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    Being big and strong is nice for guys like Manson and Lindholm. But you also need guys like Fowler and Mahura to drive play and be able to escape danger, control gaps and win races. Hakanpaa has been okay, but he loses almost every 50/50 puck because he’s the worst skater I’ve seen in a long time. Mahura doesn’t have to be overpowering if he can improve positioning, defensive stick etc. nothing to worry about for Mahura, hes shown he’s ready.
  2. The issue is that Murray has only won like 1 of these swaps of players in recent memories and that was for Milano. He taking a lot of L’s and I don’t know if I can stomach Jim effing Benning fleecing this team.
  3. If you’re adding Virtanen for a low level prospect or low pick. I’m fine with it. I’m not gonna turn down 15-20 goals from a 24-25 year old on the bottom six. If Murray promises me personally that. Virtanen takes minutes from Grant, DLo, Rowney and slots up with injuries I’ll be okay. Heinen is much better than Virtanen in every metric.
  4. I wouldn’t hate adding Virtanen, but not for Heinen.
  5. Honestly. Henrique is more valuable to us on the team than traded. We’re getting plenty of cap space this offseason and the next. I’d rather keep his leadership and he’s clearly shown he’s able to score. I think a Zegras - Henrique - Terry line could be great. I’ve been disappointed with Henrique, but he’s been nowhere near the worst time player on the team.
  6. Murray exclusively deals people at their lowest value, so I’m not shocked
  7. About time. I do have to imagine Rico is gonna get traded with some retained salary.
  8. I’ve been unhappy with Rico’s play as well, advanced numbers actually say he’s been more unlucky then bad, which I’m not sure about, but losing a 30 goal scorer for nothing a few months before you’re losing a player for nothing in the expansion draft is peak Murray asset management. Samueli’s need to step in.
  9. I was just about to come here and post about how long I wonder Dostal forces himself onto the roster. Pretty crazy that over 30 some years the Ducks have practically never had bad goaltending
  10. just to reiterate my whining
  11. Yeah I didn’t realize just how bad Deangelos issues were. Was suspended TWICE for using slurs at teammates in juniors once for abuse of an official Multiple benchings for behavior and the reason he’s on waivers is he got into an altercation with Georgiev. As much as I’d love the player here, his person is too bad. Mete is like a smaller Fowler (which might bother some posters here) he’s a smooth skater who likes to carry the puck, may not light it up points wise, but he drives offense and can play a good game in his own zone. He’s a LHD, but I think he could slot in next to someone like Hutton, maybe even Lindholm and probably find lots of success if he can play on his off side. I’m a sucker for young guys analytical darlings that team don’t seem to want. Vince Dunn Victor Mete Julius Honka (who we should have claimed on waivers) As for Bennett, he’s still young, but he’s not very good offensively and has a terrible shot. Maybe a few years ago I would have been more excited, but he’s never gotten back to that form we saw a few years ago. I’d pass, but I wouldn’t be upset if we moved some cap or something and got him back.
  12. Sucks he’s such a PoS. We definitely could use him. i would love if we could trade for Victor Mete. But Murray is probably gonna trade for Jack Johnson because of intangibles
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