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  1. I think 3 years is actually a pretty good timeline if things go well. With Getzlaf, as have started to see, he simply can’t carry the team like he used. It’s why getting a legit 2C is so crucial this offseason and hopefully a true 1C prospect soon. Take the burden off of him and help prolong his career. I’ve always seen him being a lifetime Duck. The expansion draft will be interesting since every notable prospect other than Comtois will be eligible. Perry and Getz will be off the books (the Ducks could always extend Getz after the ED) and Kesler may not even need to be protected. They’ll have more options than last time.
  2. I want them to get back to a SCF as soon as possible which I think is going to take getting a pretty high draft pick or two. Getzlaf, Perry and Kesler all need to be replaced and it’s going to take some time to do that. Some of the prospects could be solid players but getting to the level of what those guys were is a huge ask.
  3. Thanks for correcting me on Horton and Wheeler. Boston would be more of an exception to the rule but I’d still point more towards Pittsburgh, Chicago, and to a lesser extent LA for making her case for the Ducks tanking and getting a top-5 pick. Washington also. I have almost no confidence in Murray being able pull off the trades necessary to help get the Ducks back to the promise land. Murray has been great with drafting goalies, solid with defenseman but has been awful with drafting and developing forwards over his tenure. Granted he’s been drafting later in the draft making it harder, which is why I want the Ducks to tank for the highest pick possible. Hopefully, he’ll prove me wrong in the offseason but I’m not betting on it.
  4. True. Still, Tyler Seguin is a star talent commensurate with where he was drafted and trading him was one of Peter Chiarelli’s crowning GM moves. I think that the Ducks need that kind of talent more than ever with Getzlaf and Perry winding down along with Kesler’s career not to mention level of play more in jeopardy. They also had Nathan Horton who was drafted 3rd overall and traded Blake Wheeler mid-season who was a 4th overall pick to bring in pieces to contribute to that run. So, the currency of those picks is can still be valuable to help upgrade a roster. Boston really struck gold in the 2nd round with picks like Krejci, Bergeron and Marchand though.
  5. I agree that being bad isn't a guarantee for success but it still seems to be that you have to be bad, maybe for a few seasons, before you win. Boston also got the 2nd overall pick in 2010 with Tyler Seguin, The Red Wings won based on players like Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom who were all drafted in the 90's and when they had the foresight to heavily scout and draft overseas when other teams weren't. Other teams caught on and the Red Wings started to gave out bad contracts (Abdelkader, Helm, DeKeyser etc). They clung onto the past instead of making the painful decisions for the future when they needed to. The Ducks have some talent but still not enough to where they aren't mainly dependent on Gibson. Just take Gibson off of this team and I'd bet they be in the top-5. I agree wholeheartedly that Carlyle was horrible and with the West being comically awful this year, the Ducks would likely be a wild card team if they had canned him earlier. I don't know why Murray didn't do that when it was obvious to everyone that it needed to happen if they were going to legitimately compete for a playoff spot. It made sense keeping RC if he was gunning for the highest possible pick. Firing Carlyle doesn't solve the lack scoring talent on the roster though. Even Arizona has surpassed us in the pecking order (talk about a team that suffered from major injuries) and any chance of following the Sharks model is likely to fail because their core players, especially their older ones (Pavelski, Thornton, Burns) are just far more productive and mostly healthier than ours are. Remember when everyone was laughing at LA with how their season has gone? I'd rather be them going into the offseason unless we somehow win a lottery pick and they don't. At this point, anything to upgrade this team offensively, particularly at center, for the future should be on the table. No one on the blueline is untouchable. Moving Getzlaf, let alone Gibson would be virtually impossible because I don't see any team offering a good enough package for Murray even worth considering.
  6. True. We won in 07’ because we lucked out better than any team in 03’ draft, which is the best draft class in NHL history. Also because we had one of the best defenseman of all-time’s brother and another HOF defenseman who’s alleged dalliances forced him out out of Edmonton. The Ducks had to have all of that fall in place to win then and I’m not counting on them to be that level of fortunate again. I want the highest pick possible as a hedge against not the lottery. I agree that Murray fired Carlyle way too late. He should have been fired at least two months earlier or kept him through the season. It’s funny because he made it to where fans were angry/demoralized because of how awful the team was and weren’t winning, to a healthy shift of fans being upset that they are winning now and hurting ours draft odds. Good thing that we are saddled with him for 3 more years. I’m putting more of my hopes on getting the St. Louis pick since they are more likely to finish closer to 20th and will also have a very hard first round match up against Winnipeg or Nashville. Plus, even if they win that series, the draft slots don’t change until after the second round. On top of crushing us last year, the Sharks also had the better pick.
