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  1. I really like Lundestrom’s development. He could be a really solid 3rd line center behind Z and McTavish in the future.
  2. I’m gonna dump some impressions from Felix a Ducks writer. Pastujov can really shoot it PerrAult has a nasty one timer Zellweger has some silky mitts Ducks seem committed to Steel as a Center Drysdale said he’s fine with being on his off hand side but feels more comfortable on the right Comtois-Zegras-Terry line getting some love from Eakins
  3. Just saw that too. Don’t really know what that means, maybe makes me slightly less optimistic that he’s being shopped?
  4. I definitely don’t think Lindholmis bad, but yes this is my point. He’s not getting younger, he’s had issues staying healthy, he plays a pretty physical game. Ducks really should look to get value for him. Imagine what you nab in next draft with a mid-to-late first first round pick + maybe a prospect or more picks. Ducks draft very well imo. So they need to play to that strength.
  5. Tweet is sarcastic I assume. Just shared to you show that there is noticeable decline in Lindholm’s game already. Now that can be for a number of reasons, but I still think it’s a good case for trading him to acquire futures for the rebuild.
  6. The biggest issue isn’t physicality it’s the fact that the Ducks cannot exit their defensive zone with control. 2 straight years are weak flips that end up as turn overs and extending zone time that leads to goals.
  7. It’s so weird for people to want to keep Lindholm because they want to keep good defensemen, then on the same breathe want to move Fowler. His contract isn’t moveable right now, but even then Fowler has been significantly better for the Ducks than Lindholm this last few seasons.
  8. Btw Fowler has been our best defensemen for like 3 years straight, not Lindholm.
  9. I’m definitely not saying Hambus would be useless and I would love for him to be useful and good. I just worry how 35 year old Hambus Lindholm looks on this team at 7-9 million when they’re actually trying to win. Lindholm and Rakell and MAYBE Rico at retained salary are the only desirable pieces this team has and they should absolutely be looking to get more draft capital and prospects.
  10. No, you trade aging good players for assets to assist the rebuild. Committing 7-9 million dollars for Lindholm doesn’t make sense, he’ll be pushing 30 by the time this team is good again and will be declining. It just doesn’t make sense to commit that much money to him. If he was 3-4 years younger, I’d keep him. The Ducks also should be looking to weaponize their cap space in the next couple years and having another huge cap it for someone who isn’t an impact player again doesn’t make sense.
  11. Jones and Nurse don’t deserve that money either and they still got it. Lindholm would have a really bad agent if he didn’t at least ask for something in that ballpark. Again Lindholm at 5 million should net you a nice return. Retain some salary and ask around teams like Colorado, Ottawa, Chicago. I love Hambus, he’s been great, just doesn’t really make sense for where this team is at. I also wouldn’t really be surprised if he’s around a Eichel package.
  12. The idea is if you can get a Boqvist + in a package for Lindholm, that’s so much better for the rebuild. That then allows you to add veterans and sign people when you’re ready to compete instead of being stuck with guys you have. I wouldn’t hate keeping Lindholm, although he’s had trouble staying healthy. But having to sign a 9x9 or something in that park really turns me off. If you can add another 1st round pick and a top end prospect, you absolutely HAVE to do it. We can’t commit to current roster pieces when that roster has been the worst in the league.
  13. I don’t think McTavish pick had anything to do with Eichel. You can never have enough talented centers. As for defense You have Drysdale, Zellweger, Moore, Mahura, Thrun, LaCombe. There’s no way the Ducks can resign Lindholm if he’s going to be making 8+ million. They need to trade him and get value. I think this team has earned some leeway on defensive development. Defense has been a mess with Lindholm on the team, can’t be much worse than what it has been.
  14. Yeah probably. We’ve entered the “Oh yeah, Bob Murray our GM” depression stage of the offseason already.
  15. Bob is so good at signing RFA’s. Great contracts all around. That second year on Mahura’s contract is pretty surprising compared to how he’s been handled, but it leads me to believe that this is the year he gets a real shot at sticking to the squad
  16. Drouin is reportedly attending camp for the Habs. So I think he’ll be playing.
  17. I’m not referring to overpaying for Seth Jones or moves like that. It’s this rudderless delusion that this team can compete by just doing nothing. We’re having severe droughts of good season currently and there’s not really an end in sight. The fact that Manson, Rakell, Silfverberg etc are on this team still feels baffling. And every time Murray opens his mouth it’s some weird delusions about competing soon while he does nothing to assist the franchise move through this rebuild. Think about how many good players were available late into the second round of the draft this year and we didn’t have extra picks. I’m not even saying he HAS to trade for Eichel to be successful, it’s still early in the offseason, so there’s time, but it’s been 2-3 years of this, people are rightfully restless.
  18. Can you imagine if this was a Canadian market or another big market team? The whole team should be pointing at Murray and wondering what he’s doing. Such a catastrophic failure to rebuild this team. If he doesn’t get Eichel and doesn’t nothing he should be fired on the spot.
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