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  1. Coglianogoal
  2. Kase looks more compentent with the puck. Last year he made opportunities with his speed and didn't know how to finish.
  3. I'm liking Sabourin, solid fight and that pass was nice
  4. Makes sense, sucks LA is trash because I wanted to see what they looked like
  5. Probably the most amount of blatantly obvious slashing calls "missed" are slashes on Perrybas well
  6. I don't understand why they don't dress Jones and Steel. Two of the guys you probably want the longest look at
  7. Couple of solid hits out there tonight
  8. What's up with Josh Mahura. I'm a little uninformed on the guy. Didn't hear much about him until about midway through last season. Hows he doing and what does he bring to the table?
  9. A lot of analysts have pointed out the attacking center has a disadvantage as he is moving last so the ref isn't looking at him more. Just seems a bad idea as I know it'll lead to very dumb penalties in very important times
  10. I personally don't want to see artificial inflation of scoring. I find it more frustrating to see high scoring games as a former goalie myself. That's probably just me though. I'm fine with low scoring games because I find those the most interesting in most cases. That's just my opinion that doesn't seem to be too popular
  11. I suppose it's not a "new" rule it's just that they're enforcing the face off rules strictly now. I guess the Devils/Caps game and a couple more had them implement it.
  12. From what I'm seeing it's not official yet, but if you get caught cheating on a face off it's a 2 minute minor pretty much instantly from what I've seen
  13. Haven't seen this posted anywhere, but man this new Faceoff rule is awful. Painfully obvious attempt to inflate scoring and this is going to screw over so many teams, not even mentioning out Vermette situation which I feel will definitely effect it.
  14. This signing makes me a tad nervous. While I think that Bieksa played solid in then playoffs, he was a huge liability in the regular season and he should've been scratched and I don't want the same thing to happen with Frankie. As long as he isn't taking a spot away from someone who deserves it more and serves as a leader for our young guys on the blue line I'll be happy.
  15. McDavid probably deserves the money, but man these contracts start setting standards and looks like we're on our way to another lockout
  16. I never put any stock in the "Gibby doesn't work hard" rumors. I think he's improved a lot in a good amount of areas. He's got some stuff to work on but he also broke into the league 2-4 years earlier than most goaltenders do. There's growing pains involved, same with our barely legal blue line. It's frustrating sometimes for sure, but to be anchored by a young blue line and a younger goalie is something to be excited for.
  17. So, we have Nate Thompson - $1.6 Million Johnathan Bernier - $4.15 Million Patrick Eaves - $1 Million Korbinian Holzer - $700k Jhonas Enroth - $750k They're all coming off the books, do we resign any of them? With them off we have about $8.2 Milion in cap space. I know Eaves isn't going to start having 20 goal years, if we can get him for about $2 Million, Id like to have him back he helps with our depth. Thompson is someone I feel like we could get for around the same price maybe even cheaper because of his injury. He's a solid fourth liner. We then don't really have any NHL caliber back up goalies. Is someone coming up in FA that might do or would we have to do a trade for one? Or do we bring back Bernier or Enroth? Then the expansion draft which will probably be a mess.
  18. I honestly don't think anyone left on the table makes any impact that we want. Best bet is to round out the bottom six. I'd rather us not trade Vatanen at all. We kept him and Manson for a reason. If Perry rebounds, Rakell continues improvement, Silfverberg continues, Getzlaf, Kesler keep about what they did last year I don't think we are desperate for any more forwards anymore. Of course we all want that top line LW that we've needed for what feels like a decade, but all it takes for our d depth to dissipate is another trade and a prospect to not pan out which is common.
  19. Hayes, Grigorenko, maybe Yakupov, Stafford.
  20. From the sounds of rumors, we're going hard in on Marleau who I think would be a slightly better fit for our needs. Probably gonna tie up a decent amount, maybe didn't want to commit the two million.
  21. I really like this move, maybe a tiny bit more money than ideal, but still we don't have a 4.5 million dollar back up anymore. Miller can be a very good mentor to Gibson, because I think Miller in his prime is what Gibson can be. Very athletic, all he needs is his positioning a little more sound, puckhandling, and a bit better lateral pushes.
  22. I've loved Fowler since we drafted him. Such a solid guy, great interviews, humble. I think we rushed his development a bit, but he's come into his own. He's a low tier number 1 D man and I think he'll be a mid to high tier in his prime. I think he's got another two years of development and we have him for his entire prime. We've weathered our two storms of Perry:Getz and our ED defenseman debacle without losing anything important. I think Fowler on a 6.5 deal looks incredible in 2-3 years when guys like Vlasic got more money and McDavid is getting 13 million.
  23. I disagree, Gibson outplayed Rinne all series and had a very solid series against the Flames. Against the Oilers he was a tad shakey but I never felt he cost us the game in a loss. on the other hand Rinne actually played relatively poorly for his standards, let in a good number bad goals. If Rinne had played the way he did year before last, we probably would've gotten swept. Bernier completely let our team down in our final game. There's always more factors than just s goalie, but he failed every time to make a semi hard save to keep us alive. He did very well in the regular season, but as a team I don't think you can stay with that.
  24. I honestly can't see it happening. I don't think any of the "big" names this offseason would really fit into the roles we need. Miller I think is ideal. I think Hayes too. I think if we can round out the bottom two lines it'll make a lot of difference having NHL depth. Sometimes it felt we just had AHL caliber depth this last season and I don't think Hayes wins usna cup, but rounding out the roster with solid depth guys seems favorable than to overpaying aging guys.
  25. Hayes for cheap wouldn't be a bad thought on our fourth or third line. He had a really bad season, but he was solid the year before. A one year trial contract wouldn't be too bad.