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  1. What exactly had the team (outside of Gibson) shown to warrant any real belief though? The core of this team hasn’t been good enough or coached well enough and expecting Steel, Terry, Jones to be studs let alone in their first pro NHL seasons never seemed realistic. They can all be decent NHLers but that’s not what the team needs. There’s a management, coaching and talent gap. Two of those three could be changed today.
  2. Except Murray said things like “the retool is over” and expected to compete for a playoff spot this year when most people rightfully looked at him like he was insane. Why would you keep the core of this team together after the previous two seasons? If he had said that the team was still transitioning after several years of success then it’s a completely different scenario. Murray believed this team was good. He extended Henrique, Silfverberg, brought back Grant and wasted time, money and the chances to bring back assets that the team needs going forward in the process. He hired Eakins who cost the team the last two games more than anyone. Honestly, I don’t place most of the blame on Murray anymore. It’s now on the Samuelis, imo. They either ok’d what’s going on or don’t care enough to explain it let alone fix it.
  3. Tyler Madden was a big piece of that trade for Toffoli, IICR. I think he was the 3rd highest rated prospect for Vancouver and it’s his first year of pro hockey. My take on the trade is that LA didn’t see themselves contending with or without Toffoli and got assets for him instead of committing to him. You might be right in that he wanted to test UFA and LA had to move him. Campbell getting traded, I think had to do with Cal Peterson solidifying his spot as a cheaper, younger back up. I like the lottery analogy a lot because it’s really “can’t win if you don’t play” and the more tickets you have the better your odds to get winners. When you’re rebuilding I think that’s got to be the priority. As a result, LA has amassed and excess of assets to where they can swing big if they want without it really hurting them in the long run. Ultimately, when it comes to #47, #42 and #67, I actually see at least two of them if not all three getting traded simply because I don’t know why they would want to stay in Anaheim unless the Ducks significantly overpay for them at this point. After the what they will have endured over the last 3-4 years I’d bet on them wanting to test free agency and go to more playoff ready or contending teams. And who could blame them??
  4. The Kings locked in Brown and Quick after they had won the first cup and Doughty/Kopitar after the second. Carter was signed by Philly and then traded. Giving players Golden parachute contracts after they brought them two cups is something I don’t think teams would complain about doing lol. LA has traded Toffoli (who had a 30 goal season), Muzzin, Martínez, Pearson, Campbell, Forbort in the past two years. They didn’t try to force a window open that wasn’t there and harm their long-term future. They traded good assets at the right time and got value in return. In contrast, the Ducks extended Henrique and Silfverberg to nice contracts during that time. Kase and Montour getting traded had other plausible factors besides being done towards a rebuild and Kase was one of the Ducks best forwards. (Injury concern and being salty by going to arbitration). It’s why Ducks’ decisions with Rakell, Manson and Lindholm are so crucial going forward. Do they get extended? If not, then what’s the return and direction that they go? The Kings coaching staff is definitely superior to the Ducks and so is there development staff. Iafallo is a solid player and so is Lizotte who both went undrafted. Vilardi looks like a legit NHLer and we all know about their prospect pool. Outside of goaltending, they are just better in pretty much every facet than the Ducks are.
  5. They won their last 7 games before covid ended their season and have good young players contributing. LA can score (Dustin Brown of all people leads them in goals) but couldn’t stop shooting themselves in the foot with breakdowns and Quick really struggled early on this year. Goaltending has improved and they cleaned up their defense a bit which is why they are on a tear right now. Seems like it took a while for things to click but they are definitely in the playoff race. LA is the team of the future in the western conference along with Colorado, imo. They committed to a rebuild and shipped out players rather than extend them. I’ve been at the point to where the Ducks need an overhaul and blow up this roster along with management, coaching and development personnel along with actually committing to a rebuild if we are going to compete with them. Otherwise, we can’t be surprised when they are good, fun to watch and making deep playoff runs while we just watch on. Hopefully the Ducks start at this trade deadline or the off-season, but I now have less than no faith in this organization going forward with Murray calling the shots.
