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  1. I’m a bit surprised also. Laine alone is better than anything the Ducks could have realistically offered, IMO, unless they made Zegras part of the deal. Maybe the Ducks offer was used as a baseline by Columbus to squeeze a little more value. They also got Roslovic to help their center depth and he’s a former 1st round pick and I think has a similar value to Steel. I think Columbus came out a bit ahead but it’s nice trade for both teams given the circumstances. Laine will still be an RFA after this season but Columbus needs to extend Jones and Werenski with the next two years with Jones being able to walk as a UFA after next season. That said, onto the 2021 draft!....which maybe pushed back from its original July 23 date 😡 since teams want more time to scout prospects.
  2. Haha. Don't do put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby! What do we have that's the equivalent to a 22 year-old 1C? That is a hefty price which makes me cringe and wonder as what the Ducks were offering. Also, would Murray give him 10M? He usually reserves giving out nice contracts to older players lol It's pretty cool that the only Finnish GM in league history traded for Laine. That sounds like a lesser version of the McDavid/Draisaitl situation in Edmonton lol.
  3. Whoa. What could the Ducks possibly offer up sans Zegras/Drysdale if that's the case? I could see Murray offering Rakell+Steel+2021 1st but I'd still hate that lol
  4. Oh lord. I don't like that lol. I mean, Montreal has Kotkaniemi, Denault (they seem to love Suzuki) to offer up and Winnipeg has Laine, Roslovic which I'd think trumps whatever the Ducks could do.
  5. That's true. LA was a bubble team that needed more scoring and had more than enough defense to part with to get Carter to help with that. Right now, I can't see the Ducks as even being close to a bubble team let alone a team that is a big move or two away from going on a similar run. I guess my point is that LA had a franchise center, a Norris caliber defensemen, two wingers who put up 50 points before they got Carter and that the Ducks just don't have anything close to that currently. I'm still not as depressed compared to their 2014 title run....for obvious reasons!
  6. I'd argue that LA had an established core in place with Doughty, Kopitar, Brown, Quick-well we do have John: 36 (in their primes) when they traded for Carter and Richards. Ironically, LA took advantage of the Blue Jackets because Carter was actively trying to get traded lol. LA was well-equipped at LHD which allowed them to move Jack Johnson for Carter and took a huge swing for Richards before that. If the Ducks had a similar core in place then I'd be on a bullhorn in front of Murray's office to trade for Dubois. Lindholm is interesting because of his contact situation. What do you do with him in two years when he wants a substantial raise and your best prospects are likely still developing?
  7. And then Henrique kindly telling Bob to go kick rocks lol. Welp, get your popcorn ready.
  8. Absolutely agree that the front office/coaching is another matter entirely. Unless you can coach and manage assets effectively, you can squander talent and your future cup chances (see: Edmonton, Buffalo). The Ducks cup is one that I doubt can be replicated. We won because we had two Norris trophy defensemen. One we got because we had his brother and the other because of alleged off ice dalliances that forced him out of Edmonton only weeks after he led them to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. Also, we hit the ultimate lottery in probably the best draft ever and got two franchise altering players in the mid and late first round. Plus, we had the aging wonder and Ducks GOAT Selanne. The Ducks hit a royal flush and I’m not betting the house in them being that lucky again. Also, I’ve made a point in the past that cup winning teams have generally had one or more lottery or top-5 picks. Chicago, Pittsburgh, LA, Tampa, Washington. Whether they are cores of your team or pieces you can trade away to supplement what you have (ie Carter, Richards for LA). So you have to be bad and lucky more often than not and then how to build around the talent you get. Most of that talent comes through the draft but it hasn’t arrived yet for the Ducks. Getting Dubois at this point makes the team modestly better, imo, but you’re still betting on Zegras, Drysdale, etc to not just be very good but to be stars which is we are still a couple of seasons away from finding out and then having that kind of an impact if they do. So, I don’t think getting a Dubois necessarily accelerates the rebuild until the Ducks draft and develop a requisite amount of talent and I’m not putting that kind of faith in Bob Murray to pull off.
  9. I’m the inverse and think that we need to be in contention for one of those guys to get back into contention lol. Going up against LA and Colorado in the future is going to take a lot more firepower than we currently have. I don’t see the Ducks doing this either unless Murray really feels that his job is in danger and needs to make a major shakeup to try and get to the playoffs.
  10. Thanks for that follow up. Honestly, him going to LA or Montreal makes the most sense. Both teams have the pieces to make that trade. IMO, the bolded is what making a trade of this magnitude hinges on. I’m very hesitant to put the cart before the horse with Zegras and Drysdale, even though I love what I’ve seen from both of them. They are still early on in there development (which is something we worry about the Ducks doing effectively, especially for forwards). If they had one or two seasons of NHL experience and we could tell that they are going to transition and be good pros then I’d be making calls myself to GM’s for a Dubois or Laine. I’d want guys like that to know they’ve got support coming up to help shoulder the burden. That’s true but I’ll gladly take the chance of getting an Elias Pettersson, Makar, Rantanen etc. Dubois definitely helps down the middle but I just don’t currently see any immediate goal scoring wingers for him to play along side. The Ducks have been one if not the worst scoring teams in the NHL over the past 3 seasons. There’s a lot of goals to make for. Do the Ducks become even a playoff team within two seasons of getting Dubois? He is going to need major offensive help if he came here and right now there’s no clear answer where that is going to come from, imo. plus, what if he improves the Ducks just enough so we can’t land Wright, Lambert or Savoie in 2022?? I want to at least dream about adding one of those guys to this roster lol
  11. Yeah, it’s weird that Bob would want to trade for a player trying to force his way out of town. I mean, didn’t he complain about Drouin trying to force his way out of Tampa a couple of years back? Even if this draft isn’t as noticeably top heavy or headlined by a prospect, there is almost always 2-3 players drafted in the top-10 that go on to be core/star players. The Ducks are right on track to be drafting in that range again and I’d rather have that pick to bring up with Zegras/Drysdale etc.
  12. I will die on the hill of not given up this years or next years 1st round picks lol. If you can get Dubois for Rakell + Steel + mahura/Larsson or Henrique then by pull the trigger but I’d bet Jarmo doesn’t think twice about passing on that.
  13. LeBrun today mentioned Anaheim as still being in on Dubois.
  14. Honestly, this year’s draft is one where getting first overall may not be as valuable as in past years because there’s no generational or consensus top 1 or even 2 picks, imo. That said, this would absolutely be the year that the Ducks finally win the lottery lol. It’s still early but the start has been ugly.
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