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  1. Saw this and thought it was pretty funny
  2. The more I think about losing Crammer for nothing for the preservation of Jared Boll, the more I get mad. Kid works harder than most on the team, and could probably grow to be a great third/fourth liner. I understand Boll is ED fodder, but who's replacing him? Cmon...frustrating
  3. It's upsetting that we're stuck with Boll. Crammer does what Boll does, but can also play hockey
  4. I think he plays better than Shaw or Boll, he's a very serviceable fourth liner than can play hockey and stick up for his teammates.
  5. I really hope we keep a Crammarosa.
  6. Looking back at our drafting in the past kills me on the inside more and more every time
  7. That's single handedly the thing I miss the most about BB. The team and us never felt that we were out in games. Now we go down by 2 it's pretty much game over and it seems like the team feels that way too.
  8. Did you guys see Grandlund make Kopitar, doughty, and Carter look like beer leaguers?
  9. Washington is ridiculously stacked. I wouldn't be shocked a Minnesota/Washington Cup finals
  10. Shattenkirk to Washington pending trade call
  11. I'm trying to remain calm and trust in Murray, but I'm starting to get a little frustrating with how little it seems our name is being tossed around. Positivity
  12. Yeah it's official.
  13. Anaheim Ducks fan favorite Alexander Burrows is headed to Ottawa it seems
  14. Wow, splitting up the Benns
  15. God, I hope we atleast make one or two more depth moves at the very least. This team needs help desperately. I don't want to be dead in the water.