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  1. I just don't get it. BM is "willing to take on bad contracts in exchange for draft picks"? I thought we already have a bunch of bad contracts that we stuck for years to come: Kesler, Eaves, Fowler; Gibson has 7 years left on his deal and he has been on sabbatical since the beginning of last year...while Lucas Dostal is NHL ready ad he is going to be a great goalkeeper. Can someone explain me how BM is going to sell this idea to the ownership? I hear the stories that Kesler started to skate again; what if he proclaims himself ready to go next season, how is the team going to accommodate his $7 mil salary? Perry's buyout next season will be near $6 mil. against the cap. Plus another bad contract on top of it? Wow...
  2. Lukas Dostal has been amazing in the Finnish Elite league. I really hope he turns into our version of Elvis Merzlikins - a Columbus Blue Jacket goalie who came out of nowhere and now has one of the best GAA and save% in the league. As fs as Gibson, he has been so-so since signing a huge contract.
  3. He'll trade Grant for 5th round pick and call it "I blew up the team".
  4. The youth is not performing to the expectations. As far as core veterans, do you think they are really capable to take this team to the next level?
  5. Maybe Michael Schulman watching the games lately and can do something about current team situation? Opss... I forgot, they are friends, friends don't let friends plead guilty.
  6. Watched the Blues-Ducks game. The difference between roster talent and coaching is very obvious.
  7. Be careful what you wish for. Remember, his assistant is Dave Nonis. This guy is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER..
  8. never had such a low interest in our team. Last game I didn't even bother to watch till the end. Maybe the same low interest I had in 2001, after disastrous manager Pierre Gauthier traded Teemy Selanne to division rival Sharks for a backup goaltender and some role player. Watching Ducks for so many years, I truly believe that BM is the second worst manager in team history. I hear arguments that he kept this team competitive for many years, but I don't buy it. Any manager who had Perry/Getzlaf entering their prime and Selanne still in good shape, would have a relative success with this team.
  9. Usually, it's a bad habit by GM to send emails to other team managers that we have available this guy and that guy...At a trade deadline, the selling team manager waits for the phone call(s) with inquiries on what it takes to get a payer they are interested in. The most attractive assets are players who have leadership skills, experienced players with reasonable contracts or expiring contracts. Unfortunately, we don't have many of those, I personally see only Grant, Rakell and, maybe, Gudbranson attracting interest from other teams. But how is it going to make us better? All other players will be hard to move due to their large contracts / average or below average performance.
  10. What do you expect form the minor league coach - GMBM protégé.
  11. Holzer is OK, great leadership skills in the locker room.
  12. Russians refuse to shake hand of the Canadian captain after the game https://www.kp.ru/daily/27074.5/4144549/
  13. I remember 5 years ago was so much hype on this forum about Nick Ritchie: powerful, dominant forward who'll drive to the net and crush the opposing team defensemen. And now this guy, who didn't prove anything yet on professional level, but some naive Ducks fans already project him to be our #1 center. I better be quiet before some forum members start hate me here...
  14. Hey, buddy, I am just like you, a team follower since 1993. I was at Arrowhead Pond on October 8, 1993. I paid $155 (old money) to watch the Mighty Ducks whipped by Detroit. But man, they rebounded after this game and played hard all season long. If my memory serves me right, they missed playoffs only by 6 points, ahead of Gretzky and his LA Kings. Yes, that's true, except Guy Hebert, Alexei Kasatonov and Troy Loney, they did not have much talent, but they played hard every single game. A bunch of borderline NHL guys trying to establish themselves on NHL level. I also remember sold-out arena on every home game and electrified atmosphere in the Pond. ...and I was only 19 years old...hey, time flies. You are right, I was more interested in the Ducks 1993 version that current version of lifeless roster with no true stars on horizon, playing in the empty Arena
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