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  1. Watching McDavid play makes me remember just how good Kesler was as a shutdown center. He held McDavid in check (relatively speaking) for a 7 game series.
  2. Sexlaf15


    Hutton could be a sneaky good addition, I think he stabilizes the bottom pairing
  3. Sexlaf15


    My only hesitation is taking Shattenkirk away from Lindholm, they looked great. Backes is was very solid and should be playing over anyone currently on the fourth line. other than that I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Curran played on his off hand side apparently, so I’d rather see Curran in than Welinski, but I really want to see Mahura. Idk what he did to BM and Eakins other than play solid hockey whenever he’s been called up, but he’s been in the Sprong house for like 3 years.
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    Rakell - Henrique - Silfverberg Milano - Getzlaf - Heinen Comtois - Steel - Terry Grant - Backes - Deslaurier Lindholm - Shattenkirk Fowler - Manson Hutton - Curran thats who I would ice.
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    Looks like the Ducks signed Hutton today. he gives us a solid anchor for the third pairing.
  6. The more that is said by the victim’s mother and the more that comes out makes me seriously doubt that Miller is serious about changing. I hope he is, I always have a hard time denying people “second chances”, but what he did was disgusting and the fact that he STILL hasn’t directly apologized Is baffling. I don’t think it’s “woke” to say that people are rightfully upset, and it’s on Miller and the Coyotes to justify getting a chance, beyond being talented. I would love nothing more than for Miller to grow into a person who people can look to and learn from and provide a positive voice for people who have this sort of hatred ingrained in them as children. At 14 that behavior is learned and clearly his family deserves blame, I hope he can unlearn that and genuinely change. BTW you can ignore (which we shouldn’t) the racist aspects and what he did is still just as despicable.
  7. That’s actually my opinion on it. What he did was awful, but if he can genuinely change and impact those who have acted the way he has by showing them that it’s wrong, he could be a valuable ambassador for that sort of thing. I’m fine with him getting another chance, but if he shows a sliver of evidence that he still acts that way he needs to be gone immediately.
  8. This is what I was referring to https://amp.azcentral.com/amp/3735555001
  9. This draft could be an very important turning point for the franchise.
  10. Dadanov is gone 3 yrs 15 mil to Ottawa. Options are dwindling in FA, so it’s probably going to have to be a couple trades
  11. My personal order considering cost/likelihood/fit. Dadanov Duclair Granlund I really don’t like Hoffman. Then a couple trade targets Cirelli Gallagher If Murray can trade for Weegar AND sign one of those 3, I gotta say, this has been one of his best offseason on paper, if not best. Drafting Drysdale and Perrault, signing Shattenkirk ontop of these two potential moves.
  12. I think you get more value of at the very least a whole season of Gallagher rather than half. He’s not really a rental player. Doubt it happens, but if you want to win now, Gallagher is probably your best option.
  13. But you have to be cap compliant when the season starts. Look at the moves teams are making out of desperation. Nate Schmidt for a 3rd round pick???? If Murray was better we could be in a situation where we could take advantage of that easily. The Western conference got a lot better on paper, so I’m interested how Murray thinks this team makes the playoffs.
  14. I the think Djoos played well enough to earn an opportunity and obviously Curran has to play. we could look at Cirelli and Kahun. Milano - Getzlaf - Rakell Silfverberg - Henrique - Terry Comtois - Kahun/Cirelli - Steel Jones - Backes - Grant Fowler - Shattenkirk Lindholm - Manson Djoos - Curran Gibsin I think that lineup gets closer to the playoffs while also not going overboard and sacrificing the future. Kahun and a Cirelli could be part of the future as well. Adding Kahun/Cirelli also makes it easier to part with Henrique which could be where we move out cap.
  15. Btw Tampa also doesn’t have space and needs to resign Cirelli and Sergachev. Teams are really pushed to the cap right now and with some creativity we could really add some good players for cheap
  16. Devon Toews going for two 2nds Schmidt going for a 3rd theres some great deals to be had on this market
  17. Right now STL couldn’t afford to match an offer sheet, if you can dump camp you can do that or send a pick + prospect, but I’m not a GM so I’m not sure of the logistics 100%
  18. I think Murray did a good job of committing to a play style. Ritchie had to go honestly, and Heinen looked promising. He essentially got Perrault and Andersson for Kase which in retrospect isn’t too bad.
  19. My main move is acquiring Dunn from STL. Then maybe Dadanov or Duclair. But as you said a trade needs to be made and looking through capfriendly, I don’t see an obvious move. Other than moving Kesler’s contract, which would probably cost a 1st round pick. Ottawa needs to hit the cap floor, so there’s someone who would probably be willing to take it.
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