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  1. I think Perry will play his best this year with his twin brother. That, to me, is the only guy that really compliments him well. I'd love to see what Eaves can do next to Henrique, plus our injection of youth (hopefully) I think we could win the division. Rakell - Getzlaf - Perry Kase - Henrique - Eaves Cogliano - Kesler* - Silfverberg Roy - Steel - Terry Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Montour Pettersson - Schenn/Sustr/Welinski/Larssen Gibson Miller I think this is our best lineup and if Kesler is not healthy, throw Rowney or Kossila in between cogs and silf. That fourth line, if Carlye has the balls, would be filthy. Maybe not right at the start, but if they got some chemistry and decent ice time, I think they would be one of the most skilled fourth lines in hockey and would dominate in the playoffs.
  2. I know that Panarin does not currently want to be in Columbus for the next 8 years (his next contract) and has said that he would like to be near a body of water...so it got me thinking. What would columbus want back from us in a trade and what would we have to give up in order to afford him with the extension? Option 1 Silfverberg, Ritchie, Megna, 1st Option 2 Silfverberg, Jones, Megna, 2nd (conditional) Ideally, get rid of both silfs and ritchies contracts (or would be contract in ritchie) and be able to sign Panarin to the extension. Would love to see a line of Panarin-Henrique-Eaves/Kase work together and a powerplay unit with Panarin, Getz and Rakell all on at the same time....
  3. I as well would like more graphics and cool images on the ice for the game. As for the band, you definitely hear it on TV when they score a goal and can hear the loud ass trumpet playing like if it were a soccer game. Idk it just doesn't scream "hockey" to me
  4. This is pretty random, but I think the Ducks need some changes to make the games more exciting and intimidating. I loved our goal horn with the siren and all the lights going off, and now it is simply the horn and song. Don't get me wrong, I love our goal song, but we need to bring the siren and all the lights back. Going on the goal song, they need to stop having the stupid band come in and play during the playoffs. Just play the goal horn like we do during the regular season and then the song. In my opinion, it sounds awful and makes us look like a joke of an organization, but just my opinion. Any thoughts or other considerations?
  5. IF anyone else is involved in this trade coming from Ottawa, its going to be Bobby Ryan for the extra cap dump. No shot this is the return unless its to the Oilers for McDavid... I would think the Senators would want at least Montour and Silfverberg to start plus a top prospect and a first rounder
  6. I think these depth signings have two possible indications on the upcoming season... 1.) GMBM is signing these guys knowing/wanting our skilled youth to make an impact and play a lot, meaning the Gulls will need these guys to fill out a roster and compete. This is obviously our more desired option as in my opinion, theres 3-4 guys ready to make the jump and actually make an impact (if carlye is okay with that of course). 2.) GMBM doesn't think that our skilled youth is ready and they need another year to grow, resulting in these guys coming in to fill out and rotate through the bottom-6 (Carlye's dream scenario). IF this happens, the Gulls will be stacked and the ducks 4th line will again be washed up guys hoping for a shot that will only play 8-12 minutes a night.
  7. The sad thing is he will probably make the opening night roster regardless of how he plays because of this confusing contract. GMBM probably saw he played for Pitt when they won the cup and that checked off his box for "player with Stanley Cup experience" lol
  8. Kesler ain't going to be ready. It sounds like Eaves is. And it also sounds like we aren't going to do anything free agency wise. Rakell - Getzlaf - Perry Kase - Henrique - Eaves Cogliano - Grant - Silfverberg Roy - Steel - Terry Lindholm - Manson Fowler - Montour Pettersson - Welinski Gibson Miller (Ritchie, Kossila, Larsson) If we really are going to get faster, I think this is the line up to do it. Keep Perry up with Getzlaf (yes i know eaves and getz had chemistry) but Perry is slow and would pull any other line down with him. That first line will still be the top scoring line. Move Kase to the left and let those three work some magic and create some chemistry. That 3rd line is fast, can score, and can play defense. The 4th line (if carlye has any balls) would be one of the fastest lines in hockey. Throw that line against some other 4th lines and it would be a big mismatch favoring us most of the time. I also really think Pettersson is going to be good and Welinski will be used on the second power play unit so have him in there unless Larsson wows at some point during camp.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree. Also heard that Eaves should be back but always gonna have to have a safety net there. I think my salary spent was a little high but I factored in just the win now mode of this year. Taking into consideration of the extensions next summer as well as the expansion draft, might be wise to save some money as you suggested. Would absolutely love to see Skinner on this team. Add another personality, speed and star quality player.
  10. Here's my thoughts. Sign & trade Nick Ritchie (Priority number 1 is to get this guy the hell out of Anaheim). During Draft: Trade 1: Nick Ritchie, Jaycob Megna, 1st Round Pick to Carolina for Jeff Skinner, 4th round pick. This kills two birds with one stone. GMBM will make some trades involving draft picks to make up for the loss of the first round pick. Post Draft: Free Agent Sign #1: Riley Nash, 3 yrs - 2.3 million Free Agent Sign #2: Mike Green, 2 yrs - 3.5 mllion Free Agent Sign #3: J.T. Brown, 1 yr, 1 million The Nash signing covers up the hole we will have in the line-up with Kesler missing time throughout the year. The Green signing is safe, gives Fowler a new partner to be free with, and makes our power-play competitive again. Rakell - Getzlaf - Perry Skinner - Henrique - Silfverberg Cogliano - Nash - Kase Roy - Steel - Brown Lindolm - Manson Fowler - Green Pettersson - Montour Extras - Kossila, Terry Gibson Miller **Notice Kesler and Eaves are not involved, meaning that if they are healthy, it is not a bad problem to have involving good players coming back into the lineup. With this new line-up, it's full of speed, power, youth and balance. Lemme know what you guys think.
  11. Usually if a guy is waiving his NMC for a team it means that there is mutual interest for him to play for that team and not be immediately traded. Unless that is part of the deal and a separate deal goes through, the contracts stay the same.
  12. Pipe dream, yes. Doubt any team tries trading for him right now and instead just waits for the July 1st deadline. Wouldn't make sense to unload some big time talent plus picks and then have the guy test the market a week later and sign with someone else. I'm sure the Islanders wouldn't be too upset if they actually got something out of it though lol
  13. IF and only IF Kesler cannot go this year, I'd hope we would know sooner rather than later so that we would be able to make a move to help our depth out. Steel would then almost definitely make the team out of camp just to help with center depth. Henrique would have to step up even more than he is going to have to anyway. I'm hopeful that Kesler will be good to go because he is an absolute warrior and a true competitor.
  14. I think the Ducks would be the ones adding a pick here. Teravainen is way better than Ritchie and actually has produced at the NHL level. Granted he played with Toews in Chicago but last year he still produced in Carolina. Id love to see him in a Ducks uniform next year for Ritchie and a pick.
  15. Very true haha. No shot Perry waives his NTC for that team. I was more saying if it was possible to move Perry for a 25 year old talented forward, then they should think about it.
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