  6. Yeah, Eakins said he'll be on the PP right away which is exactly what you'd expect. If nothing else, Zegras should help with that. I'll be euphorically shocked if he never looks back after this call up just because I think he'll have parts of his game that the organization will want him to work on in San Diego. He only has 12 total AHL games at this point and will likely have some NHL growing pains. The Ducks aren't going anywhere this season even with Zegras anyway, IMO. Also, I think that the Ducks may want him to continue getting familiar playing with Drysdale, Perreault and Tracey before they have to return to their junior teams.
  7. Definitely agree that Zegras just getting called up will give the Ducks more relevance than they've had been in a while but the current culture, coaching, development or cogent long-term plan makes me worry that he won't have the best chance to reach his potential. The other thing is that I hope for is that the fans have patience and don't expect the world of him, especially early on. He's a 19 year-old kid who shouldn't have the burden or pressure of a franchise on his shoulders, imo. Zegras has given us every reason to be excited but he's likely to struggle (as most players do) as he adjusts and figures out the NHL. I remember when fans were pumping Sam Steel's tires after he tore up the CHL and had a good WJC just only three years ago. Now his future with the Ducks is anything but certain and fans are souring on him because he hasn't lived up to their hype. I guess Eric Stephens put out an article earlier today saying that the Ducks should do a true rebuild, the front office needs a reckoning and that Murray should go. So, I hope that the Samuelis subscribe to the Athletic. I think I'd use the word "dysfunctional" instead of poisoned. Yeah, there is no reason to believe that Henrique was a bad teammate or causing problems amongst the players at all. Can't wait for the details to eventually come out about what went down. IMO, it's less worrisome if the Ducks are calling him up because they want to give him a sense of the NHL game and rightfully reward him for doing everything that's been asked of him so far....and then some. If they try to force him into a big role too soon that he's not ready for then I'll start making more frequent trips to BevMo.
  8. I'm more concerned that he got called up now given everything going on with the organization in the last 24 hours lol. Though, I think he's done enough earn his NHL debut. The call up aligns with the Gulls not playing until Wednesday when they will play Henderson and then again on Friday and Saturday. Giving Zegras one or two NHL games and then having him return to play most of the Henderson games makes sense, imo. Cynical take: This is absolutely, definitely and certainly not Murray doing a self-serving sleight of hand with "Don't focus on my incompetence and bad decisions, here's the shiny Zegras you all want! Are you not entertained? Let me sit on my barstool in peace!" God Speed, Trevor. May this be the beginning to a future jersey retirement.
  9. Yeah, who knows. You’d think he’s got a good relationship with his teammates that he’s been around for a couple of years and that the rift is mainly between him and management/coaching. It’s pretty crazy that it got to this point so fast. I’m sure that other players are playing the “am I next?” game in their heads now which shouldn’t be a new thing given the struggles of the team for a while. I’ll be surprised if he plays for the Ducks again at this point and that Murray is going to aggressively try and move him. Not surprised that he cleared waivers because his contract and teams can now leverage Ducks to retain salary, possibly get a pick or try and clear out a contract of their own. At least we can cross him off the protected listed for Seattle.
  10. Not sure what they said a couple seasons ago but back then they can at least sell the idea that the Ducks could be a playoff team. That's not the case anymore. I want Murray gone (that's the easiest problem to fix) but ownership doesn't to we are stuck until that happens. If the team can not come out and address the problems or provide a plan to fix them it then I'm not going to have much faith that they can. The other problems for the Ducks will take time to solve which is adding a couple more high end pieces and then developing them along with the group in SD.
  11. The Ducks are on the verge to having literally no assets to show for moving Karlsson, Theodore, Palmieri, Pettersson or Vatanen lol. Extending Henrique when the Cup window was closed and they could have moved him to help move along the rebuild looks as bad as possible now. Fingers crossed for Silfverberg lol The Samuelis/Murray are long overdue for explaining what the plan is with this team.
  12. I won’t be mad if ownership gives the greenlight for that but I’d hope that if we are actually going to blow it up that we’d get assets in return. Especially for a guy who put up almost 30 goals last year. If the Ducks want to move Henrique, they’ll likely have to retain salary or take a bad contract in return now.
  13. And it's not like he hasn't committed enough fireable offenses already! I really have no idea what this organization is doing or what their plan is. I thought that the Ducks would eventually regret Henrique's extension but did not expect it to be this season after he led the team in scoring last year. Obviously much more to him getting healthy scratched and ending his games played streak earlier. Gives a bit more credence to the theory of a rift because he wouldn't waive Columbus from his no-trade list when the Ducks were trying to get Dubois.
