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  1. Another bottom 6-9 forward? We already have a collection of them.
  2. Don't know about you guys, but I completely gave up on Fowler. With the emergence of Josh Mahura and possibility of Drysdale breaking the roster next season, I don't see any reason for a soft, non-hitting nice guy standing by and watching Gibson abused game by game. His PP is not that impressive as well. I know, it's not easy to move Fowler's contract, especially with his limited 4-teams trade list. However, as we saw it in the past, many hockey players waive their NTC to play for competitive team when approached by GM. Besides, Cam Fowler as a professional athlete, realizes himself that he is almost 30 y/o and wasting his time with the Ducks and his window of opportunity to win the Stanley Cap is closing. I think he should ask for a trade. It would make a good sense for him and for this team.
  3. Eichel salary is close to $10 mil. Ducks are against the salary cap, how would they absorb his salary? Besides, I don't want $10 mil to be invested in 1 player - what if gets injured or gets sick from some mysterious decease (aka Patrick Eaves)? No, thank you.
  4. All what I can say, this team is one bad contract away from being an absolute absurd.
  5. I knew somebody was going to bring Joe Thornton here. In this case you comparing apples and oranges. I just looked at J.Thornton statistic: when he was 35y/o (current Getzlaf age) he was coming of a season when he played 82 games, scored 19 goals and made 63 assists - 82 points total.
  6. yesitsme, Nothing is forever. One of the reasons this team is not doing well lately is GM habit to resign players who are over 30-something. Remember, this is not a charity, it's a professional sport. Getz makes $8.25 mil right now; how much pay cut he needs to take to stay here?
  7. I am not sure if I want Getzlaf to be extended. 1 goal in 18 games? And his agent probably wants at least $6 mil per season. No, it's time to move on. However, knowing our GM, I am not sure if he won't give him 5 years extension with NTC.
  8. Good point, actually. Anze Kopitar averages more than a point per game, Dustin Brown already scored 11 goals and averages point per game. Where is our veterans?
  9. If yesterdays game wasn't an indication that team is heading in the wrong direction, then I don't know what else can convince the ownership to make some changes. Off the topic: anybody knows where Henrique is? Is he in San Diego or watching the games from the press box?
  10. your prayers fall on deaf ears. Owners don't read this threads. The only hope is Bob, as a decent person, will realize himself it's time to step down.
  11. Terry is ok fifth rounder. In most of the teams he wouldn't even make a roster, in some teams he would be the bottom 6-9 forward.
  12. Disagree. I am among 95% of fans who believe that BM is the main problem of this team as of now. I am tired of him giving generous contracts to mediocre or underperforming players, and, as other fan mentioned, no matter what line combinations head coach tries, if talent is not there, nothing is going to help. The perfect example of lack of skilled forwards on this team is when you watch Ducks on PP; they can't even enter the offensive zone and set up a play. Indeed, how is Troy Terry better than Emerson Etem 6 years ago? I good college player who could be a good AHL player. Yet BM gives him a generous 3 years contract extension. Why? I am happy for Troy and his agent, but how is it good for Ducks? IF I was GM, and knowing his unimpressive past statistic, all what I need to say to agent: 1 year fair contract and if you are not happy, welcome to hit the free market or play in Europe. Go and find out what you really worth. Henrique - 3.5 more years, Silfverberg - 3.5 more years, Fowler - 5.5 more years, Kesler 1.5 more years - there are albatross contracts the team stacked on till they expire. Someone needs to whisper to BM year: stop wasting money to mediocre players. P.S. By the way, I don't care about Buffalo. Samuelis are successful businessmen, why can't they run their team as they run business?
  13. Nothing illustrates the lack of talented, skillful forwards on this team better than looking at them trying to enter the zone on the PP. Terrible. Just terrible.
  14. Now you see, Bob, what happens when you give huge unreasonable contracts to aging players? You stack with him until the contract will expire. Same applies to Fowler, Silfverberg.
  15. Would you bet your life that current Ducks squad would can beat current Gulls squad? I wouldn't ....
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