 3 more years.
  6. Don't understand why is it so much discussion going on about very late first round pick. Historically, so late in selection you can find OK players, but not real difference makers. Corey Perry was the only exception in 2003, which was one of the strongest drafts in NHL history.
  7. Ken Hitchcock is available. Knowing BM love for "old style" coaching, I won't be surprised if he'll get hired.
  8. very concerning article about the Ducks current status... https://www.anaheimcalling.com/2019/5/1/18519341/5-reasons-to-be-concerned-about-the-ducks-future-anaheim
  9. Good question. Unlike our aging veterans, Kings older players have some trade value. Carter/Quick/Brown can be traded any time for younger players/draft picks.
  10. I read from several sources that LA Kings will pursue Artemi Panarin in the off-season. He is only 27 years old, averages 70+ points per season, and with Ducks struggling to score, seems like he could be a good fit. Why LA is interested and Ducks are not? Come on, Bob, enough of signing NHL borderline players, do something for real to improve this team.
  11. What's the story with Kesler? Is he going to have another off-season surgery or will retire? The last time I heard GM Bob Murray was going to "have a difficult but necessary conversation" with him. Haven't heard anything since then.
  12. I expect Jon Cooper to be fired by Tampa Bay within the next few days. Ducks should go after him.
  13. so, we are at #9. My only hope it's not going to be another Swedish defenceman or Fowler#2.
  14. He needs to retire. It would be ridiculous for him to continue his career with this condition. The worse that could happen to him and to the team if he refuses to retire and will continue to milk the Ducks for 3 more years. Playing non-productive 15-20 games per season would not do anything good for organization and for his reputation.
  15. We need to get rid of Fowler and his contract + our first round pick to move up to #2 overall. Getting a top two pick this year is potentially transformative for the franchise. If we have to take some salary back to compensate for Fowler's salary, so let it be. But we do need a real franchise player for the next 7-8 years.
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