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  1. The Tracey pick is just trending towards being a very bad one. Watching him in the rookie face-off and even now in the parts that I saw of the intra-squad scrimmage is leaving me more and more pessimistic about him. I know it's still early but his skating still isn't good, his decision making with the puck is suspect and he can't bury the chances that he does get (which was the whole reason why the Ducks drafted him at #29). I'm not saying that he needs to be vying for a roster spot this year or even next, but was hoping that he would start to close the gap a bit and I don't think that he really has. I've seen more to like from Pastujov already lol.
  2. I don't think burning a year off their ELC's matters that much. The Ducks aren't going anywhere, have no cap issues going forward and it can allow them to re-sign both players to more team friendly deals on their second contracts since they won't have an extra year of NHL production to help drive up their price. The key thing about them playing in the NHL last year is that Murray made sure that they didn't play enough games to count towards an accrued season for free agency. I agree with you about Drysdale though and don't think that he'll stay with the Ducks all season. He's got a lot of work on before he solidifies a permanent roster spot and don't want the Ducks to Fowler him by playing him when he's not ready. The problem is that he is way too good for juniors. Hopefully, he can at least get comfortable in a 3rd pairing role and then move up as he develops and that the CHL/AHL agreement happens which would allow him to play for the Gulls. Yep, it's the most important, imo, but trading for Eichel at this stage doesn't follow the normal rebuild script, especially when you haven't traded any veterans for futures. Given what Gibson has said, I don't think that he is going to be a part of any handoff and he is going to demand a trade by next season.
  3. Yeah. Someone needs to ask Murray how he defines “rebuild”. I’ll believe it when he actually moves a veteran for future assets, which he should have started doing 2+ years ago. He can continue to talk all he wants until then. This is one area that I will give Murray a good grade on. My only real critique here over the last three years was taking Tracey over Kaliyev but the Ducks have been in the top-third of the league overall in drafting since then.
  4. McTavish has a sprained ankle and won’t be able to practice for a while, per Elliott Teaford. And the 2021 season is off and running!
  5. Well, talk about things getting worse for Eichel. Reports now that he’ll miss the Olympics. Huge blow to Team USA also. This may have just gift wrapped another gold to Canada.
  6. Perreault needs to stop putting himself in position to take bad hits
  7. Oh dear lord. Hope it’s not serious
  8. Yeah, it should be streamed through the Ducks website. Gonna miss it but hopefully it's more of the same result as Friday's game.
  9. David better watch out. Sasha is going to be the new Pasta!
  10. I see what you are saying. He's been breaking up plays really well so far.
  11. Hunter Drew with a little toe-drag snipe
  12. This might be the most hopeful I am all season! Pasta, Sweet baby Zegras and the McMan all with goals in the first period. Zellweger skating showed and waiting on Tracey to show me anything,
  13. Any rumblings about Tracey? Don’t know if he’s skating yet due to an injury but he’s one of the players that I really want to see how he does this season.
  14. Could be a Weekend at Bernie’s situation going on then
  15. Ducks signed Tobias Reider to a PTO, so at least we know that Murray has not completely vanished into the Upside Down
  16. I'd feel the same way if I were Eichel coming to Anaheim lol. Agree with d-law that the trade makes no sense for Buffalo unless they are going to flip Gibson for more futures for their rebuild. Also, this doesn't make sense for the Ducks if the point is to make a push for playoffs sooner rather than later. They are still going to be heavily dependent on goaltending to do that and there is no replacement or stop gap if Gibson is gone. Gibson has a 10 team no-trade list also and I don't think it would be a shock if Buffalo was on it.
  17. If Ristolainen didn't bring back the 14 OA, 2nd and a depth defender then I'd agree. If he's worth that then Manson is worth at least a first, IMO. Murray's bromance for Manson might have him overvaluing him. With Arizona, they brought in a new GM in Armstrong who is changing course and building the team he wants. Arizona wasn't going to compete for a Cup whether they kept Garland, Dvorak or not. Garland was due a significant raise and they shed OEL's contract, so I can see why Arizona is going scorched earth in shedding salary and loading up assets in a deep draft. At least they have a clear direction and logic for what they are doing. As far as Fowler, I would want to keep him but not both him and Lindholm. If you can move Fowler and re-sign Lindholm, then I am fine with that. The Penguins will say that they are financially distressed in 2023 and they'll land Bedard, just like they did Lemieux and Crosby. Maybe if the Samuelis plead poverty then then Gary will but some loaded ping pong balls in our favor! I'm more surprised that the Red Wings haven't won a draft lottery or had a top-3 pick given their recent history.
  18. We desperately need a generational player!! The NHL has given us jack else lol
  19. I was counting Manson in that category also since I think that he gets you a first if nothing else, which I would take for him at this point. The speed at which Arizona has started their rebuild is what surprises me. This is a team that was obviously much better than the Ducks also. It's almost as if their new GM understands that he'll have a middling to mediocre team for the foreseeable future and it's better to start the rebuild process now. What a concept, eh GMBM?? Then again, the Samuelis bear the blame for this now, imo. They continue to let Murray play with matches as the team burns.
  20. If only we had four pending UFAs that we could use to get additional first rounders!
  21. Yeah. When Arizona and Buffalo have off seasons that make more sense than yours, it should be a humbling experience.
  22. I only keep refreshing Twitter to hopefully not see that lol.
  23. Almost as much as he loves bad asset management and smelling his own farts.
  24. With a handle of prison grade pruno and a lobotomy kit.
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