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  1. Does anyone have all of them for sale? Would love to buy them. Please send a mail.
  2. Will be flying in from Sweden to see two games in October. Of course the Kariya ceremony is the main event. Do you guys roughly know when and where the team practices on game days and on the days we don't have a game? Is there a chance to meet the players for pictures and signatures when they come out from practice? Any info is appreciated.
  3. Absolutely love it here. Being a Ducks fan in Sweden since the 1994-1995 season we have not been spoilt with Ducks coverage through the years, haha. Or it has been a slow progress. The first years there was no coverage except maybe the results in the newspapers. I think it was in the 96-97 season that our so called "text TV" showed the results every morning Swedish time. Always went straight to the TV in the mornings. The year after we got internet at home, and all of a sudden it was possible to see photos of the Ducks players and also read game reviews. And when we got internet I all of a sudden could see the live updated game standings on ESPN or USA Today. That was an amazing feeling! East coast games started at 1am and home games started at 4am, so it was not much sleep during game nights those school years. Just sitting there watching the screen waiting for us to score, haha. Can't remember exactly when the live game radio was available, but it was in the early 2000's, which was so AMAZING! I've been falling asleep to, crying to, jumping for joy to, and screamed of joy and sadness to radio play-by-play Steve Carroll's voice for almost half my life. Attended my first Ducks game in December 2016 when I was here visiting with my family. Came back for three games earlier this season for the Hall Of Fame night, and another week now. So yes, every fiber of my body is enjoying this stay. The rain? I would have brought the snow if I could, haha.
  4. Thank you. I e-mailed him and asked.
  5. I'm staying at a hotel close to Honda Center. Would be really cool to see them practice if possible. It's the Ducks I would like to see practice, but thank you for the info.
  6. I'm here visiting from Sweden to attend the games until Sunday this week. Does anyone know if it's open to the public to see the Ducks practice?
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