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  1. Good, such a cheap little trick. Something I’m surprised Chicago never did
  2. I don’t like the circumvention here, but not much the league can do.
  3. I’m not entirely sure what Ottawa is doing. They got a first, but Ian Cole? They trying to get a partner for Karlsson?
  4. no idea how reliable this is, but not sure how to feel about this.
  5. Grabner to the Devils got a 2nd round Pick and Igor Rykov
  6. Yeah, agreed. Just always liked his game. Has that bite with speed. Something we always seem to be lacking. No heart break. Just curious to see if we make a move. Market has been pretty low so far
  7. Boston trades Vatrano to Florida for a 3rd Round Pick in 2018. I liked Vatrano, thought he would’ve fit in nicely here, we just have way too many bottom six guys right now.
  8. Hard not to turn into a conspiracy theorist myself after this year, but either way was reckless. If it was Gibson’s groin I’d understand “fragile” comments, but all of his injuries have been short lived and freak “accidents”
  9. It was a skate blade to the back of his calf where you don’t have any real padding. Smith was also going pretty fast.
  10. Wouldn’t be opposed to it. Dude has been money in the bank for 30 goals pretty much every single year. Contract isn’t too bad either. Probably too expensive though a Pacioretty on Henrique and Kases left wing would be insane.
  11. I didn’t say it was reliable
  12. Also McGuire says Tatar could possibly be had for a 2nd or 3rd.
  13. ESPN’s “Bold Prediction” for us is to shop a first and prospects for Max Pacioretty
  14. Team gave up. I wonder if they’re tanning on purprose. You’d think Kane, Keith, Toews would be good enough just to get you some points
  15. That’s what I’m worried about. You can see the effort, but the type of game he plays is punishing.
  16. Especially the war that was Edmonton and Nashville. Took us nearly half a year to recover kind of from those series physically.
  17. JVR isn’t moving, I believe Toronto stated they are keeping him. I honestly don’t think we have any cap or sellable items to make another splash. Henrique was our move. If we could swing something for Max Domi, I’d love it.
  18. Perry was outside the crease and also bumped into Talbot. They’re 50/50 plays that just happened to go our way.
  19. Can Talbot lost it because of the goaltender interference challenge that went against the Oilers against Arizona. Referenced the Corey Perry contact last year in the playoffs. He mad.
  20. Wouldn’t mind if we rested Kesler some games. Blatantly obvious he’s not 100%.
  21. Post was removed as far as I can tell. So, take that for what you wil.