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  1. Great job by Yzerman to take advantage of it then. Now the focus heads to the ED and the entry draft. I wonder if the Fluery trade is to have another defense in case Mahura or d-man gets taken and if they are going to move off Larsson and possibly Lindholm going forward.
  2. It’s just that a very good GM in yzerman with a rebuilding team did the opposite of what the Ducks did and traded a guy with more term and money than Rakell and got a good return in the process. The stakes going forward are higher now that Murray knows what he’s doing. So, naturally I’m more concerned!
  3. Mantha has 3 more years at 5.7 mil per on his contract. Yzerman signeth you, yzerman tradeth you.
  4. Mantha traded to the capitals. That’s a huge move. Can’t wait to see the return.
  5. Don’t make me sad after I gave him a compliment! Bob Murray hasn’t answered my prayers for years. Ahhh, that’s good to know but now the question is what happens with the ED.
  6. Another LHD with Fowler, Lindholm, Mahura, Larsson along LaCombe and Thrun in the system? Something more has to happen, right??
  7. Murray got something for Hutton! I’ll give him a golf clap for that.
  8. If Murray wants to hold onto Rakell/Manson/Lindholm until the offseason and can add a first round pick in the 2022 draft rather than this one then I’d be happy with that but I have a feeling he’d want a 2021 pick and prospect because he’ll be making that pick and may be gone by the 2022 draft. If Murray can pull off a solid prospect on top of it then I’ll applaud him. I hope you’re right about the value being not being as depressed in the offseason. It’s just weird that as of now they’ve done nothing outside of trading for Volkov. Edit: Add Hutton to Toronto on the Ducks trade log.
  9. Could the Ducks get more in the offseason though? They’ll certainly have more flexibility with teams but value wise a team that gets Rakell/Manson gets two possible playoff runs which is why I don’t think they’ll have the same or more value after noon today. If the Ducks don’t do anything then I really hope it’s a combination of teams absolutely lowballing them and because someone else will make these decisions. Murray isn’t to be trusted with guns anymore, imo. I think it’s a hard comparison because of Getzlaf’s NMC and what he’s said publicly about staying in Anaheim. So, he hasn’t been mentioned as being on the block as much as Carter (unless something changes in two hours). I’m not sure how much more value Carter gets if he’s a true rental but LA freeing up cap space and a roster spot might be worth more than getting a marginally better return.
  10. It’s just funny seeing another team trade a player with term while we have three better less expensive players with it but seemingly can’t or won’t do it. Of course, it all stems from me not having faith in Murray. The weird retraction of the Deslauriers trade that didn’t happen should have been an omen. Carter will be 37 next year so LA being able to move him and half his salary is good for them. Gives them some more flexibility to possibly sign Iafallo or in free agency. I don’t know if a 36 year old is going to command much in normal times and that if they have term it would lower the return simply because of age.
  11. Well, the kings were able to trade Carter who has another year left on his contract lol
  12. Yeah, I agree with what you said about this season being complicated for those reasons and Manson would be the hardest piece to move. There haven't been any trades made involving guys with term yet. So, maybe there ultimately won't be a deal to made with by Monday and that they will have to wait until the offseason. The Ducks still have Silf, Rico (who they could have traded rather than extended) and Fowler. Manson, Lindholm and Rakell aren't going to be nearly as affordable after next season though (assuming they even want to stay in Anaheim and want to be a part of a rebuild after three really bad seasons). It's not like any of them are in their early 20's either, they'd be signed through their mid to late 30's. You don't move off of everyone but I don't know how or why you'd keep most of this group together. Who would you move?
  13. I don't think it's just make a trade for something more than he's probably going to get more value if he trades Manson/Rakell by the deadline than he would in the offseason. That's the dilemma. I wish I could bet the farm on Murray making a major deadline move but I fear he'll stay relatively quiet. If he doesn't do anything then I really hope it's because a new GM is coming in the offseason to make those decisions (one can dream!). I don't know how close Murray was to getting Karlsson but I just couldn't see a scenario where he'd give up the assets (Tierney DeMelo, Norris, Balcers, a 1st, and two seconds) and then sign him to an $11.5 mil per year contract. Not to mention that SJ was clearly a better team than the Ducks were at that point so I think you're right that Karlsson would not have re-signed. It had disaster written all over it.
  14. You might be right and if the Ducks get a first and a solid prospect for Manson then I’d be happy with it given the circumstances. I heard that Savard was getting a first for Columbus from Tampa. Manson is a year younger and has an additional year of term that would put him in the Muzzin price range and closer to what the Ducks were asking for imo. Still waiting to see whether that trade went through and what the return is.
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