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  1. I honestly feel there are two possibilities. The team is playing their style in spite of Carlyle or Carlyles finally learned a bit and changed his strategies. This team is playing completely different strategically. They carry the puck in, which makes cycling easier to establish. I'll give him credit where it's due, he got us a 4th straight 100pt season and a 5th straight Pacific division title, but there are more factors like San Jose practicing how to choke for the playoffs.
  2. The match penalty ontop of a playoff game included is too much in my opinion. Ritchie got baited, you cross check a star player you pay the price. I'm fine with the team standing up for themselves when it's obvious the league won't protect us. It's ridiculous the inconsistently of Player Safety
  3. I'm fine with Perry on the 3rd, I'd just like to see Vermette and Ritchie pitch in more. I was unable to watch tonight's game, but before this Perry just makes his own chances, he'd get a lot more results if Vermette and Ritchie would do something with the great chances he dishes out or make some plays themselves
  4. It's kind of weird that Burns is unanimously the favorite for the Norris when he plays as bad as he does in the D zone. He's an offensive beast, but sometimes watching him in defensive zone he's so soft and uninterested. For a big guy he lets people power through him a good amount. Karlsson had a similar offensive season except he's better in the defensive zone and he didn't win the Norris in the past
  5. I think he should learning that, he's still very young for a goaltender. He'll learn
  6. Don't really know where to post this thought. I know we're a smaller hockey market compared to others, but it's crazy that guys like Rakell, Lindholm, Gibson, and Manson don't get more love around the league. Rakell is gonna be a 30 goal scorer after missing a month of the season training with 14 year olds in a Carlyle system Lindholm is turning into a premier shutdown defenseman with offensive upside Gibson has been one of, if not the best goalie in the league since Christmas and before his injury. Manson is good for one highlight reel monster hit a game. And is really turning into a good two way guy. League wide highlight reels leave a lot of fantastic stuff from Gibby and Manson. A lot of commentators have no clue what to say about our real star players not named Getzlaf and Perry.
  7. We actually have 1 forward slot open to someone better, which is why pretty much everyone wants us to move a defenseman for a forward. Right now it seems we're protecting Vermette
  8. He's done a good job keeping us out of ridiculous bidding wars, but then he'll sign a Stoner or Bieksa contract and waive players that suck to lose. I don't think he's a bad GM, but his boner for Carlyle cheeses me
  9. I don't think anyone was complaining about the trade. He was unanimously the #1 non blockbuster trade we all wanted
  10. It's so stupid that wearing your idols number being stringed as a bad thing.
  11. I agree, he was handling the puck, making people miss, just overall dangerous. Didn't get on the scoresheet, but if he can play like this he'll start scoring
  12. I think it's 3 days before the ED to make moves
  13. If Perry was scoring we'd still need Eaves to have depth scoring.
  14. I don't think it's necessarily as much of an organized battle going on, but I think it's definitely uncomfortable for a bunch of players
  15. I think Gibby plays a very similar game to a guy like Quick. Very active, acrobatic. It's grueling and I think it would help if hes coached and helps himself be more conservative