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  1. DucksFanX


    He is very, very good. Dawn has also offered to fill in occasionally.
  2. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=ymyy-t-s&p=patrick+laine+own+goal#id=1&vid=dc6da90732afe45660847c2707bbb6c0&action=click
  3. DucksFanX


    Will Ducks fans enjoy Dawn's rendition of the National Anthem this year. I understand she required throat surgery early last season. I hope to hear her announced, once again, as "Dawn Wright from Tustin"!
  4. Does anyone know how many STH there are?
  5. Rakell for an "A". Pump up the SWE bloc.
  6. Could he be interviewing others to help "Cover His A**" if Eakins does not work out?
  7. Hakanpää goal. At 1:22
  8. Lambert To Interview With Anaheim http://www.thepucknetwork.com/Anaheim/story.php?id=23778
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/m/ab81af96-b3e1-32a5-b794-1020235b279e/breaking-news%3A-ducks-sign.html
  10. Was watching the FoxGo feed. When the main feed went to commercial, the play-by-play guys (unaware their mics were still live), agreed on the interference call, but suggested the goal was deserved because of the poor effort the Ducks demonstrated during the two prior power plays. Way to go guys.
  11. I believe (rumor?) she is suffering with a throat ailment. In defense of last nights anthem, both start with the word OH.
  12. DucksFanX

    Cogs status

    Nick was a good rep. Does anyone know how many STHs each rep is responsible for?
  13. Keep the excessive SOGs to his glove side and punish those who choose to contact him could win him the MVP.
  14. Possibly, according to The Athletic, working out with Drew Doughty.
  15. Would give Fowler the "A" ahead of Manson. The Swede bloc (and myself) would like to see Rakell as an alternate.
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