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  1. DucksFanX


    After viewing this post from Kesler (5-20), I can't believe he will ever play hockey again. Can he be placed on LTIR and free up cap space without the possibility of his return? Or is this too much of a gamble. Not sure exactly how this works. https://twitter.com/Ryan_Kesler/status/1263282292736344064/photo/1
  2. DucksFanX


    He is very, very good. Dawn has also offered to fill in occasionally.
  3. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=ymyy-t-s&p=patrick+laine+own+goal#id=1&vid=dc6da90732afe45660847c2707bbb6c0&action=click
  4. DucksFanX


    Will Ducks fans enjoy Dawn's rendition of the National Anthem this year. I understand she required throat surgery early last season. I hope to hear her announced, once again, as "Dawn Wright from Tustin"!
  5. Could he be interviewing others to help "Cover His A**" if Eakins does not work out?
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