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  1. Pucks n Ducks posted an article saying Cam was walking around without crutches, so that’s goodish news.
  2. Eaves needs to see a specialist, Getz played 2 games and needs around a week to come back. Miller still hasn’t dressed. Our boys who needed surgery look ready to play before them.
  3. Man I really wonder how bad some of these injuries are...
  4. At least it’s not a LBI it’s a UBI
  5. I don’t know if anyone here follow Steve Dangle’s podcast, but he recently said that he can see a JvR for Bieksa ++. If Murray pulls that off I’ll pay for a parade myself
  6. I mean look at the Perry special. Play the game, get jumped by 2-3 players, get the only penalty on the play. Or get crosschecked slashes and high sticked viscuously just for the ref to look the other way
  7. I have to imagine it wasn’t called because the refs got duped by Domingue
  8. Now that Sakic has shot himsself in the foot waiting so long and with the media feeding on the Duchene situation. Do you think his asking price will be discounted?
  9. Completely agree on Cogliano. Guy is our heart beat sometimes, his forecheck has generated so much opportunities it’s ridiculous. He’s fantastic on the PK too. I think we need Cogs. Wagner is solid and I don’t think we’ll have problems bribing him back.
  10. I guess at the very least the fourth line was dangerous is I was trying to say. I remember 4 grade a chances from them,which isn’t too bad from your fourth line.
  11. Personally off of memory, it just seems that the zone entries are tough for the team. Then when we have offensive zone possession, there’s like three passes. From the defenseman to the forward on the half boards, back to the defenseman and across the blue line to the other defenseman. We don’t reallt set up lateral passes and I feel when I’m watching other PP’s other teams that’s what they’re doing. Always trying to get that lateral pass. The Ducks don’t ever seem to try. It’s the blue line or die. We don’t even really try high tips. It just feels like we play 5 on 5. We don’t eeally utilize the extra man very well.
  12. This isn’t a “Sky is falling” thread, but man our power play has been completely ineffectual since last season at some point. Watching other teams even with less talented squads, just look way more dangerous. I have to believe it’s the mechanics being tried. Of course I know that we’re missinf pretty much all of PP specialists, but I think it’s more than that.
  13. I’d go as far as to defend Wagner as he was playmaking last night like crazy. Rasumussen I haven’t gotten a large enough sample size. Shaw is a black hole enough for the lot of them though.
  14. I really liked that Wagner Rasumussen Shaw line. Rasumussen looks really solid out there. I like the pick up
  15. No, Getzlaf in the line up tonight....