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  1. People stealing truck with toilet paper. Ridiculous. https://www.foxnews.com/us/police-north-carolina-find-stolen-trailer-full-toilet-paper
  2. Here https://lenta.ru/news/2020/03/19/russian_coronavirus/
  3. Nikita Zaitsev from Ottawa Senators.
  4. This is ridiculous. Now what? Resume hockey in June?
  5. I know you, you are his cousin, lol
  6. Even goaltending is not good this season. Gibson's GAA and save % is one of the worse in the NHL the last 2 years. I don't buy anymore an argument "it's a defense in front of him", we have one of the highest paid defense players in the league.
  7. and I was in Vegas the other day and watched Knights on local channel. Shea Theodore is a great PP quarterback and a very good overall defenceman. He already has 43 points with 18 games remaining. Imagine if 3 years ago Bob would make a right decision and retain Theodore instead of ineffective Fowler?
  8. Claimed who? Oh boy, I am sick and tired of this minor-league GM. He is destroying our team.
  9. I liked Kase too. The problem with this trade is; he is one of the few talented forwards that we had, and scoring is our MAJOR problem. The chances that late first round pick turns into high scoring young forward are slim to none, most likely it will be an average Sam Steel type of a player. If I was GM, I would rather try to unload players who are in their late 20th with high salaries.
  10. We have so many good players. Why our team sucks?
  11. This trade would be good without Backes included. With Backes on the payroll, we have 4 bad contracts to pay for 2020/2021 season: Backs, Perry ($5.5 mil against salary cap as buyout), Kesler and Fowler. It's almost $25 mil against salary cap for either non-existent, non productive or overpaid players.
  12. for several reasons: 1. He was a terrific prospect 10 years ago, who turned into average non-physical defenseman. 2. His contract. It's huge. Finding a taker for it would be beneficial for Ducks both long and short terms, would clear significant salary cap space to pursue a scoring forward in the summer time + valuable draft pick in return or some prospects 3. IMO, he is not even our best defenceman, I would put Lindholm ahead of him. 4. He scored 9 goals, which is way above his average rate, and it's a good time to cash on his trade value right now before he has an "off" season again. 5. He is almost 30 y/o with 6 years remaining on his term, and I don't want the last 2-3 years of his contract to be Perry-type non productive ballast on our team. His 4 teams trade list should not be a big issue if Bob have guts to explain him that he is no longer in the future plans of this team. Off the topic: congratulations to Korbinian Holzer for playing his 200 NHL game. He is not a superior talent, but he compensates it with his hard work and professional attitude. Once in a dog house under Carlyle regime, he finally playing on regular basis, and for the small salary that he makes, he worth every penny.
  13. Is there any chance we can get rid of Fowler's contract?
  14. If I was Bob, I would call them back: "Keep all 3 of them and give me William Nylander instead"
  15. This money should be used to resign Derek Grant, not this useless guy.
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