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  1. not saying goals is torching us, its our defensive play thats getting torched.
  2. Our defense sucks. we have a good top 4 but they are not paired the right way. Carlyle needs to put Lindholm back with Manson and Montour with Fowler. We are getting torched.
  3. oside2006


    filling in for Gibbons, could possibly stay with the Ducks, if he can perform.
  4. Aberg will probably stay, since Comtois will get his 9 game Audition, as he is the only one that cant go to AHL. Decisions,Decisions
  5. yes,but i was going off Capfriendly, has him as minors status.
  6. looks like he will start in SD, but that's to get him up to speed with our new system.
  7. since we are still in Training Camp (kinda): Pontus Aberg: Has been claimed off waivers by the Anaheim Ducks. https://leftwinglock.com/news #nhl #LetsGoDucks
  8. it wouldnt be the Ducks buying him out, it would be Rodin wanting to terminate his contract with the Ducks.
  9. Murray said after the Rodin signing, that it was low risk, if Rodin didnt make the main roster he would go back to Sweden.
  10. He wont, unless the ducks convinced him he could be a call up during the year, but most likely will return to Sweden, and they will put him on unconditional waivers for the purpose of a buyout.
  11. Has a hand injury specifically his thumb, has been doing some work at camp, but will start the year in SD.
  12. oside2006


    https://pucksofafeather.com/2018/08/06/anaheim-ducks-kesler-johansen-rivalry/ Is Kesler injury and sitting out news all false, after seeing this tweet im leaning more toward that he is ready for the season and ready to whoop some ass.
  13. Or they just buy an echl team and move it to Cali
  14. Any news on if the ducks will have an ECHL affiliate? Need somewhere to get Angus Redmond some playing time
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