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  1. I think that's what the market rate for Getzlaf will be around. The money shouldn't be an issue though. In two years, Perry and very possibly, Kesler, will be coming off the books and the Ducks are going to be flush with cap space with no players due massive raises. I absolutely agree that the Ducks need a legitimate top-2 center, but I think that Henrique would be moved out to make that happen. Then have either Steel or Lundestrom take up the 3C role, with the prayer that they are good enough to move up the depth chart by the time Getzlaf is done. My hunch is that will happen this offseason so that they can start to limit Getzlaf's minutes and workload so that they can help prolong him. The Ducks appeared to start their youth transition this year and the next two seasons are going to be seeing if those guys can be key parts of the Ducks future. Also, Murray says a lot of things that usually tend to redirect blame to people that aren't him. But if Getzlaf's captaincy is a real detriment to the culture of the team, then why doesn't Murray strip him of it? I think Murray would be guilty of accepting losing as well by not doing anything to address it for so long. To me, the problem starts at the top.
  2. I think it's hard to say whether a guy like Caufield would fit in with the Ducks, since the team starts transitioning to the next wave of players and a new coach. The only knock on Caufield is his size, but you're right that he seems to be viewed as the best natural goal scorer that would be available to the Ducks at 9th overall. Selecting a player like him would certainly represent a shift away from Murray's drafting MO. As far as Dach, I think that if he falls to where the Ducks can select him, then the Ducks will take him. Aside from Benoit-Groulx, the Ducks are undersized at center (Steel, Lundestrom, Morand) and he gives them a different dynamic more than anything. I think his next deal would be based more on whether the Ducks have someone who can replace his production and role. Since, he's eligible to be extended next summer and will still be the Ducks best center and overall player then with no one really close to him. So, he's got leverage and the Ducks can't really lowball him. especially if they are attempting a quick re-tool. Assuming that he doesn't have any serious injury issues or concerns, my guess would be a two-year extension that would take him to age 38 and between $7-7.5 mil per year.
  3. I absolutely agree with the taking the risk of drafting players with higher offensive ceilings. Everyone in the draft outside of Hughes and Kakko are likely at least a year out from pushing for a roster spot. The Ducks pick is at least two years away with under the best of circumstances.
  4. I think that there are better odds of the Ducks moving his contract to Seattle if they can’t buy him out. Is Jovanovski the only hockey player that’s done this procedure and come back? Yeah. When Perry comes off the books the Ducks will just under $40 mil in cap space and could get over $45 mil if Kesler’s contract is moved. Manson, Lindholm, Rakell would need new contracts at that time if they are going to remain in Anaheim, Getzlaf can be extended next summer so there will be ample money. It’s not ideal but it’s not like Kesler’s contract is going to prevent the Ducks from contending during that time. The Ducks are handcuffed by lack talent/ going through a youth transition. The next couple of seasons are about seeing how that youth pans out. IMO.
  5. I’d just feel more optimistic if there was a bigger sample size of hockey players than just Jovanovski to go off of. Plus, Kesler also has a greater history of hip issues between the two. Assuming he is even able to play again, it’s not like we are going to get 2011-2016 Kesler back. I agree that he’s going to give it a go because that’s the type of guy he is but I don’t think that the Ducks are factoring him in to their plans after next season. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as the Ducks start transitioning towards their young players. I just hope that he’s able to live a pain-free life going forward.
  6. Not that I’ve seen. He got hurt in two separate playoff games and it could be some combination of a leg and head injury. Hope he’s able to play in Conference final
  7. I’m just counting out Kesler’s hip, not his desire to play. He’s an absolute gamer and if he wasn’t already coming off major hip surgery less than 2 years ago, I’d be more optimistic about him pulling a Jovanovski style comeback. We saw and heard the about the struggle he’s been through with this. I think it’s more about the quality of life for him now, which should be his primary concern. He’s got nothing left to prove. If he somehow came back and was a serviceable player, that would be incredible but I don’t see it happening or being worth the risk. Especially, with the Ducks transitioning towards youth and not likely to be contending until after his contract would be up. It just doesn’t seem probable or worth it all things considered.
  8. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2019/05/ryan-kesler-undergoes-hip-surgery.html?fv-home=true&post-id=105429 Not surprised. Looks like the end of Kesler.
  9. Yeah, Rakell was a great pick but he's much more of an exception than the rule, especially under Murray's tenure. My thinking is that if the Ducks are going to add a key piece to help out next year then that pick is likely to be packaged to make it happen. Anyone they draft is going to be at least 2-3 years away from the NHL in a best case scenario anyway with no guarantee that they pan out. If Murray wants to keep the picks then I think he'd have to move out a prospect instead.
  10. I agree. There generally isn't much of a talent drop off between the late first round and early second round. I'm not betting on landing another Perry or Pastrnak with that pick and think that it could be a trading chip. Of course, because nothing has been going right for the Ducks, the pick will have the worst possible value that it could with SJ and STL making the WCF. Is it too early to start looking at the 2020 draft lol?? Don't Play for Lafreniere!
  11. The Sharks were my pick to come out of the West, that said they were outplayed by Vegas more often than not in the series. Martin Jones absolutely stole game 6 with the game of his life while Murray subsequently gave it away. The Eakins penalty was awful and ultimately cost them. 99 times out of 100 Vegas wins that series but, ironically, luck wasn’t on their side. I personally hope both Vegas and SJ fall into a raging river, but the Vegas players have every right to be furious about getting screwed the way that they did in the end. Vegas is going to be a scary team for the next couple of seasons and are poised to make deep runs. As mentioned above, Vegas winning would have been in the Ducks interests which is why I had hoped they’d win the series.
  12. Good to see the Gulls following the Ducks defensive style and giving up a touchdown in game 3 tonight.
  13. The Ducks miserable season/offseason continues
  14. If Dallas loses, that miss by Cogs will haunt him forever
  15. If he’s that solid of a team guy then I guess it wouldn’t be awful. We need good locker room guys to fill the Cogs void. Holzer’s defense just scares me lol
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