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  1. He plead no contest. Gets 3 month probation that if and when he completes it, his record is expunged.
  2. Just another reason to dislike the Preds
  3. You almost have to feel for Quick. Got no offensive support at all. Posts a 95% save percentage for the series and got swept. Every single game this series was decided by 1 goal.
  4. Chicago is sticking with Coach Q for next year, despite the rumor mill
  5. Kings gifted an easy schedule to close out the year. With the exception of the game tonight against us, they close out the season with all home games against teams that are on the tail end of back to backs in 4 of 5 games.
  6. Gaudreau takes a leave of absence from the Flames for family matters just in time for their game against the Kings,
  7. I'd want that call if it was the other way around since Perry initiated the contact with the Oiler in front of the net that drove him back into Talbot. Ta;bot was out pretty far so it is a 50/50 call. EDM fans are using goalie interference seemingly as a scape goat to not blame their players playing bad. The Perry interference goal, Eberle pretty much passed the puck right to Getzlaf. Game 5, Letestu has the puck on his stick with 12 seconds or so on the clo ck and can clear but turns it over. Even with a "debatable all", if you lead by 3 goals with 3 minutes to lay, there is no way you should lose that game.
  8. Yep...was looking for a reason to do this...LOL KINGS
  9. Is this worse than the Taylor Swift banner at Staples?
  10. On HFboards, there is a Kings fan defending Brown's hit, Even worse, it's the same guy who went on and on about Cogs.
  11. Confirmed that Brown has a meeting with Player Safety. I've yet to see them meet with a player and not suspend them. Brown has been suspended at least twice before. Cogs got 2 games and this is way worse of a hit. It's gonna be somewhere between 3-5 games
  12. Funny thing is, I was reading the Penguins board on HF, and they were complaining about the refs during the Ducks game.
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