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  1. Makes me nervous as hell when he goes flying toward the boards after the puck with a defenseman right behind him. Hopefully he continues to use his quickness to avoid the big hits.
  2. I'm not sure if Sprong is/was the answer, but last night was the first time I saw 4 dangerous lines. If he is/was the catalyst for this, then I say good move and welcome aboard.
  3. I like this mix a lot. And for Christ sake, stick with a mix a little longer than a few games and give them time to gel.
  4. I agree with everything you said. I just don't understand why it would take 3 years for him to "Prove himself". I hope the deal isn't too rich. Maybe he finally lost the baby fat and will show up in much better shape. Although, losing weight won't help against taking many dumb penalties.
  5. And he always has good snacks around him.
  6. So continue the financial hamstringing even down to the farm team is what I see.
  7. If they are one way deals, then you are indeed correct. This would be a bad sign for the kids not being ready yet. And if that is the case, I then question why would Burke spend what money we have to only bring in mediocre talent? Perhaps he is trying to buy more time for the kids?
  8. A lot of people here are making comments about the moves made so far are to bolster the team below. Then wouldn't it make sense that the young fast talented guys have a good chance to come up this year? Just makes you think what Bob's logic may be.
  9. I'd trade Ritchie for a milk crate of practice pucks and a box of frozen Ding Dongs. But hey, if we could get a 17th out of it.....even better.
  10. Wow Blaze. have you ever watched the movie 12 Angry Men? I was on the get rid of Perry train, but now you made me rethink my knee jerk reaction. Kudos to you for raising an enlightened and mature thought about this situation. My second thought now is at least we know what we get with Perry. He is gritty, tenacious and has great hands. These are great attributes to have. Now, if we could find a way to install a nitrous system or rocket booster he would be the whole package.
  11. Nothing says success like firing your coach after the new season has started.
  12. I get the importance of the occasional ceremonial puck drop, but I think this out-dated game of telephone needs to go the way of the dodo.
  13. Ok, so it's not just me. Perhaps the "C" should go to someone else. I just don't see why Getzlaf wears it. He does not seem like much of a captain to me. Especially not seen in the play of his team mates. I can't believe I'm saying this about grown ass men getting paid millions of dollars. It doesn't look like either the coach or the captain are holding players accountable. Perhaps some of that emotion shown at calls he disagrees with would be better suited toward his team mates.
  14. I would like to address the elephant in the room and start by asking what may be a stupid question. Can someone please explain to me what the roll of team captain is other than talking to the refs on video replays? It does not appear to be the same captain roll as other sports. I am not by any means questioning our captains on ice hockey talent (He is a beast), but the "C" on his chest is one constant that I am beginning to question. Am I the only one? There.....I pulled the pin and tossed in the grenade.
  15. I remember a time when this team was Disney's tinkerbell hockey club. We were a fast team with a goon or two. That team used to get the hell beat out of them(physically). Then we became a brute squad and won a cup in the process. Goon hockey is not a winning formula any longer. Spread out the boat anchors that we can't trade away across different lines, and backfill with youth and speed.
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