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  1. I don’t see what happened in the picture.
  2. That’s our boy Gumby. Guy is tough. He takes routine punishment that other players would be out weeks with.
  3. With all these media coverage, Paul really seems to be enjoying it, it’s great seeing him happy around hockey. The league and the Ducks would be better with him around
  4. My thought process is that they want to get something for him and the way he’s playing right now if it keeps up. I don’t think they need him. They’re so deep on wingers. I don’t think JVR is as important to them as we think. They just don’t want to lose him for nothing
  5. Tampa Bay is on a different planet. Stamkos has 30 points Kucherov has 29 that’s more than double the points Rakell has (14)....
  6. I think realistically we may be able to strong arm JVR from Toronto deadline time, but it’s tough because I can see it going either way. It’s JVR solid asset, but he’s not signed next year and Toronto desperately needs to free cap space. I don’t know what we have to give up. Like I said I don’t know that big deals are the feasible solution. Of course that’s facilitated by Murray. I am anxious to see if we can make a move.
  7. We shouldn’t just give up on Ritchie. Power Forwards take longer to develop. He has a nasty shot that with some work he can be a really big asset. He’s played constantly with shouldn’t be nhl talent on fourth and third lines with us, other than the one year he had with Getz and Perry when he was way too young. Some players take longer than others. Were also ignoring our late round gems Kase? Kossila looks decent in his few chances. Even look at what we have brewing. Jones, Steel, Comtois, Morand are all touted relatively highly. We’ve had some blunders, but every team does. We’ve drafted very well for virtually always drafting in the teens for the last decade. We have Fowler who is a #1b defenseman Lindholm who looks on par to be a franchise shutdown guy with offensive talent. Vatanen who’s a top 4 guy. Montour top 4 guy. Megna who seems fringe top 4. Larsson, Pettersson etc in the pipes. Gibson who’s gonna develop into a franchise guy imo.
  8. He better be. Both of them. Personally I don’t think trying to make a big splash is gonna be be right choice here. I think moving prospects and picks for some upgrades to what e have healthy might be best. We also ha e to think about what we do with these players when our team is healthy.
  9. I really don’t want to trade Vatanen. We trade him and we’re doing a number on our blue line depth. If we do trade Vatanen it needs to be for something like JT Miller, JVR (if he’s guaranteed to resign with us). I guess Boston’s Piece was Krejic which would’ve been amazing 2-3 years ago, but I’m not sure an injury prone guy is a solution for us
  10. After seeing Kase collapse after he trie to get up I have don’t have much expectations. I think he’s out for awhile. Gibson on the other hand I couldn’t tell what did more damage, the puck to the mask or the stick to the jaw. Looked like the jaw. One can hope might be wrong
  11. Nikita Soshnikov makes $925k for another two years, Toronto is probably going to lose him for nothing or have him not playing. He’s not gonna win us a cup, but he’s got some offensive upside with a decent defensive game and can be bad for a low pick probably. Hes a RW which is meh, but I think we can nab him for next to nothing and if he doesn’t pan out just let him walk to the KHL. Sifting through Cap Friendly and man there isn’t much that seems ideal. Names that standout and some of these are unlikely. Galchenyuk, JT Miller, Laughton, Marcheassault, Wingels, Nieto, Sceviour. Idk if teams would even move these guys, and what it would take, but there aren’t too many solutions out there. I don’t know that we can limp and hope when we get healthy our team is good enough to climb the ladder back to the playoffs. We gotta do something
  12. True enough.
  13. I don’t really even need a top 5 in the league. Just look dangerous. Our #2 PP is a disaster. I don’t even know where to start with this PP situation
  14. Galch seems like a reasonable, yet distant hope. I can see it happening, but we have Murray sooooo. Bozak would be a solid addition, Vermette to me is less and less worth the face offs every game. I guess Soshnikov has a KhL opt out if he’s in the AHL much longer, wouldn’t fix any big holes, but some offensive skilled depth could help us limp around until we’re healthy, which keeps getting further and further away. Toronto may actually be in a weaker situation than we are, they have to figure out their cap or they’re gonna lose JvR, Bozak, Soshnikov etc to sign their kids, even then they might have to get rid of Marner or Nylander
  15. TSN is reporting that Murray is urgently shopping for a top 6 winger/left handed Center
  16. Jesus man. Cannot catch a fricking break
  17. This isn’t a “Sky is falling” thread, but man our power play has been completely ineffectual since last season at some point. Watching other teams even with less talented squads, just look way more dangerous. I have to believe it’s the mechanics being tried. Of course I know that we’re missinf pretty much all of PP specialists, but I think it’s more than that.
  18. Has anyone noticed the insane amount of goals off goalie turnovers this year?
  19. Buffalo is -3 on the Power Play. 3 goals and 6 short handed
  20. Pucks n Ducks posted an article saying Cam was walking around without crutches, so that’s goodish news.
  21. Eaves needs to see a specialist, Getz played 2 games and needs around a week to come back. Miller still hasn’t dressed. Our boys who needed surgery look ready to play before them.
  22. Man I really wonder how bad some of these injuries are...
  23. At least it’s not a LBI it’s a UBI
  24. I don’t know if anyone here follow Steve Dangle’s podcast, but he recently said that he can see a JvR for Bieksa ++. If Murray pulls that off I’ll pay for a parade myself
  25. I mean look at the Perry special. Play the game, get jumped by 2-3 players, get the only penalty on the play. Or get crosschecked slashes and high sticked viscuously just for the ref to look the other way