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  1. I know it’s the “safe choice”, but I still like Eakins, the way he talks candidly about EDM gives me hope.
  2. Zero interest in Kadri, with the way we have jumped in Ritchie for bad penalties, Kadri has removed himself from the playoffs two years in a row. He’s pushing 30, he’s not going to learn. He’s too expensive for a 3rd line center.
  3. I’m fine with Silfverberg coming back. We need to stop signing fourth liners though to make room for our kids. Rowney, Shore, even Grant etc.
  4. If Guhle can play with Cam. We won the trade off that alone, then add a late first rounder? People seem to be missing that he was likely headed for a large raise and probably arbitration.
  5. The point was that he has been struggling all year, and has been given a leadership position this year. It was just speculation that maybe his game is better without that pressure. Cam has always given me that leadership vibe and Rico has stepped into one here well.
  6. My sentiments as well. The tough part is trying to fit everyone into the lineup.
  7. Rico or Fowler are my picks. Maybe Manson, but man ever since he’s gotten an A his play has suffered, not saying there’s a correlation, but timing is suspicscious
  8. Hard to argue with the deal. A mid to late first rounder (somewhere Murray has done good work for us). And from what I’ve seen a potential second pairing Manson type guy. That’s not bad for a guy on your third pairing. I honestly don’t know if we resign Montour next offseason anyway. He almost went to arbitration already and I’m not sure we avoid that. Now Mahura and Larsson can get honest cracks under a new coach with the new guy and a first round pick.
  9. The Oiler fans have me cackling. Pretty clear cut suspension.
  10. I think it’s definitely apparent we need to ship out a forward or two to make room for everyone of note.
  11. Little high think 4.5 is a better number, but his little tear probably got that 500 thousand for him. Everyone thinks that there’s not going to be any change and we needed to get a lottery pick. Were not Detroit or LA. We have you g forwards coming. Steel, Terry, Jones, Comtois, Morand, Groulx. We still have Larsson and Mahura. Kesler’s contract is the only thing I think totally screws us and Eaves to a lesser extent. I’m unsure as to what we do with our line up next year as we are log jammed on the wing. Rakell - Getzlaf - Perry Jones - Rico - Terry Kase - Someone - Silfverberg Rowney - Kesler - Sprong? id hate to waste Sprong, he’s shown such promise and I’d hate to pull a Pens and throw that away. We also have Comtois who’s clearly NHL ready, maybe even Sam Steel
  12. Again, he was injury prone, but having a career threatening disease? Broken rib?
  13. Being a little optimistic. I appreciate that the Samueli’s are hands off. We could always have a Melnyk type, just think they have to put their foot down in situations like this.
  14. Murray has done for the most part a decent job of signing these players. We all new Kesler would hurt in the future, but no one could expect it to go south a year after a Selke nomination due to an injury. Perry as long as he can add 15-20G and 50 some points I think I’m fine with. Kesler is the only contract I think totally sucks right now.
  15. All I know is we better not be making any substantial trades at the deadline other than maybe Silfverberg. I really just want to see this team play in an environment where they can succeed before we stsrt giving up on proven young talent.
  16. Not as conspiracy theory, but he probably was waiting until we got home and had some days in between games. Should’ve been done a long time ago
  17. Not sure how I feel about Murray stepping in? I imagine he wants to get s ground look at the players and what’s going on, but DING DONG THE WITCH HAS BEEN RELIEVED OF THEIR DUTIES!!
  18. Sexlaf15

    bob murray

    All I know is if he starts trading our young core for fixes to a problem he causes I will lose all faith in this organization. There is no reason to trade our young core when your coach has made a career of suffocating young talent. Trade Silf, he doesn’t fit, I think he could fetch a first. Now we have two first rounders, maybe a lottery pick, a new coach a young D core, Rakell, Ritchie, Sprong, Getzlaf, Perry, Kase, Rico. That’s solid. Maybe won’t light the world on fire, but while we plug in our kids I don’t see why we can’t see if it’s actually the players or the coach before we start making big trades.
  19. I really don’t understand why people think trading anyone off of our top 4 is a good idea. You don’t get far in this league trading young, cost controlled defensemen. We still have a decent influx youth coming already. Steel, Comtois, Lundestrom, Terry, Morand, Groulx. We don’t really have anyone who looks like they can replace Fowler or anyone else coming through. We didn’t recover exactly as expected after trading Vatanen, and you think moving Fowler is a good idea? A new coach, some young players stepping up (Terry, Comtois seem most likely), a return to form of our D, Ritchie taking another step. I don’t think we’re as hopeless as the Kings or EDM, we have things and we aren’t super screwed. The worst thing we have to deal with is Kesler.
  20. I’m not saying it’s a perfect plan, but yeah. You can at least see a sample size. I’d say if he can get these boys playing hard and something resembling a successful system, at least gets players playing their game well, I’d hand him the keys next year. It’s blatant, we need ANYONE other than what’s in a suit in that dressing room right now
  21. Me neither. He’s obviously not going to be the coach, we’re obviously not going to do anything this year under RC, but you plug Eakins in, see if he can garner the room and get them playing inspired. If he doesn’t work, you have an entire offseason to find another coach. Trading guys like Fowler, Montour, Lindholm, Manson during down years because the coaching staff is abbhorent in an attempt to plug your ears to the real problem is how Chiarelli’s are born.
  22. You fire RC now so you can see if Eakins is worth the look and whether or not we have to pursue options in the offseason
  23. Team just clearly doesn’t believe in the coach. This team is not this bad. They have zero belief in themselves or the system they are playing in. It’s clear as day that carlyle has lost the room.
  24. They wouldn’t state that it happened if it didn’t. It’s already happened once before. Last game Gibson got pulled in, Getzlaf had to skate to the bench and tel Carlyle to pull him.
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