  7. Edmonton’s biggest problem has been management more than the quality of their picks. We aren’t them or the current Senators but that’s not really something to celebrate. This was a year in which the Ducks were the worst team in the NHL until Carlyle got fired. They should have been a lock for a top-5 pick. I’ve said in others posts that if you look at Cup winning teams nowadays, they all went through rough seasons and got lottery picks to get there. Maybe San Jose or Vegas will break that this year, but as a general rule you need the highest-tier talent that usually only top-three and five picks picks provide. It’s what the Ducks also need most imo. Barring injury to Gibson and now no Carlyle, I don’t see the Ducks bottoming out enough to having good enough odds not to mention the luck to get the such a pick or picks. Pains me to say, but I’d rather be in LA’s position going forward.
  8. It’s going to be fun being the Wild for the next 10 years lol.
  9. Even the message boards wanted to tank
  10. Yakupov was a major bust but Edmonton’s bigger problem was gross mismanagement overall. They also drafted McDavid, Draisatl, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle, Nurse. That’s a really good talent pool that they just squandered away mainly through horrible trades and contracts. Kakko and Hughes have different skill sets and styles than Matthews and Laine. I think Kakko has a higher ceiling than Laune because his all around game is so much better. He may not have Laine’s shot, but he can score, protect the puck and make plays that very few can. Hughes can absolutely fly and make plays while doing it even being smaller in size. They may not be Crosby or Ovechkin but they are still franchise changing players that I’d tank for. You’re right, not much he can do now. Murray not committing to a tank or a rebuild and now he has set himself up to get the worse of both worlds: Missing the playoffs because he wouldn’t fire his boy RC when he should have and now hurting their draft odds because the team has been just good enough since RC has been gone. When Silf didn’t get traded I braced myself for the Ducks to play their way out of a top 5 pick. That was the time to do something. Playing Miller over Gibson, may only slightly help the tank, but the bigger benefit is to preserving Gibson’s long term health and injury prevention.
  11. Oh, it’s not on the players, it’s on Murray. The players have pride, contracts, reputations and each other to play for and aren’t going intentionally tank and Murray isn’t going to tell them to play bad on purpose. He does influence the tank by who he has on the roster and who he puts out on the ice as coach. Kase is a really good player and Murray struck gold with him in the 7th round. Terry has shown flashes that he has the tools to be a quality player also. But the Ducks need more than them. They need the next superstar that’s going to carry the organization long after the twins are gone. Getting the highest pick possible improves the odds of getting such a player though it’s not a guarantee. To me, a top-5 pick would have made this gong show of a season worthwhile and now the Ducks will only get there and if they win the lottery.
  12. He’s not screwing over the kids. I meant prospects as the future outlook of the team, not Terry and Jones. Getting Hughes or Kakko would be massive so the Ducks should have tried to improve their odds to get one of them while also preserving Gibson and Getzlaf. If not, then still likely be in a top-5 slot and get the most high end player possible. I think that a top-3 pick is far more valuable to the Ducks. The ceiling and potential of that pick going to be hIgher than any current prospect. They could have played Jones and Terry for 10-15 games to give them more of a taste for the NHL to build in going to the next season if nothing else. Let’s just brace ourselves for the worst: LA getting a top-2 pick and terrorizing us with it for 15 years lol
  13. I don’t think that would harm the kids because: a) they know the situation and that it would be in the long-term interest of the franchise and, therefore, them and b)) they wouldn’t be coached by Carlyle. The Ducks have been one of the worst teams in the NHL all season long and are trending towards having a much worse draft pick than they should which hurts their odds to land one of two franchise altering talents. Murray continues to screw the Ducks future prospects with every point they get only after subjecting us to an absolutely brutal season of hockey for far too long. So in the end, we might get the worst of both worlds unless the lottery gods take pity on us.
  14. Because the Ducks can’t have nice things and will do the exact opposite of what they should do, when they need to do it.
  15. I’m sure that the league will frown upon that as obvious cap circumvention and wouldn’t allow it to happen.
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