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  1. That's interesting and puzzles me a bit as to why he hasn't been more committed to getting more picks to help speed up that process, while also trimming the budget (i.e. Copy & Paste what LA is doing). Not to mention then being open to trade valuable draft pieces at this point for Eichel. I'd like to think that ownership is patient and know that after almost two decades of relevance, it's going to take time to draft and develop the next core group. The Samuelis weren't even the owners when we drafted Getzlaf and Perry lol.
  2. Exactly. Adams' bluff is being called and GM's know he's going to have to lower the price or deal with an untenable situation. I think that d-law brought up Columbus as a team that would be such an interesting option for him to go to, if players didn't end up hating it there lol. They have the trade assets and a roster that Eichel could really elevate. But what if that elite talent doesn't want to play here and we eventually are the position that Buffalo is in now? That seems more likely to happen than the Ducks being a contender with Eichel on this team, IMO. Plus, there's no established young core of players to ride with him and we might lose some of our better current players this offseason or by the trade deadline. The other option is to give more Henrique/Silfverberg style extensions with the rub being that group has been a part of three seasons of very bad hockey. To me, the risk for disaster is high and the upside isn't close to worth it.
  3. I’ve never been more depressingly sure that Murray is going to get Eichel. Feel it in the bones lol
  4. Can you provide a link to this?? This would give me more optimism!
  5. I think Buffalo fans spontaneously combust at that return, which I admit would be glorious to see He’s a fantastic player but the Ducks aren’t going anywhere next season even if they get him because despite how good he is, we really are that bad. 2023 is still very dubious unless Zegras/Drysdale take the league the storm then. With Henrique likely to be traded the black hole of offense is looking to get harder to overcome. I will take a Ducks future with Wright/Lambert/Savoie or another top-5 pick next year over one with Eichel given the years of team control that the formers provide.
  6. I don’t think Buffalo wants a lottery protected pick next year unless the Ducks are also giving up Drysdale/Zegras. Maybe McTavish if Buffalo was high on him but it sounded like they wanted Eklund and to make that pick if they had it. So, wouldn’t they want two potential lottery picks? They’ll have a chance at it because the Ducks are highly likely to still have a bottom-5 record and I’ll eat my words if they are even 7th or better.
  7. Colorado might get Keumper from AZ. Coyotes in full rebuild mode. We might actually finish ahead of them in the division at this rate….nvm they are in the central. We’re still last! Note: Keumper to Colorado for a 2022 first and Connor Timmins. Arizona doing absolute work this offseason.
  8. Oh yikes, didn’t realize he was out that long, so yeah Bob call Mr. Sakic!
  9. “Help the team” can mean different things. It could be trading for Eichel or he finally starts moving on from the veteran core and finally rebuild. It would be better late than never and ownership is on board so I’m just hoping for not the worst. If he was willing to move him to Carolina then I’d look into this as well. I don’t think Sakic will offer that and Tuuka Rask is still available for him to take a flier on possibly.
  10. Murray is absolutely going to do something(s) significant even if it’s not today or tomorrow. There is no way he’s sitting idle through this offseason and as noted above has stressed using the trade market over free agency. I just want a shoe to drop just so I get a sense of how he assesses the team and what direction he’s taking them.
  11. Not being active in free agency is a good call and maybe Bob is waiting to make moves after the initial craze dies down so that his GM prowess can be front and center of the hockey world!
  12. Rantaa signs a two year deal with Carolina and Point signs an 8-year/9.5 mil per extension. Talk about a guy who earned every penny of that.
  13. Bob doing nothing is better than him doing something right now. Less is more
  14. I don’t care about free agency it’s the trade tracker that I’m glued to. We can either be set up to compete with LA for years or we’ll be mediocre at best while they run our show.
  15. Let us know if you see Bob out there doing the same. Buffalo is going full tank so I doubt they want a quality goalie. Pittsburgh and Colorado (if they don’t sign Grubauer) make the most sense but I don’t see Gibson going anywhere this offseason.
  16. Teams are thirsty for defensemen so I hope Murray is taking calls on Lindholm/Manson rather than Eichel lol. See if you can swindle a team with Larsson!
  17. The Oilers signing Cici to a four year deal. Is Ken Holland just Peter Chiarelli in disguise??
  18. The wild also signed Goligoski for 5m so the Ducks are the only ones seemingly left if they want to move him west. Unless Eichel makes it known that he wants no part of Buffalo West then it looks like he’s coming here.
  19. Hope it's a negotiating tactic lol but if he walks for whatever reasons, then that will be a kick to the stones for sure, but he absolutely deserves to do whatever he wants. Even if he goes to Vegas or Nashville, then I'll still cheer for that guy because he gave this franchise more than it could ever have hoped for. He'll always be Duck Life in the end. I think it's going to be a wild couple of days for the Ducks starting tomorrow. Let's get to it.
  20. The next two drafts have Eichel+ level prospects and with the Ducks still looking to be pretty bad, especially for next season then I don't want to give up my lottery tickets. If the Ducks recent top picks are the truth, then in two years we can be players in the trade market to bolster them when they are more towards their primes and we can maximize that. To me, it would be like putting the cart before the horse or counting your ducks before they hatch by doing it the other way around by trading for Eichel. There are so many ifs involved with this from the GM, coaching, drafting, development etc to risk because then we aren't maximizing Eichel's which you want to do immediately, imo. I think the other huge argument that has to be made is to Eichel about wanting to play and stay in Anaheim. What would it be? I know that he doesn't have trade protection until next summer but why couldn't he just want out of Anaheim just like Buffalo? He could easily Jeff Carter us. Do you think he's got faith in Murray and Eakins after seeing the last three seasons? Our fan base mostly doesn't lol.
  21. But he's been on record for two seasons now about how he can't stand losing and wants to play playoff hockey. I'm sure he might have other gripes with the team like with his injury but I think that losing is at the heart of it. With the Sabres going into another full rebuild, I don't see him wanting to be on another team that is also in one or should be like the Ducks. The bolded is what we are all hoping for and if that happens, in two seasons who knows what good or great player will be available (even if not Eichel's caliber) that we will be in a better position to get. We can then maximize the primes of ZDM (trademark!) and engage in epic wars with LA for years to come.
  22. McDavid isn't the problem. It's that the Oilers haven't put a competent team around him for six years (aside from when we broke the Game 7 curse at home) which Eichel would be coming into right way in Anaheim (only worse!). That's after playing for six years in Buffalo. If I am giving up the assets for Eichel, then it should put my team in the top third of the league and can make noise in the playoffs from Day 1. Because I doubt he is going to want to wait any longer to be on a good team and that the clock is running on his contract or him demanding another trade out beforehand. I just don't see how the Ducks are close to doing that at this point. The Ducks have only recently started to draft high and the results are still pending on Zegras & co. Just let the development process play out for at least his and possibly Drysdale's first full NHL seasons. As far as for trading and signings/extending well, I'd say that Murray has more losses than wins in those departments, especially recently 😕
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