  14. Henrique was put on waivers lol. That’s one way to blow things up. At least the Ducks are being interesting off ice.
  15. He had two or three nice plays in the game but not much outside of that but it was just an awful game from the Gulls. Zegras has been fine overall but him dominating the AHL has been halted a bit since the Reign game. Hopefully, it will calm down the masses who wanted him with the Ducks right after the WJC. He's still getting adjusted and figuring the pro game out. Tracey wasn't in the lineup which wasn't shocking because he's been pretty invisible in the game he's played for the most part. He seems to struggle at the pro pace. One a positive note, Jacob Perreault could be one of my favorite players down the road. A guy with wheels, a shot and a Corey Perry type ability of antagonizing the entire opposing team while being tough as nails.
  16. Well, the Gulls are getting pumped 5-1 by Bakersfield. Should be a nice teachable moment going into tomorrow’s game.
  17. It’s frustrating but it’s not like the Ducks are playing terrible hockey recently, at compared what we’ve seen before, imo. They can’t score due to a combination of bad puck luck, coaching and don’t have enough finishers. No one likes it when their team is in the basement, playing badly and rebuilding but it’s going to take time before things significantly turn around even if you fire Murray and the coaching staff today. Imo, the Ducks need more stud talent in the organization before a major leap happens, which isn’t an easy or a quick fix. Next season, I’m sure fans are going to want to see Zegras and possibly Drysdale play at the Pond even if they aren’t contending. My guess would be because he still has the backing of ownership, who doesn’t want to pay for two GM’s and Eakins not to coach during a pandemic season with. No better season to be awful than when there are no fans to watch the team also. Still was a bold move by Murray to set high expectations for this season that no one else in the hockey works was doing lol.
  18. I laughed when I read this article because this sounds like NHL21 trade that would get rejected. The Ducks don’t need anymore 3rd liners like Engvall and while I like Robertson, he alone isn’t enough to get Rakell. Change Engvall to a first round pick either this year or 2022 or they keep Robertson and give us their 2021 and 2022 first rounders. I guess Toronto could go the 8 skater route and protect Reilly, Brodie, Muzzin Manson on defense and Matthews, Marner, Tavares and Nylander up front. Let Seattle then choose from the remains of Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Holl or McDermott. If Murray can’t get the price or doesn’t just want to trade Manson this year then I think Hakanpaa is going to get moved so that we don’t lose him for nothing.
  19. Drysdale OT winner. Continues to be great for the Gulls and playing beyond his age.
  20. Another 40+ save win for Dostal. Gave up a pretty bad goal early on and then was as solid as can be.
  21. While this would be what I have been fearing over the last two seasons, I don't think there's anything to it. Interesting since there are also now "rumors" that Pittsburgh, which is Gibson's hometown and now with our former GM Burkie as President of Hockey Operations, might want to acquire him but that wouldn't make sense for either side lol. Unless Gibson pulls a Dubois, he's not going anywhere anytime soon, imo.
  22. Tretiak is also regarded as one of the best goaltenders in history lol. John Gibson came onto to the scene for the Ducks in the 2014 playoffs at age 20 but wasn’t the full on starter until age 23 after Andersen got traded. Even then, Gibson played 70 games over 3 seasons in the AHL. Dostal might get a few games in the NHL this year if he keeps playing like this, especially if there are injury/covid issues. He’s going to need quite a bit more time in the AHL before he’s a back-up and NHL mainstay let alone supplanting one of the best goalies in the league. My guess would be 2023 at the earliest if he’s that good. That said, the kid has been great to start and as the OP said, he’s only been overshadowed by Zegras.
  23. He doesn't have any glaring deficiencies on defense a la Sprong or Aberg and does have an edge to his game. I was just joking that Tortorella would help drive him out of town.
  24. You can have Torts or Zegras, you won’t have both!
  25. Torts’ contract is up after this season and Jarmo may let him walk rather than potentially lose another star player. I’m also not going to down play the Finnish connection between him and Laine. While it’s funny that people had placed over/unders on when Laine would benched, he ain’t going anywhere lol. While Torts is good a coach and he’s not the only reason, the Blue Jackets need to figure out why they can’t keep or entice players to stay in Ohio.
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