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  1. Unless you can trade him to help upgrade the roster then I don’t think that he should be moved. Jones and Comtois haven’t played well enough to force him out of the lineup or guarantee their own spots yet. Ritchie not living up to his draft slot doesn’t mean that the Ducks should just jettison him.
  2. It's way too early into the season and their careers to really worry. None of these guys have played even half an NHL season to this point. Not to mention that the team is rebuilding with a new coach. They still have plenty of time to learn and develop while being given every chance to succeed. If after two full seasons, the progression and contributions still aren't there then it's a real concern. Comtois needs time in the AHL more than anyone, which is where most people projected him to play for the majority of the season anyway.
  3. Well, the Gulls are not off to a good start. 0-3 and giving up 10 goals over the last two games.
  4. I’d take much more joy out of LA being awful if they didn’t have a stacked prospect pool and likely to be very good in the near future. The Sharks being 0-4 is fantastic but they’ve also had to play Vegas twice and Nashville which is no easy start. I still think they’ll figure it out though but I’m going to enjoy their suffering for the time being. It’s just stunning that Edmonton won a trade for once. Still hope that Connor requests a trade out of there at some point.
  5. Are the Kings already tanking lol? Is Carlyle their coach? They've been awful. And James Neal leads the league in goals. Fun start to the season so far.
  6. Any word on the extent of Steel’s injury? Haven’t seen any updates
  7. Vegas is not messing around this season. Crushed SJ twice already lol.
  8. I won’t really be worried unless they are inconsistent and really floundering by the end of November/early December. I thought they could come out strong but then saw their schedule for the month of October. It’s pretty tough, so now I can see them struggling as they try and figure things out. As long as there is a progressive cohesion as the season goes along then I’ll be content even if it doesn’t show up in the standings.
  9. Fantastic to see Kase hurt to start the season for the second straight year. I'm surprised Comtois made the roster. I don't think that he impressed enough to earn a spot in preseason. My guess is he'll go the Terry route and eventually spend the majority of the season in SD.
  10. I was able to stop drinking after they gave Carlyle the boot. Ritche still has value to the team and I think that he should stay until Comtois and Jones make him expendable. Maybe he plays well again this year and increases his trade value. I doubt he'd get traded within the division though. Maybe we can recoup the 4th round pick that we gave up for Deslauriers lol? Moving Rowney makes sense since we still have Shore and Grant. I can get behind a 4th line of those two guys and Sherwood. Edit: Sherwood apparently was sent down since he played in the Gulls preseason game tonight
  11. With Sprong being put on waivers, I wonder if Sherwood gets the 4th line RW spot. I think Comtois gets sent down and Lundestrom, especially if Steel is healthy. Eric Stephens said all injured Ducks were practicing but did not name Guhle in his list. If Guhle is good to go then I agree that Mahura and Benoit are going to SD. Potentially when his college season ends, which could be anywhere from mid March to early April depending on how BU does. If he has a strong freshman year then he might be ready to sign his ELC and play some games.
  12. I don’t see how putting Sprong on waivers while Pettersson has exceeded expectations in Pittsburgh is us winning the trade. Sprong was also being healthy scratched and can’t help the team from the press box. It’s weird because he put up 14 goals in 47 games which I thought was why we got him, knowing he doesn’t defend, but something is obviously very wrong if he can’t crack our lineup. Extremely well put.
  13. Sprong on waivers. Sure looks like we won the Pettersson trade lol
  14. I think we’d sneak into the 3rd spot of the Pacific than get the wildcard if we are in a playoff race. I just saw Calgary’s goaltending situation and if that goes south then it opens up the division. The Ducks also have a tough stretch to start the season. 11 of the first 14 games are against playoff teams from last year with 8 being on the road, that includes an east coast swing.
  15. Miss the playoffs but looking better doing it than last year. Draft in the 5-10 range unless we win the lottery. He's on pace to be our new oft-injured Duck.
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