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  1. I’m not talking about competing I’m talking about our team finding success with the kids we have. I don’t see a realistic path to what you’re asking. Who’s the defensemen we trade for? Who do we trade that the team would want? The clearest path is from internally. This rebuild is going to be 100% reliant on who we have now and what we have now. We want a PM D man it’s probably going to be Drysdale. Our RW will have to be Comtois/Terry developing.
  2. I think you have to bank on Rakell finding his groove, it’s not like he’s not getting chances, it’s just no bounces. I think Rakell can bounce back to 25-30 easy imo. Terry/Jones/Comtois/Steel taking the big step. Milano And Heinen haBe been producing. I think BM has kind of created a logjam of good not great players. Maybe we ship our Rico, but again your depending on Steel to take the next step and Zegras being able to immediately make an impact in the NHL.
  3. I’m just not sure who you ship out and who you add that makes the line up any better? Adding another winger creates an even bigger jam for Comtois who’s probably making his case for being up right now. We’re kind of stuck with Backes. Maybe move Rowney, slot Jones on the 4th (which I think he deserves better) and slot Comtois on the third with Steel/Silf
  4. Rakell - Getzlaf - Milano Heinen - Rico - Terry Jones - Steel - Silfverberg Rowney - Backes - Sherwood Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Gudbranson Larsson - Djoos I like Djoos and I like what Larsson has been showing me. I read Djoos played on the right side in Washington. Not sure what we do with Mahura/Irwin.
  5. I’m not sure about picking up a Forward. We kind of have a log jam. Terry, Comtois, Jones, Milano, Heinen, Rakell, Getzlaf, Rico, Backes, Aggozzino, Rowney, Sherwood, Steel, etc. I’m not sure how NHL ready Zegras is, but there’s a lot of Centers he’d have to jump over. Getzlaf Rico Backes Rowney Steel. We also have a pretty big logjam on the left side of our D as well. So, if we pick up a Dman it would have to be a RHD I imagine. Pietrangelo, Vatanen, Tanev, Kevan Miller, Barrie, Stone, Van Remsdyk, Demelo. I would love Pietrangelo. That makes us so much better immediately, but I’m not sure if STL even part with him or if at 30 he fits into our plans or if BM is even willing to pay him. Vatanen /Barrie don’t really fix our problem, I think we need someone to compliment our smooth skating defensemen with a more stay at home style, someone responsible in their own end. We have Larsson(who’s starting to find his stride) Fowler, Djoos, Mahura. So I’m not sure if Vats or Barrie really help us. Not sure Any forwards really stand out to me as realistic targets. Toffoli, Melker Karlsson maybe?
  6. Look at last night. Gibson played great while the Ducks let them basically take shooting practice on him and eventually it was 5-1. Gibson has kept us in most games, which is a testament to his ability considering how fast the game went from 2-1 with us getting on the board to 5-1 with complete ineptitude in the defensive zone.
  7. I think so to. He committed to speed and overhauled our assets for it. Without giving up any of our top prospects. If Henrique and Manson get shipped out it’s gonna be at the draft most likely
  8. The players we got are the same amount of IF as anyone draft pick. Swapping Shore for Milano could be huge. Heinen fits our system better and has put up 30-45 points. Persson is promising and Djoos played In the most intensive atmosphere you can and succeeded. Murray did what I hoped he would and tried to get NHL level youth and accelerate. If we can hit on Milano and Djoos. That’s massive.
  9. We still have Dostal. Doubt Beef cracks Gibson/Dostal. Persson gives us a PM RHD who’s having a good season in the AHL.
  10. Hoping Milano can be an NHL guy. Milano and Heinen could be a good injection if speed. Looks like he went with the “trade for young guys who can hit their potential soon” rather than draft picks. Curious to see how it works.
  11. Persson RHD from Sweden. Swedenheim
  12. Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Gudbranson Larsson - Djoos? Irwin Forwards are a mess Rakell - Getzlaf - ??? Milano? - Henrique - Terry Heinen - Steel - Jones Sherwood - Backes - ???
  13. So what does the line up look like now?
  14. Wonder if we see Milano immediately?
  15. Did you miss the “has to be something in the locker room” in reference to Sprong? I thought he’s played well in his time here.
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