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  1. I would leave Fowler unprotected. Nobody would take him anyways given his contract and poor performance in recent years.
  2. Sounds like a music in my ears. And let him take his buddy Dave Nonis with him.
  3. Justin Faulk? Hm... $6 mil salary, and next season he'll demand more. It means forget about slim chances of pursuing Patrick Laine or Mitch Marner. The Ducks have a lot of good players, but no true FRANCHISE player, for the first time since inaugural 1993 season. It bothers me.
  4. If my memory serves me right, 2 years ago he made some bad comments about Ducks organization.
  5. Laine's bad luck is playing for Winnipeg. If he played for Ducks and GMBM, by now he would have had 8 years extension with full NTC.
  6. Yes, indeed it must be THE MOST boring off-season if the Ducks fans start discussing the administrative stuff of this team.
  7. The most expensive and the least productive players must be exposed first: Fowler, Henrique, Kesler (if he does not retire by then).
  8. Ducks are not attractive destination anymore for free agents. The roster must be competitive and the ownership must be committed to winning in order to attract UFA.
  9. this contract is a joke. I have a feeling it will be Perry-like situation, when ownership will have to buy out the last 2 years.
  10. I also worry about Terry and Steel, especially when they run up and down the ice with their head down. For a smaller guys like they are,it's concussion in coming. Maybe they should watch some videos of Cogliano on how to keep the head up and avoid hard checks.
  11. I would rather keep Rakell and Lindholm and trade Fowler.
  12. This cap space kept intentionally, in case if suddenly by January or February Kesler will proclaim himself "healthy" and decide to return. It will be like this for 3 more years.
  13. no. enough of mediocre border-line NHL players. Off the topic: Kessel trade to Phoenix increases ticket sales up to 600%. Something for our ownership to notice. https://www.nhl.com/news/kaapo-kakko-agrees-to-entry-level-contract-with-new-york/c-308241546
  14. What does the cow says when it walks by BM office? "Who? Who? Who?" What does the bird chirping when it flies by his office windows? "Cheap, cheap, cheap"
  15. Sharks. Nashville. Winnipeg Jets. Minnesota. Tampa Bay. LA - maybe, maybe not. I always read your comments, Nieder, and seems like you are a very knowledgeable Ducks fan. I don't understand though why you keep defending him all the time. Again, if he had a 5 year deal with an average salary between $4 to $5 mil per season, I would have nothing against him. But he gets paid to be a leader and I don't see it in him. Indeed, what do you think would be a fair market pay for a defenceman <35 points per season, with career -50 plus/minus ratio?
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