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  1. no. enough of mediocre border-line NHL players. Off the topic: Kessel trade to Phoenix increases ticket sales up to 600%. Something for our ownership to notice. https://www.nhl.com/news/kaapo-kakko-agrees-to-entry-level-contract-with-new-york/c-308241546
  2. What does the cow says when it walks by BM office? "Who? Who? Who?" What does the bird chirping when it flies by his office windows? "Cheap, cheap, cheap"
  3. Sharks. Nashville. Winnipeg Jets. Minnesota. Tampa Bay. LA - maybe, maybe not. I always read your comments, Nieder, and seems like you are a very knowledgeable Ducks fan. I don't understand though why you keep defending him all the time. Again, if he had a 5 year deal with an average salary between $4 to $5 mil per season, I would have nothing against him. But he gets paid to be a leader and I don't see it in him. Indeed, what do you think would be a fair market pay for a defenceman <35 points per season, with career -50 plus/minus ratio?
  4. How long have you been Ducks fan? When was the last time BM surprised you by good signing or trade? As much as I want our team to succeed, with THIS management and ownership I am more pessimistic than some other fans.
  5. Fowler huge contract + his performance in recent years make him not movable. Another big mistake done by our GM.
  6. Wait until our genius will retire 3 years from now, and Dave Nonis will inherit GM position. Two professional destroyers will turn our Ducks into NHL doormat.
  7. Who is this Kaliyev guy that cause so much talk about him? If he is that good, as some scouts say, why Ducks didn't select him?
  8. Totally disagree. Fowler is a soft, injury-prone, zero-intimidating-non-hitting defenceman, whose past season was simply terrible even before he got injured. In some teams he wouldn't make a second pairing. 2 years ago, when he was a potential trade bait, only Detroit and Buffalo offered some meh prospects for him. When you saying that he "has not reached his prime yet", "he always gives 100 percent", "plays hard every shift", "leads by example", and so on, I wonder if you are his PR agent or somehow related to him. For the time being, let's keep Getzlaf as a captain, at least for the next year.
  9. Lundestrom and Sprong are big question marks, Steel and Comtois are very young and inconsistent. Terry and Jones are capable to score 15-20 goals IF they stay healthy. We don't have a true, prolific goal scorer or highly-touted prospect. Past season we were last in the league in goals scored. It worries me.
  10. IMHO, if Ducks can't find a trade partner, they should ride him for at least one more season and they buy him out.
  11. Seems like you forgot WHO is our GM.
  12. If Bob wanted to hire Eakins, he would have done it few weeks ago.
  13. I am glad that you brought Fowler's name. I personally have nothing against him and I am sure he is a very nice person. But we are talking business decision here. Let's compare some good contract vs. bad contract. A good example would be a player of the same age, playing position, physical complexion, recent performance and a year of signing a new contract. Let's look, for example, Dmitri Orlov vs. Cam Fowler, and let's consider most recent performance for the last 4 seasons. Dmitri Orlov Cam Fowler $5.1mil per season for 6 years, signed in 2017 $6.5 per season for 8 years, signed in 2017 27 goals, 95 assists for total of 122 points 29 goals, 93 assists for total of 122 points amazing +41 ratio -12 ratio 5 teams no trade list, can be traded to 26 teams 4 teams trade list, including Kings who don't want him This is a perfect example of a good contract vs bad contract. Should we talk more about Henrique, Eaves and others?
  14. Agree. I notice a tendency of our GM: when it comes to free agents acquisition or potential trade targets, Bob seems to be very limited in financial terms. However, when it comes to resigning our own RFA, he throws long-term contracts with large amount of money to average or OK players and makes them untradeable.
  15. $7-7.5 mil per year is too much. Also, think outside of box, it's not only about goals and points. During his captaincy some Ducks players "accepted losing", as GMBM said. It becoming clear that Ducks need to start transitioning to a new generation of players, if we ever want to pass second round of playoffs in the next 5 years. for $7.5 mil we could land a very good first or second line center under the age of 30.
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