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  1. My FWD ranking of who I want the most is: Rossi Perfetti Holtz Raymond
  2. I didn’t mean to sound combative, just discussing. Holtz is a nightmare in the D zone, doesn’t do a good job of making his own dangerous opportunities and doesn’t go to dangerous areas. That’s what makes me nervous. He’s got an insane shot, but what good is it going to do if you’re going to shoot it from the blue line every time? Can that be coached? Of course. ive also never heard the “Perfetti has effort problems” criticism. He’s not the greatest defender, but he’s good at making plays, whether that be with his pass or shot, he’s also great at facilitating entries which I value a lot. He has tons of hockey sense, I just value the skills and the smarts.
  3. I think you’re far too high on Holtz. A lot of flaws you find in Perfetti are worse, ten fold in Holtz and Raymond to me is just unspectacular.
  4. Sanderson is LH correct? Way too log jammed. the more I read on Perfetti, the more I love the kid. He can score, he can shoot, he can protect the puck, he’s smart. Just sounds great.
  5. I’m very high on Perfetti. Incredibly high.
  6. I think it’s clear that it’s Stutzle if LA picks Byfield and vice versa at 3.
  7. Judging by their recent history Ottawa really likes big players. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rossi slips by then simply because he’s the opposite of what they’ve drafted lately
  8. Hopefully Tracey will pan out, but that epitomizes Murray’s drafting. Don’t take the electric scorer with “character issues” and take a guy off board who’s relatively safe.
  9. I appreciate the effort, it’s really nice to see a Sniper give that much effort, but he still sucks in his own zone and he does not put himself in high scoring areas. His shot is super nice and if you want someone shooting from the blue line on a rush then why not him, but still
  10. My priority list looks like Rossi - Super complete player, does everything at a high level, very wide set of tools he can use in any situation Drysdale - Watching him play he really looks like Fowler on the ice, he skates well, maybe not as explosive as Makar and co, but still smooth, doesn’t have a huge shot, but he’s got a good one, aggressive while not getting caught in bad position too often Perfetti - Very high hockey IQ, not the best skater, but that can be coached, he’s not called Goal Perfetti for nothing he’s got high offensive upside Holtz - Best shot in the draft, but man I hate the way he plays with the puck, he’s a Ducks player if i’ve ever seen one, doesn’t go to high danger areas and shoots constantly from low percentage areas. Drives me nuts, but that can be coached. Raymond - More complete, but I’m not really high on him being very high caliber at it. Who knows, I could be totally wrong, but thats what I personally see.
  11. Personally if Rossi isn’t there at 6 I’d take Drysdale over Holtz or Raymond.
  12. The best D prospect in the draft and he’s RH. He’s gonna be pretty good.
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