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  1. Except for all of those other times and points he’s stolen for us when the Ducks had no business being in games, especially under Carlyle. The Ducks have the 5th fewest goals in the league, so he’s not exactly getting goal support and the has been injured on the blue line and has had a rotating cast of players. So, his margin for error is extremely small on most nights. At least this game, the Ducks mustered up just enough offense to get him a win for once when he didn’t play particularly well. If he has an average season this year, then who cares in the long run. I’ll care when he’s costing the team a playoff spot or a playoff series. So, he let in a soft goal. Every goalie does. They also go through tough stretches and while he hasn’t been in God Mode, he’s also not costing the Ducks games or why they are 2nd to last in the West. Also, Stats like GAA and save % are hugely influenced by the team in front of you. You think this team has done him any favors recently along with being injured on the blue line? It bares repeating but put an actual average or even above average goalie on this Ducks team for the last two seasons and we might have been relegated to the AHL. When Gibson is on his game he’s a top-3 goalie at worst.
  2. The problem with the Vats/Rico trade is that we moved our biggest trade chip for a middle-6 center all to try and salvage a season when the Cup window was already closed. Murray thinking that the Ducks could make a Cup run when the #2 center was severely injured, while depleting his blue line and still lacking scoring wings was why I did not like the trade. We subsequently created more holes on the blue line when Montour and Pettersson got shipped out of town. Dtsdlaw had a great rundown on Murray not being able to get or keep talent that came back to bite him and then he had to try to haphazardly fix it. Teams go through rebuilds, especially with the success that the Ducks have had, so I am not going to criticize Murray for that, but I also don't think he's the right GM to guide the Ducks through the rebuild, especially when he was willing to do the Kase/Faulk trade. But Murray is going to be the one shaping the franchise for the foreseeable future.
  3. Ahhh, good point. I thought that the player selected had to be under contract for the expansion season. Yeah, I don’t see why an expansion team would select a UFA either unless they were going to sign them. Seems like quite a risk
  4. You’re right, if he’s extended prior to the ED then he’s eligible to be selected. I believe that Thornton waited until after the Vegas ED to re-sign with SJ so that he wouldn’t take up a protection slot. If Gudbranson is unsigned, then he’d be a UFA and Seattle can just offer him a contract and wouldn’t be selecting him from Anaheim. Unless he really steps up his game, I don’t see the Ducks using up a slot to protect a 3rd pairing defender.
  5. I agree with nieder that waiting until the offseason when he’s a UFA would make the most sense if the team wanted Vats back. While the Ducks don’t have any RFA’s due significant money, they still need to sign Guhle and Terry while also filling two more D, 3 forward and a back-up goalie spot. If the cap goes up say, 3 mil then would have just under 14 mil in space. I don’t see ownership spending on Vats without moving out another contract even if they can make it all work with Kesler on LTIR.
  6. Mahura is already eligible to be selected in the Seattle draft. He’ll have over two years of pro experience by the end of next season. I agree that I hope Manson isn’t being rushed back since there’s no need to do it.
  7. Guhle’s flashes have been few and far between lately. He looked particularly bad against LA although he was paired with Holzer. He’s got a ways to go if he’s going to be a top-4 quality defender. Hall is going to want at least Panarin money (in the $11 mil range). There’s no rational reason to trade for him unless you think he’s the missing piece to Ducks cup run. Dtsdlaw is right that the Devil to trade for would be Vatanen but even that doesn’t make sense for the Ducks to do given the Gudbranson trade and his expiring contract. Maybe another Henrique swap lol!
  8. Canada just released it's WJC camp roster and while B.O. Groulx is on it, I am actually very surprised that Tracey isn't given his production this season.
  9. True, and it was more sarcastic than not. Though the odds of the Ducks having another top-10 pick is also more probable than not. Just need the ping pong balls to bounce our way.
  10. Getting Manson back will sure be nice, and with Larsson being sent down to SD, we should have functional defensive pairings. As it far as it resulting in in more wins, I agree that there should be a few more of them, but am not sure that they are going to start piling up. The Ducks still have a god-awful power play and their ability to score goals consistently (or at all) has been an issue even with Manson in the lineup. I still think the Ducks will be drafting within the top-10 unless the team can really start finding the back of the net.
  11. Why the secrecy lol? Is that you, Bob?? Yeah, if the Ducks want to improve the team now then they should make a trade but I think it's absolutely the wrong season and situation to do it. Murray already made his trade in getting Gudbranson and I hope that's all that he does until June.
  12. For who though? I just don't see any scenario occurring where the Ducks are going to give up their 2020 first round pick. Ritche and especially Larsson aren't exactly trade bait that will bring back a trophy fish either. It makes far more sense to wait and make any type of substantial trade during the offseason.
  13. Tracey has had a great start to his 2nd WHL season. In watching the highlights of his goals, he reminds me a lot of Perry. Just has a knack for finding and controlling the puck in and making plays around the net. If his skating develops then hopefully he’s a great compliment to a guy like Zegras.
  14. Yeah, this is one season where it 3-point doesn’t matter or if the Kings finish ahead of us in the standings.
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