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  1. If you look at the 2 wildcards and everyone sitting outside of a playoff spot, everyone but Dallas and Chicago haven't had a great last 10 games. If we keep playing the way we have the last 4 games, we will start passing people up.
  2. The Western Conference has been weird this season. It feels like no one team doesn't have a shot at the playoffs. Those at the bottom are a good stretch of games away from being in and those in a playoff spot are just a bad stretch of games from being on the outside looking in. Since the firing of Carlyle, we have won 3 of 4. They seem to be playing better and have new life.
  3. If Miller comes back in the expected 6 weeks, the Ducks will only have 2 sets of back to backs
  4. We are 3-0 to start the season...last time that happened was 06-07 season. OP may be onto something
  5. BiolaRunner


    Kesler was on the ice for drills today, along with Eaves
  6. http://thecomeback.com/nhl/new-chest-pad-regulations-for-nhl-goaltenders-are-already-surrounded-in-injury-controversy.html
  7. If Eaves can play at the level he was playing during the post trade deadline 16-17 season, I would say keep him on the top line. I'm expecting him to have some rust so I'm thinking 2nd or 3rd line. Perry will need to have a big rebound year to get back on top line.
  8. He plead no contest. Gets 3 month probation that if and when he completes it, his record is expunged.
  9. Just another reason to dislike the Preds
  10. You almost have to feel for Quick. Got no offensive support at all. Posts a 95% save percentage for the series and got swept. Every single game this series was decided by 1 goal.
  11. Chicago is sticking with Coach Q for next year, despite the rumor mill
  12. Kings gifted an easy schedule to close out the year. With the exception of the game tonight against us, they close out the season with all home games against teams that are on the tail end of back to backs in 4 of 5 games.
  13. Gaudreau takes a leave of absence from the Flames for family matters just in time for their game against the Kings,
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