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  1. I would say Brown looked much worse than Perry for the few years until this season. Confidence, coaching, constant deep playoff runs, they all factor in. I’m not going to give up on Perry. I do not believe a player just 2 years removed from a 34 goal season just lost all of his talent. He still produces and gifted Rakell a good portion of his goals this year with some fantastic passes. Hell if Getz buries an absolute beauty of a pass from Perry we might still be playing. He’s with us for better or worse and I won’t be a team that treats a player who poured his heart and soul on the ice for a decade+ like crap.
  2. I disagree, Getzlaf is one of the best captains in the game. Our entire team is on his shoulders. I firmly believed he carried us into the WCF last year on his back. He talks to refs, but yeah he mouths off, but what team gets the same level of bs calls, I understand the frustration. He has cracks in form and leadership, but I wouldn’t want any other player with the C.
  3. I mean, wouldn’t read too much into it Beauch has been a fan favorite for years. And won a cup with us.
  4. Exactly I really think this issue has to do with coaching and the system. I really don’t think this team needs to make big moves. Just need to improve the bottom six with young cheap players who can score. And play them more than 4 minutes a night. Get a new system with a new coach, maybe add a second pairing defensemen, or some depth scoring. I think we could be just as competitive if not more
  5. Also I cannot give Carlyle a pass for injuries. We were in a position to win so many of those games early in the year and he got out coached, his obsession with line matching costs us so many offensive opportunities and seems to lead to bad changes because our players are so concerned with changing. I really think this year was an outlier and if we can course correct properly I think we’ll be fine next year. Healthy, new coach, some fresh new faces and some new opportunities for guys like Eaves, Kesler, Perry. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. the league is all speed now, but it doesn’t mean guys like Perry and Getz can’t do damage given a good system.
  6. I really don’t think we need to blow this team up to be successful. I think we need to adapt to the speed. Our back end should not be as inept at moving the puck and that leads me to think it’s Carlyle and his system, it’s dated. I think with an addition of some bottom six scoring a new coach, new system I think we can be as competitive as anyone
  7. Plus to me, it’s much more forgivable for a rookie to get pushed off a puck than for for a tenured veteran make blatant turnovers that lead to goals almost every time.
  8. Feel a little bad about tagging him this hard if he had to have surgery and it kind of sucks that this might be the end of his career, but it’s a good thing, he needed to get it fixed.
  9. The sad thing with this team is we have drafted so wel we have all the answers internally, we don’t need to sell the farm for a Pacioretty or McDonagh. Larsson, Petterson, Welinski, Megna have all had chances and looked decent in their chances and were punished for being good essentially. Fowards we have to be a little more patient, but Roy, Kase, Comtois, Steel, Jones, Terry, Morand. We just have to let our kids get chances. I think we are guilty of over cooking. With some cases I think we rushed ie Ritchie. The Ducks have constantly taken on these reclamation projects and hardly ever pan out, especially blue liners, Robidas (not really his fault), Souray, Allen, Bieksa, Beauchemein, etc etc.
  10. A guy who has taken more punishment for this team than anyone else, the fact that he’s skating after the THOUSANDS of vicious cross checks to the back, multiple knee on knee hits. The Twins are 2 and 3 in almost every single major stats in Ducks history. They’ve played here for their entire career, something that doesn’t happen all that often. Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry have been the face of this franchise for 11 years. They’ve lead us to dominate our division time after time. Selanne didn’t single handedly carry this team to the Cup in 07’.
  11. He also wasn’t even entering the zone he was skating along the blue line for two more strides after the the puck hand entered the zone before actually following the play.
  12. Did anyone see that offside call against Pittsburg in Dallas? They have got to fix that awful offside rule.
  13. He might be a huge steal. If I remember correctly he was projected to go top 10 and ended up having a lackluster draft year.
  14. We went from one end of B.B. who would roll all lines even when it was painfully obvious one or two lines were getting decimated in their match ups leading to playoff losses to Carlyle who’s so obsessed with matching up that he doesn’t allow players to play their game. The reason guys like Sami and Montour struggle is because they like to play like a 4th forward pressing the issue and creating open ice. RC wants them to be defensive stalwarts and that can be tough. Even Cam really seems to struggle sometimes.
  15. Feel bad for him. He’s a warrior, he’s probably the most talented player in the league, but he’s still a kid. I’m sure that C on his jersey feels like an anvil, but the guy is basically trying to bank pucks off their useless pylons of players around him and he still has 79 points. Edmonton has zero class.
  16. Exactly. Hopefully we won’t have that problem come Steel, Jones, Comtois
  17. I was more referring to him finding his game. I think the argument you should have is more with Montour. Who is and was a spitting image of Sami with more speed. Both looked dangerous every shift and skated great with confidence. Both lost that with Carlyle. I think young offensive defensemen suffer under Carlyle
  18. Imagine having a coach that lets players play to their strengths instead of handcuffing them to play one way.
  19. I don’t know. Silf has whatever Perry had last year. He’s just a black hole for whoever is on a line with him. I’d hate for Rakell/Getz to be held back. They’re basically 2 out of 4 players giving us offensive the other two bring Kase and Henrique
  20. Because Grant won’t have Rakell or 15-18 minutes. You’re just asking for Perry to go ice cold again. Should be more concerned with Silfverberg. He’s the one that desperately needs to get going.
  21. He carried our team with Grant as his center.
  22. I mean I guess his assists weren’t Getzlord levels, but you still just don’t stumble into third on the team in assists. I really didn’t like Perry down on the fourth. Way too many times he was setting up his line mates and they didn’t have the talent to finish. I honestly feel that’s been a theme. Last year and this year he’s made some incredible passes that lead to Grade A opportunities.
  23. It’s strange we’re back on the “bury Perry” train right after a game he had 3 assists in. He’s been playing much better, Perry has always been a defensive liability. Keep him where he is.